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  1. No wonder they shoot at anything that move with a setup like that and the inactive ones are possibly just ones where someone has started it to see what it was and then left it when its not a thing they want to do.
  2. AzureTerra

    Benham, Hill, and a summer sale purchase

    Read the title at first as Benny Hill and Summer sale and im like what and then read it again
  3. AzureTerra

    Thoughts on the new Raptor Rescue

    About time it came back.
  4. AzureTerra

    NTC 2.0 is actually worse than NTC 1.0

    Meh Another boring high level reward ship or two isn't that inspiring to use the feature
  5. AzureTerra

    RW Directives - Earn T5 DD Hill - Is it too much?

    Woe is the CoOp only player, that you choose to only play part of the game that WG have provided as a option in the mission is your choice not a heavy restriction that WG have imposed. Maybe you should learn to be more varied in your play options. I predominately play the Missions but manage to do all three main game types to complete things as needed.
  6. AzureTerra

    Free to Play "NOPE" - It's Worse -

    Free to Whinge is what it is.
  7. AzureTerra

    Happy Canada Day! Free Canada Day patch today

    Meh Patch, Bonus Coal now that's a thing to get.
  8. AzureTerra

    People hitting in smoke

    Sufficiently advanced play is indistinguishable from cheating...
  9. If you like the New Mexico then the Arizona is a good thing to buy.
  10. AzureTerra

    New Mode Dominated by Clans

    What clan i'm in has no bearing on anything, i could be in your clan and i'd be saying the same thing.
  11. AzureTerra

    New Mode Dominated by Clans

    What's there to know other than its largely a Whine and Cheese club of Armchair Admirals.
  12. AzureTerra

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Im sure the next patch will come out and suddenly CVs will be revived and the whining will flip sides again
  13. AzureTerra

    New Mode Dominated by Clans

    Clans doing something in a organised manner that befits having a bunch of like minded people in a group, who'd have thought it possible.
  14. AzureTerra

    Russian BBs...what tier is best

    The best use for the Izmail is to sit at the bottom of the ocean/sea and corrode
  15. AzureTerra

    Wait, so they will nerf premiums?

    Good to see them decide to do something rather than be kowtowed by a bunch of whining players.