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How do I use the Indianapolis well?

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squidage #21 Posted 15 February 2017 - 03:25 PM

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it plays a lot like the NO only a tier lower

Kizarvexis #22 Posted 15 February 2017 - 11:53 PM

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Ok, I got this ship in a bundle that had a lot of other ships that I wanted. I have the Cleveland and just got the Nurnberg, so I'm not experienced at high tier play. I'm keeping my current Cleveland captain on her and will share with the Atlanta. When I finally finish the grind to the Pensacola, I have a 6 pt Captain also trained on the Cleveland that I was going to move to the Pensacola. I have PT (to know when to run), EM (I like fast turrets), and DE (for better fires).  Based on the excellent posts above, I'm thinking I need to respec this captain as I plan on sharing between the Pensacola and Indianapolis.  I plan on taking the Indy out with this captain a little bit to get ready for the Pensacola. I took Main AM1, Aim SM1, Prop M1 and Steer M1.


So what skills will work on both please?



Tzarevitch #23 Posted 03 March 2017 - 08:49 PM

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You can use the same captain skills for both. The only one that is a must to me is the one that lets you know how many enemies are targeting  you. The ships operate very similarly (Indianapolis is Pensacola's younger cousin). Honestly, you can use the same captain all the way up the US cruiser tree. New Orleans, Baltimore and Des Moines all behave similarly.

KaptainKaybe #24 Posted 16 March 2017 - 12:28 AM


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Against battleships: stay at long range and wiggle while spamming HE. If they are close and showing side, toss AP into their upper belt.

Against cruisers: go bow on or sharply angled and shred them with AP. USN cruiser AP flat out laughs at cruiser armor, even when angled.

Against DDs: team up with a DD, wait for the enemy DD to smoke up and sit still and pop radar. Laugh when he is spotted and the HE rains down all over him.

Basically, play it exactly like a late tier USN cruiser with the caveat that you cannot bounce any BB shells at all, unlike some later ships.

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