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  1. EasyEight

    Shimakaze Pure Torp Boat

    I prefer the 12km torps, full torp boat -- but I found the legendary upgrade to be very weak. For a 25% faster reload I take an 80% hit on aim time, which doesn't seem worth it to me. I will not be first into cap, and once I spot a radar capable enemy I will try and maintain 10-11km range and if I get lit up I use speed boost to maneuver away and reset for an attack. Works pretty well, only flat against the gunboat DDs. So if possible I'll form up on a gunboat DD on my team.
  2. EasyEight

    Khabarovsk — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    Yeah, the DD I hate the most -- one of the super duper Russian paper ships. You run into this in any other DD and you're dead - no chance at all. It is the fastest, most heavily armed and armored OP DD of the game.
  3. EasyEight

    How bad is it?

    Yep, guess I should have comprehended what you wrote...indeed, CVs are not killers, they are mosquitos now.
  4. EasyEight

    How bad is it?

    That's not how they play. AA is simply too strong to be a hammer of the gods, and you cannot attack with your entire squadron so you are limited in the damage you can dish out. It's been that way since they changed CVs from asset management play to arcade play. Sure, in the good 'ol days you could drop x6 torps in one attack on somebody far behind the battleline, like a DD just descended from the skies. BOOM! Glorious when you did it right. And you could line up multiple attacks by various planes, do group attacks and all that. Now it's really an attack with x2-4 planes at one time, usually against an AA wall these days that blows yer butt outta the sky. Then you have to fly a new squadron off the deck and fly it all the way to target, no autopilot for your planes. Can you mess with a solo ship? Yes. Against a formation, your ability to do so is limited. Against a formation or high AA ship: 1.Most of the time DBs are worthless, unless it's against a solo ship you won't even reach your target -- all shot down. 2. TBs are usually good for the initial drop, maybe one follow up before yer all shot down. 3. Rockets are usually good for the initial attack, maybe one follow up before yer all shot down. And what about damage? Say I manage to drop x4 torps on a ship with my Midway. Maximum damage is 4233 per torp hit. Given torp spreads and target maneuverability, AA effects and all that, average the number of torps you land against an aware target is likely to be: *BB: 2 hits, unless the guy sails in a straight line and I "ambush" from behind an island to minimize AA, maybe 3-4 hits *CA: 1 against a maneuvering CA, maybe 2 *DD: 1 hit So say I hit a BB with 2 torps, potential damage of 8,466. Will I do that much damage? What if I apply those hits to a Yammy with 55% torpedo damage reduction? Then I lost an entire squadron to put 3809 damage points on a ship with about 100,000 HP. Not that scary, just 3.8% damage. Now let's compare that to scoring x2 torp hits on that Yammy from a Shimikaze that is sitting 10km away. Each Type93 mod. 3 torp can deliver a maximum of 23,766 each, or potential damage of 47, 532hp. That's x5.6 the damage potential of two aerial torp hits. Let's say I also hit max torp protection on that Yamato, I would end up doing 21,390hp to a 100,000 hp ship. That's 21.39% damage, ouch! So CV's are really relegated to scouts, support ships and vultures.
  5. EasyEight

    How bad is it?

    LOL! Such advice from someone *who has never played a CV!! Ever!!* Your service record says "0.00%" CV battles. This has always been a stupid thing to do as a CV player. CVs have tons of AA, and unless you have a 2v2 CV match and can swarm them, it's a total waste of time. LOL, you mean spotting that lasts for 20sec? Oh noes, how awful. And given the current nastieness of AA you probably lose a squadron getting that scouting report. Says someone with ZERO CV experience. You actually lose planes really fast against current AA, so fast it's almost pointless. Even against a Gearing by itself you'll lose more planes than you can believe. CVs have a finite number of planes and have a slower re-arm rate than before the "patch" so unless you're careful you'll soon be reduced to launching 2plane "squadrons." Most of the time, unless a DD is stupid, they are hard to spot and kill. DDs and CAs can go "stealth" in a way thats totally contrary to physics. For instance, many T8-T10 DDs have a spotting range of 2km or less by CV planes! How much sense does that make, that a plane is 1000m in the sky and has a harder time spotting a ship than another ship does?? That means you almost literally have to fly right over a DD to spot it (unless they are stupid and keep AA on). Then it goes back invisible, so you have to circle back to attack an empty area of ocean in the hopes you guess correctly where it went. That's always true for any ship class. I'm a mediocre CV driver, but until this latest patch was happy I'd just earned my T10 USS Midway -- only to find I have less chance to do anything at that tier, and am better off just playing T6 CVs for now. Really frustrating. Nope. Almost ZERO chance of repeat attacks against single targets if they have decent AA, because as you maneuver around for a second pass you're typically within the AA bubble and just die. So mostly you get only ONE high speed pass, and then hope to get to the next target or disengage before ya die. Meh, so what? My CV is dead and I get one last attack with my maneuverable HE shells from the sky? If you're a decent DD driver those CV planes aren't much of a threat, nor against anyone else -- one last tag. Yep, still the case. The CV AI sucks, and they should let you put your planes on autopilot while you steer your ship during an attack, but they don't. Here's my perspective. I have 1097 battles in CVs, enjoy most ships and am the first to admit I'm a mediocre player. But 1097 battles teaches ya a few things about CVs and how to play them, and how to counter them. CVs are really support ships not primary killers. Given how nasty AA is, CVs are really only scary to players who decide to run off all alone or to teams that do not maintain basic ship formations. CVs can scout and lay down buffs (fighter cover to protect allies and spot enemy DDs) and de-buffs on enemies. Most damage caused by CVs is minor (e.g. a typical aerial torpedo may only cause 3K damage), so most CV attacks cause damage stacks to help wear down ships for the team, and hoping for fires and floods on a target. Fires and floods are the biggest damage causers for a CV. Most CV kills are scavenging shots -- picking off wounded ships. So play smart. If you're a DD driver, turn OFF YOUR AA! They will make it very hard to spot you. Then if you are spotted, if you have good AA, sure, turn it on only during the attack -- but it's just as effective to keep your AA OFF and keep steering towards the planes, which reduces their reaction time on making the next pass. Works most of the time (btw, I have almost 3000 battles in DDs). For the most part it's really annoying to hear players with little to no CV experience so misrepresent the class. Now they are nerfed so bad, I think I'll let my shiny new Midway sit at dock and go back to playing DDs, BBs and maybe T6 CVs now and again.
  6. EasyEight

    AA since 8.5

    Well, it hasn't stopped them from complaining. When the battle starts its "Oh man, CVs! I hate CVs!" Then when some idiot goes solo, or the whole team mills about not in even a basic AA formation it's "Where's the fighters, you suck CV! How come Cvs are so strong!" Because yer an idiot who went solo --- or a team that decides milling about in no discernable formation will bring victory.
  7. EasyEight

    CV, CV and CV again ......

    Oh, don't you worry about CVs -- I'm sure there are plans to add the paper Soviet CVs from just after WW2, and they will no doubt be quite awesome! https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/1647-list-of-soviet-cvs-projects/
  8. EasyEight

    A proposal for the American BBs

    Meh, the new Russian BBs wipe the map with US BBs, especially the T10 Kremlin that moves like a cruiser, has heavy armor, more HP than any other T10 BB and it mounts x9 18" guns that hit hard. Despite no Russian BBs ever seeing service except for preWW1 and WW1 era stuff, they rock the game right now.
  9. EasyEight

    Kremlin L S2 3000

    What's not to like with a BB that moves like a cruiser, has heavy armor, more HP than any other T10 BB, and mounts x9 heavy hitting 18" guns?? If I had the cash, I'd dump the rest of my BB line and go Russkie all the way!
  10. EasyEight

    Kremlin you make me feel so dirty

    Sure, why not add a Russian BB that moves like a cruiser, has super heavy armor and mounts x9 18" guns...oh, and has more HP than any other T10 BB. At 108,000 HP it has 10,000 more HP than the RL Yamato. Huzzah for Russkie super BBs!!
  11. EasyEight

    Kremlin in a Snapshot

    Not with my US Georgia class BB -- 18" AP shells bounce off the Kremlin like popcorn. Did a point blank duel, it blew the carp out of me while most of my 18" shells did little damage or actually richocheted. So sure, have fun in it -- it's designed to be the top dog of the game. It's as fast as a cruiser, armored out the yin yang and armed with 18" guns. Huzzah!
  12. EasyEight

    Kremlin - This may be my best battleship match ever

    Sure, why not? Let's add a Russian BB that moves like a cruiser, hits like a heavy BB and can bounce 18" shells at any given range...
  13. Georgia increasingly makes me wish I hadn't wasted my coal and coins on it...
  14. EasyEight

    Georgia vs Jean Bart... Which to choose.

    I don't have a Massachusetts, but I killed a Minotaur with secondaries , did about 20K to it. Kept trying to sail around me trying to get off torp, which I could dodge, and with speed boost he couldn't get any distance from me. We did this big twisty circle, he was moving too fast for my main turrets to track but I ground him down with secondaries. I bet he was pissed. Pretty unique but funny situation.
  15. EasyEight

    Georgia vs Jean Bart... Which to choose.

    Not sure about this ship yet -- probably play style. Only using a 7pt captain on this, I wonder what this would be like with a Stealth Build. Anyways, so far: 1. Accuracy kinda sucks. Shot grouping drifts really fast and I get lots of straddles rather than hits. 2. Lots of overpens with the guns 3. Glass jaw like an Iowa, it can angle well but will get shredded if it gets hit broadside on. 4. Speed is nice -- but see #3 which makes it hard to tank, so you can get into trouble fast, but then what? That's why I'm wondering about a stealth build -- hit hard, go back to stealth and quickly reposition. 5. Probably just RNG, but it seem to catch fire easily Anyways, only been a few matches, still need to figure this ship out.