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  1. rabidrabit

    No Battle Pass in clam wars?

    If I had known they would put yet that much more of a burden on me I would not have bothered to buy the premium pass. The point of a game is to have fun doing something. When you milk the tar out of people by not mentioning other onerous hoops to jump through it makes it not worth the effort. There are no missions that I can see where one could not earn their battel pass rewards just the same as randoms.
  2. It's available in every other mode, why not Clam Wars?
  3. rabidrabit

    New Commanders for Armory?

    Man has a point.
  4. rabidrabit

    New York could use some love

    My grandfather served on the New York though it's pacific campaign and I have his medals hanging on my wall. I wish it was a bit more viable of a ship to play.
  5. rabidrabit

    Recently Seeing Ocean Map in Coop

    They really changed it with the last patch.
  6. The captain skills do add value but they are far from god mode.
  7. Once commanders hit 21 points add a check box to keep accumulating exp and more skills but a ridiculous cost , like 1 million exp per point or let it convert to free exp like it does now. Discuss...
  8. rabidrabit

    Short Notes on New Botes: Velos.

    Thanks for the discussion. I was weighing the pros and cons of it and appreciate your input.
  9. rabidrabit

    Short Notes on New Botes: Velos.

    But with the downside of only one set of tubes. Getting a proper spread using both sets of tube dramatically increases the odds of landing at least one of them. I looked at my Fletcher in port and am showing a 90 second reload for 10 torps. The Velos is showing a 60 second reload for 5 torps. Perhaps we can get that down to 50 seconds or maybe slightly less but that works out to around 100 seconds per ten torps and you can only launch 5 at a time. So, it's different but I'm not sure how it's better because if you stagger the 2 sets of tubes you are getting at least as fast single launches but still can double salvo to double your spread size and significantly increase your hit odds.
  10. rabidrabit

    Short Notes on New Botes: Velos.

    So what makes it actually good? Looks like a gimped fletcher.
  11. Perhaps I missed it but wouldn't the most accurate way to calculate that bell curve be from solo win rate in randoms? Co OP is defineitely going to skew the numbers as it's hard to get under a 95% win rate and total random win rate is a less clear measure of individual performance.
  12. rabidrabit

    There's something funny going on in Ranked...

    Ranked is now just a better alternative to Pubs if you don't mind playing the tier. Skill isn't really relevant like the old days when you actually had to be at least decent to make silver or gold. Lots of sub 50% players in gold now.
  13. rabidrabit

    Auction Winning Bids

    So if you bid high you get it for the same price as others and get the difference back?
  14. rabidrabit


    Not sure what you are doing wrong but I find the Lex to be a well rounded CV that can do well once you learn to play it. I have a lot of battles in it since I have been recycling US dds and CVs for the research bureau. For reference, I have 616 solo battles in it with a 61% win rate and PR around 2400 so you can carry a team with it unlike some other ships.