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  1. The_Chiv

    Hydro or Enhanced AA?

    I take DFAA on the Atago.
  2. playing a cv is kinda like fight club You don't talk about it cause the dd mafia rages.
  3. The_Chiv

    Sinop... I just don't get you.

    I have a few games in the sinop here is the best advice i can give. Just because you are a brawler doesnt mean lead the charge. Bow on to target is your best friend. Stop trying to get your rear guns on the same target your front guns are focusing. Space your shots, this actually helps to negate some of the wildness of the ships dispersions. Focus on cruisers If a cruiser is angled to you or away from you try to land your shots about mid hull or deck rather then trying to go for the bow citadel, tends to get more cits that way.
  4. The_Chiv

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    I think he is right. Wg owes him......and account reset.
  5. The_Chiv

    PTS 0.8.5 AA change (reddit post)

    OBS local record. If you have a good Nvidia card use nvenc codex and set to 6k bitrate or higher. Save file as Mp4 and post to youtube....
  6. The_Chiv

    Teamwork without a Leader - Suggestions?

    stop looking at stats it will just make you salty. Best way to have leadership in a game is to take it. F3 targets that need to be focused. f3 ships that need support. In truth leadership is more then saying lets go here its about directing the flow of battle. So play a cv Kappa.
  7. The_Chiv

    Dive Bomber Nerf did nothing

    says the class that throws 10km or more torps never being seen.
  8. The_Chiv

    PTS 0.8.5 AA change (reddit post)

    The concept has some merit the execution does not. Currently, AA can hit any of the squad. In this variant, it focuses on one plane at a time. This is a bit too much. I would suggest rather than 1 at a time you make it 2, 3, or 4. The value would be determined by how many planes a squad would have in an attack so if you have 3 planes per attack it would be 3. If you have 4 planes then 4. If you have 1 like t4 then it will be 1. This would spread the damage a bit an while still keeping the aa dps focused. Such a system would increase aa, however, it would also require a bit more diligence in captain skills. Specifically, MAA, till they rework sector focus and probably remove the reload buff.
  9. The_Chiv

    Dive Bomber Nerf did nothing

    rockets planes are fine and good for the environment. Think of how many artificial reefs they have helped create. But seriously there are methods and means to mitigating and in many cases negating a rocket attack. Now, this may seem a bit wonky but turn into them or show them your tail. USN rockets hate them. UK and IJN are not fans of it but are affected less by it, however, they also have fewer rockets so it kinda balances out. Will it stop all hits? Sometimes yeah. Will it lessen the amount you take? YEP. Will DDS try to argue that its not enough? You know it.
  10. The_Chiv

    The Mighty Jingles!!!

    I have an idea for special abilities. Improve jack of all trades, Improve MAA Special abilities. Tea time: activated by Devasting Strike. All members of the crew rejoice in a cup of chai Restore all destroyed aa mounts, gun mounts, and torp mounts Paddling time. Activated by Kraken. Restore 7% health and lower all reloads by 10% for the rest of the game.
  11. The_Chiv

    Dive Bomber Nerf did nothing

    Yes and know. You can get the fundamentals from those sources but the execution is what matters and really you are correct in this. Knowledge is power, but first-hand experience is better.
  12. The_Chiv

    What can be done about the endgame?

    Using a midway as an example planes currently recharge as follow. 74 seconds for an attack plane. 89 seconds for a tb, and 69 seconds for db. Now each set has a bit of reserve it can fall back on. 7 attack, 7 torp, and 8 db. This means that if a full squad is wiped out it will take 148 seconds to launch a full squad of attack, 198 seconds to launch a full squad of tb, and 269 to launch a full db squad. People act as if this regeneration is much faster. Fact is by cycling to different units and by only attacking at 2/3 to 3/4 str to start the cv is able to ensure they are able to keep their stocks near full for when the time comes they can take more then 1 attack on a target, they will have the strength to do this. People seem to complain about this aspect, The only planes that have a higher potential then a BB are the USN dive bombs. These things are about 55% stronger than the HE from a Yamato with 9mm less penetration. If anything about the CV needed to be nerfed it would be the raw alpha of these things. Figuring on average of 4 hits per squad a full squad has a realistic damage average of about 53k not including fires. It will also take them about 60-90 seconds to get to the target and another 60-90 seconds if not more to drop all that ordinance. so lets figure 3 minutes time. That would be 6 shots from the Yamato. using the same 2/3 hit ratio which I know is a bit generous you would be looking at 73k or so damage. CV still has a lower damage per time then a bb, There are a couple of huge differences though. A bb is reliant on spotting A bb only lose damage potential but the destruction of its turret A bb's shells are easier to anticipate and dodge. A bb has to expose it self when shooting at a target. A cv can lose most if not all its potential damage without ever getting to drop on the target(less so with slingshot) A cv does not need spotting as it is the spotting. Dodging a db attack tends to expose your broadside to bb fire. A cv doesnt have to ever show itself. There are positives and negatives all around when it comes to CV. The problem is most people refuse to see these negatives and instead make hyperbolic statements and just reaffirm other confirmation bias, while willfully ignoring all the facts at hand. Imagine if Cruisers got a new feature intercepter rounds that would act like aa but against gunfire. OH BOY, WOULD BBS BE PISSED. And yet besides some of the scrubbiest of cv's, most just accept aa even when it decimates an entire squad. Even still AA is not where it should be. Good Cv players will tell you this without much resistance I would suggest reading this post by @Littlewhitemouse and really start to consider MAA captain skill it does make a huge difference
  13. we had that it was called the Worcester
  14. The_Chiv

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    Oh I know all about that trait. I have an RU account with 3 t10s. They tend to get very rage fueled when they find out I'm American, especially after a Kraken.
  15. The_Chiv

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    I guess the RU community in gaming is probably more toxic then we may find on the NA side of things so I guess that would explain your statements. However, from an NA perspective being a part of many different communities over the years the only one I can honestly say was more toxic was WOT. This includes games like COD,WOW,ARK,Conan Exiles, Rust, and a few battle royales. I have never seen the active subgroup dog piling that happens in these forums in any of their communities other then WOT and WOWS.