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  1. The_Chiv

    which line has the best cruisers?

    A cruiser is kinda a high-risk high reward ship, more so than any other class. REWARD Great ROF Great fire chance per ROF The ability to avoid incoming fire RISK You have a citadel Your armor is overmatched by almost every bb. your consumables can mislead you into styles of play You are expected to support everyone These are some generic tips for cruiser play. Never shoot first. Shooting =giving away position. It is more important for you to support either a dd or a bb then for you to take the initiative in an engagement, plus first to fire first to be fired on. Always engage while moving away or in a turn to move away. The idea is pretty simple but hitting a constantly moving target is harder and thus you live longer. Terrian is your friend. Use it to break LOS and to fire over. DONT BE TOO CLOSE OR YOU CANT SHOOT OVER IT. Figure 3-5km Just because you have a rear turret doesn't mean you should use it. Many times trying to get that extra possible damage opens your ship up to a more devastating strike. Its easier to hit a barn then it is to hit a knife. If a target is driving right at a friendly focus everything on it and if shows any broadside use ap and go for the upper belt. If you are forced to engage while closing distance on a target, late gameplay. Always keep the ship moving left and right. Only use the back turret/s after the enemy has fired. bow on use HE, broadside under 12km AP.
  2. The_Chiv

    not loading

    It probably has to do with WG mess up with the server transfers. They done broke their own system.
  3. The_Chiv

    1 from 86 ?

    You really should. You already had this issue come up for black Friday and if we are to use any of the information collected from the Santa event by the hundreds of contributors then WG may have to worry about fraud allegations. Last year the collected data showed the weighted difference between the 4 offerings. 3 dollar, free, big, and mega. Now many tried to say the free and the 3 dollars were the same, this was not true as the data showed the 3 dollar crates had about a 20% drop rate where the free had less than 10% drop rate. Now I will be the first to say that the results of these community-driven data collections is by far inferior to the metrics that WG has and could easily disclose. One has to ask why would WG not list the drop rate chance? Would this hurt sales? Probably not as it is still the best means to get those rare pokeships that you can not get any other way.
  4. The_Chiv

    1 from 86 ?

    If it is anything like last year. then the 3 dollar box will be about 20% ship drop rate and the free ones from the snowflake probably closer to 15% of you are wondering why the free ones which are said to be identical to the pays ones have a different payout rate it could just be statistical anomaly but it could also be that WG weights these differently on purpose.
  5. The_Chiv

    What is the advantage of IFHE

    for bb dont need HE pen is based mostly on a 1/6 scale for bbs, excepting being UK bbs. so you take the caliber of the shell divide by 6 and what you get is how much armor your shells can pen and do damage on. Any part you hit that has more armor then this value will shatter the shell. Now if you take IFHE then you can add 30% to that. Ifhe should be used to surpase a certain thresholds, most notably 32mm.
  6. The_Chiv

    What is the advantage of IFHE

    30% more HE penetration with a minor trade off in fire chance...Soon to be a 50% reduction in fire chance.
  7. The_Chiv

    CV Player issue with karma

    Actually I didn't miss the point at all....I see you trying to legitimize what amounts to damage farming rather than role utilization and again if that's how you want to play then so be it. However, presenting a false account of the validity of this choice is just not cool bruh.
  8. The_Chiv

    CV Player issue with karma

    And you are seeing the game from the perspective of Damage farmer rather than someone trying to win. I'm not saying all your effort needs to be focused on killing DDS, however, to ignore it entirely invites defeat. No one is saying you must scour looking for it, but a smart player with last seen on mm can pretty easily track down any dd, and if you force the smoke cool go make an attack and come back on your next rotation. Now you devalue RPF plotting from allies..this blew my mind as I regularly use this to kill dds. Now you keep coming back to the concept of more xp and credits by hunting others...Well sir you get less if you don't win. So then your actions of damage farming are actually counterproductive to your desire of XP and credit generation.
  9. The_Chiv

    CV Player issue with karma

    This is not a true statement. Let's say you chase a dd and you do 15k damage to them. You chase a bb and you do 15k damage to it. You will get more xp and more credits from the damage you do to the DD. xp and credits are based on % not total damage. You can do 65k damage only hunting dds and earn more then the guy who got 225k hunting bbs. Now if you need more of a reason, statistically the team that loses its dds first loses 70% of the time from my observations. So to recap. You get more xp per damage against dds and the quicker you finish them off the more likely your team is to win and thus an increase in xp and credit generation. Seems pretty win-win to me.
  10. The_Chiv

    CV Player issue with karma

    I have experienced this myself and I can tell you why it happens. People have certain expectations. They expect dds to push caps, BBs to shoot cruisers and they expect cvs to kill or at least make the attempt to kill dds. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a team beg a cv to pls focus the dd so they can push forward and get ignored and watch them throw all their planes away. When that happens it's pretty annoying because of all the classes the one class that has the advantage over a dd is a cv, and for them to not press that advantage is rather counterproductive to winning. So for many, this lack of anti dd play is grounds for reporting plays poorly. For others the issue is the fact that you chose to play a cv and your choice is directly responsible for their discomfort. The rest are mostly dd mafia fan bois who hate cvs so that will always happen.
  11. The_Chiv

    The Core issue with CVs

    I love reading post like this and seeing some of the same basic flaws in everyone's arguments. You talk about this predator-prey dynamic when in fact much of your arguments can be made of another class in this game but that notwithstanding I shall now take your talking points and apply a deeper understanding of the mechanics since you have not bothered to learn cv to figure out how to best counter them. A limit on planes. Ok would you accept a limit on shells or torps? Planes for a cv are delivery vehicles and basically guidable ammo. Each cv has a certain number of planes as they start getting depleted they are replaced one at a time and in many cases taking over 100 seconds per 1 plane. Planes are not cv health. Planes are the only weapons a cv really has to attack and defend themselves. The problem with the old system of the RTS is there were supper aa ships that could deplane a single cv making it useless. WG did not like this concept and it was changed. This is a silly concept and one WG WILL never do. Ok can we have one for no dd's or cruisers, or bbs as well? This too won't happen because it would cause some messed up que times and realistically if you are going to do this for one class it should be done for all classes and WG won't do that due to que time problems. One of the biggest issues in the pre rework era was a good cv player would snipe the other cv player and take them out instantly. This lead to so many one-sided matches it wasn't even funny. Not a single one of your suggestions even seems balanced and seems like it comes from someone who didn't bother to even play the rework cvs at all. So much of what you have posted is hard to take seriously. And now you shall use the typical anti cv line of "I don't need to play a class to know it's broken." To this, I say "That is your choice, and frankly I'm happy about it. Who needs more wolves when sheep are so willing to just be farmed."
  12. The_Chiv

    Submarines cancelled?

    Considering the last time they talked about "Pan European"it was 90% Swedish I think they are gonna be very careful on that topic for a bit.
  13. The_Chiv

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    It is very easy to become belligerent and lash out at others who do not see the world your way. It is much harder to face yourself and admit you made a mistake. We all are guilty of this to one degree or another and while I agree with you 110% I also know where he is coming from. I was bad at this game and blamed everything but myself. It became so taxing and exhausting. Now the first step I take when it comes to this game when I think something was off. I rewatch the replay looking for where I messed up. I normally spot it pretty quickly. Not everyone will do this. I'm not making excuses for him. I pitty him, his need to be right all the time makes him caustic and anti-social. I feel sorry for him.
  14. Do you think the current universal skill tree is the best option or could wargaming have done better with class-specific skill trees? Every time I think of something cool I would love to see in the game I keep coming up against a rather annoying problem. The universal skill tree. It stifles any sort of out of the box design and tends to push more toward cookie-cutter builds. And in many cases, some of the picks are auto picks as in you must take this for a majority of ships. AR and CE. This feels a bit stagnant and a bit cookie-cutter. What if instead of a universal sheet like we have we take the core skills almost all depend on like PT, PM, AR, SI, CE, SE,LS these 7 skills would become universal on 5 new class-specific skill trees. That would mean that each page would have 25 skills more tailored to each class to pick from. What these new skills would be is kinda where I am drawing a blank. More aa options sure, Some torp augmenting for dds like proxy detonations, maybe even actual minelaying. Some of these even be stackable of the same bonus just with an increased amount depending on the level of the skill. EXAMPLE Diligent AA crew1. AA crews fire 10% faster. Diligent aa crew 2 AA crews fire 15% faster I don't know part of me thinks this would have been a much better option then what we got but what we got was not only a compromise for simplicity of balance but was quicker to put out.