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  1. AL_Gascogne

    Super Container!

    Nice! Congrats on the ultra-rare drop!
  2. AL_Gascogne

    8 Mega Santa Crates Surprise!

    Nice catch, congrats. Missouri won't let you down, nor your credits! :)
  3. Except that's 600,000 subscribers, and hundreds of videos dedicated to WarGaming.net content (World of Tanks and World of Warships), with occasionally other games. So he is pretty popular here, and World of Tanks. LevelCap from what I have seen is hugely into the Battlefield games? Not so much World of Warships. There's a reason he gets featured in the Battlefield Friends videos.
  4. Yeah, the package for World of Tanks this year had 139 vehicles, and the price for me was set to $1,260 CAD. (They had a value of $4,320 crossed out on the side lol)
  5. AL_Gascogne

    Black Ships Choices for 2019: a humorous rant.

    Schwarzhorst (like the Schwarzpanzer 58 in WoT)
  6. AL_Gascogne

    Bismarck and Ark Royal Historical Camo

    Minor differences, the baltic stripes cover the entire structure instead of only the hull sides.
  7. Game was limited to 3 choices: Aigle, Monaghan, T-61 Game gave me the Monaghan.
  8. AL_Gascogne

    A question for WG on subs

    Apparently, "and depth-charge rails were installed on her fantail." Happened when they gave her new radars. Could very well be true.
  9. AL_Gascogne

    A-150 "Super Yamato" Name Suggestions

    Going with Mikawa as my name suggestion, be it for Super Yamato or perhaps a Yamato-class upgunned. Dunno which will make the game.
  10. qPLWhe.jpg
    When all the destroyers go to the same capture point. xD

  11. Means it will take longer to elite your Tier 9 since you have two ships to research. You can get both, just more play needed. That being for S.Soyuz to Kreml & Slava. (non-premium splitting)
  12. I'm gonna take a guess that someone inputs a message like: CHAT DISABLED
  13. :cap_cool:

    1. AL_Gascogne


      Also noticed Scharnhorst at 1:09 in the video, I'm surprised.