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  1. The_Chiv

    Really Tired of CVs

    did someone get spanked?
  2. The_Chiv

    Kleber buffs when?

    Rockets are simple really you bow tank them and watch them fly over you. You should only do this if you are using speed boost.
  3. One must learn when to fire and where to aim, also focus on dds and cruisers.
  4. The_Chiv

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    I would much rather see Italian bb and dd lines before seeing another cruiser line split. USN it made sense. Uk it makes sense. Other nations less so. A nation that has a majority of paper non-reality based ships as the core of its play can f off.
  5. Damage farming does not win games. While knowing how to use your ship is a great tool to help win a match, you can be the best there is but if you cant work with the 11 other people in your team you are screwed. This is a team game. Campers need spotting, spotters need cover fire, and your team needs to win. Seems like a pretty simple concept, yet what we see being advocated is more of the solo mentality and less of the teamplay mentality. I will give you an all to familiar example. DD rushes to a cap at the start of a match and pops smoke. Enemy german dd sees smokes makes a beeline to said smoke and pops hydro. Smoked dd is spotted and gets destroyed by converging fire. Dead dd complains in chat about no support. Now I can go on and list why this is anti team play, and lament on the state of the game and throw dd's under the bus about their unwillingness to spot or engage enemy dd's, but I'm pretty sure we have all heard this before and really some horses should just be left to rest. The sad reality is the ones that argue the most about SUBS are the dd player base. Simply put it requires a paradigm shift for them and will force them into uncomfortable positions. They will now have to hunt these silent predators rather than the easy picking lumbering bbs they feel have a higher priority. What's worse is they will also be forced into more dd v dd action because of it. So while yes dd mains won't like it, the rest of us could care less what dd main likes or doesn't like. Personally I'm not a fan of the whole 2x ping for super citadels, however Im willing to test before I render judgement.
  6. The_Chiv

    Comparing the French DDs build play styles

    I have a kleber that does more range kiting and it getts 100k + pretty consistently. The idea is you are constantly able to provide spotting and in many ways play similar to old khaba but with a 16km range. This build in many ways is like a swiss army knife. It is able to transition to any situation with a bit effort and tends to really piss off your opponents as you tend to be hard to hit and constantly spotting targets for your smoke campers. You also have enough speed and agility to bow tank rocket planes and force overshoots. It is by far my favourite dd.
  7. The_Chiv

    Gee thats a bit much. no?

    I can confirm this as I did something similar, however, I will have to say the current method you use for punishing tk both accidental and deliberate does nothing to dissuade people from doing it.
  8. The_Chiv

    Research bureau, one player experience

    I reground the DM line just to get enough FXP to get the Friesland. I will say it was the fastest way to get a fxp ship, however, would I keep doing this for the ships you can only get with NTC points...probably but not right now. It was kinda a painful experience.
  9. The_Chiv

    Ive been told there are no hacks

    I would say there are maybe 2 that gives a bit more information that is useful, Navigator and the stoplight mod. Those two right there are great tools for newer players to learn from.
  10. The_Chiv

    Ive been told there are no hacks

    There is a general misconception about aiming in this game. You dont aim for the target. You aim where you think the target will be. In many cases, if you are shooting at a cruiser you should anticipate them turning away, BBS turning inwards and dds turning away. However dds that are charging in will always turn more inwards till they can close the distance so you will want to fire your guns a bit spaced out to draw the turn then adjust to land the majority of your volley.
  11. The_Chiv

    DD sanity check, please

    There is a bit of logic in what you say but I have to say this. Even before 8.0 dd play was pretty lacklustre. None would bother trying to spot or cap because what they claimed "radar meta" Instead they would focus on larger targets like bbs. The reality however is most dont want to be seen and spotting or engaging a dd as a dd is a very high risk with little visible reward. Even though damage to a dd gives more xp and credits than the same damage done to a bb, dd players feel the risk and or challenge of engaging an enemy dd player is not worth it. I was in a game last night where I killed 3 out of 4 dds in a dd. One of them complained in chat. my response was rather simple. I can't rely on anyone else on my team to kill dds but myself. The player then tried to argue that I was griefing other dd players. The fact there seems to be this notion that dd players engaging other dds players deliberately was a form of griefing say volumes.
  12. The_Chiv

    Massive amount of sad

  13. The_Chiv

    Kléber must be nerfed

    the gumo has a higher dpm and the khaba has a heal.