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  2. Wows_Nightly_News

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    Battlecruisers get classified as BBs though. Alaska, Kron, and Stalingrad are "cruiser killers". And at the end of her life, Renown was really more of a fast battleship with all those armor additions.
  3. KaptainKaybe

    Can a Tier X CV be Deplaned?

    Probably the same number of battleship players who wish there was a No DD button, lol.
  4. Blorgh2017

    I feel Yukikaze is a bit of a wasted oportunity.

    Hmm... an IJN DD with no torp... hmm. Then again, this is just a game and if WG tweaks her right, I suppose it could work. Imagine that, a torp-less DD with all guns, lol. Yeah, I guess she can be fun under right conditions. You know, maybe WG is saving such things for future? Who knows what WG has planned for the game in their "sekrit dokumentz." LOL.
  5. Kestrel_Falcon

    HMS Implacable for free?

    This is how they should of warned us! Notice how it jumps out at you? Even with my TBI/PTSD I can spot it.
  6. BrushWolf

    Kolburg not getting credit for kills

    That is probably correct but if the killer does five percent damage and you do 95% you will still earn more.
  7. Super_Dreadnought

    Akatsuki should swap tiers with Kagero

    I disagree, and we must indeed consider TRB, HP, and concealment. These are all factors which are part of the ships and make them what they are. Firstly the question will pop up at WG HQ, on whether a tier 8 Akatsuki should be given TRB. The answer is very likely going to be 'no'. I doubt WG will let Akatsuki throw 18 torpedos at people, especially given the more flexible nature of a 3x3 setup, and it would simply never make it past testing. Akatsuki irl was also about 250 tons lighter than Kagero. As tonnage has a bearing on what sort of HP WG gives ships, Akatsuki should not have greater HP than Kagero. I suspect this may have been one of the factors of why WG put Akatsuki at tier 7 in the first place. With a full tier 8 concealment build including the module, a tier 8 Akatsuki would reach 5.7km in concealment. 300m worse than Kagero, and Akatsuki will never see that Lightning or Cossack coming in before being massacred. Kagero at least has a 100m warning to begin a turn. Kagero's guns fire faster. Though only by about 0.5 seconds, that still makes Kagero a better boat to gun with. Regarding AA, why is this even considered a factor? At most Akatsuki can get measly 3 puffs of smoke if it equips the AA module at the expense of Aiming Mod 1, which is the better choice anyway for that extra torpedo tube traverse speed. Whether Kagero or a tier 8 Akatsuki, the AA won't matter against the plethora of tier 8 CVs and tier 10 CVs, if they are determined to kill you. Kagero has better rudder shift. So though Akatsuki has speed, Kagero can turn and wiggle better. This is a subjective matter of preference. Kagero has lower gun range than Akatsuki by 1 km. This is going to be a subjective point, but that means when Kagero does fire in open water, she isn't spotted from as far out. When Akatsuki does fire, on average she should have more return fire coming at her from further away. Of course Akatsuki can shoot further out but apples and oranges. Those are a few reasons I can think up atm. But no, I don't agree that Akatsuki is objectively 'superior'. It's better in some things and worse in others.
  8. The_flying_Frenchmen

    Make Your Stand - Earn Exeter FREE!

    again, it's not free if you have to work for it
  9. BINGOOO!!!! , same in reality and that is why CVs were the doom of BB, yet they included the class here....
  10. waloliso

    HMS Implacable for free?

    Not to mention they could have just stated the obvious: Cannot be obtained via missions in full -..only for a discount of max. x Yeah that is what really bugs me...there is an obvious way and then there is the sneaky way ....again..that's the issue at hand!
  11. I know you could be one of those living away from reality. BBs dont use HE vs other BBs and it wasnt that easy to set fires. I dont care nerds here gave UK BBs "bad penetration" and else crap. Theres gotta be other way to not insult knowledgable players. Much like German poor performance and almost always boincing shells(US and german shells were very good at penetrating in angles due to the shape and cap they had). Using HE is a mediocre act that this game allows perhaps to give baddies a good chance to excel in something. Still just by looking at the historical description they give to ships you can tell they have no idea what they are dealing with. IF you want to shoot HE, the dmg you cause should only be limited to optics(decrease in acuracy), radar(same) secondary AA. and some chances to main turret incapacitation or single cannon destruction. Not about setting fires when the importan parts are intact ha. But hey, planes can fly in cyclones and the mechanics of this game gets ruined from update to update. They should handle the game to a yank company because we are wasting money with they mistakes and [edited] game. Less that im not talk about scams like massa over the players already having the bama and asking:"why the [edited] did i buy the bama in the first place". Cheers
  12. BrushWolf

    FLY STRIKE WIN Question ( Another one....)

    I see you are a co-op player but you are going to have to go to randoms and look for First Blood, Fireproof, or Devastating Strike or maybe even a detonation with unprotected, no flag and no module, DD's for the best chance at an achievement.
  13. Formous

    Plane economy

    I do this too. Even in the best of cases, the planes which drop their payload take perhaps 2-3 times as much damage as the remainder of the squadron you still control. It'd be nice when I brought only a third squadron in, that those planes had the hp to get in and get back out again. It sucks that planes are more akin to Kamikazees then planes.
  14. This is an untrue statment. There are several threads on it, including a big one debunking it from littlewhitemouse. CVs limitations changed from limited capacity, to limited time in which to rebuild planes. It takes quite a while to rebuild a full squad (half the game in a short game). It is entirely possible and fairly easy to completely deplane yourself and become next to useless in several minutes, if repeated mistakes are made attacking a ship with great AA in higher tiers. A community contributer did it on stream by mistake in the Midway, just yesterday morning.
  15. Blorgh2017

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "See all these medals? You can't get them if you just lemming train."
  16. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    Guns shoot but no shells come out.

    Try this experiment, fire your guns at a little bit of a distance, then immediately hit the Z key. This will allow you to have the camera follow your shells through the air. Also will allow you to confirm if the shells are not actually firing or not. Because if the shells are firing then it may be a graphics bug that could be tracked down and fixed. But first we would need to know if the shells are truly not firing or not.
  17. ObiphanKenobi

    What is next ?

    Russian t9 Premium DD <-- looking good and hetic
  18. Col_Nasty

    FLY STRIKE WIN Question ( Another one....)

    AHHH , Yes I am using all T5 ships but I was playing COOP! I will get into Random ThNX!! Col Out!
  19. Hydra_360ci

    Can a Tier X CV be Deplaned?

    I'm not advocating manual fire AA guns. My stance is that the CV gameplay is too artificial a system for a PvP environment. I'm saying the class is broken as a whole and won't be balanced to everyone's satisfaction. It's either gonna be dominant and sink everything it touches, or feel underwhelming to the glee of everyone one else in the match.. At the very least, the CV needs an equal risk of ejection that every other Ship Class currently has. Some outside the box thinking needs to be introduced to the CV class. Something to make it more equal to all the other ships in a match. Something that makes plane deaths mean something. Such as, tie plane deaths to the CV's Health pool. Though, if WG Nerfs CV's so badly that no one wants to play them. I'm fine with that, too. ------------------------------ If there were a no CV button in the game.... I wonder how many people would push it.
  20. In all honesty, you at the bare minimum should have enough HP in a squadron to manage at least 1 to 2 strikes. Planes do so little damage that anything less is unfair. Yet I am taking Lexington planes and I see the whole squadron die so fast that they died a good 5 seconds BEFORE they reached the first spawned flak clouds. Something is rotten here, no matter how you cut it. Should you take no damage? No. Should you be guaranteed to lose 6-9 planes before you got within drop range? No. This is OP and [edited], and unfair to the CV. Those planes cost a ton, and not getting even a little out of them should send red flags.
  21. The_Massacrerer

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

  22. iiAqua

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    Norfolk at T8? Also HMS Renown or HMS Repulse may be a good match for the tier.
  23. crazyferret23777

    How to De Moines?

    Recently got her but am having trouble getting good games out of her so far. Can you guys help me to make her work? What are some of the strategies that a good De Moines player needs to use to be successful? Can she be used as a kiting cruiser or is that only when you grind to the LM? TIA
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