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  1. well said and fits how i feel about it so much. it's a level of stupid easy to dodge in a dd now. the dd would have to be a massive spud to get hit especially if they have aa off as they are basically invisible till about 2kms give or take depending on the dd
  2. yes it's spotting is very helpful but as is getting a win is nice if your team takes advantage but it doesn't reward us for crap. i managed spotting over 150k one game even got the enemy cv sniped because of my div mate and others because of where the enemy cv pushed to. since the enemy stayed bunched up i hardly got to do any damage and rushing planes in in hopes of doing damage against a blob just means more cost to me for losses. i've gone out of my way many times after i started playing cv's more these last few months to spot and it really doesn't reward the cv players for crap. and it all boils down to if your team is competent enough to take advantage and the matches i have played recently while playing a cv it is far easier for them to dodge even when i lead and attempt to for see there reactions only easy dd targets are spud dd's
  3. Blitzkrieger

    So was the idea to dumb down the game WG?

    or like a post i made a while back you get jerks who do it just because full sending a full volley of torps at you from within 5kms because you didn't do as they wanted or lived up to there expectations. it's bull i should take friendly damage cause they want to be toxic clown shoes and they know the limits to game the tk system. i welcome this change very much. those that still do it often will still get punished
  4. Blitzkrieger


    i've dodged my fair share of rockets by being competent when playing a dd and watching the planes path. not saying i dodged the full volley but many times i dodged enough it made a difference and yea you can see shell tracers but really with how some play do you think they are actively watching at all times especially when engaged with others? shell tracers are a back thought when brawling someone. i've been caught broadside to others when not trying to give the guy close to me said broadside but a wall of mg fire to say this is where the shots will land has never been a thought. like the change to cv mechanics where fire's/floods get auto put out was dumb. you know darn well adding the mg fire will still only help those that can think and breath at the same time. and unless i forget aa is always off when i play dd's so they literally have to be right on me to see me
  5. Blitzkrieger


    having to lead and the enemy getting a massive warning of what's coming is not the same lol. i mean they added a skill that shows your being targeted and a skill that shows fire is incoming but neither give such blatant visuals like the whole mg firing bull lol. if people don't adapt they'll go for other targets and let there teams pound sand when dealing with enemy dd's. if i know my teammates will be active in helping with a dd then i'll go out of my way to assist but randoms are random so you can't always count on it
  6. Blitzkrieger


    this is sadly to true. the number of times i've watched kita's sit in smoke in cap and get killed by torps or any other dd for that fact that does such a thing knowing full well they're enemy dd's about. i always check team rosters before the match start to see what they have to try and figure what i need to do
  7. Blitzkrieger


    that's if your team has the sense to shoot and are in position to do so and with how randoms can be i'd just ignore dd's and go after other targets
  8. Blitzkrieger

    Is the Flint worth the coal?

    it got a tiny boost to range and a rof nerf. and another tiny range boost isn't gonna matter honestly
  9. Blitzkrieger

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    that model pic looks awsome and puts the new tier 10 italian bb to shame with all those guys
  10. Blitzkrieger

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    i'd totally buy a ship named fromunda lol
  11. Blitzkrieger

    subs lol

    i agree they are shoving them on us hence why i don't like the limited mechanic. we are gonna have to deal with them on live at some point in the near feature so them not being gimped would be a good thing so some regen should be possible especially with them losing time faster if they get spotted
  12. Blitzkrieger

    subs lol

    They are still going with that garbage of if your submerged and detected you deplete your time under water faster. maybe there will be skills to help BUT i bet there will be counter skills for that and the fact certain tiers although they didn't bring it up on the dev blog this time will have even more limited time under water. Unless they removed that but i didn't see anything on it. Feels like any sub with less than 10 minutes available under is gonna be gimped Curious to see the release product and if it's doa. Time will tell all i guess.They did make some good changes though link for anyone further interested https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/160
  13. i agree as well it's insanely obnoxious at times