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  2. So Now I'm A Very Poor Admiral...

    This exactly! My regular division mate has a Mighty Mo and is always between 20 and 40 million credits. He says stuff like this to me, "Hey, how come you don't ever have any money?". I'm lucky to get to 9 or 10 million before I need to buy another ship of the line. BAM, back to 5000.
  3. Per the news... I sort of, kind of expected it this morning. It's 7:11am EST and no mission.
  4. Here was an interesting scenario in B cap on Shatter. My friendly DM which had been doing work outside of the cap on the opposite side of me and a friendly Fletcher was going to get rushed by a Richelieu. Both Me and the Fletcher see it and drop torps to try to cut that rush off, expecting the DM to reverse while keeping angled at the BB. I aimed at the islands as to not come near him. Friendly DM moments after I launch turns in and counter rushes the Richelieu. Between my shooting and the DM we gun down the enemy BB, but the DM having pushed into the cap area is caught in a cross fire between two DDs torps. I never thought he would make this move as it put him into a crossfire with a US CA and the Richelieu and he seemed to have been playing really well. In this instance TWO DDs thought it was safe to drop torps, and a friendly was hit. I watched a similar incident last night on a stream where a Minotaur left safety to rush across a cap on Haven to fight two enemy DDs being like 5km from a health enemy BB that was sitting in the North entrance channel to the west cap. His torps were aimed at helping the Mino not get rushed by the BB. For the sake of discussion, if the friendly ship eating torps making a move tantamount to suiciding themselves and get hit friendly torps in the process, is the owner of the torps still at fault? When a friendly is sinking themselves by doing so, do you pass on the opportunity to kill the enemy ship and accept being a ship down because the window to do get the kill has closed? What is better for the team at that point?
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. Well, I have something crazy like 7M unconverted, but that's not the same thing!
  6. Caption the profile image above you.

    I only have eyes... for you.
  7. Caption the profile image above you.

    M'lady, done well
  8. Wow the Izumo really is terribad

    I wouldn't call it rage quitting.. It was more like, "I'm trying to like her, really I am... but those rumors of being a gate keeper keep coming 'round..." For me, the rumors kept proving true...I had like no good game in her, ever. Then I'd look at the amount of xp needed to score the Yammy - when using a free account, no premium time, I'd do the match and arrive at the "no way, not today, not next week" conclusion. By "no way, not today" I mean I could not see myself playing her for weeks and weeks. So I'd sell her. Time passed. I completed other grinds. Still wanting Yamato, I'd try again. Wash, rinse, repeat. I wondered when doing this if the Yamator was gonna be worth it... in my book, no, the grind is insanely punishing for someone without a premium account. In my opinion, that is... ymmv All the best to anyone who wants to grind to Yamato on a free account via game play and the Izumo. She is, in my opinion, the most unrewarding ship in the entire game, even worse than Karl, the cruiser.
  9. USS Massachusettes

    Unless I'm mistaken, SBM3 is a 6th slot upgrade, which isn't available to T8 ships.
  10. I bought back Alsace

    Good idea. I really like Alsace. Not sure why, but I feel more confident playing it(as a cruiser main)than any other battleship in the game.
  11. Greetings Captains!

    Welcome, Now get rid of BROKEN Superman Vision (radar) Take care
  12. Greetings Captains!

    Welcome to the NA forums and since I play later at night, I might indeed see you around!
  13. Last 4 Pt Captain Skill?

    FP. More consistently used and can help with HE bombers.
  14. If karma means so little...

    Over 10,000 Battles and ZERO Karma. This will never change...
  15. So Now I'm A Very Poor Admiral...

    You aren't the only one. (I actually do have that much, but most of it is behind doubloons.) I am facing a crunch like this as well. I have over 40K XP on Omaha, ready for Dallas. I am 20K XP short of the amount required for Neptune. I have 11 million credits - nowhere near enough to get both, and certainly not to outfit them. There is, however, no rush; I had a few good games in Edinburgh last night and I'm really starting to enjoy her, so I will research Neptune in order that Edinburgh attains elite status and give silver priority to the Dallas for now.
  16. Client crashes when clicking on Connect

    Well, deleting the preferences.xml didn't resolve the issue and I am very doubtful the "clean boot" will do anything. Why does the Public Test client work and not the "actual" client?
  17. Missouri with Accuracy mod

    Maybe, but the other lines don't get plotting room either which some ships really need
  18. Last 4 Pt Captain Skill?

    I would go fire prevention because it means that you will only take one fire on your superstructure, where you are the easiest to hit with HE spam, instead of two.
  19. Bois- Nueve de Julio...?

    Excuse me? Sims, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Saipan, Alabama, Kidd, Enterprise. And Flint as a reward and Massachussets soon.
  20. If karma means so little...

    Don't know what full moon was out this weekend, but I started out at 205 karma and ended with 193......... i admit i deserved a minus 2 karma, but i lost karma when i capped, finished 1st on the the team many time and didn't say anything on chat then boom, i find out someone gave me bad karma..... something needs to be done if you finish high and don't say a thing in game chat that idiot can just deduct karma..... karma might not mean crapbut it bothers me when i get bad karma not deserved !!!!!!!!!!!! also i don't play dd's t-7 or higher..... radar is impossible (way too many ships have it up there....)
  21. Hi, @SwedishFox_na Found this mod and really like it. Thanks for the hard work! Regards,
  22. It has most secondaries which adds up to more hits over time
  23. Client crashes when clicking on Connect

    Ok, please delete the file preferences.xml in the World of Warships folder. If it doesn't solve the problem you'll need to perform a clean boot in the system.
  24. Konig Albert is a mistake

    KA will see only +1 MM NEVER A T5 MATCH, the GC is a T5 boat that can see +2 MM. using the the 2 boats as examples is stupid. the KA is a TANK against any other BB even at T4. what gets her at T4 is range, the KA lacks it. The KA is not a sniper BB with lack of range.
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