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  1. CatinHat

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    i give it a week before wargaming f's up again
  2. CatinHat

    If You're Looking for Submarine Gameplay...

    you forgot navyfield
  3. CatinHat

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Should have gone and created a prem cv - then people will say how op Canada really is.
  4. CatinHat

    Not many Tones out

    She's a ship that people been waiting on for so long... by time she is out. She is already out dated with other ships that are just flat out better or shut her down. Wargaming took their sweet time in getting her out the door.
  5. CatinHat

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    so... i been looking for subs for a while. but these are not subs. They stay way to long under the waves and are speed boats on the surface. Something isn't fitting with them. Maybes its the game modes they are thrown that happens to force this?
  6. This might not be the best picture. There is only reticles for the front guns. If i go past more to the 6' clock position it shows them again to screen as blocked. But here they are just missing. Which makes it odd to aim when they are just gone and just pops back into existence.
  7. I don't believe so, if i lock the guns and jump out the aiming reticle comes back (pops back onto the screen). I noticed mid way through a match the 'P' turret seems to bind as one to the 'Q' turret, even if the 'P' turret has an open shot but 'Q' doesn't.
  8. There seems to be an odd bug with the Ise battleship. The aiming reticle goes missing maybe after 3 minutes in if your zoomed in. Happens between the 8-10' clock and 5-3' clock positions. It seems that unzooming resets the reticle and makes it functional again. Seems to be a resource clean up issue.
  9. CatinHat

    The boats we wanted since Beta

    HMS Furious with 18 inch guns
  10. CatinHat

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    he's highlighting the part he like >.>
  11. CatinHat

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    I love sending up the escape pods before ramming a ship such a meme ship
  12. CatinHat

    Premium Ship Review - Tiger '59

    does she have any unique match matching like schan? Not to sure how good she will be facing tier 10 ships.
  13. as someone who bought the Idris-P in Star Citizen back when it was first release in 2013... and seeing members of my fleet spending way more. I think super whales isn't we don't care, its more of pride I think.
  14. CatinHat

    Premium Ship Review - Tiger '59

    so.. she's a meme ship... hmm sold.