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  1. "Bismarck king of the ocean? Yamato queen of the sea?? bold titles to bear in the place where the Aircraft carrier is God"

    1. Lando4444


      not if you have a Fletcher with the AA build... i lost every singal rocket plane at 3 km away before i could see him ididnt even get an attack run

      Edit: Enterprise btw

    2. lordkiller14


      that's rough, usually are the tier X dds who gives me troubles on my rocket planes, mainly harugumo line for some reason but most of the time i get them lit so my team can shoot them.

      also enterprise :Smile_great:

  2. and here i thought this was going to be another "cv rework killed the game" thread
  3. He was made to rule the waves ACROSS THE SEVEN SEAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!

  4. lordkiller14

    Enterprise Tips

    Slingshot has worked for me sometimes. But I'm still learning how to do it without over shoting or under shoting the target.
  5. lordkiller14

    Enterprise Tips

    i try, but most of the time how ppl are so scared and terrified by carrier they bunch up in blobs, now that i can manage when it happens on my tier but when it's 2+ and you throw some minos, DMs and all sort of good aa ships into the mix. It get pretty challenging.
  6. lordkiller14

    Enterprise Tips

    I like many others bought Enterprise and i would like to ask you veterans, for some tips on how to play her in tier X matches. im constantly being uptiered and struggling to do anything meaningful, because the AA is too strong for tier 8 planes, This also applies to my Lexington. i try to dodge flak but some ships have a ludicrous number of flak burst they can fire and the continuous damage of the aa aura shreds my planes apart very quickly. At the point that sometimes i can't even get close... soo could you give me some pointers on how to improve my gameplay on tier X battles
  7. hmmm Japanese carriers are not very fun :Smile_unsure:

  8. lordkiller14

    TB ot DB for Ryujo

    Go for TB, they are the main damage dealers of the line. the DB are more situational because of the AP bombs that are only good against heavy armored targets and in that tier almost all of them have good AA.
  9. lordkiller14

    US CV Skills

    interesting, i use the fighter mod cuz i use them to try hit dds, in TB i usually just dive close and drop them very close to the yellow line so they have no time to dodge. and for concealment i had issues on the Ranger where i was spotted by a lone dd and all the enemy battleships would shoot me from really far and destroy my carrier. then again giving my planes more armor means more damage in the long run im gonna drop by to see how you play, maybe i could learn a thing or two by watching you play carriers
  10. lordkiller14

    US CV Skills

    currently im at Lex with a 12 pt captain, and my build is as follows, the red ones indicate the order of which skills i intend to buy next and in which order: also the modifications i bought are the ones who gives the rocket planes extra attack time and the health for dive bombers, cuz i personally like more the dive bombers than the torpedo bombers and they could use the hp more because TB get a heal.
  11. lordkiller14

    Ranger worth picking up again?

    yes, ranger is one of the best CV atm
  12. pretty much this, or maybe the armor was strong enough to resist the explosion
  13. the problem of playing cvs in coop is that bots dont behave like a player would so you will learn nothing but bad habits that will lead you to loose all your planes once you start fighting real people. maybe its a good idea to learn the basics as a test but i say it's better to start learning in randoms so you get a feel of how is to use a CV
  14. yeah i had some with rockets and bombs, mostly against dds. it's annoying but i had this happen with my bbs in the past. so i just readjust my aim