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  1. Khatz05

    Important message for the community

    While the act of recognizing and issuing an apology to the community is commendable in itself. I also have to say that this is not the first time we heard words like this. How many times have we heard WG is sorry, that you are going to work in bettering your communications, that this wont happen again. and then proceed to do the same disaster after a few months down the year. I'm really sorry but based in your past actions and behavior, for me to believe in what you said, you have to show concrete actions. until we see some real change or some action taken that has a real impact on the problem, those are just fancy words that anyone can write in a period of a few hours.
  2. Khatz05

    Shot down

    if you want to protest against wg horrible practices, why would you give them money?!
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  6. i suck at drawing in paint but my entry for my clan's paint art contest
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