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  1. rabidrabit

    All about the bias known as Stalingrad

    So you are saying fat guys won't put the effort into getting a Stalingrad? It's a computer game not an Exercycle.
  2. rabidrabit

    Aslain Mod Pack.

    Pro tip: About 90% of the time you can cut/paste the contents of the old modpack into the new resmod folder and it will work fine. If it doesn't just delete and wait for Aslain to post an update.
  3. rabidrabit

    Are there really not enough cv players?

    The less the better.
  4. rabidrabit

    This game cost me 2 karma

    Try running a Stalingrad. It's almost guaranteed to cost you a couple Karma points cuz, reasons.. The Karma system is an OK idea poorly implemented. Don't worry about it.
  5. rabidrabit

    Clan Battles Tier 6 - What a blast!

    We had enough show up to run three teams. It was basically a pub fest and pretty fun. Not sure why some have butthurt about match maker. It always throws everyone in the mix the first time then "matches" better going forward. Heck we beat MIA and other "purple" clans and lost several to "lesser" teams. Team work matters more than anything else.
  6. rabidrabit

    T10 free play meant to be impossible?

    I mostly play tier 10 and seem to accumulate credits with a standard account. I doubt it would work well if you are grinding several lines but once you are no longer accumulating ships it's not tough to at least pull even.
  7. rabidrabit

    Sprint Ranked; Neat Idea, Bad Timing

    Maybe they will have Kamikazes on sale for just 280k coal right before it starts.
  8. rabidrabit

    LOL they gave up on league of seawovles

    I'm pretty sure there has never been a battle in the LOS beyond the first week of the first ranked season it was available on the euro server.
  9. rabidrabit

    Jolly Roger flag

    What they should have done is have a flag with cumulative befits. For example, rank out once get the "once" flag with 1% credits, 1% capt exp, 1% xp. Do it it twice and get 2% of the above etc.... That would give people more reason to continue playing ranks, especially since you no longer get much for flags etc like you used to.
  10. Which ones are gems of the line? Which ones are stinkers?
  11. rabidrabit

    New Bote: USS Wichita

    It has great camo!
  12. rabidrabit

    Ban the XVM mod!

    Does it even work?
  13. rabidrabit

    A [edited] Dasha is bad

    If they could just get her to say "moose" and "squirrel", I'd be good.
  14. The best answer to this is pretty simple. Unlike Clan Battles, this is Ranked and Ranked is not a team based competition. The penalties are strongly side based and it should not be. The best performing players on each side should benefit more than the worst. If the rewards were more closely aligned with the individual instead of the random individuals they are forced to depend on, most of the valid complaints of the mode would be addressed.