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  1. :cap_cool:

    1. Hatate_


      Also noticed Scharnhorst at 1:09 in the video, I'm surprised.

  2. Kitten and Panzer IV.

    One mews, the other roars.


  3. Everyone hyped for Alaska in return, and I'm just waiting for B-65.
  4. So who else remembers this?

    Yeah, things sure have improved. My family's first computer was a Windows ME/Pentium III. So I can only go as far back as 20 years ago, and haven't really dealt with your stuff but woo.
  5. New Years Crate Contents

    I went for the 20 x Big ($3) bundles again this year. 1000 Doubloons 15 Frosty Fir Camo Okhotnik 15 Ouroboros Signals 15 Frosty Fir Camo 1000 Doubloons Leningrad 15 Red Dragon Signals 1000 Doubloons 15 Frosty Fir Camo 15 Frosty Fir Camo Hood Huang He 15 Frosty Fir Camo 1000 Doubloons De Grasse 1000 Doubloons Belfast Kidd 1000 Doubloons _____________________ 7x Ships 6x 1000 Doubloons 5x 15 Camo 2x 15 Signals
  6. Initial Santa Crate results

    Bought 20x Big Santa Boxes... 1/3 of them were ships. I obtained: Okhotnik Leningrad Huang He Hood De Grasse Belfast Kidd 6000 Doubloons
  7. Hatate's Ship Skins

    Thanks, though I have yet to complete her. Priority shuffles! >.< (not to say that she's still 98% completed though by the looks of it. he he he...)
  8. New poll up - FB

    Voted Normandie.
  9. Some musings on Duke of York

    It could be the byproduct of an older version of the ship. It could be really for free exp. We don't know yet, but there are tons of options still on the table.
  10. Some musings on Duke of York

    My first thought when I read that leaky rumor was, "Oh no! Could this be a sign that Nelson is being replaced on the tree?!" But yeah, remembering the new Tier 7 Operation and their wording for "Only available for the Tier VII ships."... makes me think they might be handing out ships for it like Dunkirk. Or they added one word too many.
  11. Hatate's Ship Skins

    AH! That's where it was. AC004_Catapult_4_a.dds was it. Seems it shared with the aft catapults for simplicity... though confused the crapoutta me. Had I just skipped over and did the catapult instead of searching like a mad man it'd have fixed itself in a way. lol