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  1. Please be patient. They are probably working on compiling the list of invited users as well as those who have and have not signed the NDA and getting the paperwork on their end sorted out. That takes a good chunk of time.
  2. I cannot understand why people are finding this either "difficult" or "unfair" It's just 25 posts, a very simple entry requirement. It's done primarily to gauge your interests in the game; and there are several ways you can do that by just posting your thoughts or opinions in the threads. Anyone can reach the minimum 25 in a short time and still be a productive community member. Heck I thought I was never going to reach even 40 posts but I did by just reading the wiki, history threads, posting my insights, etc.
  3. Pretty Pictures on the Wiki

    Looking at the current ships in the tech categories from left to right perspective, they have a sort of progressive feel going on. I'd really like to see the wiki when it's completed.
  4. Another year and soon another E3. I've always wanted to go to an E3. Not just because of the developer showcases and whatnot, but of the neat swag that is given out. Anything special for the booth other than the usual WG Hummer?
  5. Gotta love the usual forum hostility. It will level out eventually so everyone should sit back and relax with a nice drink on the side.
  6. Yet they somehow find these old dead threads from 2013 and beyond.
  7. I am sorry but I just have to ask; what is with these threads? It's like every other day there is a new "I want to be an alpha/beta tester" thread. Is it really that hard for people to lurk and browse through the info that is already posted on the forums? Is it really hard for people to check the "NA Closed Alpha Test recruitment" section and see the "Recruitment suspended - Stay tuned for updates!" post? How about the pinned "Want to know about Alpha/Beta testing? Read this!" post in the Newcomers section? There are plenty of constructive ways to voice your interest in World of Warships, but going about posting "I wanna be a tester" is not the way to go. My recommendation is to lurk around the forums, browse through the Wiki or the What we know about Ships thread to get a sense of what is going on, then just browse the forums and make good posts.
  8. I think it's a little too late for that.
  9. Would be great if it's true. Not just because of a chance to get into alpha, but more testing to fix up the game before release.
  10. when will Registration open again???

    Quote Hello everyone, Player Amayii [WHY] recently took part in the WoT Xbox community meeting in Utrecht, where he met Ectar and was kind enough to provide us with an account of what Ectar said. According to Ectar: - next campaign might start in the last week of April (since there is a slot in his calendar reserved for him to play with the WG clan)- American LT’s: “No comment”- German tier 8 LT: no new info, but “apparently, two tanks are considered” (SS: very interesting, since there are very, VERY few candidates for that)- WoWs closed beta might start at the beginning of 2015, in 2014, there might be more alphatester spots opened- there might be a WoWs supertester group from EU server, but Ectar thinks that the chance of that is low, because Minsk is pissed about the previous supertester leaks http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/03/31/3rd-campaign-end-of-april/ I hope this is true. I would love to get in the alpha action of the game. I really hope they take in new applicants as well.
  11. I think it took a good while before WoWP hit CBT. Plus with what the devs have been posting on the blog about damage, upgrades, etc. It might take a little longer than we expect.
  12. Quote However, do not forget about the so-called “paperships” – the vessels that were never built and existed only as blueprints and documents. The research of these kinds of vessel is a different story altogether and one that we will cover in future articles. I am very curious as to how the development team will handle the "papership" upgrades.
  13. I really hope there is another wave and that they take in new applications. I remember reading in the Q&A that they might choose from the list of previous applicants but I really would like if they accepted new ones.
  14. Model leak?

    That Wright Class Seaplane Carrier.. it's something alright. I hope it can pack some decent sea-planes, otherwise I'd say it looks like the typical transport ship fodder seen in most naval games.
  15. So is this game dead in the water?

    Don't forget that WT is currently plagued with the "must kill" syndrome. 8 damn planes against one small bomber and they spend like 3 minutes trying to do so while either killing themselves or other friendlies. They really need to revamp how they treat kills.