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  2. Played 12 games in Randoms yesterday, no CVs. Most of those were enjoyable and a couple were close. I go to Coop to mess around with Bretagne and every game has a bot CV, except when they have a human CV. Do the bot CVs need XP? Are they grinding ships out of stock? Short of coin? What benefit to any human is there from having a bot CV every game? At least put a No Bot CV button for PvE.
  3. Eu gosto muito de jogar com DD e a maioria das partidas é de dominação. Mas como jogar razoavelmente com tiers altos (8, 9 e 10) em partidas com tantos radares? Como conseguir capturar, ou mesmo lançar torpedos, atirar, fazer experiencia razoavel e conseguir sobreviver? Hoje joguei uma partida com 4 Missouris, 2 Des Moines e 2 Baltimore. Não dá pra fazer nada. Assim que o cara é detectado ele liga o radar. Se você tenta capturar, morre... se tenta usar fumaça, morre...., se lança torpedo, o cara detecta os torpedos, liga o radar e vc morre de novo. Tem radar demais no jogo e com alcance longo demais!!! Dificilmente joga-se uma partida que não tenha 4 navios com radar de cada lado. Aí vem o problema da captura. Os jogadores de BBs e CCs estao acostumados a ficar na retaguarda, atras de uma montanha, só atirando facilmente nos alvos que os DDs espotam. Vida fácil essa ein? Esperando que os DDs deem a testa e façam a captura. Geralmente as partidas tem 4 DDs de cada lado e em 3 minutos de partida, os que tentam capturar morrem todos. Vc começa a capturar e um cara lá a 10km, atras de uma montanha liga o radar, vc leva uma chuva de balas e morre. Ai os BBs e CCs que deveriam dar apoio recuam assim que percebem que vai ser dificil a captura e o DD morre sozinho. Sempre o time em que os BBs e CCs avançam junto, eles capturam, matam os DDs adversarios e vencem a ronda. Quando nenhum dos times faz isto, o mais comum é os DDs morrerem todos em 3 minutos. E quando sobra 1 DD em um time, este vence a partida. Oque eu já tinha percebido, é que os DDs tem evitado tentar capturar. Tenho visto muitas discussões no chat de DDs reclamando da pouca participação dos demais tipos de navio na tentativa de capturar. E geralmente a discussão se inicia porque os BBs reclamam que os DDs morrem tentando capturar e não conseguem. Mas está dificil capturar e sobreviver sem apoio de verdade. Ficar esperando atras de montanhas não conta. Ontem jogando uma partida, eu e os outros 2 DDs tentamos a captura, quase morrermos, detectados por radar, perdemos muito HP e os BBs e CCs nos abandonaram sozinhos no A e no B, assim que notaram que a captura seria dificil. Houve uma discussão no chat, e os 2 DDs foram para os cantos do mapa e abandonaram a partida. Eu tb fiquei irritado e fiz o mesmo. Está complicado, porque exatamente os navios mais fortes, que podem levar tiros, não querem dar a testa pra nada. E os DDs que não sobrevivem a uma salva de tiros, não tem outra opção a nao ser dar a testa para espotar. Se ele não espotar ele também não tem alvos. Ao espotar, os navios maiores do seu time, atras das montanhas, acabam com o alvo adversario, muitas vezes antes dele ter alcance para lançar seus torpedos, não fazendo experiencia nenhuma. Ao espotar alguém liga o radar e ele é detectado. Estando em mar aberto (porque nao da pra espotar atras de uma montanha), encontrando um alvo, como fazer para atirar? Se usar fumaça o alvo some... e alguem liga o radar. Se esconder atras de uma montanha para atirar o alvo também some, mas se o adversario ligar o radar, o time inteiro dele te vê. O jogo precisa mudar isto de alguma forma. Quem espota alvos, tem de receber uma boa experiencia por isto, mesmo que não cause danos. Senão jogar com DD em tiers altos é só prejuizo na enorme maioria das partidas. Os radares tem de ser repensados: ter alcance menor, menos cargas e não podem detectar alvos atras de montanhas. E os DDs tem de ser novamente capazes de enxergar os alvos mesmo estando dentro da fumaça.
  4. Opponent tier

    Like world of tanks, it's +/- 2 lvls of matchmaking except for tier 4 protected MM, like the previous poster mentioned. The only WG title that has +/- 1 tier MM is world of warplanes(it also has respawn).
  5. I have to say thank you for a well spoken description of the current CV issues. In particular the de-sync issues, something I see more and more often with the server move/consolidation. I was unaware of the deliberate use of that mechanic, but in retrospect I should have known Sadly, with WG downsizing the Warships staff by roughly 33% (they closed the California office), I don't think we will see any remedies soon. All the same, well spoken, effort appreciated! Theodin
  6. Hi, first of all thanks for the work on the skins, very much appreciated. Would you mind checking the download links for the USS Saipan (leads to Saratoga) en USS Ranger (leads to first post). Cheers!
  7. Who have you seen in game

    For some reason trap games are always close, which is nice.
  8. Hello im new and france.

    I second reading patch notes it was quit amusing when they released pan asian dds and everyone in pan asian dds kept trying to torp each other and were getting mad it wasnt working. But welcome and enjoy the game!
  9. Yeah it definitely has that new ship flavor going for it meaning people haven't learned how to adapt to it yet. A lot like how the Tier 4/5 German BB's were for people at first. Although, in the case of Konig, it's still pretty strong.
  10. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    All I know is I got my Missouri Free Exped before she was removed(Smug Face Here) took ALMOST every good Camo and signal I had to do it but do it I did
  11. So is a Shima vulnerable as a target - look at the size of it. Only very slightly smaller than a Z52 at 75% of the HP. And if someone's chasing a high-tier IJN DD in a tail-chase, they're stupid. Well, except if they're in a Z-52, which - provided the moron doesn't try to slide sideways and bring the rear turret to bear - seriously out-guns in the Shima in a chase. It's the Shima's 2 rear turrets vs the Z52's two front turrets. 75k max DPM for the Shima, and 90k max DPM for the Z-52 (assuming HE due to the angles). Fletchers are even worse, as they're only able to bear 2 guns forward or 2 guns rear, yielding a meager 64k DPM. And the KM DD AP works just fine on other DDs for pens, not overpens, on a broadside. Really, the only time the Z-52 isn't gonna dominate over another DD in CQB is if the person driving the Z-52 is stupid and sails broadside to the opponent. Which, sadly, many people do. It's a little more dicey in the Z46/23, because they do have a substantial portion of their firepower requiring exposing their broadside. And, of course, all of this ignores the fact that the KM DD trump card is Hydro/smoke.
  12. Best Allied CA for new OP?

    It wasn't a blind assumption and I suggest you read everything involved. The OP is generally a bit of aloft when it comes to Naval terminology as I've been around this forums for a very long time and have read quite a bit of his posts. A lot of the new to Naval aspects like to use CA as a blanket term. So instead of running 5 battles to use an alt account to post on these forums you might want to learn the people you are talking with more frequently.
  13. Best Allied CA for new OP?

    Russia was an Allied nation too. They can do anything they want for the operation, just saying.
  14. Stop Being Useless!

    HAH, someone actually thinks humanity can improve in any way, and more importantly think they are important enough to make demands of other people. OP you have an issue.
  15. Best Allied CA for new OP?

    Op's title asks for CA. again, not to be that guy but I suggest you actually read everything involved in a thread rather than just making blind assumptions.
  16. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    Appreciate the amount you wrote in regards to the subject (thank you ), however the actual results do not stack up - you state there is balance, yet take a look at the stats for damage; theories are great, but facts/evidence show how it really is. Show me a DD that is in the top half for damage from tiers V-X that isn't withdrawn from purchase; there are 3! (and no, the much cried about Khab isn't one of them). Put simply, the amount of damage a DD 'could' do would easily have it sit with the other ships in regard to damage, however they do not. So in this war game, why would a ship be made with the ability to cause comparable damage but then not do so - it is relatively simple - the game mechanics. A DD is capable of doing a comparable amount of damage as any other ship. Out of 51 DDs only 7 of those manage to reach into the top half of each tier for damage. Out of those 7 DDs more than half (4) have been removed for being OP. and to give you an anecdotal example - the Khab. Much cried about, but why? My thoughts: Because it operates further than most DDs, enemy ships have to expose themselves to more fire in order to hit them. This means the enemy take more damage from friendly fire. The distance gives the Khab a good chance of evading (so the pesky DD can't be killed easily). It is the best performing DD in damage, can defend itself well - so ends up as the surviving other DDs the majority of times. It's not rocket science, but when a ship is better than the rest of it's type it will usually end up on the winning side and have a high WR. So why if a DD doesn't die easily is it called OP. Why when it doesn't even get in the top half of damage (hell, it doesn't even beat any other type ship lol) are there always tears regarding someone's loss to a Khab because it caused so much damage? In fact why when the T-61 did well, was it removed from.......existence? I understand WG needing to address the bigger customer base, but why reduce a whole type of ship to the bottom half for damage? Many quote risk/rewards, but it is obvious that there is not the balance there when you look at the stats. I do understand your viewpoint, it is just the evidence does not show that. Thank you.
  17. I sometimes feel bad taking my K Albert out when i do really well but then i remeber all the times i went up against high tier players at the lower levles and i dont feel bad anymore. Gotta learn at some point to now give your squishy cruiser broadside to a BB.
  18. There is tanking damage and than there is mitigating damage. Mitigating damage is when you are really hard to hit and make people miss salvos. This is something that can truly give your team the edge.
  19. Today
  20. Just get rid of events already

    Just ban OP already, all they are doing is causing ill will and just spreading their own negative opinion to the detriment of the community. Seriously, if you have an issue with this event just quit the game and find a game better for you, you are but one person and the people that agree with you are without a doubt in the minority. The minority has no right to demand changes to a video game unless there is active discrimination.
  21. Best Allied CA for new OP?

    Operation text just says Allied Cruiser of Tier VII with no mention of CA/CL
  22. Hacking requires actively breaking into WG's server, and doing so would likely be detected rather easily. Meanwhile cheating, yeah they exist but the implication from the moronic OP is that it's actually a widespread issue. It's not.
  23. Karma

    Alot of people get reported for being "too good". Oh I just had a150k gearing game. Let's see if I got some karma for the carry and I got reported..... Oh and some people/clans have bad blood and will report each other on sight.
  24. The music thread

    Freddie, that was good, and evocative. Thanks!
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