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  2. xHeavy

    Which santa boxes you should pick

    I do not expect a ship. So all 8 points are going straight into the little boxes. I might buy one medium and sink the other three. The christmas boxes are not expected to be any different or better in rewards this year. In other words the megas are a whole lot of fluff nothing.
  3. TripleLibby

    Snowflakes, Narai, Scharnhorst, Luck and Hardened Eggnog. =

    Agreed, I try to play Scharny as aggressively as I can in Narai.
  4. Hes right. The sigma combined with the inaccuracy is pretty bad. All WG has to do is bring the Italians on par with the Germans and UK ships. All they can do is shoot well. Then people will want them and overlook some of the other minor issues. I had a T3 italian BB in a halloween event last month and was firing on the Ratapuskin (Spelling?) which was full broadside to me at over 2Km and closing slowly several of my rounds were dispersing in a way that some landed ahead of the bow of the darn thing and some astern from the same turret while the rest of them fell short or over. What a mess. I decided to put bow on and ram the damn thing. But with 140K in health versus my sad state its over. Game was lost. I like it when enemy BB's are at 3km or less. I know the rounds will hit and hit really hard. (And vice versa...) in other navy ships in game. Thats my MO anyway, eliminate the dispersion by getting in knife fighting range make the enemy ship so huge all the shells cannot help but hit it.
  5. Pirate_Named_Sue


    It’s great in coop. In PVP it’s a high risk boat. It gets easily blapped. Not as strong as Mainz. Pretty similar to Cleveland minus the radar. I’ve had some very fun games in it.
  6. wolfkind252

    Made in Where?

    Yea, my grandpa told my dad to buy one from teh hardware store in town that is made in the USA, they are imported here he bought one today and so far its so good the paint hasn't even come off when he stuck it ion the ground
  7. Yoshie is too easy to sink or crit. Its not that scary. Napoli is pretty good but Ive felt burned on the Italians thanks to WG. Pomm is a fun ship but I suspect she is being powercrept. I dont know anything about the Neus. Dont run into them that often. With these four being somewhat iffy in some ways I'll pick the Pom. I already own her so...
  8. Devilfrog_91

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Have a comfortable 147 ships (so far)
  9. xHeavy

    Regarding Preußen and Delny

    I consider the Hood a Battlecruiser. Her armor is pretty thin compared to the Scharnhorst. The Scharn is a battleship no question, however she is still a little battleship. She took enough abuse when the Duke of York showed up at the North Cape and that was that. However in some of the books, they did think some of the hits Hood took were good hits because the Bismarck 15 inch rounds were not always able to arm and detonate. That would be a different discussion all together. I consider the Alaska in the game a battleship. However it does have a glass jaw in the citadel in the game. Its rather a obese cruiser. I have not had done well with it, generally got burned down waiting on reloads. There are plenty of other cruisers similar that shoot better and have better protection. In the end its better that the term battlecruiser is put away. It implies that the rest of the NORMAL cruisers are inadequate to face battleships.
  10. Coupon expires on 12/10. Considering Napoli, Yoshino, Pommern, or Neustrimmy. What would you do?
  11. SKurj

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    you can't click anything anyways as you have the rt mouse button pressed... you could turn the ship with left mouse button and you could click stuff .... the rt mouse button mode i guess is for those who want to take ss... the port doesn't accept the ctrl+j command to hide the UI otherwise it looks like
  12. Thanks for the first look @SeaRaptor. I enjoy the Italian navy and like many of her ships. I do have the Napoli and think that ship is just a monster. I play coop, and sailing that ship between 2 bots with the smoke going and then torping both is fantastic. Napoli's secondaries are also excellent, so I am interested in this ship as well. I am disappointed in that sigma as well. I feel like the MP is just so erratic with her guns (but I really like my Roma), and has nothing to make up for it (like no smoke). This will be one ship I will be looking ouot for.
  13. AdmiralThunder

    Merry Christmas

  14. meatgrindr

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    Many players have no clue about this, instead just sail right into the cap and duke it out.
  15. xHeavy

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    Which is why I prefer early morning bots in Coop. The games sometimes turn into a marathon depending on what the bots do. Having all bots instead of humans on your own team turns it into a form of Christmas. Tedium sometimes set in when all the sinking is finished here at A and now you gotta sail 30 miles to go C where the last bot or two is waiting for you. As a trucker I know how to put the miles away, but its not ideal. However the game offers a end victory/defeat condition based on points when you choose to exit and take your winnings as they are.
  16. Bear_82


    I'm stealing this line
  17. Princess_Daystar

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    Base exp, and Tiers 5-10. My Omaha has been posting truly massive games the last few weeks. The only tier 4 i really play is Sveltana and i was coming close to 500 bxp most games, thought most sat at 350-400. Havent played her in awhile though. Part of my exp being so high is -always- trying to get either a capture, or a large "assist" capture. I do this both for the exp bonus, but also so that in the event im in match with less than 4 players im guranteed to win.
  18. The Tallinn was bottom tier in a bad ship and at least tried. I saw him push a bit too far, radar and get punished for it. He gained 246 BXP in about 4 minutes bottom tier, it was bad, but he contributed.
  19. xHeavy

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    I have either the Burger, Z52 georgia, Gearing etc. Most of the proceeds are being fed into the Gunther XP towards 21. I will have him at 15 and will be at about 3 to 6 weeks from 21 for him. By then the new battleships would have come out more or less. The dailies are nice, however with certain ships its not so bad. I shift to Narai or similar to erase the rest of the Dailies faster. Get up to 1300 bxp in one go. Sometimes random or ranked even. The problem is that WG never issued a definitive structure of how BXP works specifically for what points and how to earn those points and add em up. That probably is to prevent players from gaining 1000+ Bxp in coop for example. All we can go is trial and error. For example you learn its better to shoot a DD then a CA then a BB. Instead of say three DD's the BXP income is better across the classes.
  20. 7000 games and I'm trying subs a lil bit. These things aren't as simple as they seem. I'm scoring at the bottom most of the time and yeah Im not doing lower than t10 right now.
  21. CaptHarlock_222

    Snowflakes, Narai, Scharnhorst, Luck and Hardened Eggnog. =

    Having tried Heinrich, she's not quite as good as Scharn or Gneis for the job, the limited DCP and reduced heals make her less suited to the absurd aggressiveness that I normally strive for in Scharnhorst. I still think she can work, but she can't be as insanely aggressive about it. Example of insane aggression in Scharnhorst below.
  22. In gaming when you are issued something, they probably wrote a code to issue whatever inside that particular issue. In the casino however at the card machine or video slots etc. You are going up against a RNG module that rotates between 1 and 255 in binary pretty quickly. When you press the play button the computer selects that value and the game goes through the animation, lights and music but its already determined. Just run down the end and then present you with the result. Win or lose. The moment you hit the play button is it. The rest of it is just entertainment. I prefer to be at the table with a human dealer. They generally use a 6 deck shoe on cards. They will come out as they come out. If you sit long enough through 4 or 5 decks towards the bottom you will by then have a pretty good idea of what high end cards were already disposed of and whats coming. If the casino staff are smart they will change and put in a fresh 6 deck supply and change dealer by pitboss.
  23. Princess_Daystar

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    Le Terrible is my daily opener now, i usually close with New Orleans or Atlanta :3
  24. CaptHarlock_222

    Super ships coming to co-op?

    Ever since the IJN DD split and my first experiences with the Akizuki family DDs, I've gotten very conservative with my torps. I do usually only launch one set at a time unless a target needs more to put it down before it kills me. I usually use my guns to wear down a target and also to finish them when torps don't quite do it. It still tends to get me good points and allows my teammates more chances to get their own damage done, as I despise greedy DD players that rob others of a fair chance to have fun. The only times I play like that are when I have a torp hit mission or when I'm alone or near enough alone.
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