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  1. This is my armoury, premium shop, Recruiting station, naval battles etc etc. for the last few patches, starting in May 2022. I had 0 issued with the In game browser before that, though i have heard of others having trouble over the years. I have disabled hardware acceleration, i have played with my DNS servers, and nothing fixes permanently. I opened a ticket with wargaming, and documented the issue with them, and did the dns and hardware acceleration thing with them again, and no change, or so i thought. But, it starts working now and again. sometimes for days at a time. but then it stops. and i go through all the magical changes , i also clear game cache and verify files etc. here is what i have noticed: if my game session goes on long enough, i haven't counted specific time, or number of games yet, to see if there's any consistency, but eventually, if i am logged in enough or play enough games, it starts to work. So, what is happening? I have read for years of complaints about slow port performance some people have, or in game browser issues that i have never had until this summer, and no setting seems to "fix it" but it i hang out long enough it starts to work. My guess, theres a file like a style sheet or something that gets corrupted and for some reason the game client cannot clear and fetch a new one properly, but if given enough time, or some process aligns it manages to clear and reload itself? but, its just a guess. i just know that a long talked about issue has finally hit me and the fact it works sometimes and not others is even more annoying than if it was permanently broken. I'm looking for feedback, from potential workarounds/fixes ( other than using my desktop web browser), any talk from teh devs about the issue that i did not find on this forum on my own. anything. thanks all
  2. Right now, if you go to world of warships.com., and then to the "armoury" or "premium shop" or "forum" it opens in the active browser window, but there is no link bar or other means to go back to the main page. I'd like to be able to go to news, and then to the armoury a, and back again etc. If there's a reason they are not linking back to the main page via a navbar, can they at least be set to open in a new tab? so that i can tab between the news, armoury, premium shop, and forum as i see fit? :) thanks
  3. I am struck that spending money on overpriced items just because the IP is cool is about as Games Workshop as it gets.
  4. Did anyone buy this pack and get anything in the crates other than 5x camo per crate? and other than the 10 crates , bades and flags the pack gets you, does it give you access to somethign else in the future? I ask because its called a "presale pack" what is it preselling?
  5. edna

    [ALL] ModStation

    I get this, but Since i have used modstation its usually updated within hours of the patch dropping. this time its several days, i was curious if there was a reason for teh delay given how fast the mods have been updated in past patches
  6. edna

    [ALL] ModStation

    I would figure being the Wargaming official modpack it would be updated faster than other packs? :) . usually its updated same day, but now two days later more than half the mods in the pack are still unusable? whats the ETA for getting mods updated to this patch?
  7. I would like some sort of offical explanation, why Steam users pay less for ships and get more sales than the non steam users, maybe @Femennenly could chime in?
  8. Anyway, we can just debate amongst ourselve awhile longer, but would love wargaming to try and explain why Steam users get more and better discounts than non Steam users.
  9. but, no :) that is not whats happening We are all members of thsame Costco, just some peopel get better prices because the first door they went in was different than the one you went through :)
  10. but we are in the same pool, that is the issue Warships is a "Service". Steam users can go through steam or direct to wargaming, Steam gives them advantages. If we could connect to steam there wouldn't be an issue.
  11. Is your argument it is totally fine that one group of players pays less for ships and get access to more and steeper discounts ( See original post, 75% off in some cases) than another group does for the same game? Why should i have more than one account? Steam users don't need to. we're all swimming in the same pool
  12. and your example is wrong. what is happens is Business A has a product. Business B licenses the right to sell that product for Business A Customers of Business B get 100% access to Business A products directly as well as cheaper versions of Business A products. Customers of Business A get 0% access to Business B's discounted Business A product. Your example assumes that all things being equal you can buy from whoever you like. You can't. If you're a Steam user you get access to two stores of warships, 2 sets of sales and discounts, 2 sets of promos if you did not sign up in Steam you get none of those things. Imagine a grocery store where the cashier line next to yours is selling stuff at 20% off, and you can't that discount, and you can't get out of the line you're in. that is the difference here. If i could buy from Steam for less than wargaming sells i would have no problem. Steam users get a discount i do not get, and can not get. That is ridiculous.
  13. Internet pixel boats aren't the same as a physical object. Steam is not buying ships at wholesale and marking them up, and putting them on sale to clear their inventory. some other shop may sell at a different privce and that would be fine, if i was also allowed to buy it from that shop at that price, But i can't and that is the problem.
  14. I think this last patch is the first time it didn't happen to me. Maybe i'm just used to having to check every time i look at a ship in port.