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  2. Skpstr

    Game has fundamentally changed

    That sounds like fun lol. What's the point of playing if you're going to do that? To progress? You're playing Port, not WoWS.
  3. Efros

    Bot onslaught

    yeah advanced bots gave us the kiting Yammy who turned tail at the first sight of the green team. No thanks.
  4. Gemlin

    This HAS to drive Win rate fans NUTS!

    I gave up caring of my W/L rate. Im sitting at 50%. I turned my stuff to private so I would stop seeing myself on wow numbers. That site feeds the toxic to you if you care about your W/L rate. I played coop for about a month to get away from the toxic attitude I had. Started playing randoms again for past 3 days. Day 1 - 15 wins 3 losses Day 2 - 18 wins 0 losses Day 3 - 1 win 5 losses (quit playing before I got toxic) Some days like today I get team mates sitting in corners or half the team behind one island. Somedays the players support each other and play like a real team. If Im not having fun, Im turning it off. I agree, you cant makeup for really bad players. I consider myself average. But agree sometimes match maker has it out for you.
  5. RickPatton

    Hot Damn..Nice Super Container

    Congrats and enjoy your new ship.!
  6. Efros

    German CV Directives - Progress

    Finished them at some point this morning, never even noticed to be honest.
  7. ArIskandir

    This HAS to drive Win rate fans NUTS!

    Because it is your WR the one that matters. We all know there is only so much one player can do against the odds they face, the metric is mostly to measure yourself... are you improving? where are you failing? ... there is much info you can get from your stats to help you improve your game. I don't care about my stats relative to someone else (mild lie here, can't avoid my phallic narcissist nature but try to have it in check) what is really important is my stats relative to myself. A defeat where I topped the chart and had a good performance is good enough for me, you can't always win but you do your part, that's all about it. A victory where I Yolo and then get carried is empty, a consolation prize but in the end it balances on the global scale so WR makes sense. To answer the question: I care because it reflects MY performance, not the team's.
  8. Efros

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    ah the Peniscola
  9. I would not make any predictions about that..example would be Battlefield 1942 which you could play for free until the game company (EA) shut down their servers years and years later on. But the code to BF1942 was recoded so that the baked in EA servers were not parsed and custom sites were programmed in...a revitilization of a game which broke the mold of FPS games in which you can jump into any vehicle and play them. Even now you can play BF1942. The same goes here or for anything else all depending on the game owners and their future plans when other games surpass WOWs and let it see the sunset. Will it have another chance ?...no one can tell for sure but one never knows.
  10. DevilD0g

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

    What tier was this on ? tier 3 or tier 4 ? As far as kill stealing goes, its all about timing , when to shoot and not to shoot. There is no such thing as kill stealing in reality. They are not your ships to kill, they are everyones. Sure you put 95% of damage to a ship and one guy in a battleship with one salvo takes it out. Get used to it, thats world of warships, or make sure you time your shots so you are the killer not others, its all you can do. Live with it or dont play. its designed to train you, move to random if you want more xp and more kills and see how that goes.
  11. Chozo_Elder

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

    Anything with torps is the way to go in Coop. That's just how it is because every bot loves to yolo. I occasionally take out something with no torps to Coop. Sometimes people kill everything too fast, other times I get high damage numbers. It happens. If you're not in a DD, BB brawler, or anything with torps, you'll have a rough time keeping up with everyone for a majority of Coop battles.
  12. Murotsu

    Fire on USS BonHomme Richard

    My guess is they let it get into the ventilation system and that's how it spread. The crew likely didn't act quickly enough to close down the ventilation and dampers and given the original space on fire was for vehicle stowage, it would have some serious ventilation to remove exhaust fumes and at the same time that ventilation ducting would be full of eeewwwww that burns instantly. That would have allowed the fire to quickly spread to additional compartments.
  13. Took me 11 of the non premium containers to get a single T4 bonus mission.
  14. I feel like I did good ;). Got the 14 torp hit mission randomly as well.
  15. I have the same feeling. He advises it is similar to Buffalo, but looks like a nice ship, with some interesting features. It looks like it will worth.
  16. Skpstr

    My experience lately with WoWs

    People actually "play the events"? I just play the game as usual and get free stuff.
  17. DevilD0g

    Game has fundamentally changed

    Actually I have to agree with this sentiment. Ive even seen Battleships now clumping up and hiding behind islands either 1. waiting for the dust to settle . 2 grouping together for mutual AA protection 3. just hiding so they can come out on full health and clean up kills. Unfortunately this is generally done at the expense of the Destroyers and some cruisers that get killed. Battleships dont have to and usually dont push the cap to support smaller ships even though they have the most armor and heals. Comments like "You should take a break for a while and come back" are pretty stupid because hes only reporting what hes seeing and ive seen it to, and it doesnt acknowledge the game play because its more an acknowledgement of the power creep going on. Over powered cruisers, more cruisers with smoke, radar to 12k , DD with level 56 AA when normally not above 30, Battleships that are over armored compared to its same tier or over gunned (guns bigger than yamato) , or making new battleships designed to operate as snipers and carriers like tanky heavy cruisers and not team players. These are things we all have come across and sure its good to have certain perks on certain ships but the real question that should be asked is how does it create level game play without being OP and forcing battleships to hide behind mountains where cruisers normally dwell.
  18. grimpo_gunner

    [OVRA] is recruiting active players for Randoms and Clan Battles

    Bump, we are looking for members to compete in the loop season for clan battles
  19. RickPatton

    Odin Dockyard Event: My Thoughts

    I agree and should get the Oden by the end of this week. It is worth the grind and for $15 for the remaining two directives (for some of us).
  20. Estimated_Prophet

    Ranked Battles - tier 5

    Used the last RTS T5 ranked to round off my Bogue games in Ranked to the next highest 5. Used the last recent T5 Ranked to troll Giulio Caesar’s with my New York/Texas. Fun ships to be had down there, but WG doesn’t think so.
  21. i currently top the NA leaderboard in the t8 there is always people broadside and there no bot at that tier so git gud
  22. Because playing one ship type all the time is BO-RING. Plus, playing regular ships and dealing with CVs maintains the karmic balance for when the shoe's on the other foot lol.
  23. Charon2018

    My experience lately with WoWs

    Suggested Entertainment: Queen " I Want It All".
  24. RickPatton


    So far these German containers are lame. Sorry to say.
  25. AdmiralThunder

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    This was a surprise. Best game to date in the T6 Crapacola. Only played a few games today and the ones I have are all T6 for Hapa's contest. I had a decent Arizona game earlier i entered then did a bunch of IRL stuff. Came back to play for the daily's and for some reason decided to abuse myself with Crapacola and this happened. I could hear the bot BB's salivating when the game started but I stayed as far from stuff as I could and rained the pain down from max range LOL. The T7 Crapacola was bad but still fun but this T6 version is horrendous due to the turret rotation mainly and I seldom play it. I wonder if I can get extra credit in his contest for using Crapacola? Just remember, to succeed in Crapacola...
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