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  2. I honestly don't even know who tha is. Ima look im up.
  3. Five pens on a Conq from a Monarch. That's almost equivalent to two cits.
  4. Fine print: Yes I know this is the USS San Juan, it's still an Atlanta-class cruiser
  5. Aurora is currently on 50% discount on the Asia server and I'm tempted to buy her, mostly because she has the same beautiful tricolour camo as Imperator Nikolai. The only problem is that I already have Oleg from a marathon, and with three low tier Russian premium cruisers in the game, who knows if WG will add more?
  6. I didn't mean you as in you I meant you in general and I was talking about BBs one shoting ships from 20Km out
  7. OP, you might want to edit your post. I believe it is against forum rules to post/advertise sites that encourage that type of activity. "2.08. All types of ads for sale, exchange, or other options for the transfer of accounts from one user to another violate EULA and are prohibited in all game chats and channels." "2.14. Discussion on, advertising of, or linking to websites, in relation to the selling of gold, credits, promotional codes, leveling services, or game accounts is prohibited."
  8. Honestly, IMO, if you rush a cap without close support from your team, you're asking for trouble. At the same time, it's probably smart to get reasonably close to the cap, even if you want to avoid jumping onto it (since doing so lets the enemy know that you're on the cap, of course). You might be able to spot an enemy. or maybe some enemy DD will decide to smoke up and you can torp the smoke. or perhaps you can use your hydro to screen for team mates and spot any torpedoes that nearby enemy DD's may try to spam in their direction. Regardless, unless you're supremely confident in your ability to out duel enemy DD's with your own and take little damage in the process, I tend to think that rushing caps without close support is an unwise thing to do.
  9. não cara, é só alterar a parte de Modificação de Voz...
  10. Thanks. My source wasn't Norman's book, which I would love to have. Unless proven otherwise, I always err on the side of Mr. Friedman.
  11. I'm not sure about there being less incentive -- caps are still hella important, but you certainly have fewer tools to do it.
  12. he put out a Battlefront 2 review
  13. Yes. IRL Hood's armor upgrade (that made her slower) was only half complete and her butt was bare-a$$ naked (figuratively speaking). In-game, the armor upgrade is complete. (and her speed unaffected) So what? Ricky, if you're going to draw the line at a-historical representation, that we'll have to remove many of the high-tier ships - they were never actually built, including .. um.. Montana.
  14. This^ I am not very veteran (little over a year), but I have most of the ships. i just want a Gallant....
  15. ???
  16. Lol EU4 right now. *Is Teutonic Order* *Invades Russia, takes heavy casualties but wins, going for Baltic Crusader achievement* *Russia somehow allies both Austria and the Ottomans, and becomes a Tribuatary of Ming* *Mouth drops, game "crashes", and I go to bed*
  17. I never replied to this one. I won't say that Two Brothers is the worst, but it is perhaps one of the most annoying. I utterly hate that middle channel with a bloody passion. That map would be so much better without the center channel. Of course, it would no longer be "Two" Brothers, would it? I wouldn't mind seeing a completely different version of "Two Brothers". I call it "Two Brothers" only because my new idea would still have two large islands. They just wouldn't be sitting right next to each other with a narrow channel in between. What about putting one island in the NW quarter of the map and the other in the SE quarter of the map, with the spawns in the NE and SW. And have the gap between the two islands be quite wide, rather than a narrow channel. Or what the heck, why not just take that map from last season of Ranked, named Riposte, and use it? Possibly turn it into a 3 cap domination mode map, and perhaps a standard mode map (maybe even with the same cap and spawn locations as ranked). Maybe an Epicenter version. I know that some dislike Epicenter, but I don't. I think that it's a perfectly acceptable game mode that just requires decent maps to make it work. (And not one like Tears-Epi, which is a seriously terrible map/mode combo.) And it just might work with Riposte.
  18. This DD mission sucks. So many inexperienced DD players are out there to complete this mission, giving their team big disadvantage by dying 3 minutes into the game.
  19. These "deals" are not for veteran players, they're to hook new players.
  20. American designers were very impressed by Hood's combination of battleship armor, battleship guns with battlecruiser speed. The British called Hood a battlecruiser, but she really wasn't. She was the first fast battleship. I am 100% sure we'd have built fast battleships in the 1920s if there hadn't been treaties blocking the construction of new battleships. Hood just got in under the gun that made other ships like her treaty violations.
  21. I notice 500 battles so, probably not to Tier 8/9/10 yet. I like anything with decent speed and maneuverability, good ROF, and decent/fast turrets. The trick is that any decent DD has some type of CA/CL/BB backup or a partner DD. Once you open up on them, you will probably end up fighting them while evading/fighting their support. I like some of the RN CLs, Marblehead, Perth, and the USN gunboat DDs (Clemson, Farragut, etc.). Be careful of DDs and other ships with slow turrets and/or ROF, otherwise your target will circle you and you will be unable to shoot them while they shoot/torp you, or they will escape/torp you while you are reloading. Another benefit of using a DD as a DD hunter is the concealment factor. A decent DD Captain in a 5.5/5.8km concealment DD can easily stay 6.5km away from you and you won't know they are there unless you have low concealment also. Number one advice: play DDs some so you learn how they are played and what they can do. If you learn that, you can better anticipate their moves and hit DDs more often at range with any ship...
  22. Just had another one just as the round was ending. I had just done an integrity check and this was the second round since restarting the client. I guess I will have to restart after every round.
  23. I think the point the OP is trying to make is that if you pay cold hard cash for an item, then it should belong to you. In it's entirety. Think of it like this. You buy a car for example. it has the interior you like the engine, nav system etc. Now, in the middle of the night, the dealership takes your cool car and puts in an enimic 4banger where your V8 used to be. Now, how would you feel about that? Not too well I suppose. Just for the sake of argument, lets avoid the legal issues for the moment and focus on what just happened. You still have your car, just not like it was when you purchased it, right? is another example. You have this really cool black BB. It's great and you love it. You wake up go to play, log on and "SURPRISE" You have been nerfed !!! It's now YELLOW. Folks, this could be really simple. Bring enough weight and complaints to the table with WG and hash it out. Lasty, for you trolls, unless you are offering CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, enjoy a nice warm cup of stfu and as far as the WG lackies, you have some too.
  24. Got lucky in my Kami R. New York sailing straight after two torp salvos, 35k flood damage. RNG provides.
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