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Things I learned in my first 200 games

Trevzor First 200 Things I learned

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WhiteRecon #61 Posted 13 November 2016 - 08:05 PM

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View PostElo_J_Fudpucker, on 13 November 2016 - 07:44 PM, said:

Lone ships that go aggressive ( or yolo) die almost every time.

Well organized aggression wins most times.

So many times a wave of our ships will be pushing a flank, and at the first sign of the enemy, most turn around and run, where they should push....  I can't get why so many try to survive and end up losing versus fighting it out and losing, or ... maybe, just maybe, winning

Is it the aggressive team that wins? At least the well organized ones seem to.. :)


There's nothing like a hard core push when you just keep rolling artillery forward the whole game.


PoundGU #62 Posted 17 November 2016 - 03:26 PM


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View PostTrevzor, on 23 August 2016 - 02:40 PM, said:

Heyo everybody.


As some of you may know, I have just moved from WoT: PC over here to WoWs. Prior to that move I had only about 100 games total played in WoWs ranging all the way back to internal alpha testing. Despite that, I was basically a brand new player in World of Warships. Because of this, I thought it would be interesting to have a thread about the things I have learned in my "First 200 matches" in World of Warships. So here we go...


1. Physics is operating on an entirely different level then in WoT

I know this sounds like a dumb statement, but Newton's first law is far more prevalent than it is in WoT. Ships are HUGE and HEAVY and water does not provide a lot of friction compared to something like the ground. Getting comfortable maneuvering is not something that comes quickly and varies dramatically from ship to ship. If I could start all over again, I would definitely practice just driving the ship in PvE. Captain Bad Advice Knows What I am Talking About


2. Hitting your target is more science than art

Do you know how your static reticle works? I didn't for a solid 40 games. It took me watching this iChase video to really get an idea of what it is I am supposed to do to be successful in hitting ships. Granted, dispersion means that shells won't always hit, but if I am landing around the center of the ship and shells splash on both port and starboard sides, I am doing ok with my aiming. For those who are wondering, I use static reticle type 7 because i do actually like the different lines to help my predicting of hitting angled ships (sailing towards or away from me.)


3. What the heck is a citadel? 

Honestly, my biggest pet peeve in any game is a highly important aspect that just isn't explained and this is it for me. It took Quemapueblos a solid 15 minutes to explain to me where a citadel is, why it is important for a ship, and how you can hit them in game. He then forgot to tell me for a few more days that Destroyers flat don't have a citadel, so don't bother with trying to hit it with them. The short version? Aim for the waterline between the front and rear turrets. If there aren't front and rear turrets, then aim for the waterline under the superstructure. Fire your shells and initialize hope.


4. Don't think of armor penetration based on gun size, think of it based on tier

This one is a little more nebulous, but I have found that it helps me fairly well when firing AP. Basically, whatever ship I am in I should be able to penetrate with AP shells ships on this scale: Battleships 2, Cruisers 1, Destroyers 0. Meaning that if I am driving a Tier 6 Cruiser (a 1) then I should be able to penetrate Tier 6 Cruisers, Battleships up to Tier 5, and Destroyers up to Tier 7. If I was driving a Battleship at Tier 7 (a 2) I should be able to penetrate Battleships at tier 7, Cruisers at Tier 8, and Destroyers at Tier 9.


The reason I think of it in this way is because the armor models for World of Warships are super complex. It's not just an armor box that floats, there are other armored compartments inside that you need to penetrate to cause damage as well. On top of that, the citadel is the most armored part of most ships, so a flat number for penetration won't make sense. If you haven't already, read through the wiki to get a better idea of ballistics and how they work in WoWs.


5. You live by the minimap, you die by the minimap

To date, I don't think I have played a game where the information on the minimap is as crucial to your success than it is in World of Warships. Be it the ranges at which your ship will be spotted by ships, the range you are spotted by planes, or the range on all of your armaments there is tons of simple crucial data for you to utilize. On top of that, understanding how the battle is going to unfold is exactly what the minimap is used for. Question: How many times did you see a red plane indicator on your HUD only to have a full squadron of torpedo bombers wreck your match with a full spread of balance lances? I have plenty of times. Every one of those times, I wasn't watching the mini map. How about getting whacked by a Destroyer that came out of no where after about the halfway point of the match? It good guessing that they've been spotted once before. If you haven't done it yet, while you are in a match press the CTRL key and use your mouse to click the gears over the top right of the minimap. Check all of the boxes and revel in the amount of information that the map can give you!


I could go on, but this is already shaping up to be a book. Maybe I will do a second installment for my 300th game.


What are some of the things that you learned early on in your Warships career?


I especially like the part about the minimap!  I think that is one thing many players seem to neglect.  When there are three caps, and you see 90% of your teammates moving towards A, don't even consider going to C.  Try to stay within firing range of the bulk of your team (you will be better protected, and so will your teammates.)  And if the enemy team has divided their forces, even by just a small handful of ships, your team can quickly reduce the enemy's odds by reducing their numbers.  

I'm no expert, but I've played along side some fantastic players.  I try to learn from them when I can.  Plus it's a great feeling when the whole team is on fire!

sendit2me30 #63 Posted 19 November 2016 - 09:02 PM


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the game is thrilling and exciting the only thing that really ruins it there are these torpedoes.   you are doing fine and all of a sudden you are being blasting by about dozen of these things... game over.

SergeantHop #64 Posted 19 November 2016 - 09:17 PM


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View Postsendit2me30, on 19 November 2016 - 01:02 PM, said:

the game is thrilling and exciting the only thing that really ruins it there are these torpedoes.   you are doing fine and all of a sudden you are being blasting by about dozen of these things... game over.


Don't sail in a straight line then. Problem solved.

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sendit2me30 #65 Posted 19 November 2016 - 09:22 PM


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oh and can you take out this annoying 'confirmation' when you wan to exit to port or leave the game??  or at least have an option to disable

sendit2me30 #66 Posted 19 November 2016 - 09:44 PM


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View PostSergeantHop, on 19 November 2016 - 09:17 PM, said:


Don't sail in a straight line then. Problem solved.


that easy? surely not.

RivertheRoyal #67 Posted 08 December 2016 - 05:04 PM


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I think that the whole "don't sail in a straight line" thing has a few caveats. Firstly, you absolutely have to pay attention to the mini-map. If a DD is breifly spotted around a nearby island, wait a few seconds, then engage WASD hacks. That way, the DD will fire their torps towards you and miss, as you'll have moved since. Dodging torps is as much about predicting enemy fire, as it is being unpredictable yourself.


As for things I learned in the first 200 matches,

1. Don't get spotted near any tier three or four cruisers in a DD.

2. Figuring out when to advance and retreat.

3. NEVER, EVER SHOW BROADSIDE IN A CA (if you can avoid it). That's just asking for pain.       

Shortgame1969 #68 Posted 09 December 2016 - 07:25 PM


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I start the game then click play and get this message.. then it closes.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help

I turned up the graphics to high and now game wont start. message error.

Message; MF_Assert_DevFailed BW;;Render:sucess(status) D;\buildAgent\checkoutDir\client\source\lib\moo\render_context.cpp(3813

I have resintalled the game 3 times and still same error and it just crashes.. please help

Pogo68 #69 Posted 17 December 2016 - 06:42 AM

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Things I've learned.

Most players don't pay attention to the mini map

Most players don't pay attention to anything outside their current view period.

Most players don't know what an intercept course is never mind how to use it.

(Hint, it's not pointing your ships nose at the enemy ship)

Most people follow the lemming train to the point that they can get picked off by one or two players following the lemming train.





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HMCS_Calgary #70 Posted 21 December 2016 - 05:41 AM


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Thank you for the recommendation to check out iChase. 1 video has already made a difference!

Dracolithfiend #71 Posted 27 January 2017 - 06:51 PM


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Ya it took me about 100 games to realize keeping back and letting the BB's engage first pays dividends. I get called a coward a lot but they shut up when my CL gets its 3rd kill.

Giantsgiants #72 Posted 28 January 2017 - 12:48 AM

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If there's one skill that can really help your team out, it's learning how to fight and hit DD's. For me at least, there seems to be a correlation between friendly DD survival and winning. Now I'm not necessarily blaming my teammates here, since it's on me (especially if I'm in a cruiser) to ensure our DD's outlast their DD's.


Yes, taking out DD's does significantly increase the odds of you winning.


Yes, DD's are fast, maneuverable, and slippery, and killing them isn't easy. Well parallel parking isn't easy, but it's a really useful skill to have in driving a car. It's one of those things that's hard to learn, but will greatly help your team (and your win rate) out once you've mastered it.



Lord_Man_Hammer #73 Posted 01 February 2017 - 06:50 PM

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1 you will learn that Win Rate means nothing in this game.  The games learning curve is so easy it attracts a less skilled player base that wants a game that forces them into a stressful situation once every 5 minutes, not every 5 seconds as in WoT and WoWP.   Half the folks on your team do not care about winning.


2 once you realize this quickly you will notice your ability to win a game is improved 5-10% as you become blue upward to unicum.  That is all the best of players can really manage on average.


3 once you realize you can division with 2 other players you can improve your winrate by 30% and achieve ridiculous winrate %'s because of my point #1



Besides the stat stuff you will realized that there are far too many torpedos in this game and that you realize you could rage kill a carrier player with your bare hands w/o conscience getting in the way lol.


At least low tier, 6 or lower,  what I am doing is pretending im alone.  Do NOT rely on anyone or anything to provide "backup".  It will not happen.  Half your team are players want to float around an shoot stuff from a zone wall,  if they shoot at all.  


This is my experience so far closing in on 400 games played.  Hope to god higher tiers get better but I doubt it.


Just play like you are alone.  Any help will be appreciated but not at all expected.   Do this an you will not be put off by the lack of competitive urgency this game lacks in matches.

Halonut24 #74 Posted 06 February 2017 - 09:17 PM

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I don't know how many battles I have in WoWS, and I won't look because I'm lazy.

What I've learned (over all my time) is:

  • Japansese CA always have torps.
  • Most German CA have torps.
  • British cruisers are the bane of the Pepsi.
  • Don't ever, under any circumstances, YOLO charge a tier VII or higher German BB. Those secondaries will [edited] you. (For those wondering, the Scharnhorst/Gniesenau have about 7.5 km range, Bismarck/Tirpitz and higher is 10.)
  • British cruisers are citadels waiting to happen.
  • the St. Louis sexually identifies as a battleship and is OPAF for it's tier, ESPECIALLY in 3-man divisions.
  • American tier IV-V cruisers are fat destroyers.
  • Smoke-screens are evil (and torpedo magnets). Stay away.
  • American Cruisers above tier IV don't get attacked by CV's (I haven't been attacked by one in forever. It's so nice!:great:)
  • Always point the bow/stern towards the biggest guns.
  • With 155's, it's rarely worthwhile to load AP, I just spam HE.
  • always change course and speed every now and then when sailing open waters with DD lurking about. If you see a smoke screen, turn. 
  • Don't gunfight an American Destroyer at close range in another destroyer. The Russians are also good at it. 
  • Japanese DD are ninja and have stupid torpedo range.
  • Ramming speed is hard to do, and is kind of a d*ck move. You will receive a lot of salt. 
  • Your reload in a life or death point-blank duel will always be a half-second too late to save you.
  • BB full broadside citadel one-shots are the most glorious things on the planet, right next to full-health ammo-racking in WoT.

Gee, I covered a lot. Doesn't say much for my stats, does it? I still play like a potato some games. But, hey! We're all human at the end of the day. Hope some of this cheeky advice helps someone. 

iDuckman #75 Posted 12 February 2017 - 07:15 PM

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View PostHerr_Reitz, on 23 August 2016 - 03:40 PM, said:

One other thing is leave the rage at the door, close the door and have fun.


This!  +1


Elo_J_Fudpucker #76 Posted 13 February 2017 - 01:11 AM

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2100 battles in.....

​It takes around 1000 games to figure out the game and get good enough to realize you suck.
​It takes around 1500 games to understand what you need to do to get better.
​At around 2000 games it starts to take hold and you really start polishing the skill set
By 5000 games you might get above 55% win rate

​Learn which ships to run away from.
Bow on! and PUSH!
​If you are the only one pushing you will die.
​Master the Shoot-RMB/Look-Observe fall of shot & repeat.
​Understand and accept that good teammates are rare and that players that are still acquiring your sucky skill set and you just have to let that go... really.. .
No whining.. just play and move on to the next.
​It is better to die fighting than to have a undamaged ship. Don't be one of those that linger son the edges... get that nose bloody!

Warships today
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Blyskawica Warspite Atlanta Sims Texas(x3) LoYang Nikolai Atago Tirpitz(x2) Gremaschchy Scharnhorst(x2)
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WrecktOmWrecker #77 Posted 07 March 2017 - 02:03 AM

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View PostJeff_261, on 23 August 2016 - 02:11 PM, said:

Sorry about this but I need a little help, I bought a premium ship but they send me a conformation email but I forgot the password to the email, will the premium ship still be in my account even though I didn't look at the email? PLS HELP ME THANKS


You need to contact customer support.

FATEdPondera #78 Posted 22 March 2017 - 03:41 PM


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I learned several things.


My aim is awful.

Destroyers are pure evil.

CVs rule the waves. Now and forever more.

NakanuMo #79 Posted 24 March 2017 - 04:03 PM

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Thing I learned from more than 4000 games. Some people just have fun in the game and they are just too lazy to learn and improve themselves. 

Some players who had played more than 3000 games and still act like their first 100 games. Well, you have your right have your fun but I do not want to meet you on my side. Thanks.

Kanmusu_Yamato #80 Posted 28 March 2017 - 09:04 AM

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- If you're ever moving towards a target and they are crossing your T (perpendicular to you): you need to lower your aim constantly to adjust for the distance you're closing on them.

- Alternate interface is extremely useful since you need to see the distance to where you're shooting in relation to the target's direction.

- HE kills destroyers especially in battleships, its the most satisfying thing ever.

- Always turn towards torpedos. 80% of the time, turning away only makes it worse. 


Edit: Red T crossing is actually advantageous for the one being crossed because they have angled armour. Only in world of warships.

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