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  1. That's funny little comic yet all USN ships are nerfed to [edited] all. I mean it does not take a genius to look up the IRL counterpart and see glaring issues with how WG " balances" them against other ships. The USN had a wide variety of ships that were far more capable than their counterparts. What are they balanced against ships that never existed and were developed well after them or one can say pure fiction? Laughably USN bias does not exist. If the Devs were to fully implement the characteristics of USN ships then I'd say they would indeed be considered a problem. I don't think anyone enjoys grinding out a top tier boat putting a 19 point Capt at the helm and spending millions kitting it out to find that it's already dated and lacking in most aspects. So now your "Chasing the Dragon" up the next line because if you want the best that is what you are going to have to do. The herd is always going to move to the newest most awesome thing in the game or whatever people consider "OP" or simply least broken. Simply the mechanics with CVs changed the game now Submarines are going to do that as well, maybe not to the same cancerous degree but it's shoveling a lot more Barnyard fecal matter on the heads of DD drivers.
  2. Ya, but you use Russian ships on different servers sooo, meh? I see you like your Russian ships and have unique one's why are you debating? I mean the, Kiev Grozovoi, Smolensk all seem to be strong boatz for you. Even edges out the USA and Japan. It looks like you utilize the best tools for the job Iowa for BB play Kitakazi for DD I guess when you're tired of the Russian stuff... Seems all good to me. You have chosen the best ships to get the BEST chance of WINNING. That simply makes sense.
  3. Okay clearly you are a troll.. see your way out of the post.
  4. Sorry, I had to double-quote this but I wanted to drive the point into your thick noggin....... This is Flambass ever heard of him? If you have not, which I doubt the WOWs forum warrior you are, is playing a Russian ship and is in a Ranked battle with 11 out of 16 ships being Russian..... Enjoy.
  5. I +1 your post but you took this completely out of the box and compared it to things that simply this game cannot be compared to. I played World of Tanks from the closed Alpha or about that time period. There was a guy that proved the bias in the game was real. I think he posted actual game data (code) "scorpiany" The guy posted stats and all that crap blew things up for a bit WG banned him. They even had a site dedicated to the issue which is now gone https://exposingwot.com/blog/author/wg_scorpiany/ Never less I just decided to not use American or German tanks and ground the Russian line for a while before I left the game and really never bothered to go back. Simply the Russian tanks were better.
  6. So should you get banned for trying to troll someone with that sort of idea? Kind of akin to the old alt + f4 joke except for you would ruin someone's entire account if they did not know better.
  7. Well, I guess if you wanna be an [edited]and leave out the fact I own 55 ships over various nations and ranks up to tier 10 and only list low tier ones it seems your level of honesty is rather low.
  8. Thanks for your opinion which is incorrect but that's okay, we are all allowed to have opinions. You ignored the obvious sources of information and gameplay video that several talented players have posted video evidence of. People that were given, tested, purchased or earned these ships. Like I said you can watch hours of it so it's clearly just not me.
  9. Depends on the player... the player has to own the Russian line or special purchase ship. So if they do not own Russian Top tier ships, it would simply not be on this list of stat boards. So player 1 has a top tier Brittish Minotaur with a 19 Captian. He has a Khabarovsk but player 1 has only a 6 point Captian and the ship is not equipt properly compared to his older ships. So it would only be sensible to assume those ships might not be represented at this time. I don't follow that stat board I don't play this game for Stats I play to have fun.
  10. One only has to look at the tech tree to sort this out. Can you see the glaring differences? I'll give you a tip. Years produced, the amount made, the features available. If one Nations ships are going to be superior to all why play any other ship at all? Or if you are going to Nerf all other nations ship why play them? Granted you can argue there are some strengths of other nations' ships yet they are limited. Don't believe me, think I'm just here trolling? Go ahead and copy-pasta this into your youtube search and watch for HOURS World of Warships Russian bias So there is the complaint, what are some solutions? Vastly improve other nations' ships to reflect the proper features and abilities of the nation and ships. What does this mean? Main gun ranges, secondary ranges, gun accuracy which is abysmal for some nations (coff, coff Germans) fire and damage control and repair, RADAR, Hydro acoustics, AAA, Ship design quality
  11. Punisher_1

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    Here is the deal. Everything in the game wants to kill you on site. The Game does not reflect the ships properly. Most American DDs had advanced radar and gunnery computers anti-submarine gear excellent crew firefighting and damage control. None of that is reflected in the American line of DD's, Yet the Russian paper boats are OP as f##k. The DD has become the do all hold the bag man ship in the game. People on your team will blame you for the failure of the game no matter how BAD their support is. Support is pathetic these days I'd say most players are island camping cowards. Because the game mechanics have given them little to no option. As a DD player, you are expected to be 100% better than everyone else. As a DD player, you are expected to get all the caps, spot all the ships continuously while skirting absolute death while your team figures out if they want to support you or totally ignore your requests for help or simply your position on the map. You can ask for air cover and never get it. You can ask RADAR DD killing Cas to support you but they often do not. Every player that sits on the backline wants to tell you how to run your ship.
  12. Punisher_1

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    I'll tell you exactly why. Most DDs are not represented properly in this game from the IRL counterpart. You are fighting Radar, Hydro acoustics, aircraft and oh ya other DD's So your job is to scout but that's not going to win the game you need to cap. But the enemy Ca's are sitting behind an island with radar camping the Cap zone. When all else fails other DDs with hydro pop off and spot you as well. Then you have a never-ending supply of sky cancer to deal with. Sky cancer is incredibly persistent, hard to kill and never seems to miss. So your only play is to avoid all that while dancing around enemy ships and 10k radar and all that crap flying in the air. Eventually and hopefully( if your team is focused) some of that gets thinned ut and you can get to work getting on cap and dropping solid torps on target. Oh, I forgot now you will also have to hunt submarines as well.
  13. I can tell you that there is something like that in this game. You can have a couple of solid games where you win and then you end up on the short bus squads team. No I'm not talking a few mistakes but really bad players, AFK, simply sails off the map, Yolo's into the cap no shitz given, TK, fires torps into friendly players, CVs fail yo do anything useful BBs on the edge of the map, CA's so stuck to an island you think they were in dry dock and DD's that simply not dropping torps on anything. We are talking about total failure teams. No matter what you do how well you are doing it you are not going to stop this ship from sinking.
  14. Punisher_1

    Manic American Girl Captain.... Please?

    You could have answered that with a REEEEEEEE because that's the value of it.
  15. So maybe using a period instead of a semicolon? That would have cleared it up Or maybe, just maybe, not even put it as part of the frikkin PACKAGE? I just find it odd they they planted this mission in with a ship to get people to buy the same ship but just in Black? That honestly makes ZERO sense. Oh well thinking of just making a pure Russian ship build account because that's where the game is headed anyway.