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  1. Did my first battle in it and was messing around with skills. One thing I tried was going overboard on smoke. It has creeping smoke. That seems to mean you are restricted to 1/4 throttle if you want to stay in it. With the module, I'm at 135 seconds of self propelled smoke puff which is kinda ridiculous. I did not equip inertia fuse which I should probably reconsider. With flags it's a 10% fire chance without inertia fuse. The HE seems to work well on dds with high 2k salvos being common. Thoughts?
  2. rabidrabit

    Vampire 2

    looks like they rolled back to a previous version after this mornings update not going so well.
  3. rabidrabit

    Use Caution on the Italian BB "Random Bundles"

    Jeez. The Lapanto is my first bundle and I'm debating on whether it is even worth it. Some of you guys are nuts.
  4. rabidrabit

    Commander Exchanges - UPDATE

    It amazes me that anyone would bother to spend that much for that little value.
  5. rabidrabit

    Tactics to deal with Cristoforo Colombo

    Well ya, the news cycle is all about getting people triggered. Great ratings. We would all be a lot better off if we stopped letting others push our buttons.
  6. rabidrabit

    Tactics to deal with Cristoforo Colombo

    Ya, people seem to get quite triggered!
  7. rabidrabit

    Double Eight CVs....whoohoo!

    There should never be more than one cv per match, if any.
  8. rabidrabit

    Questions About Moving up a League in Ranked

    I'm one win away from Gold League but prob stopping here. There seems to be very little benefit to performing in ranked now. It originally started out with tons of flags and camo's and it seems to get skinnier each season. As you get into the most competitive levels it starts to feel like a real grind and now with no real rewards beyond bragging rights which is of questionable value to me now. If I'm going to put real effort into something give me something as a reward that means something. How do you confirm which tokens you received? I have 32 ranked tokens but it does not say if there are bronze , silver or whatever.
  9. rabidrabit

    Questions About Moving up a League in Ranked

    I don't think you are right. I ranked out the first week and did not get anything after my first battle this week. In the past, if you ranked out you would start lower down and receive all the rewards from the higher levels after your first battle. Did not happen this time.
  10. rabidrabit

    Do I really want to Gold league?

    Pretty sure that's right. The rewards are not worth taking Ranked seriously if you are doing it for that reason. I was just doing snowflakes and getting the epic module on my Conq and ended up in the quals and now that I'm looking at it, I'm pretty sure there is no value in going forward.
  11. So here I am, one star away from ranking out of Silver league and I'm thinking I probably shouldn't. Two reasons not: 1) getting battles will be a lot tougher. 2) The rewards are pretty much just as crappy. So, beyond better battles, is there any real reason to rank out?
  12. Again, no excuse. Why can't we throttle the dockyard like we can in game. I don't need stupid animations rendered at the max capacity of my video card. Ironically, the animations are crappy slow because my card is maxed out. Where is the upside to a design like this?
  13. I'm running a pretty solid machine with a rtx 2070 video card. It runs wide open in the dockyard at 100% GPU and the fans maxed out but lopes along lazily in the game. Quite simply, the dockyard pushed my machine way harder than the game does and I play with almost everything maxed out. Not only that but I have no option to turn down the stupid in the dockyard beyond minimizing the game. There is no excuse for that.
  14. It is unbelievable that a company can be so grossly incompetent that they have ports that max out GPU's of customers computers just sitting in Port, every Port. How much money has all their customers collectively paid in unnecessarily electrical bills over the year for no other reason than gross incompetence? It has been going on for years. OP, just minimize the game and it won't make your fans scream.