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  1. AzureTerra

    Premium Ship Review #149 - Ragnarok & Ignis Purgatio

    Jovian pattern Missiles ~ fire every other turn since they have to be reloaded manual from outside the ship
  2. The core of Pay to Whine ~ pay the fee, fail to get item that is a chance and then whine about it on the forums.
  3. AzureTerra

    Why so many suiciding into the enemy?

    A lack of cliffs to leap off leads to the next thing on offer.
  4. AzureTerra

    Can't move captains

    Logging out and in when it does that is the fastest way to fix it that i have found.
  5. AzureTerra

    Another Flammu vid. Real or hype?

    if its a flammu video its overhype, nothing actually useful comes from that channel.
  6. AzureTerra

    So I bought the 40k Pre-Sale Pack

    So you err ever so slight to the Imperium
  7. Sure the old one wasn't perfect but it worked and flowed better than this new one. The armoury in particular is awful to navigate now. its slow and i have to have mouse over a "icon" to see what it is rather than being able to READ what it is and go straight to the section i want.
  8. AzureTerra

    Do people even know what 'GG' means?

    Gregorian Golf
  9. AzureTerra

    Played my first sub game

    Wait so he has actually Described something and not just had his typical whinge fit, that's a change
  10. AzureTerra

    Toxic people in Ranked.

    Toxicity and Pvp (particularly any pvp that has a rank system) go hand in hand. People taking pixels was too seriously.
  11. AzureTerra

    Why WG don't release T9 British premium ship?

    Would rather a T7 Cruiser
  12. AzureTerra

    Where Do You Stand?

    Play enough and you will realize that trying to achieve a X% is a moot point and you will either have fun playing pixel ships or go onto other things (or like a lot of people seem to stubbornly keep playing something that causes them angst...)
  13. AzureTerra


    Well of course they are not going to come here when they can have their loyal flock of sheep pass on whatever their thoughts are (and most of them link a video to watch. thus boosting the flock-masters metrics) but i am firmly of the opinion that if the person who comes up with idea/thoughts for change cant be arsed to post them on the related game forums themselves the idea isn't worth the time of day. Not like most of the videobound cc's actually have anything of useful note to say most often anyway.
  14. AzureTerra

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    Get a game where there is no DD and people will still not be "aggressive"