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  2. I did compliment him. Thanks for unfairly assuming that I'm an unsporting loser. I think that there needs to be multiple threads about this topic because I feel that the GZ is completely broken and the attention paid to that point is worthwhile.
  3. Hitting Friendlies Behind Me

    I really don't get that either... that's WeeGee for ya.
  4. So Negative .... Chat .... Lost Karma

    Getting +Karma in Randoms is indeed harder, but it still happens. Depends on the crowd if people that sunk, stay and watch. Some do, some don't. Some don't even say anything the entire time even though they're watching. Just rest assured, people are watching. Often, especially when I solo queue, I'll watch the rest of the match even if I sunk early. If I see good play, the right actions at the right time, I'll give out +Karma. Besides, you can see some interesting decision making, both good and bad watching others play I even toss out +Karma for 1500+ BaseXPs on the win, as a standard rule for me.
  5. Pro Tip: How to Shoot Torps

    Don't shoot torps outside the blue lines? TY for the advice.
  6. damage

    This might sound stupid, but if you have your chat window engaged and ready to type, your ship will not respond. Other than that ... I'm stumped.
  7. Azur Lane Collaboration: Details Announced

    Yea, but if they wore those professional uniforms they sport I'm sure their presence would cause the crews to snap to attention.
  8. I try not to personally judge others....except politicians, they are scum. Oh also left wing liberals. And religious zealots. Most greedy capitalists. All scientists that start with the answer, and work backwards. But the people i meet in game, i usually suggest moves, but i am very conscience of the fact that i cant see everything they can, and sometimes i can see more, but its just a game. Also people who cant drive.
  9. Hola a todos. Ahora @iChase anunció en un video que va a sortear un Camuflaje Espacial (permanente) a elección, para participar tienen que: Tener una cuenta de YouTube Responder al comentario destacado que fijo @iChase en su video con la siguiente información: Nuestro Nickname del juego Servidor (en nuestro caso sería: NA) Nombre del barco del cual queremos el Camuflaje Espacial permanente. El 28/04/2018 se elegirá aleatoriamente el ganador. ¡Suerte a los participantes! Saludos.
  10. Good points Kongo, One thing I would add Kongo, if you don't mind. A Destroyer's main goal in a team setting is to maintain information control and area control. There's several ways they go about this, but being passive denies your team both. A destroyer close to the enemy forces them to consider the (hopefully unseen) threat. A destroyer in close spots the enemies for friendly supporting fire which can be especially dangerous to enemies in the open, which forces them to take cover or retreat. This denies them the ability to move in, cap, threaten caps, or get into advantageous positions against your team. Simply being there as a persistent threat can have a significant impact on your team's chances. You can further augment your threat to them being in the open or moving to a good position by denying them with torpedoes. Hits are great and should be achieved whenever possible, but you still cannot deny the effect torpedoes have on an enemy position or formation even when they miss, so long as they force the enemy to change course or hide, and can be especially potent with friendly supporting fire from battleships into broadsides (or even cruisers in the right case). Your presence further impacts the enemy by forcing destroyers to be more careful. If either side gets too aggressive, they'll find out how nasty the aforementioned focus fire can be. By being in the right place, forward of your team and putting constant pressure on the enemy, you prevent enemy destroyers from making a direct unopposed assault upon your fleet while providing information for your own fleet. Should the enemy fleet be undefended by radar or destroyers of their own, you can of course elevate your presence to be a much more direct threat to the enemy. Control information by spotting the enemy and preventing enemy destroyers from operating too close to your own fleet, while controlling areas though the threat destroyers present when in proper positions. Battleships and many cruisers find it hard to charge a destroyer, and many refuse to do so. Those that do die to your torpedoes and fire from your allies, while those that don't are controlled by your presence. Where you blink in and out of spotting from time to time and where your torpedoes appear amongst the enemy fleet has a profound affect on their willingness to contest an area. How this relates to Kongo's post is simple. Everything stated here is lost once you move away from the areas where a destroyer thrives. Hiding in the back, throwing torpedoes at max range at the enemies nose through your own fleet, using allies with significantly less concealment... all of those things significantly reduce your effectiveness in a match. Sure, you'll come across a match from time to time where your team falls apart and offers no support. A match that's practically unwinnable in essence. The thing is, if you treat every match like you've lost or have a team that's worthless and you play passively to use your allies as fodder, you'll suffer for it as will your teams. Destroyers are a high action risky role where any moment can become extremely intense, as you are the forward most ship most of the time. Just remember, your actions control the flow of the match in a way no other ship can. Smoke, torpedoes, and stealth are all very effective weapons at directing who has what information, and used poorly these can directly harm your own team and help the enemy. Your survival rates might drop a bit, but it'll be significantly more fun for it. As to the other posters, "Over thought" is a misnomer. It's more "Well thought out." The difference between reacting to the enemies actions and being a step ahead is understanding the principles of the game, what you should be doing and what others are doing in response. The idea that all players are beyond help is a bit much too, sure there's good players and bad in every game but those looking to improve definitely need to consider the advice given. Namely understanding how to balance aggression with survival to be a constant threat to the enemy which limits their options while providing support, information control, and map control to your team. Also, assuming all your teams are going to be bad and playing in a way that forces teammates to throw themselves forwards with ships less capable in the role you should be filling might win you a game or two, largely no thanks to yourself though. Your survival might go up, but your win rate will go down and put unnecessary burden on your team mates. You might never have to see them again, sure, but at least try to be helpful to the team. Edit: My advice by the way can apply to all tiers, but especially so to mid tiers (T7 primarily). At mid tiers you don't have wonderful concealment so you can't be as aggressive, you don't have the specialized torpedoes of higher tiers or the machine gun suicide torpedoes of low tier so they're more for denial, prodding, and the occasional smack than dev striking, and you don't have the gun power to gun down a cruiser who looks at you funny or a straggler in a battleship like a certain Russian fun-boat.
  11. obrigado pelas dicas Cpt_JM_Nascimento, contribuição muito apreciada! Vou seguir suas dicas... O seu detalhamento dos navios ficou muito claro. Pensando nisso, pretendo participar com o Hindenburg e o GK, que são os que domino melhor, em comparação com os outros. Verdade, o tempo é o maior limitador pra se sair bem nas ranqueadas. Vi jogadores chegarem ao Rank 1 com mais de mil batalhas, em outras temporadas (Win Rate inferior a 50%). Isto significa uma média de 30-35 batalhas TODOS OS DIAS!!!! Bem longe da minha realidade. No espaço de um mês vou conseguir no máximo umas 250-300, me dedicando muito. Concordo, e aí está o meu maior problema. Gosto de jogar com encouraçados, mas quem fica com a estrela, na derrota, quase sempre é o Destroyer ou um bom cruzador, pois conseguem mais pontos conseguindo e contestando as zonas. No entanto, não tenho ainda habilidade suficiente pra ser o único DD do time (caso aconteça a situação de um único Destroyer por time). O jeito vai ser rezar pro RnGesus mesmo O Hindenburg se saiu muito bem nas Clan Wars, por isso estou botando as minhas fichas nele... Tenho minhas dúvidas ainda se o Conqueror vai prestar... Em breve saberemos
  12. Oh, I got this: I have many more, but I am feeling dirty (and bloody) enough, already!
  13. Notser on CV rework

    Ok but you get my point.
  14. Send your prayers and best wishes to Toronto.

    oh wow you worked with them at a museum rofl Ive lived with them since I was a kid places you couldn't drive to need boat or waterplane without fresh water you hunted fished and trapped that is how you survived and yes RCMP shot at many of them without provecation pretty much since RCMP was made. The Kwakwaka'wakw people are very friendly to others in area they helped my family more times than I can count but mistrust many government bodies as they lie and steal and murder them most people have no idea of there real History over the last 150 years just what you read at the Museum. Anyway's glad you got to work with some hope they taught you much and your ears and mind where open
  15. And if you don't believe this, poll any number of BB players who have been sunk by torps.
  16. Pro Tip: How to Shoot Torps

    Instructions unclear, I just torped my entire team and my neighbor's dog. Send halp plz!
  17. Why can't I win in Yamato?

    Q. Why cant i win in the Yamato. A.Neither could the Japanese. Give it a rest for a couple days and try again. I am sure you will find a few more wins. Also most of the time, the people i trust in these things, rate the yammy as not a game influencer or a carry ship.
  18. Pretty much the same hit percentage, until the advent of radar targeting. Breach loading and other innovations aside, people had been aiming cannon for quite a while, and knew how to do it. It didn't get a lot better between 1918 and 1939.
  19. This Zeppelin Business is Really Stupid

    I am taking a walk. To a 56% Win Rate and climbing, and CVs aren't a big threat to me. Matter of fact, I've made it a job to protect jokers that neglected to take AA Builds.
  20. This Zeppelin Business is Really Stupid

    rather than reply to an existing complaint thread on this topic, of course, let's pollute the forums with yet another/ But it sounds as though the remaining 6 on your team played badly, and the GZ driver played very well. I trust you complimented that cv driver rather than bombarded them with reports which is sad to say, a trade mark of poor, unsporting and mean minded losers.
  21. This Zeppelin Business is Really Stupid

    You posted because of the idea of taking AA is unwise. 'Lo and behold, we are in a CV Whine Thread. Graf Zeppelin is merely only the face, but make no mistake, this is a CV Wine Thread. You don't take AA, okay fine. Now you deal with the consequences of not having proper AA.
  22. Exactly. 30,000 battles, 5 years, several clans and just quit one day. Haven't been back for over a year and a half. The fun ended
  23. They were extremely vulnerable. Their large size, made them easy targets for airstrikes. The only reason not so many battleships were sunk by airstrikes, is because of navies being cautious about sending battleships in range of airpower without sufficient AA cover. Without AA Cover, they were sitting ducks. There is a reason obtaining Air Superiority was vital to controlling a battle in WWII. Here's the true power of aircraft: During the battle of Guadalcanal, USN carrier based aircraft couldn't operate at night. As a result: IJN had control of the surrounding seas during the night. But during the day, USN had control of the surrounding seas, because of the air power. AIR POWER WAS VITAL TO VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC! <--- capitalized for emphasis, not meant to be seen as yelling.
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