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  2. MockingBird94

    ST, European destroyers

    Very noice! I madae my own DD line here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/205618-pan-european-destroyer-line/
  3. AMajor

    Converting Ship XP into Free XP

    Agreed. How do we advance this idea?
  4. BrushWolf

    Converting Ship XP into Free XP

    If I was a dev I would be afraid of the effect of all that experience suddenly hitting the game. Imagine how fast people could reset lines once they had rebuilt their credit balance after converting the experience.
  5. I thought angling created the RNG nature. Angle creates a chance of ricochet, not a guarantee. Maybe I am wrong, I am just going on memory of the wiki.
  6. mushmouthmorton

    Converting Ship XP into Free XP

    Even at this late date, an "bad" exchange rate for silver rather than doubloons would go a long way toward reducing the massive ship xp pools and the massive silver credit accounts that long time players have built up. There are people in my clan with over 500,000,000 silver and no place to spend it. Why not give the long term players a break?
  7. Ah yes, of course. Wasn't even thinking of that since Pan-EU already "existed" with the 2 premiums. Thanks.
  8. BrushWolf

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    It is influenced by their being on only one team, sunk or denuded of planes, early in the match.
  9. yurisuika

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    I briefly tried CVs for the sake of trying them and pretty much all I did was only attack the enemy CVs because I hate CVs as they are. Probably the best thing a CV can do is sink the enemy CV.
  10. Capt_Ahab1776

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    The three main uses I use fighter squad drops is as you said over a DD a lot of the time or a very weakened friendly. Over a puff of smoke by a enemy DD just to spot when it comes out while you go back to your business. A semi attempt at zone denial. Usually a cap that a friendly DD may be about to capture or contest to ward off rocket attack, dive bombers, or torpedo bombers by the enemy CV. What sort of tweak are you thinking. You have got me currious.
  11. CaliburxZero

    Atago - Still Worth It?

    Yes, very much so worth it. The amazing conealment and speed allows for aggressive plays alongside of DDs when you position correctly, with a hard-hitting alpha of HE to maximize DD hunting or to do a favorable trade. AP isn't bad either. The only time the speed and concealment won't hold up is when the fun police, CVs are around. Even so though, the torp angles of the forward launchers already make it a strong choice. Also make note its AA is fairly poor. So as long as you know how to use concealment to protect your huge citadel with broadsides, you'll do well.
  12. They're referring to the Tier 1 Pan-European ship you'll get for free, which you can then sell and use the port slot it came with for something else.
  13. sasquatch_research

    Conqueror .. Does this thing start fires or what

    Hey I played 2 losing games in the Conqueror with the first game being over 105K damage which was only good for 7th place, set only 2 fires with a single fire flag, the game 2 was just under 103K damage which was only good for 7th place and agin set only 2 fires and ran both fire flags. This boat is nothing but garbage anymore compared to how it was before they took away the 457's (I ran the 419's then too). 2 games only set 4 fires is rather pathetic. No wonder it's not seen in clan battles at all. Just another example of BB's not working like they used. Pete
  14. CaliburxZero

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    So what you're saying is, match outcome is heavily influenced by your CV's presence or lack thereof? That's what you admitted right there. And the fact that the class is designed to not be able to take each other out just shows how influential they are where their mechanics are designed to let this happen. No other class is made this way in order to make sure they stay in the fight. You don't see DDs being made to not be able to kill each other easily. or CA/CL. or BB. Hmmmm. I wonder why.
  15. ABBORREN Class submarines (1917) Displacement standard, t Displacement normal, t 174 / 310 Length, m 31.0 Breadth, m 3.60 Draught, m 3.10 No of shafts 2 Machinery 2 6cyl diesels / 2 electric motors Power, h. p. 920 / 280 Max speed, kn 9.5 / 7.4 Fuel, t diesel oil Endurance, nm(kts) 1300(8) / 45(5) Armament 2 - 450 TT (bow, 4) Complement 14 Diving depth operational, m 30 #Swedishgate #Ikeagate
  16. Firstly, this is not meant to be a thing but is more of a funny topic that my play group came up with so don't get your knickers in a twist. Also, I'd love to hear other ideas on how to adjust this to make it a more useful idea so please comment how you believe this could be adjusted. The idea was for a 4th squadron type, not offensive mind you. This 4th squadron would replace any of the attack squadrons (or a set type depending on preference) as a type of "support" squadron. Ideas for this "squadron" mostly use the spotter plane from BB's and CA/CL's, a singular plane but it can take a massive pounding before it is shot down Again. No offensive capabilities but several consumables to help the team such as (and subject to change on this post depending on further discussion): 1) Sonar buoys. These would be dropped from the plane with a RN DB type of fly over and bombing sight. This buoy would, act as a temporary Hydro with a 3-5km range, detecting both submarines and torpedos BUT could be targeted with fire to be destroyed. This would not be a consumable but would be able to have 1 strapped to each wing (2 drops per flight) but wouldn't have to be recalled after the final drop 2) (CONSUMABLE) Fighter squadrons with an increased number of charges and/or the ability to drop multiple at the same time 3) (CONSUMABLE) Engine boost. No explanation needed 4) (CONSUMABLE) A random "boost" such as something from arms race. It randomly drops either a maneuverability boost, extra heal, or faster reload. These would stay on the map for a limited time (1- 1 1/2 minutes) and be able to be picked up by anyone. The reload booster and maneuverability boost would be active for 1-2 minutes from the moment of pick up. The heal would either be a free standard type heal on pickup or be able to be stored as a consumable to be used later (NOTE: THIS ONE IS HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL EVEN WITHIN MY GROUP. DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY) 5) Finally a passive bonus, if you are inside of a certain range (3km) of a spotted ship. you could act as an "artillery spotter" and decrease the dispersion of incoming shells by 1-3% (NOTE: THIS ONE IS HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL EVEN WITHIN MY GROUP. DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY) Again, just some fun ideas that I was playing around with. Feel free to discuss in the comments. AN: I myself enjoy playing with and against CV's. HOWEVER, These were decided on with people that were "pro" and "anti" CV so please don't discuss how this would nerf/buff CV's unless its in a respectful manner. We've heard it all before.
  17. eviltane

    CV VS CV needs to be more of a thing.

    If this thread and the explanations for why a CV should have this immunity to their own class isn't sign evidence of the CV super class status. I don't know what is. Such an out sized impact that only one side loosing their 1 CV is argued even by CVs do be a game maker / breaker.
  18. YouSatInGum

    Smol worth getting with HE changes looming?

    Atlanta gets screwed. It was already a low performing ship stats wise. It's pen goes down to 26, so there are T8 and 9 cruisers that it will have trouble with now... that before we even talk bbs. If they go through with this stupidity, my first reaction will be to make a firestarting captain and play my Smolie non stop.... aiming for every BB in my 19.2 range.
  19. henrychenhenry

    Premium Gallant

    I don't believe anybody has actually answered your question. All the answers have something missing from them. The official answer is Yes, it is still possible to receive Gallant from the Dunkirk containers in the armory. Two developers (@Bualar and @Umbaretz) have confirmed this (see below). Personally, I wouldn't try though (the chance is probably very low, though greater than 0). https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/199929-is-it-still-possible-to-get-gallant-from-dunkirk-containers-pt-experiment/ Are Dunkirk containers in the armory even premium containers? @iamSamoth is asking whether the chance is >0. Hope I actually answered your question. WG has officially confirmed Gallant is still in Dunkirk containers.
  20. This is genuinely good advice. The problem is that most DD players are so one-track minded in playing DDs that they refuse to "improvise, adapt and overcome", with an example just within this thread: Another problem is that players, especially unicums, complain that "improvising, adapting and overcoming" planes is "not fun". I mean sure, getting focused by a CV as a DD is very annoying, but if the CV player decides to focus only on one DD even if the DD constantly presents itself as a very difficult-to-hit target, the DD player essentially wasted the CV's time, and gives the DD's team a lot of breathing room to perform maneuvers and plays without CV interference. Of course, this entails the DD player playing for the team, and as what is observed in the playerbase, more dominantly among unicums, they loathe the idea of "playing for the team", especially in randoms.
  21. BrushWolf

    Converting Ship XP into Free XP

    I would need almost 700,000 doubloons so about $2800 to convert all the ship experience I have built up so it will continue to build up. WG should have given us a non-money but extremely inefficient method to make use of that experience before people had built up huge pools of it.
  22. He's probably asking here because they (almost) never reply there... which is part of the reason I'm transferring as well.
  23. Umbaretz, while this "suggestion" may seem outside this topic, it really isn't. Rather, it's a different way of looking at the issues. Have you guys ever considered having some mild degree of RNG on the penetration values of hits with main guns? Right now, in my opinion, it seems way too cut and dried, way too predictable when one compares the size of shells vs armor. It seems to me that if there was some RNG for penetration on main gun hits, there'd be some uncertainty. One wouldn't be able to say "this" gun will always penetrate "that" ship's armor in a certain location. It just seems like these shell size vs armor thickness interactions are way too predictable. Note: I limited this to only main guns to reduce the overall number of calculations that would be needed. Anyways, this is just a thought that I wanted to throw out there.
  24. Maybe I missed something here, but I don't see a Swedish DD line as relevant to a "WWII Warships" game ... is it that necessary to get more gimmicks just for the sake of new boats? Eh, doesn't matter... I'll probably pass on this line. I have more than enough ships to enjoy and try to master already. Now, what's this about a free slot? Guess I should read that announcement.
  25. AMajor

    Converting Ship XP into Free XP

    How do I find out about these?
  26. If you give the CV significant power to fight another CV in the air then, on top of your team being disproportionately dependent on the carrier for spotting, damage dealing, finishing weak targets, and providing cuing information, it's now dependent on the CV for that.
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