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  1. edna

    Don't buy the Steel campaign.

    I decided there was no way i was going to buy this campaign, especially at the price offered. the issues around steel aside. if it were less, well maybe... what really bothers me, is the game trades time for money. You can grind and play the game at the same level as those with less time and more money. this campaign requires you to spend your money, and your time. so its like lending someone else money and then you work off the debt :)
  2. edna

    Just lost my steel rat

    Yeah same here
  3. I should not have to. I should not have to check every time I play the game that I am not spending doubloons after I set it once. I have way too many ships, and every ship with auto resupply in use for camos and signals are all set toe spend doubloons, i've unchecked them. Consumables you can set to spend silver for and that doesnt seem to change for me, just signals and camouflages. whatever the reason, once i set to not use doubloons, i should never have to check again. and in the case of a new ship, it should default to OFF
  4. Well, for all of you that don't have this issue, Well done. For those that say I just need to check every time, missed the point. Which is, I check regularly, I never set this option. And yet it regularly gets re-enabled against my will. when My settings are changed without my knowledge or consent I get burned occasionally. Kudos to you if you're more alert. And I disagree, I should never need to check once I set something it should remain off. if there's a patch that resets anything in the UI, it should reset everything to OFF by default.
  5. Dear Wargaming, over the years i have probably given you a couple hundred of my real dollars in return for fun and engaging gameplay. BUt every 4-6 months i hate this game and your deceptive penny-ante tactics to squeeze just an extra buck or two out of each player It is deceptive and underhanded, and it is intentional. It is as unnecessary as it is enraging and it replaces every hour of enjoyment i have had playing with jut a general sense of being ripped off and taken advantage of, taken for granted... I'm not a player, i'm sheep. Of course i'm talking about your sneaky "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" tickbox in the consumables, camouflage and signals tabs. If there is a single player that intentionally chooses to burn doubloons this way, i will bet they also have a huge horn growing out of their forehead. Like 99.99% of your player base, this box is unchecked on every ship and in every tab it exists. In fact, the only time it is checked is after a patch, when Wargaming enables them all for me. I am pretty good about going through and unchecking it, but i am not perfect, i forget, i miss one... i see i have flags to spare so don't notice Until i look up and see my doubloon total is down 20, 50, 100 gold. THAT is when i realise my mistake, and that Wargaming has picked my pocket again. I open tickets, i complain, this should NEVER happen, and always the response is the same, Wargaming never reimburses doubloons you spend even if by mistake. Enough is enough. Even if i am the only player that gets suckered like this, it is something that i should never have to worry about. Fellow players, if this has happened to you, reply to this post, if you think its pretty crap way to reward players for spending real money, keep it on the front page. But this shouldn't happen, i should NEVER be out doubloons like this, I should never have to double check and see that the game clien t is going to steal from me. Whatever is patched or updated, My settings should never default to one that will cost me my E gold.
  6. edna

    Looking for a Competitive Clan

    GIve us a look: We are looking for people that can play in Clan battles with us, but fit is important, so pop by our Discord, and introduce yourself, or send me a message in game and we'll see if we're a fit for each other
  7. GIve us a look: We do Clan Battles and are currently looking for people that can participate, but we are more focussed on people that we like and like the group.
  8. edna

    [-TAB-] The Angry Bears want YOU for Clam Battles

    Such Wordplay would fit right in with us Bears
  9. edna

    [-TAB-] The Angry Bears want YOU for Clam Battles

    They are specially bred so we odon't look silly walking around with our bird puppets
  10. edna

    [-TAB-] The Angry Bears want YOU for Clam Battles

    Its a team effort. If you lack the tools, we will train you:
  11. Heya, Come check us out as well heres our recruitment thread with our discord info:
  12. edna

    [-TAB-] is looking for new members

    Many Clans look at stats and say "Git Gude!" the Bears took one look at my stats and said " Maybe you'll Git Gude with us" And, I did! If you want a good group of people, if you want to play in Clan Battles, if you want to improve your game play, Join Us today! If you're already Unicum and want a real challenge, then Join us, we are often told we are a challenging bunch! Sorry, I meant to say Challenged We are a Challenged Bunch of folks that like to pretend drive our imaginary boats and pretend shoot other imaginary boats until there is no more room in the ocean for the extra salt! Whether you're in the hunt for Stalingrad Flags, or already have too many, We are here for you. Hit us up in game, Check out our Discord, Tell whoever you meet I sent you.. If you're an [edited], tell them Nutella Sent you.
  13. I've been looking around for details on this, but i'm coming up empty. According to the Support Page on wargaming's site here: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/article/19383/ Wargaming explicitly states: So trying to set up a bot in Discord, that used OpenID to pull game stats the Permissions page on Wargaming lists the following (emphasis is mine) : The things i list in bold seem to be more than my play statistics and my email address, My question is this: Is the API able to pull all this detail via OpenID? is there a way i can refuse some or all of this information? does this information already exist in the support pages and i just didn't find it?
  14. edna

    [-TAB-] is looking for new members

    Canada day Weekend is behind us, and now we go into Clan Battles Tomorrow and Thursday With American players overly full on Barbecue, Crap Beer and "Freedom" on every team, now is a great time to sign onto a new clan!