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  2. What a way to nitpick one thing and disregard the other points. Truly a top class debater
  3. The last time an American movie was made about Midway, it used footage of Bf-109s fighting Spitfires, several unused takes from The Battle of Britain. You have no grasp of filmmaking at all.
  4. This mod disk space or CPU-hogging or anything like that?
  5. this. and that.
  6. No, is clear... the Russian-Smoke-Cruiser have the better AA in a better max range. btw, AA is really useless if you are in a match T10 without cv, something normal in random battles. even the Kutu cant make good use of the AA the major time of the match. for other hand, you lose AA capability when you try to handle the damage received. Long-range AA are more relevant today.
  7. *takes Imouto-chan to bed aboard Onryou and tucks her in* goodnight Imouto-chan sleep well~ /^_\\
  8. Well the only other thing is you play a different role in the GK than her/his predecessors. Took me a good while to change the mold... you're more critical, I think, when driving the GK than the ships before her. I guess, as others might say, a GK has to focus on his/her impact to the team, it's a lynch-pin. Of course I could just be daffy.
  9. And watch your speed - the Mo can get you into trouble pretty quickly. Leading the charge is not a very good idea, neither is being alone. If anyone gets to your broadside, you will have issues. Bow on, she is pretty strong and a bit of an angle makes her front bulkhead even stronger. And, watch as many decent videos as you can. Remember that you can't really one shot ships like you can with the Yammy. And, watch videos from different style players to get ideas.
  10. *smiles and cuddles* night night everyone
  11. "Clean up crew to the bridge. We need mops and fresh trousers."
  12. You are complaining about a worthless skill that is something I laugh at anytime I am RPF'd .
  13. I've just used my Repair Party. Oh no! A Torp broadside! I'm dead... or am I?
  14. Stop paying, playing, and posting then. Problem solved.
  15. What? No Meme, just What? maybe a song? I put this here and I am 54 turns, but alas I will not be UNICUM, What does the FOX say?!
  16. Well since CV's have been here since the beginning and are not going to go away . Good-bye and don't let the door hit you on the way out .
  17. Painted with the blood and guts of Red Terror victims. So much for WG pretending to take the moral high ground. Censor the Kriegsmarine and IJN flags but glorify communism.
  18. I handled well the cruisers, is what i Ithink, and the prinz eugen is famous for being a bad cruiser as the same is famous for been in sale in special occasions, so i pextected a buff soon, as they did with NO, Mogami and american BBs. ships which statadistics were handled bad and here we are...
  19. Quite ironic when you think it's unfair to be blown out of the water and yet battleships have blown cruisers and destroyers out of the water since the beginning... All you had to do was stick with your team and not sail in a predictable path against AP bombs. A simple press of your rudder to port or starboard side will reduce the damage but you will still remain vulnerable (European battleships at this moment are the most vulnerable against AP bombs). If you do all of that and still get blown of the water, you were just unlucky like every other destroyer or cruiser player who randomly get citadel or received a lot of damage that they can't negate from a battleship.
  20. Where do I get the WG Modpack, thanks for all the input guys.
  21. Flooding with debts....APPLY DAMAGE CONTROL QUICK!

  22. USS Nevada/Oklahoma Lexington-class battlecruiser HMNLS De Rutyer HMAS Australia USS Kidd/Cassin Young (the same post-war, more emphasis on AAA layout) Tribal-class destroyer La Fantasque-class destroyer USS Houston
  23. Seems we've established that there is nothing conclusive to be said from you. Good day
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