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  1. ramp4ge

    Ammo Choices with T7 Helena

    I could deal with old carriers being powerful because it was actually hard to play them. A unit that's difficult to play should be rewarded for playing well. This is how CVs have been in pretty much every game I've ever played that included CVs. Yeah they were powerful but playing them was Multitasking Simulator 2005. And it was in this game too which is why Wargaming's goal with the new CVs was to make them easier to play. But now they're both easy to play and extremely powerful. And the fact that the only way to deal with them is a completely-disconnected skill-less RNG-based system is ridiculous. Along with the CV rework should've come manual AA. If I say "[edited] did it" will I get banned?
  2. ramp4ge

    CV DB Citadels - question

    Yes by all means let's buff the damage of the units that can attack without ever actually being in any danger of counterattack themselves. How about this. Increase damage of citadel AP bombs by 10% when you reduce plane health by 50% and can't just 3D print new ones.
  3. ramp4ge

    Ammo Choices with T7 Helena

    They could start fixing this simply by getting rid of the mechanic where a plane from an orbiting flight joins in as soon as a plane from the attacking flight is shot down. That'd help a whole freaking lot. The fact that you're always dealing with a full attacking flight, even when you successfully shoot planes down in the attacking flight, is probably one of the worst game mechanics in history. So not only does the damage/health scale poorly, you're almost always being attacked by a full flight of planes. That really just makes it even worse. If you could halve the number of attacking planes while they approached, that'd sort of help a whole lot. But when you shoot half the approaching planes down and they're instantly replaced by the idle flight's planes, that's just dumb.
  4. ramp4ge

    AL Montpelier - This is a US Ship?

    By following these instructions.
  5. ramp4ge

    AL Montpelier - This is a US Ship?

    You don't have to dismiss the captain. For the 3rd time, if you turn off the anime skins, your animal-eared teenager will be magically turned into a square-jawed All-American manly man. With the same stats as the previous portrait. I know this works because I've done it with the Blue Steel and HSF stuff.
  6. ramp4ge

    The iChase Case

    I don't recall any of the major fleets ever doing this with battleships, and I was in one of the larger fleets in the game. ABing was almost entirely a CV thing because they profited most from it, whether it was ignoring each other in Great Battles or going to CV-only rooms and spamming fighters at each other and then exiting out for credits. And it wasn't really a risk because you generally didn't have to worry about a lot of AA. About the only real risk would've been stripped Moltke AA boats and the few Yamatos that actually carried AA. Even stripped Pensacolas were so short-ranged that you could fly around them easily. I mean hell, I never made it past IJN CV3s because it felt like cancer. But you could take off, borderhump your bombers along the southern border and bomb the CVs if you really wanted to. I did it quite a bit with my crappy non-boosted non-vetted at-level CV3 IJN bombers.. The fact that you had a lot of CV kills in a CV doesn't really mean much because when the game is over and the only things left on either side are CVs, the CVs, of course, generally have an easier time finding the enemy CV. Especially because all you had to do was follow their bombers back to them. How many of those CV kills were early/mid game and not after everything else worth killing was already killed? As for damage to the enemy CV, and their ability to mitigate it, until you got to like CV5s, most CVs had garbage support crews, if they had any because of limited support slots, and little to no soft defense so any damage you did to them stuck, unlike even mid-level battleships that could have 900SD and be repair-capped. Just the fact that you could take off 3/4ths of the other CV's life in a single strike and he not be able to repair it because he probably had a garbage support crew would've been worth it because if you did eventually make it back to him he'd still almost be dead. Unlike that Lion II which probably burned and almost fully repaired before your bombers even made it back to the boat..
  7. ramp4ge

    AL Montpelier - This is a US Ship?

    One of my greatest regrets in life is missing out on that cat. I wonder if they'll do one for a certain young Maine Coone.
  8. ramp4ge

    Ark Royal ... just why, WG? T_T!

    Alaska is fine at tier 9. She's actually doing what she was historically built to do. Something she never got the chance to do in reality. I'm actually really glad they made her a high-tier cruiser and not a mid-tier battleship. That would've been nonsense.
  9. ramp4ge

    Ark Royal ... just why, WG? T_T!

    It's better than it used to be. Biplane Grummans flying off an Essex was pretty stupid.
  10. ramp4ge

    AL Montpelier - This is a US Ship?

    False. As previously pointed out you can disable all of the anime skins/captains in the game's settings. This will disable the anime skins/camos and will replace the waifu portrait with a normal dood.
  11. ramp4ge

    AL Montpelier - This is a US Ship?

    Maybe someone interested in the collaboration ship should be at least mildly familiar with the source of the collaboration. Russian game with collaboration with Chinese game with Korean artists and Japanese voice actors depicting a game with personified ships with cat ears and we're going to bring history into it. That might be even more annoying than professional sports fans OR weebs.
  12. If you think this is bad just wait and see what submarines will do if they aren't extremely careful..
  13. ramp4ge

    AL Montpelier - This is a US Ship?

    Very, very annoying. Jersey-wearing sports fans make hardcore pillow-hugging weebs seem almost tolerable.
  14. ramp4ge

    AL Montpelier - This is a US Ship?

    Generally speaking, anyone who's interested enough in AL to buy a collaboration ship is going to know that the waifu is going to speak Japanese. But lucky for you you can turn it all off and just have a normal boat. You can disable anime skins/camos and captains for that 100% authentic roleplay experience.
  15. ramp4ge

    AL Montpelier - This is a US Ship?

    Professional sports are more annoying.