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  1. AzureTerra

    Has fire been nerf'd too much?

    Not enough.
  2. AzureTerra

    What's the Current Meta?

    Gouda, the Meta is Feta normally but that's so last year its time for a new cheese.
  3. AzureTerra

    What's the Current Meta?

  4. AzureTerra

    Quick Cut: Tier VII German Cruiser Yorck

    The grand old Herzog of Yorck
  5. AzureTerra

    Anyone else feeling burn out?

    Since abandoning random games ive not felt burn out, just play a few fun Coops or Scenarios every day. Pvp is rather abrasive no matter what game it is in, stopped playing MWO for same reasons and at least Ships has Pve Options so i can keep enjoying it.
  6. AzureTerra

    Dont see point of tech tree ships anymore

    Ok, well that is your choice, doesnt mean its the choice of everyone. There are a great many Tech tree ships that are good. I have recently unlocked the Baltimore and its best thing i have at T8 by a longshot for me (and i have a variety of premiums at T8 these days)
  7. having had a period where i had really bad desync once you identified how bad it was you could compensate to a degree
  8. There is a strong skill in doing well when your internet is poor
  9. There's a flag for that (and a slightly more risky mod).
  10. AzureTerra

    Im scared to buy perm camo now!?

    If you really like the ship then get the camo because if you do actually really like the ship your not going to arbitrarily stop playing it when it receives changes or stops being "meta"
  11. Better than suggesting it be done then not doing when the whingers don't like what was needed. Point being is that WG need to make the changes they think need to be made and offer the whiners the option sell it if their precious sealclubber or whatever isn't as clubby. The actual functioning player-base will keep on playing the ship.
  12. Stealth nerf would fix a lot of stuff that the whinebase would otherwise go banana's about
  13. Its more interesting than whatever this paper ship is
  14. AzureTerra

    Raptor Rescue has gotten harder

    Thats good to know, i had not seen it for a while but saw it happen on several occasions