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  1. W4lt3r

    AA gun upgrade

    This is probably affecting everyone here. Your AA Mod 1's were turned to AA Mod 2's (the 3 million AA module) during the patching process. Go to your inventory and sell them for piles of credits. My inventory got bloated by 31 AA mod 2's after the patch, and I certianly had only one of those before the patch.
  2. W4lt3r

    Update 01/30/19, I'm pissed

    Your highest CV was tier4.. "Working hard"... hah. You still have your CVs. I think you're just looking for an excuse to be outraged, in the today's outrage culture. Get over yourself.
  3. W4lt3r

    IFHE Nerf?

    Wilvan.. Read: Calibers EXCEEDING 139mm. Aka gun >> 139mm caliber guns Calibers up and including 139mm. Aka gun <= 139mm They just need those two separate identifier lines so they can set separate fire chance reductions to them.
  4. W4lt3r

    Atlanta... Horrible AA?

    If there's changes, I would just want two: Up the amoutn of flak bursts from 5 to 10 with long range aura. And yeet the medium aura away, because it's literally worthless. That's all.
  5. W4lt3r

    CV rework as of now is a JOKE

    There's pretty much only one ship in the game that can destroy those aircraft, and that's the worcester. Dallas, Baltimore, Gearing, Fletcher, Benson, etc. Any prominent US cruiser before tier 10 is woefully unable to shoot down planes. The AA is a joke right now. Too limited in range, the skills that affect them are way too weak, the modules that affect them are way too weak.
  6. W4lt3r

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    Continuing my AA feedback: If the changes to Manual AA are implemented (Reducing sector switch time from -20% to -50%), I would really suggest bringing back the range boosts to AA Mod 1 and advanced firing training skills. The current range for AA is way too short compared to how fast aircraft are now, the CV spends lot less time in an AA zone in attacks, so getting the range boosts back would be good. Current AA also relies way too much on the random flak and DFAA. Ships that have strong AA but no DFAA, such as Neptune are completely unable to take down even a single midway DB plane while dying to one bomber squad. The balance of AA is huge issue, when it comes to the skills, DFAA and lack of overlap. Along with there not being an system in place to repair AA emplacements (Could be either tied to repair party or Damage control party and/or Auxiliary armaments mod 1 allowing passive replenishment of destroyed mounts)
  7. W4lt3r

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    Hindenburg's Long range AA's action zone is pathetic .2km. (5.2km -> 5.0km) Proposal: Remove "action zones" from all AA Groups and let them overlap. AA in general is very anemic. Full AA Neptune doesn't even manage to shoot down single midway DB before it has done all runs and sunk the said ship.
  8. W4lt3r

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I just have some thoughts regarding the skills. Since Ctrl + left clicking is pretty much gone, and only micro we have for surface ships on vs AA, I would propose that the manual control of Anti Aircraft weapon systems buffed with following parameter: Reinforcement time of sectors from -20% to -50% for Cruisers Reinforcement time of sectors at -20% for destroyers (they got 5 seconds already, so 4 seconds switch with skill) Reinforcement time of sectors from -20% to -40% for battleships (15 second base, so they would drop to 9s reinforcement time) Reinforcement time of sectors from -20% to -40% for carriers (Think theirs was 20s to switch, so this would bump it to 12s time to reinforce a sector) With the faster switching of sectors, this would allow surface vessels to keep their AA more or less focused, as the CV strikes goes from one side of their ship to another. Plus it would make the skill MUCH more inviting to pick, since I haven't seen any CC video actually employ the AA sector system at all, so tackling the time to switch would be paramount before this patch goes live. Another matter I have, is regarding the destructibility and lack of a system to replenish destroyed Anti-air emplacements, which are more paramount in this patch and afterwards. I would propose that the Damage Control Party, would restore certain % of destroyed AA mounts / certain # of AA mounts, whichever value is greater. These values can be scaled to suit national flavors, like US / UK would be the highest amount restored, with France / Germany in the middle and Japan / Russia in the lowest, for example. Example values: US/UK : 30% of destroyed mounts restored / 12 individual mounts restored upon usage of damage control party. FRA/GER: 25% of destroyed mounts restored / 10 individual mounts restored upon usage. IJN / RUS: 20% / 8 mounts. This would give another value of how to balance out the game when it comes to Anti-air and the nations themselves.
  9. W4lt3r

    CV Rework Feedback

    Game center not having TST open for me, despite participating in the test. Missed round 1 of testing because I was late to apply. This dang game Center is not really wanting to play ball...
  10. W4lt3r

    CV Rework Feedback

    I'm not sure has anyone else mentioned it yet, but with the removal of limited # of aircraft from CVs, this leaves the issue of AA mounts easily being destroyed and unable to be repaired, leaving an ship more and more vulnerable to CV attacks. There should be some sort of mechanic to allow restoration of AA mounts, whether it could be tied to DCP which would refresh % of the AA mounts along with usual DCP functions. Have it be tied to the AA/Secondary's toggle button, and as you turn your AA / secondaries off, they would start to get replenished over course of the time, but there's the penalty of being extraordinarily vulnerable to CV attacks in this period (maybe have some sort of grace period from shifting from disabled / enabled status). Or then slap it on top of Repair party, but that leaves lower tier cruisers to a peculiar spot, who don't have the ability till tier 9. But some thought should be put onto the AA mounts and their ability to stay in function. Yes it's not realistic that the ship could replenish it's AA mounts if they get knocked out, but ships did carry replacement barrels for their small and medium caliber guns at least, so there's that.. But whole mount replacing is not realistic, but have to consider where to draw the line.
  11. W4lt3r

    Submarine Mission

    After further consideration, I would suggest that Barracuda should have the highest submersion time of all the subs, I'm going at like 1 minute 50 or even 2 minutes, but also has the slowest oxygen replenishment rates (think that is already a thing) Or then buff up her maneuverability, like dropping the turning circle to like 400m and rudder shift to like 5.2.
  12. W4lt3r

    Submarine Mission

    Barracuda defo needs some adjustment. It's awful to use compared to Seelöwe or Zipper. Whether it's submerged time, speed of the submersion or something else. Maybe even bump the concealment down to 5km.