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  1. Final_Spark

    Can you help out your older players like me?

    One pretty basic change that really should have been in from the get-go:
  2. Well, new personal damage record...




  3. Wow, the stars really did align. Sure it was another loss, but who cares? High tier Clear Skies is one of the most rare achievements and there are missions requiring them.



    Take that, poor game design.

  4. Ddv19B5.jpg


    It finally happened!

    Unfortunately I still need one more for the Yamamoto mission...

  5. Had a gem yesterday in the NorCarolina as I was wrapping up the grind.



    On to the stock Iowa now. What could possibly go wrong?

  6. so much touhouz!

  7. Guess I'll change my avatar for the new forums. It's also pretty fun finding out the cover photo can take animated gifs.

  8. Final_Spark

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    Other mods not dealing with textures generally won't interfere with skin mods. WG probably changed the texture files themselves. Only thing you can do is wait for the skin maker to redo them.
  9. Final_Spark

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    I'm using the Touhou UI pack. You might want to recheck the radar/hydro warning icon again. It doesn't display the default icon anymore, but it currently doesn't display an image; just the "Detected" text.
  10. Final_Spark

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    Have some fun, Haka. You definitely deserve it.
  11. What's with this green box, anyways?