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  1. Ammunition_Depleted

    Subs have broken this game

    Best fix for subs is to remove subs from the game.
  2. Wargaming, stop wasting everyone's time. REMOVE SUBS and get on with creating gameplay that is fun and interesting.
  3. Ammunition_Depleted

    Submarine Ideas

    You can't balance subs. The whole point of submarines is asymmetric warfare against merchant shipping. Most sub commanders worked very hard to avoid enemy warships because a sub was easy to kill. WoWS does not need super submarines. It needs to rebalance the game by removing subs from the game.
  4. Ammunition_Depleted

    Subs and Sonar

    Yopu have over complicated this. Remove subs = back to balanced game.
  5. Ammunition_Depleted

    When it rains, it pours

    no luck on logging in yet