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  1. ST Stalingrad Initial Stats

    Current iteration looks like trash; just a battleship with a cruiser tag that's not good at being either. Hope something changes otherwise this will be nothing but a port queen.
  2. Seems to me the only reason for this thread is to cause unrest which is a direct violation of the rules. Summary of scenario: you have a good match, someone hurts your feelings, then you come to the forum to start controversy. Bravo.
  3. Just the vocal minority doing what they do best. Nothing interesting to see here.
  4. Ban the XVM mod!

    It is the same and a half dozen players don't speak for the many thousands playing. A half dozen players did nothing more than admit they're bad. You improve your stats by winning. You don't win by trying to seek out the lowest skilled player, lest you simply roll the dice and hope your team can carry your dead weight. Do that in any game I'm in and I'll show you why you don't do that.
  5. Ban the XVM mod!

    This is what a bad player would do. The smart player targets the biggest threat. This holds true for basically every competitive game, sport or activity. NBA teams don't play against the Cavs and go into the match with a mindset of only guarding the lesser skilled players while Lebron proceeds to thrash them single handedly. NFL teams don't play against the Patriots with a game plan to guard every receiver except Gronk. You may or may not be a sports fan, it matters not, the point remains the same; competitors don't play like that.
  6. Ban the XVM mod!

    You can ban XVM in name but you can't prevent people from having the same basic information and functionality available with a just few simple keystrokes. I can and will still stat check people, regardless of whether or not a mod that simplifies the process is or is not against the rules. The win percentage feature of XVM is useless rubbish and not at all an accurate or reliable metric for determining the outcome of a match so it makes no difference not having it.
  7. Remove Saipan-Seriously unbalance

    I think somebody has a poopie diaper, today.
  8. Remove Saipan-Seriously unbalance

    Saw this post and I had to log in just to tell you... NO It's not going anywhere and you're wasting your time raging here about it.
  9. Troubled with Support response

    Underlining for emphasis as I would say it to you if we were talking, not to insult or to be rude. It's a rough lesson learned but it could've been far worse than $50.
  10. Troubled with Support response

    If you have even the slightest doubt or uncertainty in your mind about an item you're considering purchasing, to the point that you would contemplate returning it, then you should always review return policies before purchasing. The purchased item in question is irrelevant, really, this goes for everything. Claiming ignorance to the rules isn't an excuse. Your scenario is not the first time this sort of thing has happened and it won't be the last. If they refund for one then they must refund for all. They're operating a business and they're selling items not renting them. It doesn't matter if you paid Monopoly money or real life, legal currency. Some of life's lessons must inevitably be learned the hard way.
  11. Your thread is an utter waste of your time. WG isn't going to remove Lex from ranked.
  12. Our cruiser players in [-QP-] put the Hindy to work in CW. It became a quick staple in our lineup, sometimes running 3 per match. I can't speak directly for them but they all praised its ability to start fires and land hits at extreme range with the spotter plane. Amazing hydro, high ROF, and great AP when you catch a ship broadside ice the cake.
  13. I'VE HAD IT!!!!

    Alanis was the feather that broke the camel's back, bro.