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    Forum Game - Word Association


    Not Enough DEV participation in these FORUMS

    Probably a poor assumption to think they don't at least speak it. We in the US are some of the least multi-lingual populace in the world. I still remember our instructor when I was taking some Spanish lessons: Q: What do you call people who speak three languages? A: Tri-lingual Q: What do you call people who speak two languages? A: Bi-lingal Q: What do you call people who speak one language? A: Americans When I was there, you could walk around Moscow and not know a bit of Russian and get around fine. The majority of the people could speak English to some degree. Heck, buddy of mine went into a McDonalds there. Kid at the counter took the order of one person in Russian, the one behind him conversed in fluent Japanese, spoke fluent English to him. And look at the number of YouTube videos WG puts out with the devs in their office. Many are translated, but a lot of them do speak and understand English.
  4. Meatshield_No13

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    @HazeGrayUnderway Phoenix and Leander are both excellent ship girls of a low rarity for saving oil costs. Leander shines after retrofit and Phoenix has her healing skill. For DDs they start to get long in the tooth because their evasion stat can't keep up so they start taking too many hits with their small HP pool. Cassin and Downes are a good pair though for survival due again to the healing skill they possess. For gear here is a picture that does a good job of covering most of the situations: At your stage in the game you may not be able to equip it shows, just consider downgrading to the next rarity level gun, and the numbers underneath the majority of them tell you what worlds they can be farmed for parts. If in doubt for Cruiser Vanguard Aux gears, go Toolbox and Torpedo Bulge, survival parts that will help regardless of the level. The best Cruiser guns should go on your Vanguard Cruisers and not as secondaries on BBs so it is fine to downgrade there. Also what level enhancement is your best gear? Purple plates are a pain but there is something like a 50% DPS difference between +6 and +10 guns, so if you can definitely upgrade your best gears to +10. Oil will get better in time, as you build up a larger reserve pool and earn more, I would suggest cutting back on the 1200 oil commission if it's impeding your ability to play the game, it is good XP, but if it's preventing you from advancing or playing when you want to I would say it isn't always the best choice. Edit: Unicorn, Shouhou and Ryuuhou are excellent healers able to help with propping up a Vanguard.
  5. fourteenfour

    Naval Legends: B-413 – Trailer

    So lets see, nothing to celebrate in WW2 for Soviet submarines, a fleet with one of the worst if not worst records sinking 191 ships at the cost of 101 subs. You did feature one submarine, k-21, which did for the most part nothing. However the Soviet submarine fleet is infamous for sinking Wilhelm Gustloff which was evacuating civilians and resulted in estimated deaths of 9,000. Of course this only outdid the sinking of Goya which cost the lives of over 6,000. Now it could be argued the kill death ratio of Italian submarines was worse but at least they were not sinking ships evacuating civilians, well the Italians were not sinking much of anything other than their submarines being lost.
  6. CrownoftheFleet

    How many First Bloods do you have?

    449 in 4,549 battles
  7. Navalpride33

    The NA server average damage

    That depends on how much HP is available at the start of battle AND how many other ships will mess it up... Normally, in a tier 6 battles in a tier 6 or 8 match... 50k to 75k is great... Say you have more DDs then BBs, then it will drop to 40k to 60k... Depends on ship class too... IMO 50k as long as you played the ships role correctly, played the game mode correct... 50k DMG Is the mean for tier 6.
  8. Wolfswetpaws

    Chat Funnies

  9. Arathus_1

    Getting Set on Fire More Often by Bots?

    Funny you brought this up, seems like the North Carolina gets fires like mad lately, shrugs*.
  10. Stand_Alone97

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Well certain DD's when used with other ships that buff them can remain useful. Like Yukikaze with Amagi in the back line is super tanky for a DD. Fletcher fleets need Lusty and Healing CV like Unicorn or Repair ship in the back line to keep using. Which drives up the oil cost... When setting up your Vanguards always put the most fragile ship in the middle slot, and your tankiest ship in the front slot. For instance my USN Vanguard is Baltimore, Helena, Montepeilier. Indy doesn't have a retrofit and drops off in usefulness. Portland is a great tank, Pinz Eugen and Belfast are also good at being the tank ship. If you care about advancing beyond stage 9/10 worlds you will need good cruisers and fleets with skills that create synergy as leveling advantage begins to fall away. You can save on oil by running less back line ships or a smaller vanguard. Using retrofitted ships helps a lot too. Easiest one to substitute is Retrofitted Leander for Belfast. Leander is also super cheap to Retrofit, doesn't even require gold blueprints. Subs aren't really important at all. I wouldn't waste any resources on them until you have spare time/no other needs. *Edit* Forgot Equipment is extremely important. Evasion is also one of the most important stats for CA's/CL's. Simply putting one fully upgraded Evasive mod on can change your ship from leaving a battle on half HP/low HP to taking no damage at all.
  11. I watched this yesterday and was fascinated. I see a potential problem with being a "jack of all trades and master of none". But I must admit it's a very clever idea.
  12. Wolfswetpaws

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Card Dealer
  13. USAin_Boat_OnCrack

    How many First Bloods do you have?

    2853 FBs in 30k battles
  14. Wolfswetpaws

    The NA server average damage

    Excellent game. Getting even 1/3rd of that would be respectable. This was a random match, I'm guessing. :-)
  15. Kizarvexis

    When Are Submarines Coming Out?

    Subs will still have to be buffed somewhat in speed just to fit into WoWs. But by restricting them to their own mode, you don't need as much speed. Some subs could only manage a few knots under water, so buffing them to 10 knots would not be unreasonable. Making all subs 20+ knots under water, when only one or two WWII experimental subs had this type of speed, is ludicrous. I further posit making subs start at T4, so you can include late WWI and inter-war subs and NOT skipping tiers. You end up with 6 subs instead of 3 per line, increasing the premium sub opportunities. You would have Escorts (DEs) also start at T4, furthering the premium Escort opportunities like the Samuel B Roberts. Subs are not as complicated to make for modelling as DDs or Escorts (DEs), since subs by nature had cleaner lines for faster speed under water. So you could start with subs and existing DDs and add in Escorts (DEs) later.
  16. Kuramitsu

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Oh my gulag!
  17. Just finished watching a well done video from Drachinifel on the IJN Ise ship class, this morning. It occurred to me that these are interesting ships and including them in the WOWs game would mean that BB Captains could sail ships that are equipped with their own Air Cover and strike capability thanks to the stern having been converted to become an aircraft carrier platform. If this is implemented then: ~"I need intelligence data!", requests can be fulfilled by a BB ~"Provide Air Cover!", requests could be fulfilled by a BB ~The BB with a CV stern could use a combination of its spotting, gunnery and aerial strike capability to make a difference in a battle. ~If used in a historical role, it could also be the most well-armed troop & cargo ferrying ship class in the game, thus adding to the potential number of scenario operations that could be played. To share the inspiration I go this morning, here's a link to Drachinifel's video for your enjoyment. :-) IJN Ise - Guide 167
  18. 9TenSix2Eight

    The NA server average damage

    Decent Game brother o7
  19. CompassRose

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    They're starting to release the full-sized gulag skins.
  20. Admiral_Of_The_Fleet

    The NA server average damage

    Could someone please send me a link for the Average score on ships please, I have tried looking but to no avail. I want to use it as a benchmark to improve my gameplay The reason for this screenshot - well it's my highest score in this ship
  21. LAnybody

    How long until Kitakami?

    I wasn't thinking that the Yoshino shouldn't have torps. A Yoshino without torps is the Azuma, and that ship is a piece of junk. Frankly the Yoshino should get the 8km F3 that the Zao used to have. My point is that 20km torps, on ANYTHING (including the Shima) are a very, very, very bad thing for the game. They cause team kills, really stupid behavior on the part of players of ships which have them, and generally contribute to a terrible meta. That goes for things like the Asashio. It's bad enough with the 16.5km ones on the Gearing. Frankly, 12km should be the max for anything torpedo-related in this game. Everything more than that detracts from the enjoyment of the game, since the playstyle it encourages pisses everyone off.
  22. KiyoSenkan

    So ugh...California?

    I never quite grasped just how battleship players justify to themselves that they deserve automatic protection from their own counter.
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