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  1. ramp4ge

    Midway (2019)

    You might want to go see this movie then. Especially the ending where it dedicates the film to both the US and Japanese servicemen who died that day.
  2. ramp4ge


    Not all boomers. The last few years of the boomers haven't retired yet so they haven't gotten the entitlements that they've spent a lifetime paying into. Honestly though, it's the Gen Xrs that're really getting screwed. Everyone's so concerned with Boomers, Millennials and Zoomers that they forget the Gen Xers even exist. We're the ones that're going to be cheated out of our benefits and entitlements well before the Millennials.
  3. ramp4ge

    Midway (2019)

    You don't just "rent" an aircraft that only has one flying example in the entire world. At least with CGI you're getting a more accurate portrayal of a Zero than the converted AT-6 "Hollywood Zeros" used in films in past years.
  4. ramp4ge

    Midway (2019)

    They basically were. The movie was actually better than I expected it to be. It wasn't overly dragged down by character drama. It jumped around a lot and included a lot of things I didn't expect it to include but it never really felt like it was paced too fast to understand what was going on even if you didn't know what was going on. A few things that I noticed that most probably wouldn't have: 1) One shot shows 3 Yamatos in the Japanese fleet 2) It shows almost no (or none at all) American fighters. It focused purely on the divebombers and torpedo bombers and I don't recall seeing a single Wildcat. 3) They still used the wrong model B-25 to represent the Doolittle raiders. Something I could forgive in Pearl Harbor since they used real aircraft in that film sequence but in this movie it's all CGI so they could've gotten it right.. Overall I'm not disappointed in the money spent to go see it. It was reasonably accurate enough and more accurate than I expected it to be in some areas, like the 3D modeling of the battleships at Pearl. They didn't just recycle one ship model to represent all of the battleships. The battleships were actually identifiable by their historical features.
  5. I was playing the tier 7 operation with a Helena and I got up alongside the Lexington that spawns and was, at a range of like 4km, shoving 6" superheavy shells into his waterline amidships only to see the enormous majority of my rounds eaten by the torpedo bulge. It was actually kind of hilarious. I really wish I'd gotten a screenshot of it.
  6. ramp4ge

    Benches on French BBs?

    It's called a range dial or a concentration dial. And yeah, it's to allow other ships in the battle line to see the range of the target you're hitting. The US standards had them too even after their 1920s modernizations and well into the 1930s. One of those cool, funky ideas, really.
  7. ramp4ge

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    Boise is ahistorically slow. Nobody seems to know why it's so slow and Wargaming never squawked about why it's so slow. Some theorized that it's to represent the fact that NDJ was in pretty bad disrepair later on in her career, but that wouldn't apply to Boise in her late-war trim or in NDJ when she was freshly sold. So yeah, I agree. Boise needs a speed buff.
  8. ramp4ge

    HSF has returned to the Premium Shop

    Okay, thanks. I've got Thea on the HSF Graf Spee but I wasn't sure if there was one that'd work on US ships. Appreciate it!
  9. ramp4ge


    Thanks for the heads up. I don't even have a Yamato but free is free.
  10. ramp4ge

    HSF has returned to the Premium Shop

    Having never seen HSF and not being familiar with the characters, can any of them be used on American ships?
  11. ramp4ge

    ST, changes to Sansonetti and test ships

    Mainz still needs 27mm extremities.
  12. Derfflinger's namesake. Like most German capital ships she was named after an important figure in German history.
  13. ramp4ge

    HSF has returned to the Premium Shop

    I actually think it's kind of odd that they're advertising a camo for a ship you can't get anymore. I'm really surprised they didn't stick Musashi in the shop for $80.00 for the duration of the HSF run.
  14. I mean he literally called me a coward because I didn't agree with him on the unofficial classification of a ship that hasn't physically existed for 58 years. That's how dumb this whole thing is.
  15. I'm happy to let the thread get back to it's regularly-scheduled program. I won't keep it going. I know what's coming and I'm just done replying even before I need to reply again. I got my popcorn ready for the incoming wall of "I love me" and "I'm better than you"..