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  2. Not to mention, Narai is no more. And even IF (and I'm doubtful it will) returns, I'd expect the earnings to get hit with the same nerf hammer they used on the HIV.
  3. I'll have a look at that. Making a successful attack by manually aiming the planes is dead simple, and far easier than manual drops in RTS. It's the average players where the difference really lies. AA is still effective, but, as you've stated before, if they want to spend planes, they can't be stopped. Currently, they're playing against automatic AA, where before, they were playing against automatic AA that couldn't be mitigated, and a skilled CV player as well. I disagree. I don't see where the increased load comes in. An FPS is always easier to play than moving mutiple units in RTS.
  4. KilljoyCutter

    2 Million FXP for the Hayate and Smalland?

    Narai only pays out "too much" if you load up on every possible signal and a camo.
  5. timinindiana

    What is going on

    Posted for a few reasons..Just to get some feedback on the subject..I also needed to rant due to frustration..I do get short lived win streaks like 4 or 5 games then back to losing most of my games over a few days...I am only holding on to a 53% W/L record because I have played so many games and even at my current losing rate it will take a while to effect my overall win rate I have...Over the past 4 years winning and losing streaks happened and between those streaks I would get a few wins and a few losses always in random order but at a pretty even manner over a period of time but I never seen losing streaks any where near the severity I have experienced over the past 3 or 4 months..

    ¡Estoy feliz y enojado!

    Me encantó. Pero sabes algo que estaría muy bueno. Que hagas una síntesis en esta publicación y con un enlace derives a los lectores al artículo completo en el sitio de Reporte de Batalla.

    So ugh...California?

    Well, easy enough oversight. IMO, WV 41 is pretty forgettable. I'd much rather play Arizona than the WV.
  8. Of course it is, who said it would be eliminated? The difference is, while an average player would suffer the same fate as a bad one as far as being strafed, now they have a chance to accomplish something. I still eat flak and lose planes, but not enough to stop me from doing some damage throughout the entire game, where I couldn't do that before. Plus, even though I'm not great, I do know how to provide useful spotting, and I cannot be stopped from doing so, throughout the entire length of the match.
  9. SteelRain_Rifleman

    The tankiest ships in the game**

    Maybe you should state the definition of a tanky ship and the recommended ship types. I rarely see a DD tank, or a cruiser. But I have seen Battleship's and CVs with decent secondary battery tank. Is tanking a team technique on a cap push? Because that would be contrary to current meta. That is what potatoes do I suppose. Maybe tanking and pushing are considered obscene game play. If it's no longer acceptable, then what is? I am not trying to derail this. It's just that your data while quite true, are stats of potato players. Having said that, I would be very interested in the data on static position artillery mode, or spam for short. Personally, I like my spam diced, slightly browned and tossed in to an omelette with cheese. Sure spam goes well with tossed salads, bananas, pineapple, and other fruits. It seems spam is universally well liked. I can provide my omelette recipes upon request.
  10. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Most gratifying 'Devastating Strike' for you

    I've done the same with the Musashi since (albeit not in smoke), but it was in co-op so it didn't score a DS award.
  11. _Guest_

    How many First Bloods do you have?

    469 out of 6799 battles. .069 per battle.
  12. Ensign_Cthulhu

    So ugh...California?

    Whoops, yeah. I should have said "...with 14 inch guns in four three-gun turrets".
  13. Kizarvexis

    When Are Submarines Coming Out?

    Randoms, scenarios, and co-op would all stay the same, you would just not add subs to those modes. Subs are all about stealth and the sneak attack, which is at odds with the blast each other gunfire fest that is WoWs. Trying to get subs to fit WoWs is why we are getting WWII subs with the capability of nuke powered subs. This is madness. It would make more sense to put subs into their own mode where the only other player ships are DDs and Escorts (DEs). Then subs can be much closer to their historical selves and you can sub hunt without being under fire. What DD would slowly look for a sub while under air attack? Or worse, surface fire from cruisers and battleships? That's stupid. If subs are in their own mode, then the balance is easier. Subs are generally slow, but stealthy. Escorts (DEs) are slower than DDs, but better ASW platforms. DDs are as they are now, but not as good at ASW as Escorts (DEs). You would have a much better time balancing subs (and Escorts) only vs DDs instead of everything.

    Not Enough DEV participation in these FORUMS

    From time to time there are responses from them. Heck, it could be worse. The Magic Snail game (that shall not be mentioned) Devs only talk to the community reps (think equivalent of what Fem was doing before she left WG NA) a couple times a year. Only by appointment and with a limited time. And never in person.
  15. Skyspartan

    The tankiest ships in the game**

    i agree midway is best tanky ship! always at long range BBs be overpening Damage control is super effective Shells be ricocheting and shattering did i forget to mention it actually has a torpedo belt dont know if any other CVs have it like all CVs superstructure is tiny

    So ugh...California?

    Actually two premiums at T6. Arizona and WV 41. WV never interested me due to the lack of speed. But there was an event last year where you received a T6 container from a list they had published. Only one on the list I didn't have was WV. So now I do. About the only thing it's good for is in Aegis or Killer Whale. Only other thing would be if WoWS has a mission that requires farming over-pen ribbons. Even counting Ops and Snowflake events, I doubt I've played ten battles in it. So I seriously doubt I'd be interested in Cali. But I'm sure WG will sell plenty of them no matter what. With the hoarders, those whose home state is Cali, and so on, plenty will pony up for it. I just don't see the appeal. But to each their own.
  17. ItsSubmersible

    Getting Set on Fire More Often by Bots?

    Bot AP apparently can set fires. Bot ANYTHING sets fires. Bot torps probably set fires. Bots ALWAYS set fires.
  18. Navalpride33

    Not Enough DEV participation in these FORUMS

    Content are subject to NDA, Embargo restrictions... No gaming development company reveal any information until the terms are lifted.
  19. I still don't quite have an answer. I see opinions and chatter. I am OK with both but is there an official rule or is it just a recognized Etiquette to not speak about certain things? That we not under any circumstances, "name and shame" under threat of being banned, retaliated against or (gasp) be labelled as a snitch, a fink or a tattletale? If so which is it?
  20. TornadoADV

    Getting Set on Fire More Often by Bots?

    The AI does get a fire chance bonus in Operations, but as far as PvE goes, they run the same stats as players do.
  21. Shipmaster_Crook

    [] Crook's World Modpack.

    HMS Klas Horn is now skinned for next patch:
  22. We see the same old arguments go unanswered This forum is a part of the game. Players want answers Ignoring them here hurts the game just as bad as bad operational decisions deployed in game. If you guys know something spit it out dont just let us argue endlessly about things over and over again.
  23. Rhayzor

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Square Deal
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