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  2. Harathan

    BB brawls

    I suggested the exact same thing, specifically for those players who wanted the pure "Jutland" experience they said they wanted. The suggestion got spammed with downvotes and nobody took up the idea. Because of course they didn't. They don't just want to play BBs vs BBs, they want to play BBs vs BBs in their own special game mode so they can get XP and credits for it.
  3. Bandi73

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    My point was that the fans go down only if the UI interface goes down. Which also severs the link between other parts of the game. Coz....they are not clickable anymore.. Which....doesn't make sense.
  4. MannyD_of_The_Sea

    Is Loyang B worth the dubs?

    I thought you said you were about 300 away?
  5. Harathan

    BB brawls

    Ok, so what you're saying is you found it personally offensive that I have a problem with those BB players who hide at the back sniping, and then you found it personally offensive that I suggested that 20 minutes of nothing but that sounds boring? Ok mate. You do you. Sounds exhausting. And clearly, you missed the part where I pointed out that this is a fantastic example of those aforementioned sniping BB players always coming up with new excuses about why they don't push. You literally demonstrated exactly the behaviour I was referring to. Passive BBs in games is caused by BBs. That's not an overpopulation problem. It's not a problem with SAP or DDs or any other excuses you care to name. It's because a subset of BB players just want to sit at the back and snipe. If they had their own game mode they'd still sit at the back and snipe, they'd just find a new reason to justify it, like they have for 6 years.
  6. Musket22

    WG - 3 Quick changes to make Co-op fun again

    For NP "And I know, what I'm pointing out... Don;t blame WG if you dont like the product you're advocating changes too..." No, your point is to shut people like me down from making what we believe a changes to make things better.
  7. Good point, when they finally stabilize and I possibly think about giving them a go I will at least have this supreme example to go by - sail around in circles behind friendly cruisers, never do anything. Man I'll be able to guarantee myself 200 BXP/game easily!
  8. Lord_Slayer

    Can someone explain French DD saturation?

    she is also a premium ship, has smoke, and came out before the line did.
  9. SKurj

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    so whats the problem, the fans don't go down unless the gpu load goes down... and in my case it doesn't by much at all. i believe its been stated that the port framerate is not held at the limit in game preferences, which causes heavier gpu load than the actual game does...
  10. Wow.... insinuating I'm a white supremacist because subs are terrible idea. The cognitive dissonance is real.
  11. Bandi73

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    Yes .And actually the fans gone unnoticeable .And ..that animation is nothing. Even If I take the Azur Lane ( pers fav) the same thing is happening. Ofc the fans just going down not go silent. And doesn't have water.....
  12. DrHolmes52

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    True. You should probably never start the day playing the Oklahoma in coop.
  13. You'll get something like 2500 dubloons back. I don't believe that the missions have ever given the full price of the ship back to the player.
  14. dcfan

    Merry Christmas

    I've been playing this game since open beta. In all those years I've only gotten one ship from a container; the Perth. Perth is good boot so no complaints on that. Today I got this from the black friday containers from the combat missions. plus 60k elite commander xp and 24hrs premium.
  15. Yesterday
  16. I got the Loyang B from a black friday crate. Last year, I think there were missions for the regular version of the ship that would pay doubloons matching the price of the ship. Is that still the case this year (I did not recall seeing these missions explicitly described for this year)? In other words, if I spend 8300 dubs on the Loyang, do I get 8300 dubs back by doing missions and end up getting a free Loyang? Thanks captains!
  17. SKurj

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    oh yeah always try to at least assist in a cap or 2... make it a priority
  18. SKurj

    Load times

    its definitely taking longer, but this started back in the spring... its been noticeable. i am on a i9 9900k and 32gb mem with a 2070s... os and game are on m2 ssd. (separate physical drives) not as bad as tanks though which has to be twice as long to login
  19. Nope. The entire Italian Navy tree in Wows has been pretty bad, even the Colombo. Generates a zero interest to whatever new ship that comes with wet noodle inaccurate guns.
  20. NashW8


    Oh yeah. ;)
  21. meatgrindr

    Regarding Preu├čen and Delny

    Wow- that must have made quite a racket. Drop the names of the books if they were good.
  22. Qilang


    Is it weak in current meta?
  23. xHeavy

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    Part of the problem again is bots on bot or human team wiping out bots before you accumulate BXP. Destroyers attacking base is the best way to get BXP now I am modifying that gathering by staying outside of circle with DD and shooting to farm defending base ribbions for more BXP. Its a shame that one has to change meta behavior to game the system.
  24. SKurj

    Match making, What do you think

    you done the math? its been done and posted.... how many different combinations are there of those 24?
  25. SKurj

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    the days of 2/7 we were all doing much better... sigh... back in the olden days...
  26. lbfreitasBR

    Can someone explain French DD saturation?

    Thanks, i had never fully understood this!
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