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  1. Dunnik

    GC vs. Tech Tree

    A wise cat isn't afraid to say they're not sure.
  2. Dunnik

    Worst ranked ever

    I still question the logic of opening Bronze to both T8 and T9. The previous system made more sense (T8 Bronze, T9 Silver, T10 Gold). What was wrong with that? I guess we're just being experimented on. Bringing a T8 is not quite like bringing a knife to a gunfight but...it's usually a sub-optimal choice. All sorts of reasons, of course, why a player would bring a T8, and I'm not blaming them. Like many others, I'd also like to see the MM concern itself with radar cruiser balance in ranked, but I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Dunnik

    Player Stats.

    I honestly think WG should just ban the MMM. On top of the griefing, how many players look at their team's WR, think it's a lost cause, and give up, or even go AFK? (edit: 2nd line explanation)
  4. Dunnik

    GC vs. Tech Tree

    @LertSo, how do you think it compares to the T6 Andrea Doria?
  5. Dunnik

    GC vs. Tech Tree

    They must have given the GC some thought when balancing T4-6 Italian BB's, so how do you think the Giulio Cesare compares?
  6. Balanced against the risk returning players will leave. Non-players don't make them money.
  7. No - there's only one of those, I believe, the Military Month Contributor from 2016 (the triangular Stars and Stripes). Other than a flag for the King of the Sea Tournament winners, they've never introduced another that has bonuses. I like them purely for aesthetic reasons; I like to match the flag to the nation (example: Chatham Dockyard flag from Season 15 on British ships). Note: in case there's any confusion, talking about flags, not signals.
  8. I'll add to the chorus of, if you don't like high-tiers (8-10) for whatever reason, play mid-tiers instead (5-7).
  9. I'm doing it for the flag. Flags are pretty much the only reason I play ranked.
  10. Worth noting that RAdm Jingles, being a man of integrity, freely admits that you can basically edit gameplay in such a way as to make whatever point you'd like to make.
  11. Dunnik

    How would you fix CV's?

    My 2 cents: - finite number of planes - planes must fly back from a strike, and cannot otherwise be instantly recalled - remove immunity to fires, restore inability for planes to take-off/land if on fire (balance by less dmg or duration of fires)
  12. So this thread is a reaction to a reaction to a reaction to a video?
  13. Dunnik

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    After 23 pages, why not throw my 2 cents on to the pile: CV's absolutely do have a place in WoWS. The question is...what place, and how?
  14. How about making the CV player fly their planes back to the carrier to land, like in the RTS days, rather than de-spawn. With RTS, you had to make the choice of sending your planes to auto-pilot the most direct route back to your CV - at the peril of getting shot up along the way - or micro the squadron around formations. Either way, the recall mechanic took time, and was some encouragement for the CV player to advance with their team, rather than camp in the A1 square behind an island.