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  1. The primary draw of ranked used to be the rewards. There are no teams, just random sides. I have the Black now but am questioning the effort vs reward now that they have severely limited the rewards. One would think they want to undermine their success.
  2. Definitely not going to take it into ranked until I put a lot more time in it. The only reason for considering not using IFHE is that ranked is limited to tier 8 and I wasn't sure how much of a difference it made there. Like I said, just got the ship so I'm trying to wrap my mind around how playing it in Ranked vs Randoms affects Captain skills and other considerations.
  3. I just picked up the ship and am still figuring it out but it seems to have solid potential in Ranked as something besides my Benson. Any tips on captain skills or tactics? Debating the value of using its stupid long range (15K) to IFHE the the heck out of some ships at times vs a more traditional approach. How helpful is IFHE at tier 8 vs using the 4 points on something else and using the plenty good 12.5 range less so? Before I get the onslaught of noobs criticism, I'm going to run a 19 point captain and some quality time in random battles to get more used to it. I generally do quite well in all types of DD's and have ranked out five times. So, any pro tips of the Akizuki in Ranked?
  4. With really weak rewards for each tier you gain, and just some camo for winning after just a flag for last season it makes it tough to overlook Ranked gameplay weaknesses and give another season the effort needed to rank out. They still, after multiple seasons of failure have not provided any reason to play the Rank 1 league. I have the Black but I'm not sure if going forward is worth the grief.
  5. While you believe you are the most important person here, no one else does.
  6. Yup! It nearly pegs off one CPU and puts my 880m GPU at 75% plus just sitting there in Port. That's way more than actually playing the game! I can always tell when I forgot to minimize the game as my fans are cranking away and doing a spectacular job of warming up my room. That's why we must be great full to their forethought in providing all their players with such useful space heaters.
  7. Think about how much the player base spends in electricity costs each month due to the CPU and GPU's of their machines getting torqued just sitting there in Port. It does have the added benefit of turning thousands of machines into space heaters. Thanks Wargaming!
  8. Bring back "Ocean" Map.

    I'm surprised they removed it after all the positive changes they made on the previous patch.
  9. Signals since you can't just buy them with credits. Getting a supercontainer is pretty rare anyways and getting a useful supercontainers is much rarer.
  10. My worst loss was 256k damage and 8 kills at tier 5.
  11. The whole concept of CVs in this game is a mediocre idea poorly implemented. This "fix" seems to be a great way to increase the disparity between US and Japanese ships thus adding an extra layer of turd to this delectable turd sandwich.
  12. If it's any consolation, I had a 8 kill 25k damage loss at tier 5 before.
  13. How to Get Hit, RL Version

    They do, get hit enough times and you will learn. Or, blame newbs and rage quit. Either works.
  14. Some clans like mine don't have any real commitment. Mutual Oil earning is fine. As far as clan battles come, there is enough for that too. You just need seven guys who are decent to get together once in a while to move up the ladder. let me know if interested and I'll toss you an invite.