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  1. ramp4ge

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    I keep getting Newport and no matter where I am on the map the Yam grows a massive hard-on for me and will without fail attempt to blap me from across the map. Yesterday I was playing the Rochester and was island-camping and almost immediately after the Yam spawned in I got chunked for half my life by a 20+km random citadel while behind an island.. Screw that Yam. I hate that guy
  2. ramp4ge

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    A Narai game last night. Big sad that it was a loss but still a fun game. Rochester and Wichita have become my go-to boats for these. They're just perfect.
  3. ramp4ge

    Flight deck damage

    Unless their turrets and torpedo tubes are destroyed. Vast swaths of their secondaries and AA wiped out by HE spam. Cruisers losing main battery turrets left and right. DDs losing torpedo tubes at critical moments. Things that can't happen to CVs because their primary weapon can't be stopped, even by the mechanic that's designed to stop it in most cases.
  4. ramp4ge

    Flight deck damage

    Is WoWP still a thing? I played for a while after the relaunch and had a lot of fun with it. But playing with and against nothing but bots got old after a while.
  5. ramp4ge

    Flight deck damage

    WG had one goal with the rework. Airplane go brrrr And that's what they gave the CV player. Now we've got automated ASW on the way too.. Because the game should play itself for you while you're gibbing some defenseless chode on the other side of the map.
  6. ramp4ge

    Flight deck damage

    You would think flight deck damage would essentially be the same thing as knocking out a ships gun turrets or torpedo tubes. Everything in the game can have its ability to shoot back nullified except the hold-my-hand class. Back in the RTS days I seem to remember a CV couldn't launch planes if it was on fire?
  7. The bots are supposed to scale based on team composition. So having a couple tier 6s and a tier 7 should make it easier for the tier 8s while not being overwhelming for the 6s and 7s. The presence of an 8 doesn't automatically max out the bots.
  8. Yeah, that. The other Sodak20.
  9. Constellation, Kansas and Nebraska can't have their historical guns but we can get hybrids that someone crapped out in a napkin. That's fine.
  10. Unless it's significantly changed, Cherry Blossom was literally made for tier 8 US (and allied) cruisers. So that's what you'd expect to excel there. Luckily, US tier 8 cruisers seem to do well in all of the Ops.
  11. ramp4ge

    Flight deck damage

    It's not like fire was the single biggest threat to a CV in WWII. Japan didn't lose 3 in one day to avgas/ordnance fires or anything, right? Nah. The logical thing to do is make them immune to these things. While we're at it we'll make submarines immune to the technology developed specifically to detect them. And let me tell you about the huge advances in RADAR technology made by Soviet Russia during the war.
  12. ramp4ge

    Did You Even Test the Up-Tiered Scenarios?

    I've played Ops in tier 8 battleships and cruisers and a couple in a tier 7 cruiser and I've been having fun. The bots don't really seem any harder than usual, just try not to get focused. It's kind of funny sometimes seeing tier 5 and 6 cruisers with as much health as tier 8 battleships but that's just more damage to farm. I've found that US heavy cruisers absolutely clean up in these games. The combo of good consumable layouts speed, agility, ability to catapult shells over islands, improved pen angles and 27mm extremities means you have the tools to deal with basically everything.
  13. ramp4ge

    Yet another... "miscommunication"

    That's a choice. It's a completely legitimate choice but it's still a choice. Even without that booster I'd have made money in every single game I played, even the loss. My only loss, the ship didn't have that booster. Honestly I don't even know how I got them and until you mentioned it I didn't even know it existed. I've been gone for months. The whole new economic thing is a complete unknown to me at the moment. I'm also kind of salty that my Alpha flag lost it's economic bonuses...
  14. ramp4ge

    Yet another... "miscommunication"

    I mean I've got 180 of them so I might as well.. I'm using what the game gave me and I'm making out like a bandit here.
  15. ramp4ge

    Yet another... "miscommunication"

    Wat. I made 4 times that in the Constellation doing less damage. This is really, really weird. I've been making money hand over fist in these games.