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  2. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Completing a branch.

    This seems like a brutally painful process for someone who has a life outside the game. From what I've read the reward ships are ok but not that far off from ships you can get with various resources. Is that an accurate statement or is that wrong and rewards are truly amazing ships? I'm grinding my 5th 10 now and have considered this...but TBH grinding is my least favorite aspect of the game.
  3. Nabucodonosor21

    Would AP on all rocket planes be accepted?

    If they have a decent hit ratio looks fine to me, but if only 1 of 8 hit then no, i preffer the actual rocket plane. At least 4 of 8.
  4. ArIskandir

    #4 Clan on NA: Recruiting 5 New Players

    Hi, I´ve never been interested in CB before, I don't intend to play T10 but this season being T6 I may be tempted to have some competitive experience in this game. I've unlocked and played every T6 ship in the game (no CVs tho). I'm very flexible on my gameplay and can adapt to whatever role you need me to play. I learn quickly and play very team oriented. I'm drama free and actually feel better if we keep our interaction more on the "professional" and lesss on the "social", I come in to play and experience competitive, then the chances are I´ll be moving on after season´s end. I may be interested in joining If you think I might be a useful reinforcement and have what it takes to fill a vacant in the team. Feel free to check my stats https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1005714741,ArIskandir/?
  5. SgtBeltfed

    Would AP on all rocket planes be accepted?

    From what I've seen AP rockets are gonna be useless about a week after people start seeing them and start turning when they see rocket planes. No, German CV's have short ranged, low damage, fast moving torps, with what appeared to be a fairly normal arming distance for anti-DD work. Saddling all the other CV's would mean you would have to provide them something to use against DD's, so for the USN, you'd have to un-nerf the HE dive bombers so they can hit DD's, and find something else for IJN CV's to use as everything else they have is Anti-BB entirely.
  6. Herr_Reitz

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Check date - Is it April 1st? No, it is not April 1st. You know, from my point of view, this is like a Necro-ship... she was gone, she had her time of honor, was almost legendary. Now this... IOW this is completely off the deep end. Restrict them to coop only... but I suspect coop players would say he** no! At least restrict them to a maximum of one per team. SAY... what kind of penalty will those Super Duper Testers get when they TK team mates?
  7. stopped reading there. Balance is what makes a competitive multiplayer game worth playing. WoWS's problems all come down to insufficient balance - see the homogeneity of many of the top clan battle teams lineups as an example. While the playerbase often has significant disagreements over whether ship X balanced, overpowered, or underpowered, the basic covenant between game creator and player is that balance should exist and be as well tuned as possible.
  8. sulghunter331

    ask and ye shall receive: Kitakami is BACK!

    I never thought I'd see the day, the day of her return. It is a good day today.
  9. BrushWolf

    Would AP on all rocket planes be accepted?

    Now I am sure the DD's players would like AP rockets but as much as they don't like the idea CV's need a reliable method to attack DD's
  10. Aristotle83

    Pre Dreadnoughts obsolesce overstated?

    I get the waste of money part in terms of future investment for the major powers (not minor one given how coastal battleships continued to be a thing for decades). Talking about the obsolesence of the ones the pre dreadnoughts that existed. Dreadnoughts despite using turbins weren't all that much faster and in certain cases were around the same speed. In a lot of these situations too the accuracy was horrible regardless. And given how many pre dreanoughts there were pre 1906 the fleet in being case is certainly valid especially for the UK, US or one of the navies with one of the big fleets. Let's say somehow Germany cleans the field at Jutland(at the loss of it's own fleet), the UK has like 60 pre dreanoughts not to mention the Dreadnoughts which weren't present and the ones about to be completed. The concept that this somehow reset everything to zero is something I don't get given the(limited) combat record and the fact most major navies took their time converting despite as you said the price(in the beginning) being pretty similar. Armored cruisers which mostly used that same "hail of fire" concept of pre dreadnoughts on a scaled down basis were not seen as obsolete(or maybe they were and it just isn't as talked about?) and got a far harsher reality check in WW1 than the pre dreadnoughts did.
  11. QQ_Whine_Moar

    New forum layout and restructure.

    Hahaha. They have a section for this...it's called General Discussion 😂
  12. Asym_KS

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    But Ducky, they have to sell Carriers !!! Would they sell if they weren't OP???? They don't care if you Boycott....... They really don't. I hate Radar as implemented. And, I simply stopped playing Randoms; Stopped recruiting; took the game off of the recommended game list at the local eSports club; and, when asked, I will participate in discussions about video games where ever and when ever asked. A Boycott, I support: because dissimilar weapons have no place in this game as implemented...... Balance them, and let's talk. As is.......no.
  13. Merc85

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Hmm....let me see if I get it right. 1. In the past there were threads about CVs that had nothing to do with the CV/Clan Battles boycott. 2. There is now a group in the CV/Clan Battles boycott. 3. Therefore that group MUST have the same sentiment about CVs in spite of what they are trying to do to help improve CVs Yah, I think you make a very cogent argument.
  14. YamatoA150

    New forum layout and restructure.

    Would it be too much to ask if you could please copy/paste and send my post to me in a PM?
  15. The most recent iteration of AP rockets appears to be pretty effective, if you get a perfect broadside, against cruisers and BBs and nearly completely useless against DDs or ships with an angle. Overall HE rockets are much better in my opinion.
  16. BrushWolf

    I know it's stupid to ask but...

    I will go for it if they don't stick it behind a steel wall.
  17. SgtBeltfed

    Roma. Mysterious Guns?

    They're 120mm/40 cal and they look like Model 1893 guns, and they were exclusively used for star shells. Saluting guns are usually very small and simple guns, and there wouldn't be a need to have more than 2 of them (1 per side)
  18. Aristotle83

    On the historical misconceptions behind Battleships VS. Aircraft Carriers

    Think using the French as a yardstick is a best case scenario but hey that's arguable I guess. Germany wasn't forced to go to war in 1939(don't buy the economic arguments you're saying). They or Hitler incorrectly believed invading Poland wouldn't be enough to provoke France and the UK. Which isn't implausible based on the WW1 experience but at the same time I get someone thinking that is stupid all the same. While I guess anti semitism(not the Austria and Czech stuff which is an entirely different story) might have had it's origins in greed, that doesn't mean Germany needed that robbery to economically survive. France's foreign policy 1870-1940 for example was based upon the opposite of that premise that Germany's economic engine was inherently superior to it's own(which was especially daunting from a French perspective given that France had Germany's role as the most populous and resourceful European state since the fall of the Roman Empire before that). Again don't know the details of where Germany was or wasn't in the case of their project. But I think following the French timetable is the most optimistic possible view on that. Did France even have a nuclear program prior to the end of WW2 given they had multi recongized govt's with more important issues on their minds?
  19. Spud_butt

    What is with all the overpens of late.

    in addition to the overpens, i have been getting repeated salvos (from numerous ships) of exactly the same damage from full salvos, at different ranges! in the kurfurst last week, it was 2 nights of 1310 damage... not 13k, 1310. in the montana, 1386. didn't matter if it was broadside desmoines, or bow on moskvas... or the despised and hated venizia, which i've never had an actual pen nor cit strike on. maybe part of the same malady/ AP 'rona??
  20. Quantumphysics333

    Facts, Speculation, and Fixes: The USN Battleship Split

    Dispersion is a cone. The in-game dispersion is higher because California has more range than Arizona. They both use the same dispersion formula.
  21. RonJamesDio

    What is with all the overpens of late.

    Ever since the changes to BB AP shell damage vs DD's I have noticed a significant amount more overpens vs pretty much all targets, in my experience anyways. It could just be in my own head, but it seems like a majority of the shell hits in my BB's result in overpens, even against enemy battleships.
  22. KnifeInUrNeck

    Would AP on all rocket planes be accepted?

    From what I’ve seen those rockets are pretty bad and not a lot of people will choose them over other CVs as they are now. I’ve seen T6 only though so maybe they become usable at higher tiers.
  23. Charon2018

    Coop play rewards

    The octopus is so ugly, it's cute, but all that green smoke draws a lot of devstrikes.
  24. Helstrem

    Facts, Speculation, and Fixes: The USN Battleship Split

    At max range. Arizona can't reach California's max range. Dispersion is a cone and the further out it is the wider it is. At Arizona's maximum range California's shells have the same 220m dispersion that Arizona does.
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