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  2. Kuckoo

    Can I have a refund for Ohio?

    Ten battles and you're prematurely drawing conclusions in a long, dramatic post. Typical.
  3. ArIskandir

    Anger management

    This would be the ideal solution and the "take away" from this thread. A more fluid system to report these types of events "on the fly" would help keep the environemnt cleaner.
  4. Slimeball91

    Anger management

    I'm guessing WG doesn't want to make it that easy. If it were, WG would get bombarded with tickets, because people would abuse this feature. I personally wouldn't feel the need to reply, but I do agree with you. Let both parties blow off steam, and then be done with it. If one party feels the need to be overly abusive, or grossly out of line, then reporting would be appropriate.
  5. Mordt

    Can I have a refund for Ohio?

    That was… unexpected…
  6. Many have understood for years - including even WG itself at one point - that subs would be extrinsic to the game. It's not (or shouldn't be) difficult to understand. We've seen reactions to their presence time and time again, from the marked drop in server population when subs released, to the countless, daily anti-sub threads in the forums, to the still-continuing "glad subs aren't in this match" comments in the game chat, to the toxic chat directed particularly at subs that have just been sunk, etc... WG have outdone themselves in implementing a type that might possibly be more hated than post-rework CVs. That's an achievement.
  7. Lert

    Wear your safety gear when you go motorcycling

    It can. And it was a very windy day. My own stupid fault for going riding, I am very aware of that. Painfully so. Literally.
  8. Which reminds me. Players were fine with some of these Cruisers and even Battleships going at super ridiculous speeds. Speeds far beyond what they were ever designed for. Georgia, Engine Boosting French BBs, Bayern, Normandie (designed for 21kts in WWI, goes 29.5kts in WoWS ). Henri IV running down Destroyers, etc. But hold on now! Submarines going faster than they should have! "That not realistic, WG!"
  9. Lert

    Wear your safety gear when you go motorcycling

    Very true. There are two kinds of bikers: those who've fallen and those who will. It's just a shame my bike got so busted up. I'll likely be out of pocket at least $2000 to get her roadworthy again, let alone all the extras like the fairing and cases. Those aren't necessary for function, but they were expensive.
  10. I had very high expectations about Ohio given she's often flauted as "Best RB ship" and all that jazz. My disappointment was monumental to put it mildly, I honestly fail to see what's all the hype about this ship. Maybe it is because I'm spoiled by Thunderer, Bourg and GK. Maybe it s because I don't really click with the passive, sleep inducing playstyle this ship seems tailored to. Maybe it is because I've been extremely unlucky with the MM draws I've been having with this ship, to the point I believe she has the secret perk "Useless team DDs" ingrained in its code... whatever the cause, it has been a "hate on first sight" situation, I hate Ohio and she hates me with a passion. It all starts with what is likely the clumsiest hull I've had the misfortune to play in this game. This thing takes 2 years to speed up and one month to turn its rudder, she's the embodiment of Newton's First Law and her mass generates such a powerful gravity well that pulls every torpedo in the area towards her hull. This hulk is utterly incapable of any type or reactive dodging unless the torpedoes are spotted weeks in advance and a written notification has been sent in triplicate to the ship's helmsman. I am not just annoyed but hurt in my "torpedo dancer" pride to have taken more torpedoes in a couple matches playing this ship than what I take in a regular month of playing the game. It is shameful and to add salt to the wound I've been also torpedoed by Subs 2 times (not sunk but got a faceful of torps I would had easily dodged in a "normal" ship). So what does get in return this lumbering torpedo catching device? I'm not impressed by the firepower, 8 guns even if 457 mm don't deliver a volume of fire I would consider remarkable. It certainly feels inferior to Thunderer, which is much more patent in the HE performance, which I consider very lackluster in Ohio. Imo, her strong suit is delivering plunging AP shells on BB targets at 20+ kms of range, which I grant she does competently if your aim is true, you'll get some Cits on unsuspecting, predictable targets. Landing long range shots on something performing active dodging is very unreliable, given the flight time is significant when your shells need to re-enter from orbit. So, 8 barrels of hard hitting but slow AP shell, mediocre HE, uninspiring RoF for an 8 gun BB... this is nested firmly in "meh" territory. The hull is tough as nails and very hardy you would say... I couldn't care less about it I say in return. AP mitigation goes by basic angling and situational awareness so I don't need the hull to have a triple layer of vibranium armor, what I need is decent mobility and concealment values to control the engagements, which is sorely lacking here. As impervious as Ohio can be to AP, she is as vulnerable to Fire as anything else and we already covered how unsuited she is to survive a torpedo heavy environment. Does she have excellent survivability?... imo not really, she might have good resistance to specific types of damage but remains very vulnerable to some common damage sources, overall just rates average in my book. All of this before even entering the annoying reality of the world this ship is called to inhabit. A world where decent screening does not exist, making good mobility and vision control of paramount importance. A world in which you'll need to deal with multiple DDs, Submarines and other torpedo sources in every match... did I already complained about the 6km Airstrike range? This ship fits the current meta like my foot fits a nail. I think I can finally grasp all the hate I read on the "current" state of the game... if this is the sort of ship you like to play and the gameplay style you cherish... I totally get why you hate the guts out of everything. I don't blame the environment (meta), it is what it is... I blame the ship that sucks in such meta, and I blame myself for expending my RB points in a museum ship. Now I'm stuck with this cancerous red stats on a ship I loathe to play, which is also cursed with the worst case of "you'll lose no matter what" any of my ships have had in recent memory. I have not had any decent DD player share my spawn in any of the games I've played so far, each and every game my flank has been deserted or the DD died 5 minutes in. Each and every match I have had zero vision control, zero screening (I had one match with a decent Sub tho). Even then, I lost 3 matches on points after having beaten back the enemy because the point disadvantage was too great to overcome despite my best efforts. This ship is too clumsy and unwieldly to be able to operate on heavy torpedo environments, meaning you can't succesfully push caps held by torpedo totting ships...and there's no shortage of those: Shimakazes, Yamagiris, Yueyangs, Hallands, IJN CLs, Pan-Asian CLs, Submarines... At least GK has a hydro that can provide you a window for aggressively pushing torpedo units, Ohio gets a middle finger. I would gladly refund this ships for half my RP points if that were an option. /Rant off
  11. Navalpride33

    Anger management

    At the same time, staff is making the effort to change players' mentality and making the case, this is not tolerated. If the police chief in a given jurisprudence, is telling the populous a certain crime will not be tolerated and victims are encouraged to file a report. Yet, people still will not report the crime ( either because of red tape or laziness), then this issue will continue to happen even with, increased scrutiny. I view it as You can take a thirsty horse to the pound but you cant force it to drink situation.
  12. cheekywarship2018

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I personally firmly rate the original AL Anime above KC Season 2. Both are flawed but at the very least the AL anime is interesting to watch and we got to see the characters show their true personalities(with one possible exception) and it's what ultimately turned me into a Belfast simp. The High School Fleet anime is one that I have mixed feelings about in all honesty and before KC season 2 came it was probably my least favorite anime that I saw. The characters I didn't find it particularly fun or entertaining to watch which is rather damning considering the type of show HSF is. Everything just feels low stakes in the show except toward the end of the season meaning it was an absolute slog to get through. This is also without getting into the HSF movie which in my infinite wisdom I decided to watch and I can safely say that's one hour of my life I'm never getting back. It suffers from the same issue as the series but is somehow worse because the plot and threats are underdeveloped. I'm not joking, we're never shown who the antagonists of the movie are, told their motivations, etc the audience has to guess all of that which is just so lazy and poor writing. I'm not sure between KC S2 and HSF as a whole which I found more of a chore to slog through but both were just so boring. There's a lot that can be said about why these series are bad but I think the most fundamental one is that I don't have a reason to care about the characters in KC S2 and HSF whereas I do with the KC S1 and the original Azur Lane anime and that's why enjoy the latter and I can barely stay awake during the former two.
  13. slider37

    [ALL] ModStation

    Is this a rule change? A mod shall not have data on other ships' performance parameters? Or is it due to some peculiarity of this patch that such mods have to be disabled for now but they will come back later?
  14. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Anger management

    I'd love to be able to reply to them in kind - we throw a few insults at each other, we walk away with the requirements of honour served and that's the end of it - but chances are I'd be the one who got reported, not the one who started it all.
  15. iDuckman

    Anger management

    You want WG to shoot him ?! It's a fair cop.
  16. HazeGrayUnderway

    y no Star Blazers partnership??

    A bunch of people from Kantai Collection, including myself, were introduced to WoWS a long time ago due to word of mouth about "a warships game" with WWII-era botes. Many of the ships we were familiar with from KanColle were in WoWS because the original ship lines were IJN & USN. I used to frequent a 3rd party fan forum for KC and I knew we had some members that were in alpha and beta. I recall talk about, "OMG Des Moines is so OP!" and all that. The very first fleet I was a member of in WoWS was run by someone on that forum until he just stopped playing. We also used to have lots of KC references in the chat when the game was newer like people saying "Poi" in chat. There was even a picture of Lesta Studio, the ones that developed WoWS, where they had artbooks and stuff for Kantai Collection because some of them were fans of the game. Specifically they had an official one with Yamato on the cover on their shelves, this one: But we never had a KC x WoWS collab. We have had High School Fleet, ARP, Azur Lane several times each. We even had Legend of Galactic Heroes when it was being redone, and that was a franchise that had been dormant since the 1990s. But no KC x WoWS collab. There's a reason for this though. KC had long been a Japan-only IP. Even being the first of the shipgirls games and becoming a hit, it maintained being a Japan only franchise. It came out before WoWS. They have had many collabs over the years: https://en.kancollewiki.net/Merchandise/Promotional_Collaborations But if you look, none of those collabs are with entities outside Japan. They had a collab with Pizza Hut for goodness' sake, but only in Japan. But the idea of a KC x WoWS collab died forever a while back. DMM is the publisher for Kantai Collection. DMM also eventually became the publisher for "That other game" in Japan in 2016. So that's it. Most especially so when "That other game" finally delved into naval warfare. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMM.com#2016 There's also the fact that KC has long kept even its foreign fans at arm's length away. A great example was they never made an English UI for their game. You had to rely on 3rd party applications for that. Even then it was not even an overlay of the UI itself. Real PITA. DMM would happily accept your US credit card number to pay for ingame purchases for a game in Japan, but they would never even give you an English UI. Because **** us, that's why.
  17. tcbaker777

    Anger management

    just tell them as im going to start doing "Cope, seethe and mald"
  18. Mr_Argamas

    Anger management

    Here's the problem though: most people won't bother to take the time to report beside a right-click/report from the game client. Ideally, it would be possible to create tickets right from the game client and it would attach a replay and some details automatically too. WG would make it easy so that the average guy who is not too familiar with screenshots and replay files can do it too. Otherwise, I feel like the burden remains on the victim to build a "case", more or less. And that has its limits as well.
  19. What are the best Battleship, Cruiser and Destroyer for Tier 9 Brawl?
  20. Navalpride33

    Anger management

    I prefer not to game in a corporate police state. I love to have freedom of speech however that doesn't mean I'm immune to consequences of my action if someone reports me. .
  21. SuperComm4

    Too many planes

    This a hundred thousand times over! Player controlled aircraft and their spotting abilities create an outsized impact on the game. The RTS era was rough too though, as a skilled player could not be countered. I wish they had tweaked that angle, or gone the way they went for Dutch cruisers and ASW strikes for CV strikes. CVs and Submarines play a different “game” than surface ships. I won a match when a low hp CA kiting away at 20km was sunk by a single shell…Sadly for him: the mouse was bumped and the reticle was on an island 5 km short of him…RNG took over and one shell (of 8) went straight to him, breaking away from the pack of mistimed shots. Citadel hit on an end on CA without actually aiming at him. The other 7 shells hit the island 5 km short. I would tend to agree. They definitely are gaining new players, and I still see over 12k on my server at peak times, and honestly that is a bit more than pre Covid where it was dropping to around 11k. But churn is definitely involved, making many of the new players awful, and they do not seem to stick with the game. They play, buy a few premiums or CVs trying to Pay-to-win, and realize skills are needed, then they get frustrated & quit. I notice this a lot when recruiting new players to the clan.
  22. WhaleWarrior

    Anger management

    The fact that WG doesn’t detect and follow this kind of issues, allowing them to happen, unless, as you mentioned, someone create a ticket. That is more concerning, than the act of this particular individual Itself.
  23. Karstodes

    An other AA topic

    Oh, Anti-Air! A system that have a disproportionate curve in relation with the Anti-CV in the game. But one thing for sure: AA is not what it was. We know that, and it was stated several time. But like Rozhestvensky said after risking a War with the British ''Then, it got worse''. AA is, since the CV reworks, not rewarding, I am not talking of XP or credit, but of actual game experience. Yes, you can shot down planes, and even a lot of them. Yet, quite often the CV will continue to drop on you like a DJ drop the bass. Very few ships have actual AA able to do something, and most of these heavily rely on concealment.... and everyone knows the story of ''A Minotaur and an APC Type 91 enters a bar''. But lately we have something even worse creeping in the game. Something that makes AA even more irrelevant... Magical Fairy Planes.... hum hum.... Consumable Planes. Because yeah, nothing screams ''AA is useless'' than waves of planes where shooting down 2-3 do not impact the next waves. I could point how most of the Hybrids pushed by Wargaming are pretty far from their actual use, but it doesn't change that if a Louisiana decide to drop some spicy squirrel soup on you, no matter how many planes you shot down, you will not feel rewarded. There is 3 options: 1: Wargaming keep it as it is since it's make the plane gameplay of these ships excessively easy so any week end warrior can manage to use them and feel empowered. 2: Implement some plane regen similar to the CV. Would be harder to implement and requires more balancing. 3: make the cooldown of the consumable affected by the numbers of shot planes (likes, Base X + 5 sec per planes shot down). The later seems to be a better option. It seems fairly simple to implement, shouldn't impact too much the balance of these ships while also giving the illusion to the victim that shooting down planes have an impact. Not perfect (nothing is, and to my opinion the current ''Strike hybrid'' concept is pretty poor) but at least it is ''something''. Oh, and please.... forget the hybrid DD? Make it a smoke Fletcher with a spotter planes and call it a day. No need for DD that will hide in the back to play like some stealthy CV.
  24. Today
  25. I first started playing in 2016 and quit in 2018 because of Ranked and the Save-A-Star mechanic. Back then, I think my personal best was 1 star into Rank 2, or maybe it was 1 star from Rank 2. Anyway, I didn't like it then and I quit because of it. I'm recently back in Wows, and I am playing Ranked because I can farm what I want from it with 12 wins per sprint. I don't care about progressing at all. I still see the Save-A-Star mentality in my teams, even in Bronze. So I'm not letting myself even think of trying to get into Silver or Gold. Not a fan of subs, but I can live with it if our teams sub is at least equivalent to the red team's sub. However, just like CV's, those two lines have a disproportionate impact relative to skill level. A skilled CV will easily carry an entire team, and if your green CV is not equivalent in skill, its inevitably a blowout. As for subs, I'm not fond of being shotgunned by a sub no one go to see until the last minute, and no one gets to see until it does it again. There is not really good counterplay with subs to justify their presence in ranked. I'm also of the mind that ships that can't be obtained anymore shouldn't be allowed in Ranked. It can't just be me that perceives the teams with the Musashis, Alaskas and Behnams are winning more often than not. Or at the very least, unobtainable ships should only be matched against the same ship. So each team gets a Musashi, or an Alaska or a Benham. There are probably more ships than that, but those are the 3 that I feel confident predicting win or loss just by the ship composition between the two teams.
  26. Navalpride33

    Cookbook: Argentinian Locro

    It just looks like a Spanish version of the Japanese Udon Dish. Now, I've never heard of this dish before but man does it looks appetizing. Great cooking and preparation. Though, I wouldn't use a food item like a chorizo as a garnish. Its just a matter of principle. Add the food to add to the flavor or structure to the dish. Not, to make it "look" good.
  27. SuperComm4

    Can we fix this class?

    I can vouch for your understanding, after watching your DM hold a flank on your own for half a match. Regarding the post topic: your points on BBs fall down to the fact that they are the most numerous class played. Many of the newer classes like gunboat DDs and submarines feast on battleships, but that still has not dented the volume of BBs played; it has only made them more passive. I loved brawling BBs, but do better with long range builds now. This, to me, is the key of everything. Vision control is why DDs and CVs (and now subs) are despised: a bad player in one or multiple of these classes leads to a defeat. Back line passive BB players (of which there are plenty) can still shoot what they can see. And in most steamrolls you have “kill focused” DD players, often found behind battleships in their Shimakaze’s. I would love spotting to be “map only” as opposed to direct firing solutions like it is now. But that would kill the island humping CA play that some lines are designed around, as well as DD’s firing from smoke. Odd pickle the devs have created.
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