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  1. Ranked sort of slowly brought me somewhat back from Clan Battles burnout. Took my merry time this season and probably wouldn't have gone the distance if I didn't have my best season in the current rule set. Only season where I took less games to rank out was the second season with its fewer stars and my use of broken ships. Akizuki to waltz to R10 in 9 games, and radar Minotaur the rest of the way. 82 battles total. I was surprised at the number of Minos out there. It's a ship that really does not tolerate mistakes which doesn't mesh well with the general player base. Still I ended up seeing one every couple of games. Even some smoke ones in the 10-6 bracket. It was refreshing playing a more active radar cruiser instead of DDs like I usually do.
  2. Weekends will always get a pair with Friday counting as the staring day. Week days are split in half with one going Monday-Tuesday and the other going Wednesday-Thursday. The ends of these time gaps technically moves to the next day, but it's always until the server reset in the early morning.
  3. Added the new addition in Halsey for 7.5.0.
  4. Updated for the new commanders added in
  5. 0.7.4 is here and with it comes a new Russian captain. Have some Forbidden Scrollery Aya:
  6. 7.3 only includes new Space commanders for the patch. I sort of do the reverse here. If you want a quick and easy method, hit the little gear icon to the upper right of your ship selection carousel. Then, click the green eye icon to the right of the High School Fleet line. You will no longer see the HSF anime captains or the anime camo on both your own and opponents' ships.
  7. Target Acquisition mod increases your draw distance (the radius in which friendly and spotted enemy ships will render when you look at them) by 20%. Gun range almost never can go beyond your stock draw range, so this is purely for giving you a more accurate picture of ally and enemy states at long ranges (like the opposite flank). It also increases the assured detection range by 50%. This means that you don't have to close to 2km to spot a ship with line of sight obstructed (islands and smoke). It would be 3km with the upgrade installed. It also increases torpedo detection range by 20%, so a torpedo with a theoretical 1km detection range will now always be spotted by you at 1.2km. This also stacks with the Vigilance captain skill so torpedoes can be spotted a little sooner. This does not affect an enemy ship's base detection in any way. A max stealth build Shimakaze will always have a 5.9km surface detection range and that cannot be changed by an enemy equipping an upgrade.
  8. What mods do you use and why?

    Ship name in chat is very helpful for quickly telling who is saying something. Hakabase's Touhou UI mod because Touhou. Biggest changes are to ribbons and spotted icons. Touhou Commander mod because animu girls. Female name for commanders because animu girls.
  9. No big changes for 0.7.2. I've noticed one new captain in the USA folder. No idea what it'll be used for, so I'll hold off until we know. Plus it's pretty fun already. Wargaming's got their meme machine going.
  10. As others have mentioned, points at the top of the ladder have been fairly difficult to come by for the first couple weeks. You can still see it in how few teams are in Typh 1. This weekend has been a little better from at least Hurricane's perspective as there are now more teams to allow for more even point swings. I'm attributing this to the introduction of Hurricane league and people treating CW in a more realistic fashion. There are some good teams still lower than where you may expect as they haven't been spamming games and getting their players burnt out. It's a real risk that can obliterate core player groups if not handled well. It's also nice seeing all the salutes and glhfs going on. We're all friends here, right?
  11. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    11% and surprised it's that high. A small pro-tip is to pay attention to the time left in a battle whether it's points, the focused last enemy, or literally the time. I still find it all too easy to lose track, and launch a spread that gets nowhere near the target as the battle ends resulting in lowering your hit rate.
  12. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 13th, 2018

    I guess at first a general expansion of background shapes and colors. Moar stuff is always nice. Animals don't always have to be the focus; symbols and objects can also be an easy expansion option, especially if we can have multiple color options there as well.
  13. It's not entirely lost to the abyss. You get 15k credits when you pull a duplicate.