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  1. What tier would Blucher be balanced at?
  2. Binocular Crosshairs?

    When you watch those videos on YouTube and they don't have any lines on the gunsight is because they're showing a video of a replay. In a replay it doesn't show the horizontal lines just the aiming reticle. I don't know of a way to not have the range lines in binocular view during actual gameplay.
  3. How did you start playing WoWs?

    I used to play lots of WoT from when it was first released. When I heard about "World of Battleships" I was very interested. I managed to get into the Beta Weekends and got hooked. Used to play both games but got sick of the WoT toxicity and I almost never play it anymore.
  4. I'm kind of surprised nobody has suggested R. Lee Ermey. I think he'd be great.
  5. Is Nelson An Oil Tanker?

    You're not the first person to see the resemblance. She had the nickname Nelsol back when she was in service just for that reason. :)
  6. 48 posts and no battles. Obvious troll is obvious.
  7. You should take a look at Cold Waters to scratch that SSN itch. Fun game. Almost 40 here.
  8. +1 for Canopus and Lord Nelson. I'd love too see any and all of the ships mentioned, honestly. Too bad WG probably has 0 interest in investing time in that though. :( Would be fun to turn tier 2 into world of pre dreads. For us nerds that is. Might be kind of hard on the newbies.
  9. I'd like to see USS Oregon, "Bulldog of the Navy". Sent 'round the Horn in response to the sinking of the Maine. Top speed is listed as 15 knots though. Ouch!