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  1. Is there any chance of you doing a "guide to AA" whenever it finally settles down?

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Yes.  My plans are to fold it into each of the five premium CVs I'll be reviewing.  My guess is that they'll be released as things finalize.

  2. The happiest people are going to be Hindy captains. I think the math works out that in a full survivability build with the unique module, you'll flood for like...8?9? seconds? and take ~1100-1200 HP in damage
  3. Played less for two reasons: 1) WoT clanwars (which just ended) 2) I don't understand AA mechanics these days and feel like the way the information provided in game is lacking, which means that I don't actually know how effective a given module/skill is. Under the old system of constant DPS it was easy, since +20% is +20% (or whatever number). But....how do I know what +2 flak bursts will actually do for me?
  4. HLS30

    Worst Tier 10 Cruiser

    The reload nerf you mean?
  5. HLS30

    Worst Tier 10 Cruiser

    Zao for me. I just can't seem to make it work or be enjoyable. Henri is up there as well, it just seems to be inconsistent for me, but still way better than the Zao.
  6. HLS30

    After 8.0, why take a Cruiser?

    It''s going to be a bit of a monster. It''s not losing it's resistance to taking citadel hits, it's not losing anymore DPM, it's not losing baked in IFHE, it's not losing it's torps, it's not losing it's hydro. For a long time the best counter to the hindy was aircraft torps since it didn''t have a great AA suite if it wasn't fully specced for it, but now? Now it doesn't even really have to worry about that.
  7. HLS30

    After 8.0, why take a Cruiser?

    Sorry, yes, that's with legendary. With the legendary and the 15% captain skill it's 10.2 seconds of flooding. That combined with the reduction to .25% per tick is *huge* for increasing the survivability of the Hindy. It's still going to take alot of the raw alpha of a torp strike, but the DOT is functionally not an issue any more for Hindy. That combined with the frankly not horrible AA means that it's probably not going to get hit by a CV much, since for the amount of effort you put into hitting a Hindy it just...won't really take damage.
  8. HLS30

    After 8.0, why take a Cruiser?

    Why take it? Because Hberg is going to be functionally immune to DOT with the flooding changes (Hberg in a survival build will take all of 1323 HP of damage per flood)
  9. 10.2 seconds and 1323(.45) HP per flood if my math is correct. And it's thorny enough even without AA spec that as CV players learn, it'll probably get ignored alot.
  10. So...I just did the math on what this does for a Hindenburg that's got the unique upgrade. It's going to be fun taking her out again and watching CVs rage as they can't get DOT for crapon me :D
  11. Hberg post CE changes will max at 13.97km concealment with the legendary, and 15.52 if you don't take CE. Frankly there's so little buffer at that point anyways that I'm not sure it'd be worth it. Especially since with the legendary you (functionally) don't need to worry about DOT.
  12. I'm thinking Hberg and Henri with legendary modules might as well just ditch CE after the rework. The functional difference at that point to their concealment is small enough (since they both get spotted from space already) that they'd be better served with alternate builds.
  13. HLS30

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    Finished all T10-T8, and T6 ships. Ended up doing most of them in coop just for the shorter games and easier wins. Got tired of trying to force wins in randoms when the rest of the team wasn't having it. Going to burn through the T7 premiums and then start buying back all the tech tree ships for the coal.
  14. 5 or 6. Kurfurst shooting into a partly angled Yammy at ~5km.
  15. HLS30

    finally broke 200k

    Congrats, the 200k mark is always a fun mark to pass.