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  1. Dunnik

    it's Weekend! Get ready Boys!

    In T4 atm, the most numerous ships in queue are CV's. (16 CV, 8 BB, 7 CL, 5 DD in one queue). So if you're playing T3-5 this weekend, most of your matches will have 3 CVs per side. That change to the MM can't come soon enough.
  2. Dunnik

    Repair Ships

    Neat idea for sure, but yea, don't think you could make this work
  3. Dunnik

    No Ranked Battle Flag Reward

    That's what I was hoping, still just under two weeks until it launches, but all the other rewards seem present in the ranked preview in game, just no port flag.
  4. Dunnik

    No Ranked Battle Flag Reward

    Agreed, be nice to be able to keep those flags between seasons.
  5. Dunnik

    No Ranked Battle Flag Reward

    Yes, in game.
  6. Dunnik

    No Ranked Battle Flag Reward

    Right, so back to my original question. Seems to be missing this season?
  7. Dunnik

    No Ranked Battle Flag Reward

    Yea, not talking about those, which are, of course, temporary and disappear at the end of the season. You know the flags I'm talking about, the permanent 2nd/3rd flag that are usually historical flavour, ex. Chatham Dockyard Flag.
  8. Maybe I'm missing something, but there doesn't appear to be a special flag reward for the upcoming season of ranked?
  9. Dunnik

    Fixing the woes of getting up-tiered

    Completely agree, one of the things that drew me from WoT to WoWS was that, when up-tiered, you have a chance, whereas in WoT, in some cases you may as well have your crew step out of the vehicle and throw rocks for all the good it will do.
  10. Dunnik

    What Flag do you fly on you ships ?

    Great question! One of the reasons I do ranked is to get the flag, as I like to pair an appropriate flag with the ship's ensign, e.g., in RN ships, I fly the Chatham Dockyard flag.
  11. I didn't ask if it was possible, or likely, I asked if you'd be ok with 10 CVs as a potential consequence of no caps. I'm trying, obviously, to make you admit that yes, there is a point where the number of CV's in a match is too much. We can disagree about what that number should be. So I'll ask again, if, as a consequence of no caps, we see a 10 CV match - you'd be ok with that?
  12. So, in your opinion there should be no caps at all? 10 CV's per side, you'd be ok with that?
  13. Dunnik

    To lemming or not to lemming?

    I try to bring up the rear and turn my guns aft
  14. Dunnik


    Kinda miss Ocean. Hope it makes a comeback in light rotation.
  15. Dunnik

    Enough with the ridiculous 3 cv matches

    A CV is fine. Even two CV's are fine. Three CV's are not. All battles should be limited to 2 per side, max.