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  2. Rabin69

    Whats with the bad teams? Constant losses

    That's what I did before I responded. It's a bit sad actually, all that red. I always like to have an idea of what ship types the OP on these threads are actually playing before offering my two cents. The game gave me a refund for even bothering......
  3. 1Sherman

    Forum Game - Word Association

    The Toronto Maple Leafs.
  4. BrushWolf

    You get a PSA! And YOU get a PSA! And..

    The number of pieces of "bread" is unimportant as is if it is folded.
  5. Am I alone in wishing there were some bog-standard UK cruiser premiums with smoke, repair party, and regular UK cruiser AP-only guns?
  6. Crucis

    Advice for Uptiered DD players

    By paragraphs: 1. 100% agree. The presence of the tier 8 concealment module is extremely unbalancing IMO for DDs of tier 6 and 7 vs DDs of tiers 8 and 9. (I leave tier 10 DDs out here because they'll be facing tier 8 DDs which can also have the concealment module.) I really wish that they do something about this. Maybe remove the concealment module. Maybe change it to be a "camouflage module" that increases dispersion for incoming gun fire vs the DD, rather than concealment. 2. Agreed. OTOH, I'm always cautious when playing DDs regardless of whether I'm top or bottom tier. Over aggressiveness gets you killed. Over caution tends to lead to you being ineffective. But when trying to walk the line between the two, I err on the side of caution only because staying alive is usually more important than whatever you might accomplish before you get killed. 3. 100% agree. Leaning which ships will have radar and which ships might have radar is important. But it's also important to learn the radar ranges as well. 4. I agree that a LOT of DD players are bad. There are too many who just charge right into a cap and get themselves killed. There are too many whose first instinct, when being spotted by an enemy they can see is, to start shooting instead of staying guns silent and trying to escape outside of detection range and back into concealment. It's one thing if you happen to have gotten surprised when some enemy ship comes around the corner of an island and you're far too close to escape back into concealment. But often this situation occurs because the player was not being cautious and allowed himself to get ambushed. Usually the best way to avoid this sort of ambush is to stay in open water where you can see ships approaching from every direction. Of course, this isn't always possible, so you do the best you can.
  7. tcbaker777

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    its alot of waiting to get the ship that set a new standard for battleships, and honestly, with it only having 19 knots top speed instead of the 21 knots she historically had, the only real reason im trying to get her is for the history she has
  8. KilljoyCutter

    CV Rework Feedback

    That's been the consistent pattern.
  9. Because there are a lot of bad players in the game. That being said, kiting away is one of the strongest tactics, if not THE strongest tactic, for a battleship in the game. Sometimes you need to push aggressively, if you have an advantage on that flank, but other times if the odds are even or not in your favour it is better to bait your opponent into chasing you. The ship that is kiting away has a large advantage over the one pursuing, and some BB/CC lines (i.e. the Japanese) are practically built on kiting tactics. There are a lot of players that don't understand this, so they will whine in the chat regardless of the context. I had a game like that yesterday. Two Brothers, the friendly Shiratsuyu went down mid instead of scouting (of course). As predictable as the setting sun, he gets boxed in on the far side of the map and dies. Then the whining starts. Meanwhile my division mate and I have been kiting over half the enemy team since the game started on the A cap side. If we had charged in it would have been over within a minute or two. Instead we weakened the enemy ships chasing us, kiting all the way back as far as our spawn. Then once they had all been sufficiently weakened we turned to charge them. It was a bloodbath, and we ended the game with 6 kills between us. I had 125k damage and a high calibre middle tier in a Mutsu.
  10. I think the worst thing about this unnecessary and awful addition to the Wargaming "free to play" model that nobody wanted is how clearly it indicates the bleak outlook for the future of both games. I remember being a little excited about the idea of some endgame overlap between tanks and ships on a global map and the implications that a unified Wargaming account might have for the future. Instead, the current future we have is one where Wargaming has decided the best course of action for the declining player counts of both games is to find a way to get people to pay for premium time twice. I guess making new content and improvements to the core experience of both games would be too much to ask at this point. You might want to inform your game development team that you don't need them anymore.
  11. DigitalRebel

    Let’s Talk About "Warships Premium Account"

    Well this will make me never want to go back to WOT.... not even to try a few games once time is burned out... I'm not sure this is a good idea..
  12. Rocketpacman

    Evidence that WG is doing something about bots?

    Doubtful. No reason the accounts running bots can't also be making purchases. I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one bot Tirpitz. They're not really a huge problem in the game. In my experience the rounds that are ruined by bots are absolutely dwarfed in number by those ruined by terrible human players.
  13. I hope you viewed my replays. Both show my aggressive BB style. I admit sometimes I'm TOO aggressive. But I picked two replays that show a very balanced style...pushing forward and anchoring the team. Both instances included very good team play...with excellent CA and DD support. The latter shows how to take a bottom tier Bismarck, drive into a cap (with support, of course...not a yolo), find good cover and stalemate a front that has superior firepower while the rest of you team steamrolls the other front. I eventually had to limp away battered in retreat, just as my team from the other flank was riding to the rescue. Not every game requires (or suggests) a push like those in my replays. It all depends on MM, and how things unfold. I'm always looking to push...but the key is good intel....assess...and execute. Sometimes it's a push..sometimes a hold...and sometimes a kite...and combinations thereof.
  14. Doesn't have to be an "AI" to do that. Keyboard macros are childishly easy to write and run as a shell script.
  15. sonoasailor

    Let’s Talk About "Warships Premium Account"

    People have time to play games other than WOWS???? How is that possible?
  16. TheGill

    CV Rework Feedback

    Sure take what you want from that and ignore the relevant part. Add a personal insult too that's nice.
  17. BrushWolf

    Whats with the bad teams? Constant losses

    You cannot control the team You can only control yourself. With a 15 point something survival rate I am going to guess that you are charging in aka yolo'ing and getting focus fired and dying quickly which takes a set of guns out of the fight for your team. Slow down and watch how things are developing.
  18. Kizarvexis

    PSA WoWs premium time, rules and stuff

    But if you don't care about the other two games, then there is no value in premium time that works in 3 games. There is better value in premium time in the game that you do play.
  19. HazeGrayUnderway

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    To add, in a regular match setting, Henri IV + IFHE will add German BBs to their list of targets. Tier VII on, they have 50mm decks so even regular 203mm will Non-Pen against those decks. Normal 203mm HE will not pen 50mm armor. Even DM's HE will fail against Khabarovsk's 50mm plates. 203mm / 6 = 33.833 or 34mm of armor needed to defeat this HE shell. A side note, normal 203mm HE will fail against the 37mm / 38mm decks of High Tier USN BBs. But normally this isn't too much of a problem as the 203mm CAs usually have enough good gunnery to make precision shots. Normal 203mm HE even with IFHE will not have enough pen to defeat 50mm armor. (203mm / 6) x 1.3 = 43.983 or 44mm of armor needed to defeat this HE shell. German CAs with their inherent HE Pen Buff already pen 50mm armor. 203mm / 4 = 50.75 or 51mm of armor needed to defeat this HE shell. This change from long ago catapulted Hindenburg from a very middling Tier X Cruiser to being competitive in results with Zao and Moskva. Her damage skyrocketed from what it originally was. The only BBs that cannot be HE Penned by Henri's IFHE-laced 240mm guns are Izumo and the Yamato-class decks. They have around 57mm or 58mm thicc decks.
  20. In fairness the quote supporting the bigger group of ships is from the Dev blog so... we actually still do not know what ships will qualify or what the rewards will be. We hope that the test server rewards are correct and the Dev blog for what ships are correct but neither of those is official or not subject to change. Good new is we should get official description very soon possibly today.
  21. HE Spam and Torpedos are 100% incoming. You should know this.
  22. no need, the amount of money it takes to keep all those ships in working order is insanely high. any other country beside the United States would go bankrupt trying to match let alone overtake the number of our warships!
  23. You can't program for people who might cheat. You need to program for the betterment of the other 95% of players who won't cheat.
  24. Seaman_Rookie

    Let’s Talk About "Warships Premium Account"

    From what I understand from the article: 1. Wargaming Premium account is still for sale (at the same price and benefits), and will still work the same for all 3 games: Warships, Tanks, Warplanes 2. A new type of premium account, Warships Premium, will be introduced with update 7.12. It will have the same price, but the XP boost per game will be 65%. (vs. the current 50% for Wargaming premium account) 3. Everyone that currently has Premium time when update 7.12 happens will have the same time in overlapping Wargaming Premium account and Warships premium accounts (so 50% XP boost in Tanks, and Warplanes, and 65% XP boost in warships until your current premium time is over.) 4. From update 7.12 onward, Warships in-game premium rewards time will be only Warships Premium time, including all the campaigns. 5. Wargaming (the company) will now have the option to give larger discounts for Warships Premium time, than for Wargaming Premium time, during this holiday season and the future. (Without affecting the Tanks and Warplanes groups.) 6. Wargaming (the company) will also have the option to add "Warships Premium time" to the upcoming "Steel Monsters" campaign (future premium shop purchase per news) also without affecting the Tanks and Warplanes groups So nobody loses anything, except perhaps Tanks players who play Warships for more premium time in their Tanks game?
  25. The answer is simple we run for the border to get some Taco Bell.
  26. Not to toot the horn here but over the last 2 years, I've gotten around 20 of mine for free in containers! .....ah what the hell!
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