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  1. HLS30

    MAINZ gone

    So....Don't know if it's a bug or not, but if you go to the premium shop through the game client, Mainz is still listed and available.
  2. HLS30

    No warships were sunk by rocket planes in WW2

    The MG3 is a re-chambered/improved MG42, and is still used by Germany as a GPMG.
  3. HLS30

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    Seems too logical to happen.
  4. Do ships drift if you're at a throttle setting into a corner? (ie, facing a corner, in the corner, at 1/4 speed?) If no, could you load up a sufficiently small map with two people to do this testing?
  5. Man...Remember when this thread was about game play balance and quality of life in WoWs? and no comparing how far we could piss?
  6. True, especially the bigger "light cruisers with no citadel" style of DDs. I wish they'd un-nerf it's reload though.
  7. HLS30

    Question on Unique Upgrades

    the 1.5k damage was basically maxed out setup to reduce dot, include all appropriate flags/modules
  8. I would point out that the argument for the RN doesn't really hold water anymore. The originals may have been named after the myth/ideal/etc. But these days they go for the history of that specific name, rather than the specific intent. (Kind of like the two DDs and the DE that were sunk at Samar. The first ships were named after people. Follow on ships took the name in honor of the first ship)
  9. HLS30

    Question on Unique Upgrades

    I don't recall the exact math anymore, but with the flooding changes, you actually take less flooding damage than fire damage with the UU, and each flood is only like...1.5k damage or something?
  10. Mine (with why) Hindenburg/legendary - You can see it from space, but it doesn't care about DOT, can hydro-push smoke to punish solo-DD play, has a DD on each side to torp people with if they get close, and it's *still* Battleship Hindenburg for me. Z52 torp build - Torps aren't the best, and you have to get way too close to radar to make them work, but the ability to spam them out still makes it fun. Add the hydro to counter other DDs and this is a ship that I don't always do well it, but when I do, it's awesome Giulio Cesare - Sail towards enemy, delete enemy ships, win Roma - Guns less reliable than an Italian sports car, but the hilarity of penning GKs at 16+km and the ability to spin the turrets, plus the awesome paint job make this a long time favorite. Mass - The ship equivalent of Rambo dual-fisting M60s. This is the ship I play when I just want to have fun and not worry about the results.
  11. HLS30

    Premium Ship Review #126 - Georgia

    Saw Georgia came out, came to focus for a LWM post, was not disappointed.
  12. HLS30

    List of Paper Ships?

    That's going to be the thread for built vs. laid down vs. paper vs. made out of whole cloth by WG
  13. I'll recognize that the CV Rework is finished when I can be focused by a CV and not have that as an auto-death condition. DD's you can sail away from and WASD. Cruisers you can punish if they try to chase, BBs you can kite from. But there is no counter play to the CV focusing you.
  14. HLS30

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    The only remaining question I have at this point after reading this article: Why is it up to a CC to figure out and explain to people how the AA mechanics work? Why wasn't this explained by WG directly? This is a fundamental part of the game that there's been zero explanation of how any of it works since the re-work. Like the changes or no, this just falls into the bad customer service category.