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  1. New Bote: USS Wichita

    It has great camo!
  2. Ban the XVM mod!

    Does it even work?
  3. A [edited] Dasha is bad

    If they could just get her to say "moose" and "squirrel", I'd be good.
  4. The best answer to this is pretty simple. Unlike Clan Battles, this is Ranked and Ranked is not a team based competition. The penalties are strongly side based and it should not be. The best performing players on each side should benefit more than the worst. If the rewards were more closely aligned with the individual instead of the random individuals they are forced to depend on, most of the valid complaints of the mode would be addressed.
  5. There are no teams in Ranked, just randomly assigned sides. Teamwork improves slightly as you get lower in ranks simply because you have better players. It is an individual mode where you are greatly dependent on luck of who is on each side. That is the fundamental flaw with the system. The OP's original post is deeply flawed simply because it ignores these observable facts.
  6. It happens. My record was 256k damage, 8 kills with a loss at tier 5.
  7. Clan Battles Match Making

    This is true as well. Or should I say Right you are Ken!
  8. Clan Battles Match Making

    There is only so many teams playing and very few in the top leagues. If they were only matched in their own leagues they would only have 4 other teams to play against which is painful to everyone if they even even match up at all. Thus, teams can be matched outside of their league so that everyone gets faster matches and much better rewards for punching above thier weight. If you win against a higher ranked opponent you receive far more points than a lower ranked team. If they win, they receive very few points.
  9. I would have preferred some variety after a season of tier 10 ranked followed by a season of tier 10 clan wars.
  10. Graphics update

    Two weeks.
  11. Coal is starting to drop

    Just had 60450 coal added so it looks like coal is populating out.
  12. Daily Ranked Progress Thread

    I have been between rank 6 and 5 for nearly a week with a glorious 42.2% win rate in the last 7 days and I doubt todays 4/12 is going to help much. With an average damage of just over 83K per game I was hoping for a bit more. I'm using the YY for DD but mostly the DM so I can push caps if possible. I seem to be doing pretty well with saving a star despite being pretty aggressive but this long of RNG FU is getting old.
  13. Notser: Fix XP (ranked)

    In prior seasons you could grab a cap or two and do some damage and you would be in the running for top exp. Now that the "fixed" it to damage only playing a DD just really isn't worth it. For example, I just finished a game in my YY where I did 98K damage and solo capped three times only to lose my star to a Conq who was behind everyone slinging HE. With an almost entirely damage based reward system, there is little reward for team play as several on every team are trying to farm damage. Ranked really sucks if you play to win this season.
  14. RANKED: Flawed XP design

    Just did 98k damage and solo capped three times and lost a star because the cong in the back did more damage with HE. The struggle is real. With DD's it all or nothing.