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  1. rabidrabit


    I don't understand why so many complain about that map. It's way better since the last patch.
  2. rabidrabit

    Why Ranked is good

    The fundamental problem with Ranked is that unlike Clan Wars or other team based competition, you have no control over who is on your side in Ranked. There are no teams, there are only sides. You are rewarded on the outcome of the ramdom people thrown on your side each battle and substantially dependent on them to win as one player can only influence the fight so much. You are rewarded and punished primarily based on those tossed on your side each fight under the guise of them being a team. The rewards should more reflect the individuals performance each battle. I'm all for taking the star away from the bottom performer of the wining team and giving it to the top performer of the losing side. Don't give stars to the next two bottom performers of the winning team and don't take away stars from the next two highest performers on the losing team. There is still a substantial reward for wining while each player is rewarded or penalysed based based on their contribution to their team than luck of the draw.
  3. rabidrabit


    Did not work for me.
  4. rabidrabit

    Public Test - 0.8.9 - Round One

    In the past, I could simply select my normal US credentials to log into public test. After the last version or two and still now, it says my log in info is the wrong region. Was there a change some time back that required us to create new accounts for the public test region?
  5. You "save a star" by being the strongest player on your team. It's tough to do that in the manner you claim. Generally that strat only works when your team is getting rick rolled and you survive the longest. Beyond that, the star saver is the one who did the most to win despite the performance of those on his "team".
  6. rabidrabit

    remove ocean map

    It really has been quite improved since the last patch.
  7. rabidrabit

    USS New York

    The New York will always have a place in my port. Not due to it's fun factor unfortunately but due to my grandfather serving on it during it's Pacific campaign. So, along with his uniform, letters home and war diary, it's one extra way for me to keep his history alive.
  8. Originally the ranked rewards were pretty good with tons of flags and camo's etc. It has been getting worse each season and they never dealt with the big negatives of how ranked is structured. Now, it's a marginal call at best.
  9. rabidrabit

    Is it true wows cryptomines in the lobby?

    In this case, perhaps both. I believe the OP is talking about the client usage in port as that's the .exe he has a screen shot of. Have the port open and keep an eye on you CPU and GPU usage. The port pounds on your GPU especially, far more than even playing the game in max settings. It does at times seem minimal but at others it's pegging out my 2700 gtx GPU and beating up my CPU too. If you tab out it goes back to "normal" but that's a heck of a lot of torpedo polishing and no excuse for it.
  10. rabidrabit

    Is it true wows cryptomines in the lobby?

    Isn't Crypto mining GPU intensive? Check out your GPU usage when in port. I don't know if they do but sitting in port is way more GPU and often CPU intensive than actually playing the game on my high end laptop. Occams Razor would suggest they are terrible at writing code more so than leaching thousands of peoples computers for cryto mining. One way or another, how many tens of thousands of dollars in electricity are wasted each month from people sitting in port. Just tab out and usages drop down to "normal" levels. Tab in and look at your GPU usage rate.
  11. rabidrabit

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    You guys are selling this short. It's so much better after the last patch. Much improved!
  12. rabidrabit

    Battleships are far too manouvreable

    How do you know you are right? What is the acceleration rate in real life? If you are actually right, why wouldn't there be a compromise in favor of playability? Does your suggestion actually make the game more fun?
  13. rabidrabit

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    Why would you have an individual rewards based mode where you are mostly dependent on who you randomly get matched with? The entire concept is a fools idea. It works fine in clan wars or other events where you are actually a team but there are no teams in ranked. As long as ranked has individual rewards it should be based much more so on individual performance. The whole anti "save my star" concept is also [edited]. Let's try to apply reason. If you are on the winning team you not only save your star, you gain one as well. That's twice as good as saving your star. Why would anyone play to "save my star"? Just about no one does because it's completely illogical. The whole debate surrounds those who don't play well enough and would rather blame everyone else than their own sub par performance.