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  1. Target Acquisition mod increases your draw distance (the radius in which friendly and spotted enemy ships will render when you look at them) by 20%. Gun range almost never can go beyond your stock draw range, so this is purely for giving you a more accurate picture of ally and enemy states at long ranges (like the opposite flank). It also increases the assured detection range by 50%. This means that you don't have to close to 2km to spot a ship with line of sight obstructed (islands and smoke). It would be 3km with the upgrade installed. It also increases torpedo detection range by 20%, so a torpedo with a theoretical 1km detection range will now always be spotted by you at 1.2km. This also stacks with the Vigilance captain skill so torpedoes can be spotted a little sooner. This does not affect an enemy ship's base detection in any way. A max stealth build Shimakaze will always have a 5.9km surface detection range and that cannot be changed by an enemy equipping an upgrade.
  2. What mods do you use and why?

    Ship name in chat is very helpful for quickly telling who is saying something. Hakabase's Touhou UI mod because Touhou. Biggest changes are to ribbons and spotted icons. Touhou Commander mod because animu girls. Female name for commanders because animu girls.
  3. No big changes for 0.7.2. I've noticed one new captain in the USA folder. No idea what it'll be used for, so I'll hold off until we know. Plus it's pretty fun already. Wargaming's got their meme machine going.
  4. As others have mentioned, points at the top of the ladder have been fairly difficult to come by for the first couple weeks. You can still see it in how few teams are in Typh 1. This weekend has been a little better from at least Hurricane's perspective as there are now more teams to allow for more even point swings. I'm attributing this to the introduction of Hurricane league and people treating CW in a more realistic fashion. There are some good teams still lower than where you may expect as they haven't been spamming games and getting their players burnt out. It's a real risk that can obliterate core player groups if not handled well. It's also nice seeing all the salutes and glhfs going on. We're all friends here, right?
  5. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    11% and surprised it's that high. A small pro-tip is to pay attention to the time left in a battle whether it's points, the focused last enemy, or literally the time. I still find it all too easy to lose track, and launch a spread that gets nowhere near the target as the battle ends resulting in lowering your hit rate.
  6. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 13th, 2018

    I guess at first a general expansion of background shapes and colors. Moar stuff is always nice. Animals don't always have to be the focus; symbols and objects can also be an easy expansion option, especially if we can have multiple color options there as well.
  7. It's not entirely lost to the abyss. You get 15k credits when you pull a duplicate.
  8. Yes, because there's no need for AA skills in a CV-less competitive mode. Some people would be not so happy if they had to either dump exp/doubloons for respecs or build a second 19 point captain for all of their used tier 10s purely for clan wars. Min/maxing can get pretty important at the higher levels of play. Demounting upgrades is also free, plus this generally happens again at the end of the season so players can get their captains geared for randoms again.
  9. Invisible Islands In Clan Battles

    I do remember this last night. My particular team met an OGF team. They spawned east on Islands of Ice and had the issue happen. We were fine. You guys were moving fairly oddly and taking shots at ships in cover so I do fully believe that you guys had game bug issues. I've only come across disappearing land in my port so far. It apparently fixed itself over time when I alt-tab'd and tab'd back in, but it's certainly something you can't rely on when actively in a battle. That and it's really weird that it can affect an entire team, but not both.
  10. Good luck on your future endeavors, Niko!
  11. There are also some more that can be won through clan battles missions. The Clan v Clan one rewarded a few no matter what league you are in and the Hurricane League one also rewards some.
  12. First off in your settings under the controls tab (this is in game) you can click on a button for selecting your crosshair. This brings you to another screen that shows you what they look like. You choose between static and dynamic crosshairs. Dynamic scales with your zoom level but only has one style. Static does not scale with zoom but has multiple styles to choose from. If you aren't happy with this then you can mod them. To do this check the Player Modifications forum here. You can look up sight mods or pick one up from a modpack. They will explain the installation process, but you will basically be putting the files you need into the res_mods folder. Modpacks usually do this for you, so you may want to go for that option.
  13. Is ship xp lost when it is sold?

    No you don't. It stays on them. You can also still convert exp from ships you've already sold.
  14. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 5th, 2018

    The issues on the spectator system have already been brought up, but I think it can also carry into the (lack of) replay system. People can go to WoWS videos contributors put out and see things like the lack of throttle and rudder controls, silly minor glitches like the shift button tool tip, and in some cases the extreme inflexibility of camera and time control. WoWS also lags far behind WoT with allowing post battle statistics to be viewed from the replay file. Exposure would also help. Small in game notifications about a currently running tournament with a way to watch it would help (obviously non-intrusive or optional for all the sticks in the mud that make up this population). It's said that the vast majority of users never touch the forums, so the more incentives to do so in game the more players you could potentially interest in competitive play. That said I am pessimistic on this topic. I get the feeling that the WoWS NA population is lower than the WoT NA one (not entirely sure, just a feeling) and apparently WGNA is bailing on tournaments and leagues in that game. That doesn't sound good for us.