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Forum Rules

Welcome to the World of Warships Official forums!

These forums are designed to be a fun and interesting place for the community to gather to discuss all aspects of World of Warships. In the spirit of keeping these forums a part of the World of Warships experience, we’ve established a list of things that are unacceptable to post on our forums. 

While this may not spell out every possible item to avoid, use common sense. There are items that belong on a video game forum, and items that don’t.

The following items are not acceptable on the NA World of Warships forums. Violations of these rules may result in temporary, or permanent bans. 

  • Excessive Profanity/F-bombs
    • Be an adult, excessive profanity does not help make your point.
  • Religious and Political Discussions
    • You’re free to feel how you feel about these topics, but an online video game forum is not the place for it.
  • Posting exploits/hacks
    • If you come across a bug, or a third-party tool that would otherwise impact gameplay, please report it using the appropriate channels.
    • Discussing the exploitation of game mechanics, or encouraging the usage of mechanics outside of their intended design.
  • Personal attacks
    • Stat shaming, personal attacks, threats, phrases that are designed to be offensive, or attack someone, etc. This includes intentionally trolling other users in your post or attacking WG volunteers, staff, or partners. Be civil.
  • Discussing moderation
    • If you’ve had a post moderated, please provide feedback in private.
  • Pornographic, drug, or other taboo or potentially sensitive content
    • These forums are not the place for this sort of content. 
  • Remain constructive and on-topic
    • Keeping threads related to their topic ensures valuable discussions, this also related to ensuring your threads are housed in the appropriate sections of the forum.
  • “Necro’ing” of old threads or the excessive bumping of threads
    • Thread bumping for visibility is not allowed except for in the clan recruiting section which is limited once per 24-hour period. Players should also avoid commenting in outdated threads.
  • Bumping threads
    • If a conversation is going to get engagement, it will get engagement.
  • Posts written in a language other than English
    • We have specific subforums for other languages found here.

Please note, we will update and amend these guidelines as necessary. 

These guidelines are superseded by the EULA.

Also, please note that abusing the reporting functionality of the forums is not only annoying, but it can also result in moderation actions being taken.

While we would like everyone to participate in constructive, meaningful conversations, we understand that this is the internet, and that probably won’t happen all the time. Our staff and volunteer moderators are empowered to use their best judgment when moderating a post. If you feel your post has been moderated unjustly, please contact @Hapa_Fodder or @Kalvothe to discuss.

Be civil, have good, engaging, thoughtful conversations about World of Warships, and everything will be fine.