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  1. Love this ship! In a recent battle I attacked and sunk two BBs at the same time, a Dunquerke and a Colorado while playing on the "Neighbors" map. Used an island near the "A" zone to mask my approach, then drove right up the middle between them. Three torps into each, plus main guns and Secondaries -- a glorious brawl, took a beating but put them both down.
  2. I did take down some float planes, but with AA so nasty I try to stay away from the ships that use them. These were 4-plane fighter squadrons, and yes, I did some strafing -- for example, he sent two FS squadrons straight at me, I strafed them both down. Anyways, thanks for the comments -- it could be a combo of perception error, but there were at least 3 FS and 2TBs in the air at once. If it was a hack or a bug, the Ryujo player didn't exploit it very well!
  3. That's why I'm confused -- at one point I was facing 3 FS and 2 TBs and 1 DB at the same time from one Ryujo. So that's at least a 3/2/1 -- when Ryujo only has a 3/1/1. Again, I've got a Ryujo, have played against them, this one had me stumped! I shot down x6 FS, and he still had x2 FS flying. I shot down full or partial squadrons of at least x2-3 TBs (ignored his DBs), he still had a TB flying at the end. This was a real puzzler of a game.
  4. Howdy, Running a 1/1/1 Indy I ran into an AS Ryujo, what I figure was an AS Ryujo -- but here's where I need some help. This Ryujo was running 3/2/2 which I have never seen before, and seemed to carry more planes than hangar capacity. I have a Ryujo -- but I can't figure out how the guy had a 3/2/2 running. Posted the end of battle detailed results. When I was sunk the Ryujo still had x2 full strength fighters and a partial TB up -- another x10 planes. By my count we shot down x49 planes, with another x10 still in the air -- x59 planes???
  5. Dunno, after the last patch seems like the accuracy got nerfed. I'm seeing awful shell spreads, like I'm back to firing a T3 Kawachi shotgun style!
  6. Thanks, I'll try to be sneakier.
  7. I can't figure this DD out. Ever since the Isokaze it feels like the IJN DDs are less capable ships. The Hatsuharu, played many battles and I don't play this well. My only torp hits seem to be random spam/AD hits that ships blunder into when I fire at long range into a potential choke point. Planned torpedo shots...not so well. The ships spot the suckers and unless they are BB drivers in "zoom" mode easily dodge them. Turret is slow to turn and slow loading guns mean it's not that great as a gunship -- gets eaten alive by any US and Russian DD, etc. So how do you fight this ship!?!?
  8. Thanks, appreciate the answer.
  9. I dunno, maybe the RDG gods hate me, but lately my CAs have been under performing in the fire department. Last battle, 61 HE hits and 3 fires. Prior battle 105 HE hits and only 1 fire, etc. Did they change the chance of setting a fire??
  10. I'm playing a Langley -- a Texas or Wyoming, a Bogue or Zhuiho will melt your planes out of the sky like icecream on a hot metal griddle! Just played a match where the enemy CV didn't use fighters, didn't need to -- I tried a strike on a Texas and lost every damn plane, all x6 DBs and x6 TB for only one torp hit, horrible!! The RDG must have hated me that game...
  11. But...in the April Fool's game, death in the bathtub, some ships had fixed bow mounted torpedo tubes, quite fun to use! In WOWs I can imagine how useful they could be on a bows-on approach and in close quarters as a snap shot -- people are so used to seeing a ship turn its flank to fire torps that bow mounted and stern mounted torps could be a real surprise.
  12. Except it's sooo dang slow that its hard to close the distance with enemy ships, and pathetic range on the main guns mean all Cruisers and some DDs out-range you. I want to like this ship...but...not liking it so far... Maybe they need to have a special Pre-Dreadnaught or WW1 challenge battle you can select -- let ships like this fight their own, so to speak?
  13. Why do the secondaries on the North Carolina suck? This ship, and the Iowa, mounted the 5"/38 caliber DP guns, x5 twin turrets per side. With an ROF 15, this means that the North Carolina could fire x150 5" shells a minute at some unlucky target. These turrets were powered drive, powered elevation and were controlled by a top notch fire control system. According to Wiki: "Among naval historians, the 5"/38 gun is considered the best intermediate-caliber,[4] dual purpose naval gun of World War II,[5] especially as it was usually under the control of the advanced Mark 37 Gun Fire Control Systemwhich provided accurate and timely firing solutions against surface and air targets. " These are the same guns (though in dual turrets) mounted on US DDs from the USS Mahan (T7) onwards -- and are the same dual-gun turrets used by the USS Gearing (T10) DD. So the NC, Iowa and Montana should be extra deadly compared to the IJN, which usually had secondaries in manually operated casemate mounts or turrets.
  14. I've done strafes before and been wiped out before, but this was very unusual. I know what a strafe looks like and does, this was a normal meeting engagement/dogfight and I was within the AA zone of my CV. Couldn't kill any of his planes. Couldn't kill his fighters, couldn't kill his TBs. That's why I posted it here to see if anyone else has run into this before or have any good observations. Cheers!
  15. Thanks, I appreciate the advice.