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  1. I've been nearing the end of my Lion grind and I feel like the nerf to the repair party cooldown hit the mark fairly squarely. It really can't play like a traditional BB by mindlessly tanking through a fight with this. Yes, it is a burst of hp, but it needs to be extremely careful right afterwards or else you'll be quickly and easily focused down. The guns are also inconsistent. This is German accuracy at best. RNG can also play its usual tricks by not setting fires. AP can by made to work and you can get big HE salvos when the guns cooperate, but I can't rely on it. AA also has the issue of too many eggs in one basket with the easily knocked out Bofors mounts. Conq's extra guns may help solve the accuracy issues, but I would at least prefer the more consistent Iowa over Lion. The mid tiers seem alright and I skipped the low tiers sans Iron Duke via the missions. The entire line being overpowered is hyperbole. Strong? Yes. I'd say about the same as the KM BBs for the low and mid tiers. Lion and FdG feel about as powerful and I can't compare Conq and GK yet.
  2. Citadel through the bow?

    Haven't seen the particular replay but there can be rare shenanigan hits that can result in a cit. Odd pens and bounces at a gun barbette can do it as well as the conning tower on a Montana like Yuro had in his latest Funtage video. Yesterday I ate a cit in my Lion (the ships with supposed submarine citadels) from a FdG while angled. I knew it was a cit as only 1 shell hit me, but I've got no clue how it managed it. Rare stuff happens rarely. Just brush it off and roll with the punches.
  3. When would you use AP in a DD?

    Pretty much if you aren't looking for fires and have a broadside larger ship, try AP. Superstructure, upper belts, and extremities can yield pens as long as you have decent angles. KM DD AP can be fairly good against other DDs. Fatter higher tiers help, but even slightly angled IJN DDs can eat a 5k salvo from you if you hit the right places. Plus, overpens deal about as much damage as HE so you may as well if you aren't risking bounces. AP can still kill engines, so I feel like it's worth it over HE module damage. USN DD AP is not so good against other DDs, even Khab. For some reason they have a longer fuse so you're almost guaranteed to overpen. You know it's bad when a Bogue's dive bombers can cit an Emerald.
  4. Number of Achievements

    I'll give it a go. 6,224 Random Battles Dev Strikes: 1145 First Blood: 791 High Caliber: 427 Confederate: 708 IJaFW: 223 Dreadnought: 219 Kraken Unleashed: 136 Arsonist: 67 CQE: 121 Witherer: 64 Detonation: 62 Double Strike: 82 Fireproof: 74 Liquidator: 12 Clear Sky: 41 Unsinkable: 1 Die Hard: 2 Solo Warrior: 3 The issue with some of these are that some achievements were changed or added at one point. Kraken did not exist from the beginning, CQE became way easier, and Clear Sky became much more difficult.
  5. Not all SC's have useless modules

    Got 100 Juliet Charlies out of my last super. Yes please, more of those if you can, Torpedo Guy. Congrats OP, especially as it had good timing.
  6. The captain question is interesting as we currently have a choice between 3 generic captain pictures. However, a couple patches back WG added four new captains. These new captains have file names like they are special captains similar to Steven Seagal and Jack Dunkirk. Google searches of the names also don't really pick up much. Adi Guntur - Indonesian? Narong Duanta - Thai? Tao Ji - Chinese? Wonyong Ryu - Korean?
  7. I find it hard to believe the constant 5v5 DD claims. I took out my mid tier Pan-Asians to finish the Jianwei grind and start the Fushun. 4v4, 3v3, 3v3, 2v2, 3v2, 4v3. All this during a supposed new ship line craze.
  8. Gave it a go. Hope it submitted alright. The recent submissions must be updated daily or something. Not the greatest at finding shortcuts when working with layers and had to use the hand selection tool too much. Opacity fiddling will have to do.
  9. Remove CVs from the game...

    As time goes on it becomes more apparent to me that choosing the Shimakaze as my first tier 10 back in its heyday was a really good idea.
  10. Thank you

    The best is finding the rare cruiser at low tier and seeing the metric ton of fish being sent at it.
  11. So much for limits

    Honestly blazing through tiers 1 and 2 now is probably the best time. Wait too long and the playerbase will dry up for veteran accounts (new players get a protected matchmaker that keeps vets out for a while). Tier 4 cruisers with their hydro is also an easy fix for those wanting to counter-meta.
  12. Another big note is their smoke. It sets for a longer time, yet each puff lasts closer to German smoke time. The smoke reload is shorter and you get an extra charge. If you trick out your PA DDs for consumable reload you can almost stay permanently smoked. Plus the smokes are the same for all tiers, making the low tiers have some fairly strong smoke while the high tiers stay competitive if you don't want to use radar.
  13. No changes for 6.14. Looks like WG decided to have their captains ready before the live release of the new line.
  14. I wonder how far this can be taken. TCGs have booster packs that are essentially loot boxes. Especially with individual cards that can have their barter price fluctuate due to imbalance, synergy, or the general game meta. I remember getting a "Jace, the Mind Sculptor" in a Magic draft when it came out (Worldwake set). At the time one of these could net over $100 and I eventually traded it for a few full decks (pretty decent ones, too). It's a fairly low chance to get a specific rare card in even a box set which contains 36 booster packs. So, can it be considered gambling if someone actually tries to pull a rare card they want from boosters instead of just buying the card by itself?
  15. Wrong account....

    In port hit escape or the grey gear icon in the top left next to your name (it's left of it). That way you can disconnect from the server. Unless you've never adjusted your settings I can't understand how you'd miss it. Also how do you not have a log in screen? Even if one does check the box to remember your account's info you still need to click log in or hit enter to load up the port.