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  1. Saw Georgia came out, came to focus for a LWM post, was not disappointed.
  2. HLS30

    List of Paper Ships?

    That's going to be the thread for built vs. laid down vs. paper vs. made out of whole cloth by WG
  3. I'll recognize that the CV Rework is finished when I can be focused by a CV and not have that as an auto-death condition. DD's you can sail away from and WASD. Cruisers you can punish if they try to chase, BBs you can kite from. But there is no counter play to the CV focusing you.
  4. HLS30

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    The only remaining question I have at this point after reading this article: Why is it up to a CC to figure out and explain to people how the AA mechanics work? Why wasn't this explained by WG directly? This is a fundamental part of the game that there's been zero explanation of how any of it works since the re-work. Like the changes or no, this just falls into the bad customer service category.
  5. A thousand times this.
  6. HLS30

    Concealment even worth it anymore?

    There's a few ships that I don't feel it's worth taking with. Right now for me that's Henri, Hindy, Khaba, and Mass. Henri and Hindy are both better ships when they're using their unique module, and they're longer range non-stop fire ships anyways, combined with not really being sneaky even with CE. Mass....well, with her you're charging to secondaries range anyways, and Khaba isn't going to outspot any other DDs no matter what you do.
  7. HLS30

    Roma...why play it?

    Yeah, and at time there were no purchasable T9s. Would be interesting to see how they would have implemented her today given their current methods.
  8. HLS30

    Roma...why play it?

    It was questionable yes, but historically the turtle back scheme that the Germans used wasn't nearly as good as it's made out to be in game *shrugs* I'd like to just see ships implemented consistently, and not have an idealized/optimal form taken for one, while another ship gets swung the other way. Except that other than the Roma, no other ship (that I'm aware of) have issues with shells/torps/etc applied to the ship in game. I agree bad accuracy is bad accuracy, but in game the cause of the bad accuracy isn't translated over.
  9. HLS30

    Roma...why play it?

    The problem was inconsistent shell charges, not the guns themselves.
  10. HLS30

    Roma...why play it?

    There are a couple of problems with Roma as she stands now, and it's been pointed out that if she was modeled correctly and given the benefit of the doubt, she'd actually slot better at T9 than T8. The issues as far as I recall: Sloppily/incompletely modeled armored bulkheads etc result in her actual armor being worse than it was in real life when going up against gunfire. The bad accuracy she has is historical...but it was largely an issue with the shell charges, not the guns. Shell/torpedo/bomb QC issues are ignored in other ships. Bad HE shells, since her HE shells are completely made up. Historically the Italians used AP and SAP shells, and the SAP would remove the issues of through-and-through shots on cruisers.
  11. I've been playing my UU hindy with a full DOT reduction build. It's a rough change if you're running concealment, but gets fun. With the change of CVs to a DOT based class, I've enjoyed the ability to largely ignore their attacks
  12. Can we get the armor model on the Hberg checked? It seems to be eating an absurd amount of citadels in situations and from ships that it would not have in previous patches.
  13. So..possible explanation, I just looked at a pic on my phone of the lineups...apparently it was Noob_CV I was fighting.....I really wish I had noticed that in the game instead of 12 hours late. But yeah, that's how a Midway nukes a CA
  14. So a full HP CV vs. a fairly healthy CA (again, don't have the replay now so don't know the exact number) at close range should automatically result in the CV winning? that's not really healthy for the game. If you can't counter-play a CV by physically shooting it...what's the point of playing any other class?
  15. I *believe* It was just the CV. Overextension based on proximity to enemies/caps/friendlies, not actually taking fire I think (last game of the night, was too busy dodging DBs to specifically remember other fire if any)