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  2. KilljoyCutter

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    No, it doesn't. You're missing 80% of the facts, and leaping to your pre-existing conclusion.
  3. FixCVs

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    But CV gameplay is so braindead and boring!
  4. LoveBote

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    It isn't that hard, these statistics can be, and are, tracked and compared on WOWS stats and MapleSyrup quite comfortably.
  5. eviltane

    That Mean CV was Pestering me all Match!

    11 rockets can be done in 2 strikes with misses. But lets say snaggle wiggled like mad and it was done in 4 strikes , 5 ? That is still only 2 rocket flights. Next the bombs, 5 of em. They are harder to hit with, so 3 strikes, could be done in one flight or 2 if it took 5 full strikes. In the end just like VAK pointed out. You got a DD with a healing buff that would have been dead a lot sooner in any regular game.
  6. Snargfargle

    That Mean CV was Pestering me all Match!

    I sank a Shimakaze once in one rocket attack by getting a lucky Dev Strike on it with a detonation. However, I usually I don't even actually sink the DD I'm targeting, unless it's already low on health. However, I keep it spotted so that my teammates can sink it.
  7. Skidmark_01

    CV in Ranked

    oh C'mon! there always room for Jell-O. I'm having a blast.
  8. LoveBote

    CV in Ranked

    I like playing CVs in ranked, because : isolated ships are easy victims for air attacks. Enemy team can be perma spotted with the drop of fighter squadron consumeables. I can torp and torp and torp and torp and... and nothing can stop me. Glue together to form an AA umbrella? Even better, I will drop torps on the edge of your AA umbrella and let my torps roll into your tightly packed blob of victimships. Did I mention bombs and rockets? Maybe I forgot, yup they too are endless fun, I can rocket and rocket and rocket and rocket, and you can't stop me/// So please WG, consider this a pat on the back. Well done for letting CVs into ranked tier 10, I am having lots of fun. Hell, the 4% of players who play CVs are allowed to have some fun, right?
  9. SteelRain_Rifleman

    That Mean CV was Pestering me all Match!

    For an Asashio, that is just epic.
  10. I don't want to wait 6+ months, and who knows where the game will be by the end of 2020...
  11. Could have saved your steel, waited a bit, and got the Flint for Coal. They are removing it from the steel shop and eventually putting it in the coal shop. That's when I will be picking it up, lol. Can never save my steel for ships, too impatient. Always convert it into coal. Anyway, congrats on your acquisition.
  12. theLaalaa

    CV in Ranked

    ^This is like telling a pusher to be more considerate to his 'clients.' As long as the 'clients' show up with cash, the pusher has no need to change his behavior.
  13. Congratulations! I am 42 steel shy of getting Bourgogne myself. A nagging voice in the back of my head says I should get Stalingrad instead, since they are annoying to play against, and having one can allow you to bring a BB into clan or ranked that fills a CA slot. But the idea of camping behind an island and bow tanking doesn't appeal to me, and I already have a Yoshino and Puerto Rico to fill the pseudo-BB role. So you pulled this off in a Venezia? I'm guessing you like it. I've worked up to Brindisi myself, and I've found the Italian cruisers - meh, Okay, I guess. I guess I just haven't figured out yet how to use SAP to maximum effect. It has the advantage of doing at least some damage every salvo, but it generally doesn't do fantastic damage (except maybe against DDs). But I'm thinking 15 203mm guns with AP loaded can probably ruin someone's day.
  14. AdmiralThunder

    Battle of Java Sea

    Using one of the actual ships present...
  15. JCC45

    How to: Dodge CV's

    Do you use genuine Saskatchewan Seal Skin bindings on your rescue sleds? Too obscure?
  16. Shannon_Lindsey

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    I'm going to get back to this when it's not my busiest day of the week, because I have seen statistics that refute 1 and 2, but it's going to take a while to find them because of all the Anti-CV clutter that has been thrown up on the boards, especially on the change in the influence of CVs deciding the outcome, because that is a hard to find and track statistic.
  17. Bereavement

    Cv Debate

    It doesn't help that the whole team will yell at you to cap. Not enough people play Dds to know that there are 3 radar cruiser pushed up on that cap and pushing is suicide. Pushing caps is negatively reinforced by the playerbase without knowledge of DD mechanics.
  18. At 70% win rate, you progress at 4 stars per 10 games (8 per 20). That is pretty good. If you save a star in one of the 3 losses per 10, then you gain 5 stars every 10 games which is even better. If you only save a star every 6 losses, then the rate of gain is still 9 per 20 games, which is still quite high. I would take it. It wouldn't take long to rank out with that rate of victory. Now, if the victory % was higher early on and has plateaued and the average is falling with each group of games, then that is another problem. The lower recent win percentage will affect the rate of progression by a big factor if you don't save stars. If it is fun, keep going. If not, then end it. I usually play depending on fun factor of the game metric. As others have mentioned, it is a great way to grind T10 Legendary Upgrades. If you happen to get a few win streaks happening, you could score a few extra ranks and some precious steel.
  19. SteelRain_Rifleman

    FIRST STOP - Anchors Away 2020: USS North Carolina

    Any chance the Battleship Texas shirt is available in a WG site for me to buy? I went last March, but got caught up in the engineering area and I missed out by the time I got topside.
  20. GambitHG

    I propose a Russian CL/CA split, dear WeeGee.

    So this thread is the reason we have this split?
  21. CriMiNaL__

    CV in Ranked

    Well screw it I decided to play some ranked, and in a CV no less, and boy is it dumb. Sure some teams are pathetic and will hide behind me, (yes 3 ships hiding behind the cv in one game) But the CV in ranked is so over powered, ships spread out, no more over lapping AA bubble, a DD goes wide, yum yum yum goes the rocket planes. And so many torp hits, over and over and over, did I mention over and over again, then its bombing time, more rockets, and then back to torps. Having the CV in ranked is the stupidest thing I have seen, but hey seeing as I can use it I will, as I am all safe and snuggly in my special spot. WG please do the player base a favour and never repeat this stupidity again.
  22. Shannon_Lindsey

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    Dude, the cart goes behind the horse, not in front of it. She quit playing CVs at the rework because the new version gives her motion sickness.
  23. Waxing_Gibbous

    Remove "Keep a Star"

    The worst thing about ranked is the irrevocable 12th rank. The spin cycle of bad players spin and spin but once they get to 12, they get trapped and literally funnel 41% players into the 6-10 games... Who ever gets them loses. After each game look at the team board it will tell you what rank they are at after the game. Put your cursor over each player. I have had three games where four players went back to 11 after the loses. They play a ton, fail to rank Ten, infect the game and fall back into the Banana Bracket. Just take the damn irrevocable away.... BUT that would mean no one would play the lower brackets as they would never get there. Irrevocable 12 The Hotel California of ranked.
  24. wiztaxi

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: Minotaur

    Seemed to be a challenge to really keep the credits rolling. Only CA or any ship that I have an issue with in that regard. Strange but nonetheless a deterrent to more play.
  25. Commander_Rabe

    Public Test - 0.9.2 - Part 1 - Bugs Report

    1. Description´╗┐ Short description´╗┐ of an issue with required details. Example: spotting-aircraft doesn't work on Iowa battleship Client crashes while trying to queue for a co-op battle using the Lexington CV. 2. How to reproduce Exact steps need to be made to reproduce the issue Example: 1.Take Iowa battleship with spotting-aircraft equipped 2. Go in battle 3. Try to launch spotting-aircraft Queue for a co-op battle with a Lexington. 3. Result What's the result of the issue. Example: after pressing spotting-aircraft activating button you can hear an aircraft sound but nothing happens, the aircraft stands still. Worked fine before but today tried to launch my T8 CV Lexington to a co-op battle. Queue screen seemed fine. Got the team list and the countdown to the start of the match screen with the "START BATTLE" button. Clicked Start Battle and client crashed. Tried to log back in several times so as to resume the battle and each time the client would crash. The third time I tried to log in I was successful and was back at my port with a 3 game penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Launched another battle by pressing the BATTLE button. Got the team list and the countdown to the start of the match screen with the "START BATTLE" button. Clicked Start Battle and client crashed. Tried to log back in so as to resume the battle and was back at my port with a 10 game penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Tried to launch a third battle but this time using my Ranger. Choose Leave Queue. Launched a fourth battle this time using the Lexington. Got the team list and the countdown to the start of the match screen with the "START BATTLE" button. Did not click the START BATTLE button. Let the screen count down and load me into the match. Everything worked fine. Launched a 4th battle using the Japanese T8 CV (Shokaku?) Was alt-tab to review this ticket. Client crashed while in the queue screen. Forgot to mention before but every time the client crashes I get what appears to be a Windows 10 pop up box: Title: Critical Error Text: A critical error has occurred Text: The error information was collected to the Reports folder. Text: Use the link below for support The pop-up-box has two buttons: Restart and Terminate. Restart does nothing. Terminate kills the client. The "Use the link below for support" link tries to open a non-existent web page: https://pt.wargaming.net/support/products/wows/ Observation: Will test if launching and then canceling a battle queue from a "functioning" ship allows the "non-functioning" ship to battle.
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