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  1. Dunnik

    What crosshairs do you use?

    Default, shrug. It works well enough, and I've always found the update-reload-reconfig mods every update tiresome.
  2. Voted DDs, along with pretty much everybody else, it seems. Matches often seem to go to the side that doesn't lose its DDs in the first 2 minutes. And, obviously, a DD can turn the tide or win a match by not firing a shot, if they spot for the big guns.
  3. Didn't know CVs were not allowed, ftm, in clan battles. But if they were to be one day, perhaps they may not be as useless as you suggest. Good job on the salt. Salt is an important characteristic in a clan recruitment officer.
  4. Curious if clans employ an AA cruiser as escort for their CV. The strategy's nature and benefits are pretty obvious, but just so there's no confusion: a cruiser with Defensive Fire, good AA ratings and with an AA spec escorts the friendly CV and protects it from enemy CV alpha strikes and from the enemy DD's that will eventually find and sink her. This takes guns away from the "front line" but if the friendly CV survives while the enemy CV is destroyed by our side, then our side would seem to have a big advantage. I am prepared for the answer, "CV pop is so low, few/none CV players in our clan". Perhaps the CV rework will change this. What are your thoughts, clan strategists?
  5. Dunnik

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    Apparently the upgrade costs will be refunded once the ships disappear at the end of the event
  6. Dunnik

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    Thanks for the tips, very helpful
  7. Dunnik

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    No. If DD's fire salvos and I eat 75%+ of torps fired, those torps are not hitting the enemy.
  8. The re-launched T3 Saving Transylvania is in Hard Mode, it is not? It sure is hard: have yet to complete it in 4 attempts: there's always a cpl bots who don't help much, players who run off and get killed, and DD players torping their own side. Each time the Op is a failure, ending with the ship being destroyed. If you've completed it, how many times did it take to complete? Have you beaten it with 5 stars? Any tips?
  9. Dunnik

    Playing for "Fun"

    "It's just a game" and "I play to have fun" means they don't take the game seriously enough to want to improve. The kind of match that would be an embarrassing failure for some might be a good - or good enough - time for others. The only place, obviously, where this attitude doesn't fly is in organized competition: clan wars, ranked, etc. Teams have a right to have their players take the game seriously.
  10. Our team is about to lose, and it was not a close game. Red player be like, "enemy team are noobs". I look red player up. Red player has a 33% win rate over the last 736 games.
  11. I suggest that your first order of business, LB03, is to pick a type/playstyle you like best and run with that: surely by now you have discovered what you like and don't like about BBs, CVs, CA/CL and DDs? Once you figure that out, practice makes perfect: play that one type (or one ship) to the exclusion of all else and you should see your performance improve. Perhaps you might also like staying at lower tiers (T3/4 or T7), where the gameplay is much more forgiving (and, some would say, more fun too). Otherwise, I'll second IAMMUDBONE above and recommend iChase's "Captain's Academy" on YouTube, a great set of training videos. Good luck, and fair seas.
  12. Dunnik

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    So when does this Tier V season start? Can't seem to find any info on the WG website.
  13. Dunnik

    Why Was the Konig Albert Removed?

    Nikolai: "The Nikolai is the most overpowered BB in this T3-4 match." K. Albert: "Hold my beer."