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  1. rabidrabit

    Is it true wows cryptomines in the lobby?

    In this case, perhaps both. I believe the OP is talking about the client usage in port as that's the .exe he has a screen shot of. Have the port open and keep an eye on you CPU and GPU usage. The port pounds on your GPU especially, far more than even playing the game in max settings. It does at times seem minimal but at others it's pegging out my 2700 gtx GPU and beating up my CPU too. If you tab out it goes back to "normal" but that's a heck of a lot of torpedo polishing and no excuse for it.
  2. rabidrabit

    Is it true wows cryptomines in the lobby?

    Isn't Crypto mining GPU intensive? Check out your GPU usage when in port. I don't know if they do but sitting in port is way more GPU and often CPU intensive than actually playing the game on my high end laptop. Occams Razor would suggest they are terrible at writing code more so than leaching thousands of peoples computers for cryto mining. One way or another, how many tens of thousands of dollars in electricity are wasted each month from people sitting in port. Just tab out and usages drop down to "normal" levels. Tab in and look at your GPU usage rate.
  3. rabidrabit

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    You guys are selling this short. It's so much better after the last patch. Much improved!
  4. rabidrabit

    Battleships are far too manouvreable

    How do you know you are right? What is the acceleration rate in real life? If you are actually right, why wouldn't there be a compromise in favor of playability? Does your suggestion actually make the game more fun?
  5. rabidrabit

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    Why would you have an individual rewards based mode where you are mostly dependent on who you randomly get matched with? The entire concept is a fools idea. It works fine in clan wars or other events where you are actually a team but there are no teams in ranked. As long as ranked has individual rewards it should be based much more so on individual performance. The whole anti "save my star" concept is also [edited]. Let's try to apply reason. If you are on the winning team you not only save your star, you gain one as well. That's twice as good as saving your star. Why would anyone play to "save my star"? Just about no one does because it's completely illogical. The whole debate surrounds those who don't play well enough and would rather blame everyone else than their own sub par performance.
  6. rabidrabit

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    Well... He is doing decently for the 15 games he has played but almost certainly, he has been on a lucky streak. Hopefully he can keep it up. Yūgumo IX 15 60% 1 760 47 796 AVG Dam 0.73 kills per battle
  7. rabidrabit

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    But is there any "save a star champ" metric? Pretty sure it's someone with good HE guns.
  8. rabidrabit

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    Jutland is currently the top performing dd: Jutland Destroyer 5.2% 53.51% 48 509 Leaderboard Black Destroyer 3.6% 52.85% 44 560 Leaderboard Kronshtadt Cruiser 4.4% 52.35% 67 955 Leaderboard Kitakaze Destroyer 12.1% 52.14% 57 754 Leaderboard Missouri Battleship 4.7% 51.48% 75 408 Here are the most popular: Musashi Battleship 13.8% 51.07% 99 691 Leaderboard Kitakaze Destroyer 12.1% 52.14% 57 754 Leaderboard Fletcher Destroyer 8% 47.9% 40 802 Leaderboard Iowa Battleship 5.5% 47.47% 66 608 Leaderboard Jutland Destroyer 5.2% 53.51% 48 509 Leaderboard One thing that is certainly true is most battles are more pitched than ever before. Once a team gets an advantage, it almost always becomes a roll. I think the buffs are a major factor here and as they become more lopsided it becomes nearly impossible for the weaker team to win. I'll give an example, My team was weaker but myself and another were lucky to even the odds. In the end it was a Musashi and me in my Black but I could not kill him. He ate 5 torps from one close salvo then turned and ran. By time my torps were loaded again in 74 seconds he was nearly back to full health. the only way I could have killed him was to rush and point blank dump 2 full salvos but that was impossible with him running. So, I finished with another 230k plus damage battle loss. I'm not complaining, I'm pointing out how the metric is different.
  9. rabidrabit

    Musashi + Ranked

    I have the replay. What's the best way to post it to Youtube? I never tried before.
  10. rabidrabit

    Musashi + Ranked

    Nice job. It's Ranked, you need to earn your way through. Just had this battle:
  11. rabidrabit

    Ranked vs Randoms

    I'm not sure where I'm wrong. Even with a 42% win rate, I'm up stars thanks to saving a star. If I didn't lose a star for second place too I'd be pretty close to rank 5 or 6. It seems like there is at least one or two on my team who suicides on a regular basis. I just got out of one where the 90th player in a FDG drove right up the center full speed and was dead within 2 mins of being spotted. He was followed by our Musashi who died soon after. The FDG had an avg dam of 43k, the Musashi was a bit better at 62k avg dam but in reality they both suck in BBs. The whole battle was over in 12 mins with me missing first place by 82 exp. My bad for trying to support them but that's what the Black is good for. I think I'm going to go to the Kitakaze since it can get more consistent damage with it's guns than I can with the Black.
  12. rabidrabit

    Ranked vs Randoms

    If you look at performance stats it's tough to draw a correlation between performance and win rate in the short or even mid term win rates. Take a look at season 11 ranked stats and you will see guys with poor performance stats with very high win rates right next to guys with very high performance and the same win rate. Conversely, there are guys with performance stats in line with the other high performers but very low win rates. I'll give you my ranked performance in the Black as an example. The Black is a bit tougher than some ships in that you do a lot of spotting and you damage is mostly Torp related and that is very variable. I have a number of 200k dam battles including losses and a couple Krakkens. On the other hand I have had a number of battles with no torp hits and limited damage due to tons of dar and actively screening. This can be even worse. In Ranked season 2, I had a 33% win rate over the first 120 something battles and then for reasons unknown, my win rate went up to the mid 60's until I ranked out. I finished with a 48% win rate. My avg exp from the first half to the second actually dropped a few points from the low 1700's to upper 1600's but my win rate nearly doubled. I didn't change ships or tactics. Ranked Performance: Battles 82 Win Rate 43.9% AVG EXP 1 209 Avg Dam 56 454 Random solo performance: Battles 82 Win rate 63.41% AVg EXP 1 303 Avg Dam 51 136
  13. rabidrabit

    How to Kitakaze?

    When in doubt, add more Dakka.
  14. rabidrabit

    Spending intentions poll

    Nerfing ships people paid money for is a major no go.
  15. Well, Perhaps the getting a Dreadnought in a ship that doesn't even have a heal part evaded some folks. The Black isn't the best performing ship so far at Tier 9 ranked. For that matter, even having one and doing pretty well in it is no guarantee of success. I'll put forth my pitiful results. I'm 58 battles into ranked this season and have run the Black for almost all of those battles. Even with decidedly above average individual performance my win rate is hovering around 42% which compares horribly to my solo win rate in the Black of 65%. So yes, it's an above average ship and I'm an above average player in it, I'm still MM FU'd even 58 battles in. Popular warships Jutland Destroyer 5% 53.83% 49 294 Leaderboard Black Destroyer 4.1% 53.03% 45 542 Leaderboard Kronshtadt Cruiser 5.1% 52.82% 69 133 Leaderboard Kitakaze Destroyer 12.2% 52.71% 58 915 Leaderboard Buffalo Cruiser 4.3% 52.09% 57 462 Leaderboard