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  1. TheSilentGear

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    Dose the Saipan get T9 planes?
  2. TheSilentGear

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    Also dose not help getting placed into T9 and T10 games over and over the planes just evaporate so quickly
  3. TheSilentGear

    KGV captain skills?

    Hello everyone i just unlocked the KGV and moved my warspite 10 point captain to the KGV i need help what is the current recommended captain skills should i go i want to take advantage of the free respec while its available i been trying to find updated guides but they seem out of date currently
  4. TheSilentGear

    Remove Carriers?

    bye bye wont miss you
  5. Awesome guide man also is 8.0 coming out tomorrow? the 29th Edit: nvm its comes out the 30th
  6. Sorry kiddos but people whined about the same thing about removing arty in WoT and guess what they never did so asking them to remove a ship class WoWs will never happen