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  1. If it's any consolation, I had a 8 kill 25k damage loss at tier 5 before.
  2. Two Weeks (TM)
  3. They do, get hit enough times and you will learn. Or, blame newbs and rage quit. Either works.
  4. Some clans like mine don't have any real commitment. Mutual Oil earning is fine. As far as clan battles come, there is enough for that too. You just need seven guys who are decent to get together once in a while to move up the ladder. let me know if interested and I'll toss you an invite.
  5. Release OP ship.... $$$...... begin to nerf OP ship..... Release next OP ship...... rinse and repeat. Their timing is about right, just got the tier 8 through regular grinding.
  6. What they should do is synchronize the name of the Pirate Flags to the number of times you earned it and give some minor bonus for each one. It makes no sense to have them misnumbered. Having an additional bonus for each sequential one earned would provide some reason to endure the grind.
  7. What they should do is allow you to launch as many planes as you want at a time. Let the player decide if he wants to just put up one to help spotting or launch them all during those Oh SH-T moments of 7 plane groups you get to see in upper tiers. Then, it would make sense.
  8. Blah blah blah... I just made a donation to them under your name. You are welcome.
  9. Whatever for? Some people deserve to serve as a reminder to others. This guy has had his brain ruined by chemtrails and underuse of his tinfoil hat. Don't let that happen to you! Or just don't use drugs because drugs are bad, mmmmkay?
  10. I was just finishing up my Infantry training at Ft. Benning. Got to fill out my will that day and catch a flight to Germany to stage up the next few days.
  11. That's what makes this thread even more ridiculous. Hence my post above..>
  12. Drugs are bad mmmkay?
  13. I have looked into this extensively and can conclusively state that pretty much everyone who hits me is using an aimbot and everyone I hit is due to my superior skill.
  14. It was a broken exploit of a gamey metric. I'm glad it's gone.
  15. We are talking past each other rather than coming full circle. The entire premise that the other guy got a star instead of you because he entered the battle playing to be the best loser is false 99% of the time. It's a cop out for a sore loser. We all are sore losers once in a while. Ranked, as it's structured now is frustrating because we are so highly dependent on the random strangers instead of individual performance.