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  1. KGV Question

    Just spam HE at everything and laugh all the way to the bank because national flavor.
  2. Favorite tier 4 BB?

    Arkansas is a great boat.
  3. The most frustrating part of the game is the enormous dependence on RNG for literally everything.
  4. This was done a lot in NavyFIELD because it was hilarious and you could get those guns blockshooting. It was also a popular loadout on the M-Project.
  5. Not my job Award?

    Off topic, but what ship icon mod are you using? Is that the one that shows the health of the ships as part of the icon? I've been looking for that one since I saw a youtuber using it.
  6. Why super-train a Commander?

    The retraining doesn't take long at all. When I retrained my Pensacola captain for the New Orleans, I did the 50% option for 200k credits, then ran like 5 Co-Op games to get the last 20k Commander EXP. With flags, it goes by really quickly.
  7. I'd honestly rather have models that aren't in the game put in the game instead of just clones/skins. Wichita, for example. She's already in WoWS Blitz...
  8. When WOWS Goes to console

    Tanks does not have those things, and tanks was the game the post I was quoting was talking about.
  9. When WOWS Goes to console

    Except the console version gets cool stuff that the PC version doesn't get, like dynamic weather..
  10. According to Navweaps, Alaska's 12"/50s with AP had a muzzle velocity of 2,500 feet/sec. So basically identical to Iowa/Missouri, yeah. The Russian 12"/55 clocked in at 2,953 feet/sec. How they got such a specific muzzle velocity for a gun that was never built, let alone fired, I'll never know. But hey, this is WoWS. A game where actually existing is a detriment.
  11. I don't really consider high arcs to be 'worse'. Just better in a different set of scenarios. Low-angle lasers are fun, but lobbing rounds over islands in relative immunity is fun too.
  12. That might be true but I don't see how that'd make them "far worse". If anything they should penetrate considerably better than their Russian counterparts. Unless we're going by the game's "Russia Stronk" philosophy in which things are better just because they're Russian. Then you've got a point.
  13. By what metric? Alaska's 12"/50s were stellar. At 20,000-30,000 yards they had pretty much the same penetration as the New Mexico/Tennessee's 14"/50s. At 3 rounds/minute. They're also superheavy rounds so they'll benefit from superheavy normalization.
  14. Go buy lottery tickets while the gettin's good.
  15. Kronshtadt is basically an Alaska clone, so I'd bet we're going to see Alaska as the new US tier 9 FXP boat, just like Kronshtadt. Hopefully as a cruiser, too. She'd basically be a Kronshtadt with better AA. Alaska and Guam were not battlecruisers. They were enlarged Baltimores. The whole "Battlecruiser" thing needs to die. They were big heavy cruisers. Nothing more, nothing less.