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  1. It may take time to clear the system give it a day though wait we have to relink?
  2. Well we are all sorted out now and on EU. See you when you get here :D
  3. 1 out of 500 great success rate lol
  4. been there done that still nothing.
  5. I mean I can only base my knowledge off how things were done when I was at EA or how they are currently done for other developers like blizzard and such. At most it would take 1 day to get this done and even still it would probably get knocked out in less then 3 hours. Here 2 weeks plus. LIKE SERIOUSLY wth
  6. Perhaps. Though the more I think about this process of moving accounts over and or verification the whole process seems extremely inefficient. In my case and many others we had to initiate a process with the new server, Then wait. What are we waiting on? LOGIN CREDENTIALS. Folks login credentials and or their generation and assignments is probably one of the easiest things they can do. So then they send those credentials. Total time per request this should take is less then 10 minutes. Hell, give me a monster and my vape I could probably knock that down to 4 minutes with multiple monitors each having a different aspect of the process so I can streamline the verification. Again this could have been easily solved by a little more effort by WG. If they would have taken more of an initiative in this process that took now over 2 weeks then many of these issues could have been 100% avoided. Now they are playing catch up and are still doing it inefficiently.
  7. So yeah i put in 2 tickets one with proof one without. They just sent me a notice they were merging the tickets. That was 20 minutes ago. So they took the time to tell me we are merging tickets but not to verify the account info and give me login credentials.....There is rough and then there is dropping the ball.
  8. At least he got that I had to put in a ticket to find that out.
  9. agreed. if there was a duplicate email on said server then should not a different email been sent out a procedure to get this resolved as soon as possible?
  10. Only proof I can show is beyond 6 months.
  11. Oh now this is hilarious. So yesterday I put in a ticket. and I got a response a day later, about par for WG. So here is why this is funny. If you followed the transfer 101 you get to this point The problem with this is what is the new password. I never got this or anything beyond. So I tried to reset the password for this but since it is a throwaway account and not a real account the reset goes to a false email and not one I can access to even log in. SO I can not change the email or anything. Rather than being helpful WG cs pass me off to EU CS. Can anyone else understand why this feels like a big FU by WG?
  12. The_Chiv

    which line has the best cruisers?

    A cruiser is kinda a high-risk high reward ship, more so than any other class. REWARD Great ROF Great fire chance per ROF The ability to avoid incoming fire RISK You have a citadel Your armor is overmatched by almost every bb. your consumables can mislead you into styles of play You are expected to support everyone These are some generic tips for cruiser play. Never shoot first. Shooting =giving away position. It is more important for you to support either a dd or a bb then for you to take the initiative in an engagement, plus first to fire first to be fired on. Always engage while moving away or in a turn to move away. The idea is pretty simple but hitting a constantly moving target is harder and thus you live longer. Terrian is your friend. Use it to break LOS and to fire over. DONT BE TOO CLOSE OR YOU CANT SHOOT OVER IT. Figure 3-5km Just because you have a rear turret doesn't mean you should use it. Many times trying to get that extra possible damage opens your ship up to a more devastating strike. Its easier to hit a barn then it is to hit a knife. If a target is driving right at a friendly focus everything on it and if shows any broadside use ap and go for the upper belt. If you are forced to engage while closing distance on a target, late gameplay. Always keep the ship moving left and right. Only use the back turret/s after the enemy has fired. bow on use HE, broadside under 12km AP.
  13. The_Chiv

    not loading

    It probably has to do with WG mess up with the server transfers. They done broke their own system.
  14. I seriously doubt we will get any sort of resolution before noon easter time on the 11th, and even then I have my doubts.