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  1. ramp4ge

    TIE Fighter

    X-Wing, TIE, XvT and XWA are still some of my favorite games of all time. And to think, XWA still has a very active mod community that has the game looking spectacular.
  2. ramp4ge

    NEW Old school Godzilla short from Toho

    I really liked Shin Godzilla, so this is welcome news.
  3. ramp4ge

    I see all this hate for Submarines

    3 games that died because submarines were ridiculous.. You aren't exactly making the case for submarines, here.
  4. ramp4ge

    U.S.S. Oklahoma

    Early in World of Tanks they had this. Certain nations armor was "harder" than others. They had homogenization values that were hidden. They claim they've disabled it but sus.. Also one of the things that isn't often take. I to consideration is the strength of internal construction. Like the US standards structural steel being STS... It's like having your entire ship framed up in (almost) Class-B..
  5. ramp4ge

    U.S.S. Oklahoma

    Apparently you can do a pretty hilarious secondary meme build on Oklahoma. I've seen a couple videos. Also you want to aim above the belt because the penetration is terrible. Armor is pretty good on all of the US standards. 343mm belt is nothing to scoff at.
  6. ramp4ge

    "Whale Hunting: A Guide To Predatory Game Mechanics"

    The world is black and white and it's not always entirely fair. There's nothing grey about personal responsibility. The buck stops with you. If you have a problem then you have a problem and it shouldn't be on anyone else's shoulders to fix it. Especially the one trying to sell you the product. The company publishing the game has one thing on their agenda - maximizing their marketing effectiveness and selling you a product. They are in the business of business. They aren't overtly saying "Hey, give us every penny you make and spend irresponsibly" because the amounts people can afford to spend are entirely subjective. So placing any kind of artificial barrier there is going to be arbitrary and impact someone negatively in some way, shape or form. At the end of the day it's up to the person clicking the "checkout" button to decide whether or not this is a responsible decision for them to be making. Just like every other purchasing decision they will ever make. Maybe there needs to be a more widely-acknowledged campaign about bad spending habits and how they are a problem (in basically any hobby or pass-time, not just gaming) but it isn't the responsibility of the one trying to sell you the product to do that. That's why I don't believe in terms like "predatory" when it comes to gaming transactions. "Predatory" just sounds like someone's salty that they fell for effective marketing. If you want to get into gambling and loot boxes and stuff that's a while different kettle of fish and I do believe that these publishers should at least have to publish the odds of getting everything you can possibly get so you CAN make an informed decision. But at the end of the day, again, the buck stops with the buyer. Some people can afford to spend $1,000 on a pixel waifu. Some can't and will do it anyway. How do you stop the latter without impacting the experience of the former? I don't believe it's the game publishers responsibility to draw that line.
  7. ramp4ge

    "Whale Hunting: A Guide To Predatory Game Mechanics"

    And, again, it's up to them to get help. Blaming the game publisher for my spending habits is every bit as ridiculous as blaming a gun manufacturer for a mass shooting or a car manufacturer for a DUI. In doing so you entirely remove responsibility from the person who made the decision - well or not - in the first place. If I spend $1,000 on a Genshin Impact waifu and can't afford lunch tomorrow that's on me.
  8. ramp4ge

    "Whale Hunting: A Guide To Predatory Game Mechanics"

    It's still a personal responsibility issue. People have agency and I don't believe in removing that from them. Lack of personal responsibility is a wider societal problem and this is just another fascet of it. "Blame everyone else for my screwups."..
  9. ramp4ge

    Dune 2020

    Yeah me and my best friend stayed up for an entire summer playing that game with virtually no sleep, fueled off junk food. I still play the emulator regularly. It's still one of my favorite games. Honestly, one of the most under-appreciated games in history, if I may, considering it sealed the template that Westwood would use to create Command and Conquer and define the RTS genre that we know today. It all started with a Dune game.
  10. ramp4ge

    "Whale Hunting: A Guide To Predatory Game Mechanics"

    One of the most unexpected reactions I've seen about Star Citizen has been from players of Elite: Dangerous. For YEARS, Elite players ragged on SC. How it was a scam, how it was just a tech demo, how it wasn't ever going to go anywhere. While not playing the game. They got their info from gaming journos like Kotaku... Then, when Odyssey crapped the bed, a BUNCH of mainstream Elite: Dangerous players jumped ship and moved to Star Citizen. Many of the reactions were similar to this: When you've got a bunch of hardcore Elite: Dangerous players coming from a relatively-polished game like ED and highly praising Star Citizen after actually trying it, that says a lot.
  11. ramp4ge

    "Whale Hunting: A Guide To Predatory Game Mechanics"

    They clearly had an idea of what they wanted to do because we're seeing that coming together now. Yeah it's been a long time but the progress is visible. Maybe not if you're on the outside looking in, but if you're actually playing it you can see the progress being made. I pledged back in 2014 when there was nothing but a hangar module. Compared to when I actually started playing a year ago, the game has made vast improvements. They have a freefly event coming up on the 19th of this month along with an ingame event. I'd recommend giving it a shot. It's free. What've you got to lose?
  12. ramp4ge

    "Whale Hunting: A Guide To Predatory Game Mechanics"

    I mean, most projects start from nothing, then people give you money and you start making things. That's sort of how it works. You don't build development studios from scratch without money.
  13. ramp4ge

    Dune 2020

    As amazing as the movie is bound to be, nothing Dune-related will ever make me as happy as the Genesis port of Dune 2 did to kid-me back in the mid-90s.
  14. ramp4ge

    "Whale Hunting: A Guide To Predatory Game Mechanics"

    That's what happens when you are designing not only the game, but the studios that build the tech to start creating the game. They've got the core tech pretty much all done. Physicalized inventory is going in in the next couple days, along with the first components if iCache and server meshing, as well as parts of the gen 12 renderer. They'll probably be going into a 4.0 beta build here in the next few patch cycles, which will come with the next two starsystems, and once those are in they'll know their procedural generation is working like they want it to and they can start cranking them out much faster. Once the core tech is in then the development will accelerate, as we've seen over the past year. Building the game won't take long. Building the tools to build the game is what's taken so long. They didn't just grab an engine and build a game on it. So yes, it's taking time. I'm glad they're not rushing it to please some corporate backers. That's how you end up with Cyberpunk and New World. They're also developing at least 3 games at the same time, so there's that to consider. Star Citizen, Squadron 42 and Theaters of War.
  15. ramp4ge

    "Whale Hunting: A Guide To Predatory Game Mechanics"

    If it's a scam, it's the most functional scam in history.