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    You may be confusing YOUR detection range with HIS detection range. Your detection range indicates how far you will be from the enemy when they spot you. Your detection range has nothing to do with when you will see other ships. That would be HIS detection range. If you are outside of HIS detection range, you won't see him. However, if a friendly ship or aircraft is inside HIS detection range, you will also be able to see him because your team mate can. If you team mate either exits that detection range or loses direct line of sight (i.e. an island), the enemy ship will disappear from your view. Similarly, if the enemy ship has fired recently, his detection range will increase significantly. If he quits firing, his detection range will return to normal after a few seconds and he may seem to disappear 'for no reason'. There are several factors that affect detection. Firing range has nothing to do with detection, except that when you fire your guns YOUR detection range will increase to your firing range for several seconds.
  3. It is an interesting idea, but it's not really a naval battle. No ships had any action except some AA.
  4. Premium ship as credit sink

    We need premium ammunition! I'm kidding
  5. New operation suggestion: Perl Harbour

    What? Am I missing something here? Pearl harbor was an air attack against ships in a harbor...there were destroyers there but what kind of OP w/just destroyers could you possibly have in relation to Pearl Harbor? There was no enemy ships to attack...what exactly would the destroyer do?
  6. There is a cv rework supposedly coming mid-September, but really who knows anymore. Hopefully it will close the skill gap and make CVS a bit more popular. Its weird to say but I almost wish I had to spec for AA, or at least take it into account
  7. After death amazing dmg numbers?

    So you got... what? Two flesh wounds, a liquidator, and possibly a Dev Strike?
  8. Do you have any mods installed? There are a number of reasons for such issues. It would be more convinient for you to make WGCheck report and attach it with some notes to your ticket to support. My colleagues will investigate the reasons and give you advice how to deal with this issues.
  9. Flamu drunk: Worth a look

    Errr...what was this "Missouri Incident"? I don't recall such a thing...

    Chess does not have RNG.
  11. After death amazing dmg numbers?

    Had an incident very similar to @Ensign_Cthulhu, just a few days ago. Was driving around in Maass, sent one salvo versus a group of cruisers operating to the NNE and my other versus a group of battleships operating to the NNW. I'm immediately spotted, focused and obliterated when a red DD appears to the West. Apparently there was a red radar cruiser about, because nobody spotted my torpedoes until a red cruiser took two of the NNE set. Red Fuso in the NNW took one torpedo, and I must take the opportunity to thank whoever set fire to that guy earlier, because that one torpedo flooded about 60% of his health. He sank nearly a minute and a half after I did. Shame it was too late to earn the posthumous double strike. -R
  12. Premium ship as credit sink

    One MILLION credits!

    It has MBRB and high AA, surpassing even USN BBs. It does not need good Secondaries on top of all that. You people have zero sense of moderation.
  14. I’ve always wanted to see what it was like at Perl Harbour during the Japanese Attack.. and the Des have done a Awesone job on all of the Operations so far. What I’m asking for is that they, the devs, make a T6 and T7 operation of Perl Harbour.. with only Destroyers.
  15. Premium ship as credit sink

    Never heard of such plans. It's highly unlikely to buy some premium staff for credits as long as we have ships for free xp, coal, steel and gold. Thanks for suggestion. It's a big amount of credits, and who knows may be in the future updates we'll have some interesting stuff to buy.
  16. How do you know that the base experience number is actually low now vs. some other time before? In order to tell, you would need screenshots of matches from the previous match (where you felt the experience was correct) and match it up with the ones you have now. However, it would only be valid in comparison if both matches had "roughly" the same conditions (same damage to the same kind of ships, capping the same *if applicable*, defence xp *if applicable*, etc.). Otherwise you couldn't accurately compare the two and you are simply going off of a "gut feeling". If you do have prior screenshots, please post so they can be number crunched (would need all but the team - this would ensure time stamp, map, ships damaged etc.) Truly, this is to either confirm your theory or put it to bed, but personally I've always gone with what's put before me and try not to get too hasty. Ever looked at the forums right after a patch? Keep in mind I love my Battleships, lol. But ever notice how there's always 2 - 5 people that are "absolutely sure" that WarGaming has ninja nerfed "insert posters favorite ship here" because ever since the patch, they can't hit water if they fell out of a boat. Prior to the patch, according to them, they were "fine", so "something" is up. All the while, nothing ever changed and it just appeared off, but wasn't. Hope this gets sorted either way for ya.
  17. Finished my first Campaign

    Just a heads up, you can do tasks you have already completed as many times as you want, you will just not get any rewards after the first time. I would advise for Honourable Service next, free premium ships are always welcome .
  18. Fun Tier I match this morning.....
  19. Premium Ship Review #102: Monaghan

    Bought it, tried it.... two battles aren't enough to make a firm judgement, I know, but first impressions last and my first impression (with the 2-10 configuration) is that she's money well spent. So far I've kept the DFAA and haven't tried the reload booster; it's nice to be able to scatter drops when carriers send their planes for you. I think she needs a captain that's PT/PM, LS, TAE, CE to start; guns seem good mostly for dissuasion of enemy destroyers and lighting fires on battleships that repaired their flooding.
  20. There are 2 types of crashes. First - It just stops to loading screen and then nothing happens. No error indicators or messages. I cannot even start taskmanager to shut down aplication so i restart again. I see momentarily taskmanagers window but it jumps imediately to that loading screen. Cannot switch windows. Second crash is temporarily and last 5 to 10 sec and then it recovers. Framerate is abnormal like 20 ms. When it starts again framerate jumps into 200- 500 ms for a second and two and everything is ok after that. It is definitely not gamebraker but makes player little angry.
  21. This took me just about 2 months to compete.
  22. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    No lol It is just funny how it goes sometimes. It`s like in Two Brothers when there is 4 caps you go one way and ever red ship goes the other way.
  23. Izumo was tough and the Lion is proving to be difficult, but Iowa/Missouri was brutal. 30% WR over the first 100 games in Missouri, got torped a lot trying to push and make use of Radar. Spent the next 300 games getting my WR back to 50%. I still get torped frequently, but thats the price you pay when you push caps and push in general. Radar gets me into trouble as much as it gets me out of trouble, and its highly over rated.
  24. A) To get to a T4 cruiser requires only 3 ships. B) The Isokaze to Minekaze is a diagonal advance. C) Most difficult to play? Yeah, I'll agree to that. T1 to T4 Jap Cruiser needs 1,276,000 credits and 11,400 XP. T1 Cruiser to T4 Jap CV needs 3,351,000 credits and 32,300 XP.
  25. Okay...but washed down with coffee or milk? *off topic* My wife takes oreos dropped them in a glass, pores milk on them, smashes them up with a spoon, then eats them that way...I think its weird, but I married her anyway, LOL. *On topic* Other than the reload what does she have going for her? I think Richie uptiers ok, but I'm not about to burn XP just to do that every game..
  26. 1. CV's show up about 1:5. If you played a CV you would wait about 2-3 minutes for a match, usual wait time in prime time for a match is under 1 minute. 2. CV's target a DD first (well, the good CV drivers do), rarely target equal or above tier cruisers. Cruisers represent 1/3 of the ships so its really only 7-9 viable targets, not 12. 3. CV players (again, the good ones), can check your ship stats to see if your BB is spec'd for AA (if you have a high max plane kill) , so they'll know. For instance, my BB stats have high plane kill games, my Yamato has a 30+ plane kill game. My Buffalo can knock down a full attack wave (5 squadrons) of equal tier planes from a Taiho in a very short time. 4. Half of the CV drivers have a 50% WR or better, 5. Hard to put a stat on that. AA spec is ALWAYS useful if you are a US ship. All my US ships are spec'd for AA, team mates depend on it. If everyone partially spec'd for AA, and US ships fully spec'd for AA there'd be a lot less whining about CV's, and CV's would be doing the whining about AA.
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