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  2. Almedius

    Not all but BB play is digusting....

    You are really begging to get stat shamed with a take like that...and...what my BB team mates are doing is usually the least of my concerns...Just because you cant recognize a good BB play doesn't mean they aren't doing it either...We are all far more impacted by bad DD play...so much so I usually play them more than I'd like..
  3. SkaerKrow

    Not all but BB play is digusting....

    I couldn’t have less sympathy for a DD crying about BB passivity. Your garbage class is the biggest problem with the game’s current meta.
  4. LastRemnant

    Not all but BB play is digusting....

    Translation I can't find any dumb BB players that will make themselves easy targets for my torps aka wall of skill
  5. To be fair, I think a lot of it is because many players already think they know how to actually play it. (lead a horse to water and all that)
  6. This forum is probably the best resource you'll find. It's interactive, any question you have can be answered, (and clarified as much as you need) and with the earnest attitude you've shown in asking your question here, you won't get a bunch of snark and trolling. It's a very active forum too, so you'll never wait long for answers.
  7. Helstrem

    Premium Ship Review - Hyuga

    Per WG's release info the ship shouldn't matter. All that should matter, assuming solo queue (which is all I ever do anyways), is the tier of the ship and if you've completed the 20 battle calibration for that tier. The other aspects of Lert's suggested data gathering could produce interesting results, but I am not the one to collect it. I rarely get to play significantly before 11:00 PM Central Time. I'm also not really up for limiting myself to a single tier or ship as, given my limited play time, I'd like to progress through certain things. That said, I should be able to add a tracker for the order of battles played on a given day.
  8. Because if you die, the win is assured......for the Red team lol. Been in tons of matches where we were up on points, but the last guy alive just had to try and earn himself a few more XP, and ended up sinking for the loss. If you're the last guy left, unless you've done almost nothing the entire game, you are almost certainly not going to gain an additional 50% XP, like you would if you ran and won. Not to mention you've decided that the entire rest of your team can't have 50% more XP. When you want to go out on a blaze of glory, is when defeat is all but assured, and what you do only matters to you, and has no possible downside. Even then, if you run away and kite the enemy, you'll likely last longer and score more damage.

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    A lot of this could be easily balanced with line of sight rules. Ships can only see other spotted ships if they have los. If they don't then all they get is a minimap indicator to go off of. I think this would be a really awesome change to the game. Subs will help with the issue because they can cancel out torp protection, which will force BBs to have more awareness of where they put themselves. YOLO subs will be a thing, and will change the meta hopefully for the better.
  10. Im sorry im a dd main and im not great... but i earn my keep. BBs lately are realy such wossies and so scared NO ALL. But gawd get some chopps such garbage.
  11. shinytrashcan

    Improving Average Player Skill

    This somewhat fits well with my experience from teaching in universities, though for me the motivation part was obviously different as students were somewhat intrinsically motivated, at least partially (they enrolled for this, after all). No doubt there is also a lot of tacit knowledge present among regular "gamers" (as in people who played computer games somewhat frequently), though this also changes over time. I recently started playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and it was my first experience with the very simplified climbing mechanics. Nothing difficult, though it took me a minute to realize this. Similarly, there might be some tacit "gamer knowledge" applicable to WOWS. However, I find this is no valid excuse for people to not have any motivation to get better, or to outright decline help. Quite often suggestions in in-game chat like "pls don't sail broadside" or "Use AP when in a BB" are commented by "shut up, let me do me". Similarly you can often see - even in this forum - an attitude towards good players or even purples as sweaty tryhards or people cheating the system or abusing game mechanics. People don't take failure as a challenge to improve but blame MM or OP ships; stats are seen as random. How do you make it clear to players that they can improve, significantly so, in the game with just a little bit of work?
  12. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review - Hyuga

    Mm, the test that Lert proposed and that I liked (and modified slightly) was this: Pick one ship. Play that exclusively. Pick a window during peak hours; for example, 8pm to 10pm Eastern. Play only during week nights. Do not play at any other times or with any other ships. Do not join divisions. Collect data over two weeks. Record games in the order they were played. Record times when <Battle> button was pressed. Keep records of all game results, including enemy team rosters. Keep notes on how matchmaking "felt".
  13. Skpstr

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    Once Deadeye is gone, things will improve. BBs won't be able to end cruisers as easily, and more people will play them again. But people do need to realise that there is a hierarchy of complexity to the ship classes, and whatever is simplest is always going to be most popular. Subs won't fix the issue, if they are effective in countering BBs, people will just migrate to another ship that they feel is least vulnerable to the new threat. What you'd likely end up with is a lot more DDs, which isn't the worst thing, until you think of how much influence they have, and how many people are decent with them now, (compared to how many are terrible at them) never mind when a bunch more people (that didn't really want to at them in the first place) start playing them. The mismatches and steamrolls would be epic.
  14. USMC_FMF

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    Except we have a balance problem right now thanks to over saturation of BBs in each map that has cruisers often pinned every match or they get deleted. It actually would help make cruisers viable if they limited the BBs per match like they do CVs so cruisers can move around. Hopefully subs fix this by making it easier to delete a BB and balance the game a bit more.
  15. Skpstr

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    TBH, I think the OP is having a "him" problem. Nothing to do with skill, I just think he has unreasonable expectations of what he should be able to do in a cruiser, especially the ones he plays. I have a feeling that he's trying to slug it out with BBs at midrange, and unless you're a pretty good player, that doesn't tend to end well.
  16. Helstrem

    Suggestion on Subs

    I am very firmly on the "submarines are a very bad idea and bad fit for WoWS" side of things, but there are so many issues with being able to select to play without a given type of unit that I cannot get behind any of them, even for something I think is a disasterous addition.
  17. Skpstr

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    You know what else was rare? Navies where you had a choice of ships to command, or had any say in how they were outfitted. The system we use would be very realistic if we were playing in the pirate era, with the captain getting large sums of money, out of which he had to pay for ship upkeep, and could get or refit a new ship whenever he could afford it. And think of it this way, captains' berths were generally assigned by experience IRL. If this game were realistic in ship numbers, half the current playerbase would have to quit before there was an available capital ship for you to play. You'd be driving a bottom-tier DD for some time to come. This is a game, and games have choices. All the choices have to be viable.
  18. GrayPanther2018

    If subs are not fun, why implement them?

    Silent Service and Silent Hunter gave me a lot of sleepless nights, just one more mission. I still have Silent Hunter on an old PC I haven't started in years. When I finally get terminally disgusted with WoWS I may have to start it up again.
  19. Final8ty

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    You people saying that the OP does not know what unbalanced means is giving the OP more reason not to like it as its only going to get worse.
  20. In the loser bracket, O7 defeats STAR 3-1. O7 advances into the Third Place match Their opponent will be either QQ7 or GGWP, the match just started. In other news. SCCC defeats BONKS 3-1 to take N.American Region crown. Congratulations to all!
  21. Deputy276

    Please enable chat if you play Ops

    I do too, now that I have a strategy worked out to not allow vulching by cruisers.
  22. jags_domain

    Balancing (political football)

    Translations What I liked got changed=bad What I dont like got nerfed =good
  23. Wolfswetpaws

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Arch Stanton https://virtualglobetrotting.com/map/the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-arch-stanton-grave/
  24. So don't load the flags? (I do sympathise though, it feels like that to me sometimes, especially if I only have a few left)
  25. Flags camo and dd die in 4 min because reasons
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