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  1. The_Chiv

    Yamato Stealth Nerf is Not Cool

    yeah i see it now but the point about the buldge is wrong though. This is probably just a modelling error. We all know St Petersburg is filled with idiots so....
  2. The_Chiv

    Yamato Stealth Nerf is Not Cool

    Im looking at it right now in game and Im not seeing these nerfs. If you rotate to where you can see the forcaster capstans and compare they are identical.
  3. The_Chiv

    Can Subs Fix Destroyers?

    Subs would change the dynamic. To make it simple, though not very accurate. You can look at the game from the perspective of Rock paper scissors. Before the rework DD killed bb, CA killed dd, BB killed CA, again not overly accurate but mostly true based on weapons vs armour. Post rework we got a new variable. Now its Rock paper, scissors, TNT. With the rise of the cv populations and a tool kit that screams mary sue good at everything, the power dynamic shifted a ton. So what will happen with subs? Well; Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. If the CV population holds then the dd population will still be low allowing for subs to have a greater impact. While slow in speed compared to surface ships. 15kts-25kts surface and subsurface of 9-17kts they will not be able to transition from point to point overly effective. Instead, they will have to employ a more ambush predator type of play head to an action zone and set up for a kill. This lack of flexibility will kinda keep them in check, but if a silly bb is not paying attention 4-8 single fire torps will be his punishment. All in all Subs won't have nearly as great of an impact as CV's have had and it will take a bunch of work and probably some fantasy balancing to make them at least combat capable. Maybe up speeds to the 20kts-32kts surface and 15kts-25kts subsurface. In other games such as NF and Steel oceans, subs were pretty ok, not great. For the most part, they were slightly better than a dd but worse than a CL in terms of combat effectiveness. Now where things get a bit interesting when it comes to subs is the national flavour of premiums. French would get a sub with 2x 203 mm guns. Japan could get a t10 sub that could launch a auto attack HE DB, 3x planes only. Germany would have a ton of variance for subs, including one that would be similar to a aa gearing. Now we talked a bit about how subs would impact and what we could expect, but we should talk about the counterplay options. For this you have a few weapon systems for subsurface warfare. DEPTH CHARGES, HEDGEHOG LAUNCHERS, and the UK SQUID MORTAR. Depth charges would require the dd to pas over the enemy sub, the Hedgehog launcher and the mortar might be hard to do as these were aimed systems, But the hedgehog would be similar to shotgun blasting. not overly accurate or hard-hitting per munition but consistent damage. The squid would be more akin to an aim-able depth charge that is forward firing thus would be more skill base and have a much higher damage return.
  4. The_Chiv

    And you thought 2x cv was bad

    We know why it happened, just never seen it happen till now.
  5. The_Chiv

    And you thought 2x cv was bad

    Im a cruiser main. You should play some CV. helps learn what they can and can't do makes counter play a bit better as well as consumable timing.
  6. The_Chiv

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    Considering past t4 (nikolai) none of those ships ever existed I think the server had a reality check and said "If I wanted fantasy I would watch Game of Thrones"
  7. The_Chiv

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    True, but seeing as Im pretty sure the servers are the same for both NA and EU, equipment wise. It seems odd that there would be this kind of delay.
  8. The_Chiv

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    If only they had the means to test these things like a public test server or something.
  9. I agree people need more self-reflection, however, a cv has more influence than any other class. USN and UK cvs make great dd hunters and can easily change the opening moves by the enemy pretty consistently. In late gameplay, they can deny caps, hunt down stragglers, oh yeah and provide fighter cover for their teams remaining forces.
  10. The_Chiv

    CV delayed takeoff

    Means dds can get to the cap unmolested and then smoke up, if it is contested and smoke runs out then yes you are screwed. part of becoming better is learning from your mistakes. Calling people stupid is just hostile and toxic. They will not buff cv's for this. If you think the job of a cv is to be uber damage dealer then you clearly have little concept of team play and most likely are a damage farmer which is less useful then the yolo dd who at least engages the enemy dds and spots.
  11. The_Chiv

    Pop Quiz

    Both had dirty old men spend way too much money on them?
  12. The_Chiv

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    someone didn't feed the hamsters
  13. The_Chiv

    And you thought 2x cv was bad

    maybe its a feature
  14. have to give a nad to Atago with a AA build. Bama pure aa is not bad either though the MASS is probably better but lacks the DFAA
  15. The_Chiv

    And you thought 2x cv was bad

    It was two brothers he tried to defend the gap, he never left his cap. FYI the terrain in the gap makes anything near the mouth easy prey for a cv. Just saying. This is correct. which is why I have been playing more with rockets and stripping down aa ships so I can easily get all my torps and level bombers in to feast on the slow bbs. UK rocket planes may not be as fast as USN, or hit as hard, but they do make hunting dds a bit easier and seem really good at stripping aa of ships. Must test this later in a training room with a friend when mod support for 8.3 goes live.