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  1. EasyEight

    Hermes and Furious

    Just got the Furious. The Hurricanes are OK, but the Barracudas are carp. They are big, floaty, slow planes that get completely shredded by AA. I cannot get through AA with the Barracuda DBs, and the Barracuda TBs are lucky if they can get one drop off before getting burned out of the sky. Not impressed. The Hermes has been more fun with its super accurate TBs.
  2. EasyEight

    The exeter ship review.

    Exeter is a top DD predator right now. At T5 with 30k HP, decent armor v DDs and hydro it can seal club T4 and T5 DDs all day long.
  3. EasyEight

    Hermes and Furious

    Hermes torpedo plans are very accurate and turn sharply, the fighters and dive bombers are very mediocre. The continuing problem is how brutally effective AA fire is. The stringbags flown by Hermes are so slow, linger so long in AA that your planes will get blown out of the sky very quickly. Attacking T3 ships is easy, T4 ships can be challenging, but attacking T5 ships is all but impossible. I like the way this CV looks, for a T4 ship the torpedo planes are good -- but it sucks to play a whole game of getting AA shredded pressing home attacks in the hopes of getting a few K damage for match. Example, a T5 Konig BB broke through my teams non-existent defenses as I was playing close to the front line. Supposedly it has only an AA rating of like 12 or so -- but against Hermes planes? Death! DBs could get one attack before dying. TBs could get one drop before dying. Fighters could get 2 rocket passes before dying and the flak clouds were so heavy both rockets and DBs were easily jostled off target. Needless to say I died.
  4. EasyEight

    DDs lost their purpose?

    Yep -- current game mechanics seem to favor gunboats DDs who hide in smoke and rapid fire HE shells to cause fires, or to chase down silly DD players like me who ground up to T10 before gunboat DDs came out and I'm too lazy to grind a new line.
  5. Yep -- and when you're being hunted by that DD, it's your airplanes with essentially a 1000 foot tall mast to spot from that can't see a DD until they fly right over it...
  6. EasyEight

    One Way to Describe Carrier Play Now - Awful

    The new CV attack mechanic is fun -- what is not fun is the broken AA system and the broken spotting system, which make CVs almost unplayable in many games.
  7. OK, playing more CV battles and spotting is completely broken. It is frustrating -- not to mention a stupid mechanic -- to have to deal with invisible DDs. By the time you spot them you cannot attack, so many times you have to anticipate where you think they will be and then start an attack run against an invisible target. Then if you're lucky you guessed right -- and you have split second to adjust aim and drop your weapons/shoot rockets, etc. Completely busted, stupid and unrealistic. Yes I know that they don't want CVs to nullify DD stealth but this is ridiculous! Aircraft should spot a greater distance than ships, and shouldn't have to hope they guessed right about where an invisible DD will suddenly appear.
  8. EasyEight

    British Destroyers Opinion

  9. And with the broken AA model either you will have all your planes torched out of the sky, or blast right through with ease. They have such a sharp contrast in AA and Plane effectiveness by Tier differences that its ridiculous. Just played a T9 BB, T10 CV planes blasted right through my AA to hit me, no problem. But I'm gunning T8 CV planes outta the sky with ease. If they fix their broken AA and aerial spotting system, CVs will become more fun to play. But they also screwed up US dive bombers. The US excelled at dive bombing with AP bombs, and as the war progressed almost abandoned torpedo attacks -- that is not reflected in the game. WOWs gave the *IJN* good AP bombs and nerfed US dive bombers. US dive bombers could dive at a steeper angle, meaning less target lead time, and had heavier, more effective AP bombs than the IJN. But to date, the only cit hits I have ever gotten on a ship is by using IJN DBs. I don't get how you can screw up such a basic thing in this game.
  10. EasyEight

    British Destroyers Opinion

    I disagree. Only a handful of matches in the HMS Jervis, so far I am less than impressed -- and frankly wonder how the British Navy was supposed to have ruled the waves with ships like this floating tird. Horrible stealth - 7km, no I don't have the concealment skill yet. Short ranged, slow, easily spotted torps Slow turret traverse means it cannot dogfight well Poor maneuvering and wide turns Seems the only way not to die fast and for no gain is to be a less than fun support DD who hover about the fleet dashing up to spot, and running off to add gunfire support. Not the most fun way to play a DD. So please correct me -- I want to like every new ship, so what am I missing here??
  11. OK, been playing the reworked CV system and I have a noobish question -- what the heck does the "T" button do when flying a squadron? Is it supposed to initiate defensive fire or something? Doesn't seem to do anything. Knowledge appreciated!
  12. EasyEight

    Grind US or IJN CVs?

    I noticed that, which is absolutely bizzaro since in RL the USN excelled in AP Dive Bombing! If they wanted to present a semblance of carrier air ops in WW2: 1. IJN gets better torpedo planes and torps 2. US gets better dive bombers and choice of dropping AP or HE bombs during an attack 3. Either neither IJN or USN get rockets, or only the USN since the IJN never operationally fielded unguided rockets. 4. US plane strikes should recycle 15-20% faster than IJN given the more advanced tech and flight ops practices of the USN
  13. EasyEight

    Grind US or IJN CVs?

    Any thoughts which CV line to grind? I have both Ranger and Ryujo. It seems like IJN is favored in the WOWs still. IJN CVs have much higher stealth and are more maneuverable IJN TBs do more damage than US TBs and are easier to hit with, while US DBs do more damage than IJN DBs but they are harder to hit with. Comments??
  14. EasyEight

    CV's suck so bad now

    You're not missing anything. I've changed my mind, the new CV system is different, but it is fun. However, there are problems they need to fix, and the damage model is one of them. You often get just one attack on a ship before AA chews you up, and then only *1/3rd* of your planes actually fire weapons. So you're almost always making one attack at 33% strength -- and if you hit a torp now averages 3K damage. A DD spamming HE can dish out more than that in the same time, and do far more damage with torps. So CVs are weak right now.