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  1. ramp4ge

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Minnesota appears to be a SoDak20 with a greater degree of modernization than the Kansas. Kind of like how the West Virginia was further-modernized than the Colorado. The Minnesota appears to be a further-modernized SoDak20. The big difference is the Minnesota appears to get the SoDak20's proper guns. The 16"/50s. While the Kansas gets the Colorado's guns - 16"/45s. Which it should not have. This is a completely ahistorical nerf.
  2. ramp4ge

    A Dissapointment with the new USN BB Line

    10" belt at tier 7 is garbage. You'd be getting citadeled at range by light cruisers. Even the Kongos at tier 5 have a 12" belt and they're not exactly poster children for well-protected ships. Then you add in to that that they'd have absolutely enormous citadels and no that's not pretty for tier 7.
  3. ramp4ge

    A Dissapointment with the new USN BB Line

    To be fair the SoDak20s weren't that impractical. In fact they were funded, ordered, named and laid down. So they actually got farther toward being 'real' than most of the Russian ships..
  4. ramp4ge

    A Dissapointment with the new USN BB Line

    They're adding that as a premium ship. Flordia. Even refit, the Lexington isn't tier 7 material. Think Kongo with 16" guns. That wouldn't work at tier 7. Even at tier 6 it's iffy, considering it's competing with other 16"-armed ships like Mutsu and West Virginia with light cruiser levels of armor while being the size of a small moon. It's only advantage would be the best guns at it's tier. I'd almost say tier 5 if the idea of 16"/50s at tier 5 wasn't hilarious.
  5. ramp4ge

    A Dissapointment with the new USN BB Line

    Yeah they could have easily taken this back to tier 5. Or even further back. The US has an abundance of battleships.. Tier 3: Delaware Tier 4: Florida Tier 5: Nevada Tier 6: Pennsylvania (modernized) Tier 7: Tennessee (modernized. Basically, tech tree California) Lexingtons should be tier 6 premiums. They're huge and they have absolutely no armor.
  6. ramp4ge

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Of course the Russian ship would have the highest HP. Despite the fact that the Vermont would've had things that the others wouldn't have that would've greatly aided in it's survivability. Like STS internals. Nah. It's got to have the least health because reasons™.
  7. ramp4ge

    A Dissapointment with the new USN BB Line

    I mean 12 18" guns is going to be by far the heaviest broadside in the game, and if they do it right it's going to have the heaviest armor in the game with a 16"-18" belt. That's not going to stop the HE spam and a 40 second reload is ridiculous, but.. The point of the Tillmans was to see how much you could get within certain dimensional limitations. That doesn't mean that when they'd become a finalized design they'd still meet those same dimensional limitations. But the model's design is clearly based on the Tillmans.
  8. ramp4ge

    USN Battleship Split and Friends (please support)

    To be fair these ships aren't COMPLETELY fake. They're just mostly fake. Florida is a North Carolina as originally designed before the escalator clause kicked in. Honestly people have been asking for this for a while. Kansas is a modernized SoDak20. Only problem is they're giving her Colorado's 16"/45s instead of her proper 16"/50s. Minnesota is a more modernized SoDak20 with her proper 16"/50s and appears to be firing Mk8 superheavies. Vermont appears to be a modernization of a more realistic take on the Tillman. Note the flush deck and triple funnels. Design features only the Tillmans had. The 4 triple turrets for the 18" guns is a more realistic design than the turret farm of mixed twins and triples. As for the names, look at the names for the SoDak20s. South Dakota, Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, Iowa, Massachusetts. It would get incredibly confusing if they used the names of any of those. So they pulled out names from old battleships that would have been/were retired by the time these ones would've been built in the early/mid 1920s. All in all it SORT OF makes sense but in normal Wargaming fashion it's half-assed and inconsistent and not as good as it could be because not Russian.
  9. ramp4ge

    A Dissapointment with the new USN BB Line

    Vermont is a Tillman. Just a more realistic Tillman. Remember the Tillmans were a design study that focused on "What's the most we can get for X dimensions". Look at the ship. 3 funnels. Flush deck. The Tillmans were the only US battleship designs of the era to have those features. So the design is obviously inspired by the Tillmans. The 12x18" armament is a more realistic armament than the turret farm that was the IV-1. So yeah. Vermont is a Tillman. My biggest gripe is with the Kansas, which is obviously a SoDak20 (that trunked funnel..) but they gave her Colorado's guns? What the af. SoDak20s had their own 16"/50s. You know, the same 16"/50s that were supposed to go on the Iowa. The same 16"/50s that the Iowa's Mk7s were based on. Not Colorado's 16"/45s... Why are they gimping US ships? It's already going to be the slowest ship at it's tier and at tier 8 a 13.5" belt is nothing special. So why give it guns it never would have carried?
  10. Yeah but remember the Tillman design studies were just that. Design studies. They were very early preliminary "what is possible on X dimension limitations?".. Were that to translate into a functional battleship design it'd probably be significantly different. Look at the ships. The person who designed the Vermont's model was obviously looking at a Tillman when he (or she) designed the model. 3 funnels, flush deck. Features only the Tillmans had. The SoDak20s had trunked funnels and a quarterdeck that was closer to the waterline than the forecastle deck. The Vermont is almost certainly a "more realistic" Tillman with 3 triple turrets instead of a mix of twins and triples on a turret farm, which makes sense because the US learned a lot about battleship design in the mid-teens and early-20s. 4 triples makes more sense. It means you can make your citadel more compact. Which means more armor for the same displacement. Now, if Vermont doesn't have an 18" belt and a 25 knot top speed then we'll know Wargaming just doesn't give a crap about US ships. We can already surmise that simply by the fact that the Kansas, a modernized SoDak20, has Colorado's guns instead of the 16"/50s she should have... Because 'balance' I guess?
  11. Keep in mind that the Tillmans "as designed" were extremely early preliminary designs. It's very possible that they'd take the best of all of the designs and put them together into one class. So it's really not beyond the reach of reality for a Tillman to have been built with 18"/47s or 18"/48s in triple turrets (since the IV-I was going to have a mix of twins and triples anyway) with an 16"-18" belt and a 25 knot top speed. Remember that between 1912 and the early 1920s, the US learned a lot. They would've no doubt come to the same conclusion that lead to the SoDak20 having 4 triples instead of 6 twins or some other weird design. 4 triples means less turrets means a shorter ship means less area to protect with the belt armor means thicker belt for the same tonnage. It also means no amidships magazines.
  12. Hell, Kansas should go faster than 23 knots because they gave her guns that were significantly lighter than the 16"/50s she's supposed to have.
  13. Just for reference, there are at least a couple ways you can tell whoever at Wargaming designed the Vermont was looking at a Tillman. 1) 3 funnels. The Tillmans had 3 funnels. 2) It's flush-deck. The Tillmans were going to be flush-deck. The SoDak20 and the Standards all had quarterdecks that were closer to the waterline. The Tillmans were to have a flush deck from bow to stern, and the Vermont has that feature. Yeah it's definitely a Tillman.
  14. The IX looks like a properly-armed even-more-modernized SoDak20 with the right guns firing Mk8 superheavies. The VIII is a modernized SoDak20 with the wrong guns. Which is completely unnecessary. They could've given it the correct guns and given it the lighter shell. I want to see if the X will have the Tillman's 16-18" belt..
  15. The Vermont essentially is a modernized Tillman IV-1. It's just got 4 triple turrets instead of a mix of triples and twins. The thing that pisses me off most about all of this is the Kansas is the most 'historically accurate' ship of the lot, being a SoDak20 modernized to post-Pearl standard, and they gave it Colorado's guns... The SoDak20 did not have Colorado's guns.. It had 16"/50 guns, not 16"/45s. We finally get the SoDak20 represented in the game and they nerf it.