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  2. In all honesty, you at the bare minimum should have enough HP in a squadron to manage at least 1 to 2 strikes. Planes do so little damage that anything less is unfair. Yet I am taking Lexington planes and I see the whole squadron die so fast that they died a good 5 seconds BEFORE they reached the first spawned flak clouds. Something is rotten here, no matter how you cut it. Should you take no damage? No. Should you be guaranteed to lose 6-9 planes before you got within drop range? No. This is OP and [edited], and unfair to the CV. Those planes cost a ton, and not getting even a little out of them should send red flags.
  3. The_Massacrerer

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

  4. iiAqua

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    Norfolk at T8? Also HMS Renown or HMS Repulse may be a good match for the tier.
  5. crazyferret23777

    How to De Moines?

    Recently got her but am having trouble getting good games out of her so far. Can you guys help me to make her work? What are some of the strategies that a good De Moines player needs to use to be successful? Can she be used as a kiting cruiser or is that only when you grind to the LM? TIA
  6. hungariantank123

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Why is there a lemming train going to A and im all by myself at C?
  7. Admiral_Thrawn_1

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    What you have to remember is these are NOT the old RTS CVs where you only had certain amount of aircraft for the entire battle and could end up with an empty CV. Instead the Reworked CVs get unlimited aircraft so if you hit a target and lose all your planes just switch over to another aircraft type to attack with. I have tried the new CVs and found if you cycle between all 3 aircraft types, you never run out. To balance this the AA defenses are possibly better than RTS CV days, hard to say exactly since back then you could simply take every squadrons n you could put up into the air together and just overwhelm enemy targets in with the sheer numbers of planes. That’s also what’s making it more difficult to judge what is going on now. But truth be told I preffered using the RTS CVs over these Reworked ones. Although as I have pointed out before in other threads, they probably needed the Reworked CVs in order to make Submarines a more viable addition to the game without constant detection and attacks from planes.
  8. You cannot "recall" or control a squadron that has already attacked. They go back to the CV automatically after the attack and are out of your control. I am advising not to take a full squad into an attack in which you are going to lose a bunch of planes before they can do anything anyway. I am advising to avoid doing this entirely. This addresses part of the OP's problem.
  9. TheOmegaDuck

    Guns shoot but no shells come out.

    Seconded on the replay - This is really weird, I'd like to see it. You say no shells come out - You can't physically see them I presume? Have you tried firing at a stationary target to see if you can get hit ribbons? (IE There's just a rendering issue) Is this with all of your ships, or just one?
  10. JediMasterDraco

    Kolburg not getting credit for kills

    I believe getting the kill is equal to doing 15% of the ship's HP in damage.
  11. Kael_17

    HMS Implacable for free?

    A semi-colon is used to separate closely related (ie, how to obtain Implacable) but independent clauses. The first clause makes it clear that it would not be possible to outright acquire this ship through doubloon to crown conversion and purchase of containers. The second clause indicated that grinding would be required. These two clauses exist independently of each other. If Wargaming had meant for this statement to mean that both would be required they should have used a coordinating conjunction in place of the semi-colon.
  12. Steeler_Nation_USA

    What is next ?

    Playing the hell out of the Div 2, and trying to dodge airplanes in my few WoW plays.
  13. ObiphanKenobi

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    you are discussing something completely outside what the OP want to complain about OP are already making several attacks and complained that every time after he attacked, he recall his squadron and in doing so he lost the entire squad because of a lone bb AA. 2 totally different scenario
  14. Venator77

    How can I change music mode?

    I don't quite follow. I know of the option to play your own music in settings, but I'm afraid it won't play the correct music at the correct time. Is there anyway I can get certain music playing at certain times?
  15. cavscout1739

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    If I had 12 PT boats running in for torpedoes, wouldn't I like my secondary gunners to whittle down their numbers before I attempt to torpedo beat? If I have 12 planes (conveniently all attacking from the same direction), wouldn't I want my anti-aircraft gunners to drop as many as possible? This is only a problem (losing planes) for the carrier driver. Surface combatants have their own salty axes to grind regarding the carrier re-work. Complaining about flying into a bees nest of AA and then getting paid out for doing it, is just plain silly. I stay away from those targets until HE has whittled some of that defense off. Or, I attack from the off-side (assuming that the ship doesn't change its priority with that in mind), or I wait for DFAA to stop throwing flak in my face (about 30 seconds, thereabouts), and I wiggle between the flak, or I drop planes before the attack, or just plain go and make friends with a lolibote what's trying to cap a cap. Carriers aren't the weapons from prior to 0.8.0; they've been gimped so they're about as effective as a destroyer in scouting, turning the surface combatant to face away from a torp run, and in general harassment and zone interdictment. In fact, I feel that fighting back against carrier pilots, who are just trying to score massive damage and XP anyways, is like taking candy away from a baby. All of their attacks have been gimped, the run in is gimped, the planes' HP isn't up to the task and yet, they still keep plugging on. I don't know where the re-work will end up. I do know that playing carriers (and shooting their planes down), is vital to the developers in figuring out how to make it all work.
  16. Wows_Nightly_News

    I feel Yukikaze is a bit of wasted opertunity.

    You know people would go crazy for an IJN torp boat with good AA or defensive fire.
  17. If you are going to recall them before they have dropped their weapons on the target, there is no point in taking them into the attack in the first place. Drop them in open water before you attack and send them home. "Don't complain" is a very broad statement. While I am an advocate of CVs in this game, there is nothing wrong with bringing problems to light, if they exist.
  18. Estimated_Prophet

    I feel Yukikaze is a bit of wasted opertunity.

    Or like someone else suggested; (LWM maybe?) a heal to help represent her being a lucky ship and surviving all the time.
  19. JohnPJones

    Modern presidential yacht

    Ya, putting the president on a massive target sounds like a wonderful plan... thinking of the logistics of it, when they design capital ships do they also include berths for the secret service detail and what not into any specific accommodations made for the president on dedicated warships?
  20. ObiphanKenobi

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    an inexperienced CV player always complain. Bruh, listen, after you unload your payload, you still in control of the whole squadron, use WASD to steer them clear or outside of the targeted AA range and re call them. Most of the time, CV player neglect this and though oh I drop my payload, let recall them right away for another run/strike or continue spam attack. NO NO NO, your planes auto return and flight through all the flaks, IT YOUR INCOMPETENCE and not pay attention to game detail. ALSO, while WASD, you can boost, call in fighters to distract AA or pretend attack to lower altitude. It is a new concept of play CV now, learn and adapt to the new game mechanics, everyone want to play CV have to. DONT COMPLAIN, it very negative, but look into what you done and find a better solution
  21. Admiral_Thrawn_1


    Oh that’s nothing, I have seen 10 allied ships on a flank be destroyed by 2 enemy ships before. Lol thankfully such bad matches on that scale are rare. And to be fair I have been one of the 2 ships holding off the enemy successfully on a flank before, so I can’t really complain since having such a battle once in a great while is fun.
  22. CaptainTeddybear

    PvP Operations

    Even though it's an arcade game I think T7 - T8 matchups that theoretically could have happened if history went a little differently would appeal to a decent number of players.
  23. Can we see a replay? Had you contacted support? They'll be under the replay folder where your game is installed. Just upload the replay file here.
  24. Cpt_Barrett

    You lose all your planes just for attacking now

    Because the automatic damage is what kills, or flack that you can no longer dodge. There is no "risk", it's pretty much a done deal. And if you spend the time trying to fly out of the aura, even then the number of planes that survive are few if any. Usually it is only one or two planes. AA is too strong at this time, if you can't see that then you are obviously not objective, and there is no point in debating this...
  25. TheOmegaDuck

    FLY STRIKE WIN Question ( Another one....)

    First off - There's no achievements for 3 or 4 kill games at the moment. Kraken is rewarded for 5 Kills. Second - There's no achievements in coop - Are you playing random? Third - Like Burnsy said, are you playing the right tier'd ships?
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