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  1. AzureTerra

    Toxic people in Ranked.

    Toxicity and Pvp (particularly any pvp that has a rank system) go hand in hand. People taking pixels was too seriously.
  2. AzureTerra

    Why WG don't release T9 British premium ship?

    Would rather a T7 Cruiser
  3. AzureTerra

    Where Do You Stand?

    Play enough and you will realize that trying to achieve a X% is a moot point and you will either have fun playing pixel ships or go onto other things (or like a lot of people seem to stubbornly keep playing something that causes them angst...)
  4. AzureTerra


    Well of course they are not going to come here when they can have their loyal flock of sheep pass on whatever their thoughts are (and most of them link a video to watch. thus boosting the flock-masters metrics) but i am firmly of the opinion that if the person who comes up with idea/thoughts for change cant be arsed to post them on the related game forums themselves the idea isn't worth the time of day. Not like most of the videobound cc's actually have anything of useful note to say most often anyway.
  5. AzureTerra

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    Get a game where there is no DD and people will still not be "aggressive"
  6. AzureTerra


    Because its Oh so hard for them to stop in and post something while a video is in encoding...
  7. AzureTerra

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    over hyped people with video channels do that often
  8. AzureTerra

    How Long Until 1,000 Meter Warships?

    Torpedo boat indeed
  9. HMS Ceylon as a T7 Premium i would buy in a flash
  10. AzureTerra

    Did rank destroy peoples' brains?

    i don't believe people who play that much of wanked have brains to begin with.
  11. AzureTerra

    Please do not do this, Please . . . Thank You.

    Please do this, if it triggers these people all the more.
  12. Those are the best ones to get, second best is 2 coal 1 Free exp
  13. AzureTerra

    Torpedo Friendly Fire WTH?

    You fire it, you own it till it explodes or runs out out speed. Whether your good at judging if you should fire them and where they will end up at is another matter that a lot of people are not good at. And then sometimes you don't care, got a TK the other day because was doing all i could to sink the BB chasing my DD and one of the torps missed it and hit the low health CA that was behind it somewhere and it wasn't till after the battle noticed i was pink i was that focused on the BB and evading it while doing it harm.
  14. AzureTerra

    Bots shooting at wrecks?

    Comparatively so do players.