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  1. :O

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    2. Wo_9


      where has the ghosty been

    3. Red_Ghost_05


      anywhere and everywhere

    4. Wo_9



  2. 612898759688323102.gif.8b4e6327af23c76118bacd48757cb0a0.gif

    1. loco_max


      what dance is that?

    2. Red_Ghost_05


      i dont remember well where you had to put enterprise so she danced like that 

  3. now this is more like it

  4. Red_Ghost_05

    Torpedo Bombers

    or maybe you could just turn your ship towards the planes and make you a more difficult target to hit, cus you know is not like the TBs just suddenly appear out of nowhere at the side of your ship.
  5. Red_Ghost_05

    GK got power crept hard and no one seems to care

    yeah German line needs a little bit of love, the power creep has really made a number on them. they are good at close range brawling but even in that a french bb can do a better job. German bbs take damage like crazy, they are very very hard to citadel but what difference it makes if you still take a huge amount of damage even if you are angle because the huge super structure eats full pens like candies.
  6. I like cvs :Smile_Default:

  7. 2 cits to a non-rendered iowa, using the map to aim