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  1. Selfish DDs

    I was waiting to see when one of the forum personal attackers would show up, I guess it only lasted until page 2.. instead of providing or adding something to the discussion without inciting personal attacks on the OP (Me) and not turn this into a toxic thread like a lot do on these forums you do exactly that, but good job feeling that you're entitled to belittle others just because you can plaster your performance on a game where win rates basically mean a coin flip considering team play is discouraged for the most part. Sure I pointed DD's specifically and it's obvious there is bad players in every class but I wanted to discuss this problem specifically and look for suggestions as my original post pointed out, but hey more to you for acting elitist pandering over stats it shows how good you are, truly.
  2. Selfish DDs

    I like this suggestion this is something that would also maybe provide a different game mode.
  3. Selfish DDs

    Alright after I posted this I got this game, damn... I didn't mean remove DDs from the game my post was more pointed at rewarding DDs more for teamplay (spotting/capping) rather than damage output that would help everyone more in the long run and if that doesn't work then other suggestions would be welcomed. Btw games like the ones below are so rare and weird to play you have to throw everything you learn as a cruiser out the window and play differently. When every shell flying in the air is a BB shell then you have to think twice about everything.. specially with a CV spotting you most of the game. I always support DDs.. but sometimes you also get shafted when you rush to support them and they bail out in a different direction then you're dead.
  4. Selfish DDs

    Let's talk about destroyers that decide the outcome of the game within the first minute of it. I'm talking about the ones that either go half throttle or full throttle to hide behind an island and then try to spend the rest of the match trying to blind torpedo the other team while their own team is perma-spotted by the other DDs and have to play "on the run" for most of the match and gets knocked out 1 by 1 in a disproportionate rain of fire by non-visible ships thus forcing also your cruisers to try and spot and failing miserably because A) their spotting and concealment sucks vs DDs and B) they suffer the most for being exposed/overextended (trying to spot and even cap sometimes) I play mostly cruisers and this is common play/occurrence at tier 10. Yeah you know those games I'm talking about and more often than not end up in a blowout. I think a reasonable fix for this or at least incentive would be to stop only/mostly rewarding damage output as the deciding factor of credits and xp earned and making spotting/capping and other team play activities more rewarding. Feel free to add other suggestions.
  5. Matchmaking keeps doing this to keep the medium playerbase at around 50% winrate so you get into these rollercoaster win streaks and lose streaks that are usually one sided blowouts and is not fun, from time to time you get a team that fights back and it gets semi close but those are 1-2 for every 10 game I'd say in my experience.
  6. Ive been deleted before by AP bombs from USN, the only problem with this is you can't do anything and you barely kill 1 plane if that and its almost a guaranteed 70+% off your hp without anyway of you avoiding it unlike when you're angling against shots or dodging torpedoes, its dumb. That's why sometimes CVs literally ruin games. Hell I've ran in games with cvs that just go and delete a ship even with said ship is full AA spec, has happened before in my AA spc'd cruisers and BBs.

    I'm thinking of selling it, what do you guys think?
  8. It is truly a piece of crap, no other words can describe it
  9. This could work but at least something should be changed about the "slap on the wrist pink status"
  10. It seems too lightly of a "penalty" since you don't get damage reflected back and all you get is a pink status for a few games that doesn't really change anything
  11. This is not the first time since yesterday, it has been a nightmare with 5-6 dds on each team for every game in just about every tier from V to X. Quick explanation here, game was almost over they had 4 ships left vs our 8 and I was charging in on a Dunkerke to finish him off that I've been fighting since mid game because he kept backing up bow on I decided to move in closer so I can go around him, we were facing each other at about 5km and this Shinonome came up from behind me and essentially unloaded all his torpedoes directly on my path, I didn't even get the chance to turn, I wasn't expecting torpedoes since they only had 1 DD left on the other side of the map, It didn't matter anyway they were so close I basically took them all without a chance to dodge any. His excuse? Don't go infront of DDs you dumb BB. you're too fast for me. I didn't put it here but he also said before the game ended "You're lucky I'm not in my Shima" Then you have other people complaining how you have BBs camping at the other end of the map trying to snipe while their team gets slaughtered by the objectives.