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  1. Thank you for fine perfect example of a toxic player base and forum warrior. You did not even bother to think of how many aircraft were thrown at one ship compared to the amount I eliminated. You did not think about the amount of potential damage those aircraft carry to a target. You did not think about how many opportunities they had to sink me before I could even find them on the map or get into gun range. You did not think that the ship has not so great AA and still, I was able to successfully survive and kill way too many aircraft. You did not think about how taking a relic of a ship that has horrid steering and dodge a massive amount of attacks and yet survive to be at the top of the team. You did not think it took the effort of all three carries constantly running attack on one ship. You did not think about how NOT FUN it was to dodge aircraft all game instead of actually playing the role of a BB.
  2. I basically posted this because I knew it would set a fire. Most post can be summed up as this: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE There are only a few people that actually critically looked at the proposal or responded in a sensible manner. The rest of the posts a the typical toxic stew that brews in this forum and is conducive to the typical anime avatar clad forum warriors with "look at my win ratio compared to yours bro tardism" which provides ZERO debate on the suggestions of the OP. One guy called you all on this and dear god do I respect the hell out of him/her for saying it. They did not have to agree with me or not simply pointed out the glaring flaws in this player base.
  3. The game mechanic surrounding CV play is absolutely horrid. Simply players launch a "guided missile" at an enemy ship it either gets shot down or impacts. These "Missile Cruisers" have an almost unlimited amount of missiles that can be constantly brought to bear on a target. The "missiles" fly with no fear of death, no fear that 30 or 40 of their fellow "missiles" died attacking this ship or that the entire squadron has simply been killed. They have lethal precision better than any shell from a ship or torpedo (until subs) Miss? Well just mash the F key and let's do this all over again. One tier below your ships AA is kinda effective, equal tier your AA is "meh" one or two-tier above well your dead meat. Look WG We all deserve and need something better Fighters no longer carry super accurate armor-piercing rockets The loss of 50% of a squadron breaks the attack If there is one remaining aircraft a strike is negligible, hence no more single torp bombers dropping two torps or multiple bombs or multiple rockets. CVs being attacked cannot launch more aircraft CV has a large visual signature as in real life more so than a battleship or cruiser. Aircraft reload times come into play the more damaged a squadron incurs, too many times a squadron of planes is shot to crap and simply are instantly recycled. Squadrends incurring major damage has a longer reload time. Due to the amount of fuel and munitions onboard CVs are much more prone to burning and or detonation Aircraft mush approach and fly away from the target in a manner conducive to the attack and no longer become rocket-powered and climb unrealistically into the stratosphere. This means CV pilots need to be more thoughtful of the attack runs and break off to avoid AA fire. It also means aircraft are likely to be shot down fleeing the target as well as on the approach. Aircraft have a limited fly to target fuel time if they do not return in this time frame they run out of fuel and crash. Introduce new AAA options for older ships that were not designed to deal with massive (non-historical) attacks from the air.
  4. Punisher_1

    This is getting out of hand and is childish

    I remember those days and it was a great idea..... Yet they do not do this anymore. Simply you can report all you like but it makes no difference at all. I sent in a video of a blatant TK during ranked.... nothing happened to the guy beyond the slap on the wrist.
  5. It's a work of total fiction. There is an island between me and a BB and somehow he sees my ship? Torpedo drops from fighters mysteriously appear from the beach? Without any drop animation? Aircraft rarely ever miss but you BB shells are flung well over or under your target at close range? Aircraft vanish in a steep CLIMB? after dive-bombing your ship? Radar and Hydro go through islands. The ocean is made up of nothing but islands every 5 KM So is it time to take a hard look at how fictional this game has become and rework it to not only try to parallel the features and qualities of the real-life counterparts or just go full fictional and not care at all? Personally looking forward to my ten turreted tentacle boats doing inappropriate things to the Weeb-fleet.
  6. Simply I took a break from ranked to post here because it's abundantly clear the game mechanics are broken. I cannot convince you to stay but simply stop playing DDs. It has been my favorite boat for sure but honestly, it's becoming "work" instead of fun. Simply I cannot sort out why anyone would want to play them For example. 1. You are out front scouting in the most vulnerable position ( radar, hydro, invisible islands, aircraft and of course other ships are there for you to deal with) 2. If you don't scout how your team like they bash you in the report tool. 3. More than often pushing the Cap point equals death, as you watch you ship burn and sink the majority of you support has placed themselves behind islands of never fired a shot to defend you. 4. CVs spam aircraft with ungodly accuracy at you non stop. 5. 10km and 12 km Radar is spammed by every CA 6. Every ship looks to kill you first. 7. You are hunted by your own class of ship relentlessly 8. Subs now pose the threat to everyone and now you have to hunt them before they hunt you, thus another major thing to do and be chastised about. 9. When you get close enough to drop torps on a fat CV everyone else comes out from behind the islands to shoot it. It's dead before your torps even reach it. All the while it's sending aircraft at you and no one else. So there it is DDs are work and no longer the fun ship after tier 5 because of the mass amounts of abilities to counter them. If I want to have an easy game I play a BB. Somethign a bit more tactical a CA. If I'm feeling sadistic I play the DD.
  7. Post like this shows how toxic the community is. If anyone needs an account deletion it's you.
  8. Punisher_1

    OMG! CV vs DD

    This is the exception, not the norm.
  9. Look fellow players it's for this reason right here that Jingles outlines, This is directly from War Gaming and shows the outright disdain (quoted text in video). Other You Tubers have also covered the insane grind and next to no life amount of time you would have to invest with above-average games over a series of ships or simply fork out $240 for a ship that's not worth it. Another meme'r even pointed out the Stalingrad is just as good if not better.
  10. [Something nice] I don't think you bothered to run the stats yourself as people are sorting out the ship is not that great and that most players will have to spend well over a 100 hours trying to achieve this or that some of the goals are absolutely insane like the free XP grind that's equal to three premium ships or the fact this is well over a $200 investment for one ship if you want to buy rather than grind. No ship in this game is worth $200 let alone $20.
  11. Are you trying to Woman splain this to us? Pad the absolute high friction buggering we just got? It's not just Grindy it;s insane and there is no way someone is going to play through this and get the ship by normal means. Simply this pay us or f-off. Fail to complete everything on time, well we take your money anyway. Now, most people do not have the $230.00 for a not so worth it ship It's not a solid community-building experience it's basically a horrible way to let us all know we are nothing more than "bags of money" or "not worth the time" players of this game. https://preview.redd.it/qxllz9uk9y441.jpg?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=1823c992ec8d9feaa7d7c1da560e4bd22ccad667
  12. Punisher_1

    Gorizia - Nope

    No there is no "Sports Car" aspect to this ship at all. I'ts not fast, fun or turns well. Free? How so after all the tasks are completed? The tasks seem simple enough but are really not given how annoying the ship is to play. See below I purchased this to enjoy the missions and ability to gather parts for the Puerto Rico. The cost does not equal the value of the ship at all. This ship would be best slotted at tier 5 but at tier 7 it's an absolute death trap in a random battle. I opted for Co-op which is boring bot bashing but It seems to be creeping along. No armor to speak of, DD at lower tiers seem to be much more durable Zero fun factor - I tried to find out what is fun about playing this ship, nothing, absolutely nothing. Ship features: Guns - SAP ammo is (useful-ish) but the rate of fire is too slow to simply go toe to toe with anything. AP is a joke, had opportunities to Cit other ships and well it did not happen. The 15 seconds reload rate reduces this ship to nothing more than a support role when your aircraft is ready or the enemy closes under 15.6 k it's painful, very painful. Secondaries are spicy at 5.7 km with Cpt skills but at this point, you are probably going to die soon so again, meh Smoke - Kinda useless because it does not last long enough - how it can be used is to break contact and hide behind an island and hope for the best. Enemy ships can see you in the smoke so...pointless Hydro- The short-range is typical but because DD's will outshoot you it is clearly using this to DD hunt is not useful, 4km torpedo detection is just enough for a dodge Speed - Nothing super fast or fast enough to run away without a speed boost so you can kite ships at the abysmal 13.5 km range. 33 knots is nothing amazing. Durability - LOL, angles help ...eh not really Detectability range - 13.5 making it easy for you to catch early anger if out in the open ocean Best way to play this? - Placing an island between you and the enemy, timing your spotting aircraft to get off early SAP shots at the incoming fleet. You will be an island hugger for the better part of the game and will rely HEAVILY on staying with the pack or you will be easily killed. Because of the slow reload lends to a boring game where you might land 30 to 50 shots on target in a typical Co-Op game. You will not be smashing DDs solo or even other CA's simply this ship is decent at being a pain in the [edited]not only for the owner but maybe the AI/Players you shoot at, slowly, oh so very slowly. How to fix this POS. The guns need to have the load time reduced to about 10 seconds, if it's not going to have torps The smoke needs to be doubled in duration. Add the optional speed boost rather than hydro Add torpedoes because the guns are total - crap
  13. Punisher_1

    Gorizia - Nope

    Just say no.... Save your money spend it on another ship. The absolutely worst ship I ever purchased in this game . On paper, it reads like its cool but really it's soooo bad.
  14. That's funny little comic yet all USN ships are nerfed to [edited] all. I mean it does not take a genius to look up the IRL counterpart and see glaring issues with how WG " balances" them against other ships. The USN had a wide variety of ships that were far more capable than their counterparts. What are they balanced against ships that never existed and were developed well after them or one can say pure fiction? Laughably USN bias does not exist. If the Devs were to fully implement the characteristics of USN ships then I'd say they would indeed be considered a problem. I don't think anyone enjoys grinding out a top tier boat putting a 19 point Capt at the helm and spending millions kitting it out to find that it's already dated and lacking in most aspects. So now your "Chasing the Dragon" up the next line because if you want the best that is what you are going to have to do. The herd is always going to move to the newest most awesome thing in the game or whatever people consider "OP" or simply least broken. Simply the mechanics with CVs changed the game now Submarines are going to do that as well, maybe not to the same cancerous degree but it's shoveling a lot more Barnyard fecal matter on the heads of DD drivers.
  15. Ya, but you use Russian ships on different servers sooo, meh? I see you like your Russian ships and have unique one's why are you debating? I mean the, Kiev Grozovoi, Smolensk all seem to be strong boatz for you. Even edges out the USA and Japan. It looks like you utilize the best tools for the job Iowa for BB play Kitakazi for DD I guess when you're tired of the Russian stuff... Seems all good to me. You have chosen the best ships to get the BEST chance of WINNING. That simply makes sense.