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  1. EasyEight

    Well, 1v1 ranked has started, what is it like?

    This is a premium ship heavy match -- Tirp secondary build + torps and Mass secondary build dominate BB fights. All things being equal, the secondary build sets lots of fires at longer range than a normal non-premium secondary build (Mass secondaries shoot like 9km, Trip about 11km), while Tirps torps give it a decisive advantage at close combat. And you most close since if you don't cap you lose. And as the player touting Vanguard proves -- it's a premium ship, against the non-premium T8 Monarch it will handily win. Anyways, glhf!
  2. EasyEight

    Kremlin is stupid strong.

    ROFLMAO! Sorry, I just got waxed by a Kremlin in my Montana, hitting it with 16" AP shells in its broadside at less than 6km range, not a single cit hit out of dozens of shots. It can back up almost as fast as the Montana can drive forward, and it punches Montana armor like it was paper. It's stupid OP.
  3. EasyEight

    Midway is the worst performing T10 CV

    ALL US CVs under perform compared to HMS and IJN CVs. This can only be a deliberate design choice by WOWs -- after all, which CVs won the Pacific War? Yes, the US learned many things early on from the UK, but then took carrier ops to a whole new level. *US CVs had better on-deck plane ops than IJN and even HMS CVs. They should have faster reload time for planes. They do not. *US CVs carried more planes than IJN ad HMS CVs. This is not reflected in the game. *US planes were dual use, the Air Boss would decide what load out a strike should have. That is, a US player should have a choice on each strike to load torps or bombs -- the IJN still used single purpose planes. *The US migrated almost totally to dive bombing against enemy ships and perfected that type of attack with sophisticated AP bombs, tactics and tech in the planes. This is not reflected in game at all, US DBs almost always drop HE -- which they did not do in RL except against shore targets. And a US DB would kick over for a dive at 10,000 feet and plummet down at a steep angle, meaning small arms and many unsophisticated AA mounts could't be brought too bear easily, which should be reflected in game with some kind of HP buff. Nope. US CVs are the worst in the game.
  4. EasyEight

    Why did they nerf the baby CVs??

    That would make a lot more sense. Just like adding a "no CVs" filter for the Never CV crowd to click, puts 'em in a queue where the first choice is into a game with no CVs. I don't even get the "stat padding" thing -- why bother? Either it's fun to play the game or not. I've gotten all the way up the line to CV Midway, but given the pay-wall effect of premium ships and much more expensive repairs, I enjoy playing T4-6 most of the time. I also have a ton of fun taking some T2-T3 ships out for a spin sometimes, like that crazy little T2 German DD the V-25, it's like playing a zippy little armed water bug that can skitter around with torps. Anyways -- CVs can be balanced and fun. As someone who enjoyed taking Baby CVs out every now and again, it's disappointing to see them get nerfed into boring, un-fun to play slow moving targets. Oh -- and regarding "clubbing" -- just see what happens to you when you're sailing around all excited to be in you T9 Iowa BB and you run into a T10 Kremlin. Yer toast, clubbed to death, no contest. I've never been able to do that in a Baby CV, even against a T3 ship. You don't seal club a T3 St Louis with your Hermes CV. You might annoy it, harass it, ding it up a bit but rarely will you sink it. You tend to add damage to a damaged ship, hope to set a fire and help wear it out -- and you might be the one to put down a damaged St. Louis -- but seal club one?? Unless the player decides sailing in a straight line is how they'll play, it ain't gonna happen.
  5. The most balanced gameplay with CVs is T4 -- Langley, Hermes and Hosho. They must be played as team support ships, as they are not powerful enough to sink most ships alone. Their planes are relatively vulnerable (shot to death quickly by T5 ships, etc.), fairly slow and only launch one attack at a time that cannot deliver a strong blow -- usually up to about 2K per successful attack. With AA fire, you may only get two attacks in. But, because the planes were nimble it was fun to turn quickly and line up another attack. But now even the baby CVs have been nerfed. 1. People complained about Hermes' agile planes, so the turning radius was nerfed. Add that to its relatively long arming time for torps, low damage for bombs and rockets, this CV is no longer competitive or that much fun to play. 2. Langley has always been an OK baby CV, but its planes are slow and attack times relatively long -- less than Hermes, longer than Hosho. It's planes had larger turn radius than Hermes, but now is about the same. 3. Hosho was the "best" baby CV, but just got nerfed. The torps are now much slower and take longer to arm, so you can no longer easily lay a torp into a maneuvering ship. Rockets already had a "meh" dispersal pattern but at lest the bombs could possibly get a Cit hit if the stars lined up. All baby CVs now also have a longer cool-down between attacks, so it's not possible to do repeat attacks through formations of ships as before. Why?? What was the point of this???
  6. EasyEight

    Kaga is absolutely destroying

    Who cares?!? Kaga drops FOUR high speed torps on each pass, that's your killer, you don't get that until T10 in any other CV.
  7. EasyEight

    Can not join a battle

    Same here.
  8. Absolutely true!! I think the added a very unbalanced ship with the Friesland DD. Up until this premium ship hit the market I got used to seeing very team-oriented games with ships mutually supporting each other. Winning teams would have a push with BBs in the core, DD's out scouting (but not too far), CAs in the middle supporting the DDs and adding AA support. Any team that maintains a decent AA formation makes it very tough for any tier CV -- even the fabled "Tier 10 gods" of CVs (I have a Midway, btw). Generally you'd see BBs starting to get into an aggressive push later in the game as they made a bid to collapse the other team and make a breakthrough. By that phase of the game, usually the DD torp threat and CA HE spam threat had been degraded, so the BBs would go full offense. Now with Friesland and what seems to be more effective HE spamming/fires in general, this is falling apart. I've had a Frederich de Grose deleted by a Friesland. Watched a video, guy says BBs gotta close with Friesland or duck behind an island. I was in the open, no island, tried to close, it burned me down like a flamethrower while sitting in smoke on a 2min cooldown. Lost also vs this DD in a Gearing, a Shimikaze, etc. I also can't kill it with any CV I own since it has insanely high AA. It's very tough to get within range to use rockets or torps (even then I'll lose a whole squadron in the attack), and no chance at all to use bombs. So at present I have no counter for that ship other than to stay away and ask CAs to try and kill it, but with such a high ROF that DD wrecks CAs pretty well also. I don''t play CAs as much as I should, I find them a very fine balancing act to pay and I have to be more "with it" to be effective. It would probably nuke my Baltimore. So yeah -- I ain't closing when that ship is present. I'll stay at range as much as possible. I hope they fix that ship.
  9. EasyEight

    Friesland will not going have torps

    Doesn't need torps. Just had my Friedrich der Große burned to death by one. It smoked at about 10km and HE spammed me to death. Smoke lasts 2min, it volleys a broadside in about 1.5 sec with skills, and set about 9 fires on me. I had some long range BB fire coming in, but most did nothing. So that's your Friesland DD that costs about 80 bucks. Sit in smoke and HE spam for the whole game, I guess...
  10. EasyEight

    Shimakaze Pure Torp Boat

    I prefer the 12km torps, full torp boat -- but I found the legendary upgrade to be very weak. For a 25% faster reload I take an 80% hit on aim time, which doesn't seem worth it to me. I will not be first into cap, and once I spot a radar capable enemy I will try and maintain 10-11km range and if I get lit up I use speed boost to maneuver away and reset for an attack. Works pretty well, only flat against the gunboat DDs. So if possible I'll form up on a gunboat DD on my team.
  11. EasyEight

    Khabarovsk — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    Yeah, the DD I hate the most -- one of the super duper Russian paper ships. You run into this in any other DD and you're dead - no chance at all. It is the fastest, most heavily armed and armored OP DD of the game.
  12. EasyEight

    How bad is it?

    Yep, guess I should have comprehended what you wrote...indeed, CVs are not killers, they are mosquitos now.
  13. EasyEight

    How bad is it?

    That's not how they play. AA is simply too strong to be a hammer of the gods, and you cannot attack with your entire squadron so you are limited in the damage you can dish out. It's been that way since they changed CVs from asset management play to arcade play. Sure, in the good 'ol days you could drop x6 torps in one attack on somebody far behind the battleline, like a DD just descended from the skies. BOOM! Glorious when you did it right. And you could line up multiple attacks by various planes, do group attacks and all that. Now it's really an attack with x2-4 planes at one time, usually against an AA wall these days that blows yer butt outta the sky. Then you have to fly a new squadron off the deck and fly it all the way to target, no autopilot for your planes. Can you mess with a solo ship? Yes. Against a formation, your ability to do so is limited. Against a formation or high AA ship: 1.Most of the time DBs are worthless, unless it's against a solo ship you won't even reach your target -- all shot down. 2. TBs are usually good for the initial drop, maybe one follow up before yer all shot down. 3. Rockets are usually good for the initial attack, maybe one follow up before yer all shot down. And what about damage? Say I manage to drop x4 torps on a ship with my Midway. Maximum damage is 4233 per torp hit. Given torp spreads and target maneuverability, AA effects and all that, average the number of torps you land against an aware target is likely to be: *BB: 2 hits, unless the guy sails in a straight line and I "ambush" from behind an island to minimize AA, maybe 3-4 hits *CA: 1 against a maneuvering CA, maybe 2 *DD: 1 hit So say I hit a BB with 2 torps, potential damage of 8,466. Will I do that much damage? What if I apply those hits to a Yammy with 55% torpedo damage reduction? Then I lost an entire squadron to put 3809 damage points on a ship with about 100,000 HP. Not that scary, just 3.8% damage. Now let's compare that to scoring x2 torp hits on that Yammy from a Shimikaze that is sitting 10km away. Each Type93 mod. 3 torp can deliver a maximum of 23,766 each, or potential damage of 47, 532hp. That's x5.6 the damage potential of two aerial torp hits. Let's say I also hit max torp protection on that Yamato, I would end up doing 21,390hp to a 100,000 hp ship. That's 21.39% damage, ouch! So CV's are really relegated to scouts, support ships and vultures.
  14. EasyEight

    How bad is it?

    LOL! Such advice from someone *who has never played a CV!! Ever!!* Your service record says "0.00%" CV battles. This has always been a stupid thing to do as a CV player. CVs have tons of AA, and unless you have a 2v2 CV match and can swarm them, it's a total waste of time. LOL, you mean spotting that lasts for 20sec? Oh noes, how awful. And given the current nastieness of AA you probably lose a squadron getting that scouting report. Says someone with ZERO CV experience. You actually lose planes really fast against current AA, so fast it's almost pointless. Even against a Gearing by itself you'll lose more planes than you can believe. CVs have a finite number of planes and have a slower re-arm rate than before the "patch" so unless you're careful you'll soon be reduced to launching 2plane "squadrons." Most of the time, unless a DD is stupid, they are hard to spot and kill. DDs and CAs can go "stealth" in a way thats totally contrary to physics. For instance, many T8-T10 DDs have a spotting range of 2km or less by CV planes! How much sense does that make, that a plane is 1000m in the sky and has a harder time spotting a ship than another ship does?? That means you almost literally have to fly right over a DD to spot it (unless they are stupid and keep AA on). Then it goes back invisible, so you have to circle back to attack an empty area of ocean in the hopes you guess correctly where it went. That's always true for any ship class. I'm a mediocre CV driver, but until this latest patch was happy I'd just earned my T10 USS Midway -- only to find I have less chance to do anything at that tier, and am better off just playing T6 CVs for now. Really frustrating. Nope. Almost ZERO chance of repeat attacks against single targets if they have decent AA, because as you maneuver around for a second pass you're typically within the AA bubble and just die. So mostly you get only ONE high speed pass, and then hope to get to the next target or disengage before ya die. Meh, so what? My CV is dead and I get one last attack with my maneuverable HE shells from the sky? If you're a decent DD driver those CV planes aren't much of a threat, nor against anyone else -- one last tag. Yep, still the case. The CV AI sucks, and they should let you put your planes on autopilot while you steer your ship during an attack, but they don't. Here's my perspective. I have 1097 battles in CVs, enjoy most ships and am the first to admit I'm a mediocre player. But 1097 battles teaches ya a few things about CVs and how to play them, and how to counter them. CVs are really support ships not primary killers. Given how nasty AA is, CVs are really only scary to players who decide to run off all alone or to teams that do not maintain basic ship formations. CVs can scout and lay down buffs (fighter cover to protect allies and spot enemy DDs) and de-buffs on enemies. Most damage caused by CVs is minor (e.g. a typical aerial torpedo may only cause 3K damage), so most CV attacks cause damage stacks to help wear down ships for the team, and hoping for fires and floods on a target. Fires and floods are the biggest damage causers for a CV. Most CV kills are scavenging shots -- picking off wounded ships. So play smart. If you're a DD driver, turn OFF YOUR AA! They will make it very hard to spot you. Then if you are spotted, if you have good AA, sure, turn it on only during the attack -- but it's just as effective to keep your AA OFF and keep steering towards the planes, which reduces their reaction time on making the next pass. Works most of the time (btw, I have almost 3000 battles in DDs). For the most part it's really annoying to hear players with little to no CV experience so misrepresent the class. Now they are nerfed so bad, I think I'll let my shiny new Midway sit at dock and go back to playing DDs, BBs and maybe T6 CVs now and again.
  15. EasyEight

    AA since 8.5

    Well, it hasn't stopped them from complaining. When the battle starts its "Oh man, CVs! I hate CVs!" Then when some idiot goes solo, or the whole team mills about not in even a basic AA formation it's "Where's the fighters, you suck CV! How come Cvs are so strong!" Because yer an idiot who went solo --- or a team that decides milling about in no discernable formation will bring victory.