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NikoPower #1 Posted 11 August 2016 - 06:52 PM

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Here is a list of ship reviews from LittleWhiteMouse. As she creates more, they will be added. Check back for more.



2016.11.04  Perth

2016.10.14  Belfast

2016.09.30  Bogatyr*

2016.09.28  Leningrad

2016.09.23  Isokaze*

2016.09.21  Prinz Eugen

2016.09.20  Warspite 3.0

2016.09.02  Iowa*

2016.08.30  König Albert

2016.08.27  Bismarck*

2016.08.17  Gneisenau*

2016.08.15  Flint

2016.08.12  Dunkerque

2016.08.08  Scharnhorst

2016.07.15  Krasny Krym
2016.07.01  Arizona

2016.06.27  Yubari 2.0

2016.06.22  Sims 2.0

2016.06.08  Arpeggio of Blue Steel Kongo-class Battleships

2016.05.31  Smith

2016.05.29  Indianapolis

2016.05.24  Emden

2016.05.20  Tirpitz 2.0

2016.05.13  Molotov

2016.04.30  Ishizuchi 2.0

2016.04.29  Mikasa

2016.04.25  Texas

2016.04.22  Campbeltown

2016.04.07  Saipan

2016.03.31  Diana

2016.03.27  Murmansk

2016.03.25  Mikhail Kutuzov 2.0

2016.03.18  Marblehead

2016.02.23  Lo Yang

2016.02.21  Arkansas
2016.02.18  Atlanta 2.0

2016.02.11  Kamikaze-class 2.0 (Kamikaze R & Fujin)

2016.02.11  Tachibana

2016.02.10  Anshan 2.0

2016.01.21  Atago 2.0

2016.01.09  Arpeggio Myoko

2015.12.26  Blyskawica

2015.11.27  Imperator Nikolai I

2015.11.25  Aurora

2015.11.19  Gremyashchy


(*)  -- Denotes a non-premium ship.


- Created by Jorge_555


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LittleWhiteMouse #2 Posted 11 August 2016 - 06:54 PM


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(Last Edited 10.11.2016)


Let me explain some of the more qualitative descriptors I use in some sections of my reviews.  I'll add to this as I go.


Ship Comparissons

The first section of my reviews, I try and draw a parallel between an existing ship in World of Warships and one that's already in the game.  When I review Premium Ships, this can be any other vessel already in World of Warships. Because these ships are purchased with money or time, I try and ensure that I draw a parallel to something that players will already have experience.  If I am reviewing a normal tech tree ship that can be unlocked with credits or experience, I compare them to a premium vessel.  Some players do not want to spend all of the time grinding to unlock a given ship when they are able to simply purchase a substitute.  To this end, I focus comparing tech tree ships to the premiums.

When comparing the ships, I will bold, underline and Increase the font size of the indicated designation.  I have divided the degree of similarites into five categories:  Clone, Sister Ship, Related Class, Similar Role and UniqueThe categories are explained below.



Must be an exact copy, down the polygons and statistics of an existing vessel in World of Warships.  Essentially they have to be the same ship where the only appreciable difference is a change in their skin and/or name.  Examples:

  • Kamikaze-class destroyers (Kamikaze-R, Fujin, Kamikaze),
  • Arpeggio of Blue Steel Kongo-class ships (Hiei, Haruna, Kongo, Kirishima)


Sister Ship

A ship from the same class as an existing ship in World of Warships.  Parameters of the vessels can vary drastically or very little.  This can even include two versions of the same ship but only if their statistics, modules, and/or model are different in some appreciable form.  Examples include: 

  • Krasny Krym / Svietlana
  • Omaha / Murmansk / Marblehead


Related Class

These are ships that are close predecessors are antecedents of the class in question.  This reflects the ship's relation to an existing class in World of Warships may draw many design (and presumably, game play) similarities.  This can also be used to denote a subclass if they're markedly different.  Examples:

  • Arizona (closely related to the New Mexico-class)
  • Sims (preceded the Benson-class)


Similar Role

The ship in question bears no direct design relation towards the vessel compared.  However, her performance and method used in game is similar enough to draw comparison.  Often this will be used to describe two ships of the same type from two different tech trees.  They are unlikely to share things like weapon performance, AA mounts, tiering etc.  However, they share some fundamental game play elements between them.  Example:

  • Dunkerque to the Iowa-class.



These are the real weirdies.  These are the odd duck designs or the ships that have so many quirks to them that they really stand out.  Their pedigree is their own and they stand apart from every other vessel in World of Warships, be it because of some combination of bonuses, weapon options or what have you.  Examples:

  • Saipan
  • Warspite


Recommendation Section

Some people take exception that I don't come out and say right from the word go if a ship is "good" or "bad".  I'm kind of at a loss on how to address this.


This disparity of a dichotomy in my reviews comes from having contact with and experience in talking to lots of different gamers over the years.  This opened my eyes to the fact that not everyone plays the game for the same reasons.  While everyone plays for "fun", where they find their enjoyment comes from different aspects.  Some players hinge their amusement based on their success rate, be it winning, high damage, or whatever other parameter they choose to define their performance.  Others are content to never let such minutia cross their thoughts as they derp about and enjoy simply playing a well handling ship.  Yet others want to taste a bit of history.  Still others want a unique experience with a bit of a prestige and recognition for playing something rare.  To this end, I felt I had to divide my recommendation section up to try and accommodate the various play styles that are out there.  While this will not cover everyone, it will hopefully provide a more balanced series of opinions that can be applied to the cross-section of gamers that make up our community.


So sorry, I'm not writing my review specifically to cater to your needs.  You're not a special snowflake.  I know, PBS lied to me too for years.  My recommendations are intended for the reader to think about why they play, what they're looking for.  They can decide for themselves whether they play to grind, to be competitive, because of the history behind the ships or for a unique, entertaining experience.




When I'm saying "yes" or "no" to Random Battle Grinding, I'm looking at the following characteristics:


  • Does the ship earn a lot of credits or is it expensive to run?
  • Do you need to use signals to make the ship perform?  How well does it earn signal flags?
  • What are the experience gains like for this ship?  Will it make a good Captain Trainer?
  • How well does it perform when it's bottom tier?  Can it carry?  Will it hurt a player's stats?


Let's take a closer look at some of these.


For Credit Earning, I'm primarily looking at how many premium consumables are necessary to run on the ship to make it play to an acceptable level.  Note that "acceptable" is entirely subjective and based upon my own play style.  Once a ship starts making use of two or three premium consumables regularly, this really eats into the profitability of a ship.  In addition, lower tiered ships, generally, do not earn as much per battle as higher tiered ships.  So by mashing these two factors together, I then weigh how much bank she's making me.  If I see less than 200,000 credits being made with a premium account after costs, then this isn't going to be getting a nod from me.

In regards to Signals, I'm looking to see how easy it was to earn signals.  Was I able to get a Kraken Unleashed?  What about Confederate and High Caliber?  Does the ship have a good secondary armament that can make use of and earn back Close Quarters Expert medals?  Is there some unique quality to her weapons that will facilitate getting a Witherer medal?  Maybe she's got great AA or aircraft that makes earning Clear Skies.  On top of this, I'm also considering what signals the ship will consume regularly.  While often optional, there are some ships that greatly benefit from the use of signals so I try and keep this in mind too.  If I didn't earn any at all during my play testing (or very, very few), this gets a big red X.


For Experience, I'm primarily concerned with how well the ship earns experience for training Captains to facilitate transferring a Captain from one tech-tree ship to another.  For ships of their own nation (Poland, France, UK up until recently, Pan Asia, Commonwealth), the ship has to have some gimmick to compensate for this as this to be worth recommending.  The Anshan does this by earning more free experience, for example.  Now, if a ship struggles to perform, then bonus or not, it will be hard to sell here.  If you can't earn a good baseline experience value, then modifying it with bonuses will only prop it up to acceptable levels.  I do keep things like this in mind, such as with the Prinz Eugen.


For her Carry Potential, I'm looking if the ship is powerful enough to decide the outcome of matches.  One of the elements players use Random Battles for is grinding out a better win-rate or other personal statistics.  If someone was looking to pad their numbers, would this ship assist them in that or are they facing an uphill battle every time they take the ship out of port? 


I will generally try and touch base on these points when I give my yes or no verdict for this section.  I tend to put a lot more weight on Credit Earning and Experience Gains, using the Carry Potential of a ship as an explanation as to why this is difficult or trivial as a result.  So if a ship is powerful, it's easier to recommend as it will tend to earn more.  However, if it requires a lot of consumables to get said performance or all of this experience is going to be locked into a dead-end tech-tree, then I'll add that caveat.



For competitive gaming, I'm looking at two fundamental characteristics.


  • Does your team earn a significant advantage for having her on their roster as a Support Ship?
  • Does the ship perform at an Optimal level?


Does the ship out perform?  Can she punch over her weight class consistently?  Does a player wrap themselves in more advantages than disadvantages when they bring this ship into match?  Competitive Gaming embraces every competitive mode you can consider.  While this may seem to focus primarily on Ranked Battles and Team Battles, it can also apply to Co-Op and Random Battle gaming too for those players competing with their own numbers and looking to pad those stats.


The difficult part about this section is considering how the ship fits into the meta and appreciating that this changes depending on the game mode played.  What works for Random Battles doesn't necessarily transfer over to Ranked and Team Battles, for example.  Appreciating that the performance of the ship may change significantly in the hands of a Novice or Expert player is also key.  This is the most difficult section to apply a recommendation to as there is way too much information to process and then it all needs to be boiled down to a simple "yes/no".  I could go on at length about the merits and flaws of any ship's role in Ranked Battles alone, never mind also trying to touch base on various situations in Random Battles and the still-missing-in-action Team Battles.


In short, I try and boil it down to this:  Will you win more and perform consistently by bringing this ship into battle?



There's a lot that goes into collecting.  This seems like it could be a dummy sub-section and that of course, anyone that's serious about collecting will have to have them all.  With so many of the premium ships included in the game having extensive histories, how could I not recommend a ship to someone who likes collecting ships?  Well, pretty easily really.  There is more to collecting than just hoarding pixels.  As with Random Battle Grinding, I divide this into sections and consider the following:


  • Is the ship rare?
    Some ships are collectors items simply for their perceived exclusivity.  Some people want to be recognized for having something others do not.  Part of the appeal of ships like the Gremyashchy and Imperator Nikolai I is that they're not commonly available anymore.  Part of the appeal about getting a Katori or Kamikaze (not the Fujin or Kamikaze R) is that they're not available (yet) on the North American server.  I can understand this sentiment a lot.   I get to play test ships before anyone else has them and there's something pretty exciting about having something others do not, if only for a short time.  Collectors of rare ships are forever on the lookout for the odd-duck that others may miss.   They'll sit up and take notice if a rare boat becomes available for a brief window while others might not even notice because of its performance.
  • Does it look good?
    Yes, some people play ships because they perceive them as aesthetically pleasing.  Take the König Albert:  Gorgeous boat -- absolutely gorgeous.  I spend more time looking at her than playing her.
  • Is it a historically significant vessel?
    This may seem like a gimme, but not every premium ship that comes to World of Warships is a historical vessel.  The Fujin and Kamikaze R, for example, are both fictitious (though the Kamikaze is historical).  There are "what if?" premiums like the Ishizuchi and Imperator Nikolai I -- ships that were never completed in steel but still sold. 

    Now here your mileage will certainly vary, but it's still possible to appreciate the historical significance of amazing ships and their careers like the SMS Emden (so awesome ... so, very, very awesome).  I am no historian.  It remains one of those weaknesses in my education that I want to shore up... if only I could perceive a way to turn it into a paying job.  So I usually don't touch very heavily on the history of a given vessel in my reviews.  I leave that to more wise and knowledgeable persons than myself.

    This is a shame, really, because I love the portion of the videos Uncle Jingles does that talks about the history of ships when he does a review.


Is the ship fun to play? 


Heh, what an awful question.  Didn't I just say that people define their "fun" by different measures and means?  Why do I bother including it?  Well, because some ships are just terrible and they're still a hoot to play.  The Mikasa is a good example.  So is the Atlanta.  Yet others can be very powerful but turn people's stomachs because they don't handle well.  Look at the HMS Warspite.  I absolutely love this boat, but I recognize that slow turning turrets are a real put-off for many players.  This section ends up being sort of a catch-all, where I slap everything together and just go with my gut on how the ship feels.  I will usually take into account what my other Community Contributors and the Supertesters have fed back to me while playing the ship. 


In closing...

You'll note that for all of this elaborate explanation, I still try not to say if a ship is "good" or "bad".  I fail sometimes and feel bad about it.  There's a reason for this:  It's stupid.  While saying if a ship is good or bad is great click bait, what good does that do me or my readers?  It's a wonderful way to create a heated discussion about who's right or wrong but that's not what I'm after.  I don't monetize my reviews.  I'm not compensated if a ship sells well.  So I leave the inflammatory commentary to others that need to make a living by attracting clicks.  I'm more interested in presenting facts. 

Take the Mikasa as an example.  She's a "bad" ship, right?  But she absolutely prints Close Quarter Expert medals which is invaluable for someone who has a Bismarck they like to play.  By owning a Mikasa they can shore up the number of Mike Yankee Soxisix signals they have to improve the Bismarck's secondaries even further.  For this reason, the Mikasa is great for Random Battle Grinding if that's what you're after.  But a universal "bad" labeled review might omit this, especially if the author chooses not to elaborate.  Similarly, the Sims is a "bad" destroyer if you simply looked at her Random Battle performance.  However, she has the right combination of traits that made her an absolute beast in a Competitive arena where the meta of a destroyer-heavy brawl made her tick all of the right boxes.  This same kind of environment just isn't present in Random Battles.  Presenting either ship with the dichotomy of "good" or "bad" can limit addressing these shades of grey if the reviewer isn't careful.  Some will.  Some won't.


I take the systematic approach and make sure I do cover these facets by breaking them up and covering them individually.  My readers are individuals, able to make up their minds based on their own play styles.  Far be it for me to assume everyone plays like me, or should play like me. 

More to come...

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Stratego89 #3 Posted 11 August 2016 - 06:58 PM

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Gratz on getting your reviews up as an official playerguide Mouse. :)

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View PostLittleWhiteMouse, on 11 August 2016 - 06:54 PM, said:

I recognize this list!



Alright a little explanation about these reviews.  You'll note that they have a date (yyyy/mm/dd) attached to them.  This is the date they were published and they'll reflect the meta, options and Captain Skills available at the time.  Rather than edit the original post on these, I tend to rewrite them.  The 25mm bow armour of yesterday may not mean as much against the 380mm rifles of today, for example -- so vaunted durability may become "meh" over time.  Similarly, ships get buffed and nerfed as the game progresses.  Hence, you'll often see a version number beside some of these as I revisit and replace the old with the new.  The 3.0 versions of the Warspite and Atlanta are coming "soon", for example. 


If you have questions about these reviews, feel free to ask questions.  I'll try and answer (most of) them.


everyone approves... :3

Also, LittleWhiteMouse, may I ask what anime is your avatar from?..

Edited by Unabletony, 11 August 2016 - 06:59 PM.

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Looks like someone got noticed. 



Lert #6 Posted 11 August 2016 - 06:59 PM


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Posting for 'my content' archiving purposes.

(Above stats not guaranteed accurate. I'm a supertester and test ships don't always register correctly)


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Nuk_ #7 Posted 11 August 2016 - 07:01 PM


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This'll come in handy.

RedSeaBear #8 Posted 11 August 2016 - 07:01 PM

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This list need the tag line, "Don't buy the hype, Know before you buy Read the LWM Review"

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Lonewolfpj #9 Posted 11 August 2016 - 07:04 PM


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Well deserved. I really only trust LWM and Lert when it comes to ship reviews. 

kerensky914 #10 Posted 11 August 2016 - 07:15 PM

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View PostNikoPower, on 11 August 2016 - 12:52 PM, said:


Niko and/or LWM, this link goes to the ARP Kongo page, not the Myoko review. :hide_turtle:

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Thank you.

GhostSwordsman #12 Posted 11 August 2016 - 07:27 PM

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View PostUnabletony, on 11 August 2016 - 02:59 PM, said:

Also, LittleWhiteMouse, may I ask what anime is your avatar from?..


The name of the show is "Engaged to the Unidentified", at least, that's the English title. It should be available to watch on Hulu.


Here: http://www.hulu.com/...he-unidentified

          warships.today stats(direct link)     Wargaming.net WoWs profile overview

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Soshi_Sone, on 26 April 2017 - 05:36 PM, said:

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LittleWhiteMouse #13 Posted 11 August 2016 - 07:35 PM


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View Postkerensky914, on 11 August 2016 - 02:15 PM, said:


Niko and/or LWM, this link goes to the ARP Kongo page, not the Myoko review. :hide_turtle:


It looks like two links.  The first one (click the date) goes to the Myoko.  The second goes to the Kongo.  Whoopsie.

View PostUnabletony, on 11 August 2016 - 01:59 PM, said:


everyone approves... :3

Also, LittleWhiteMouse, may I ask what anime is your avatar from?..


In Japanese, it's called Mikakunin de Shinkoukei.  I watched it based on someone's review that described it having some interesting emotional depth.  Instead it was rather shallow and pandering to a younger male audience.  I was so disappointed.  But, being a sucker for a clever animation sequence, I nicked Kobeni's bouncy-dance from the intro sequence for my avatar.

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LadyJess #14 Posted 11 August 2016 - 07:45 PM


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Thank you Niko, Mouse and Lert :honoring:

Unabletony #15 Posted 11 August 2016 - 08:12 PM

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View PostLittleWhiteMouse, on 11 August 2016 - 07:35 PM, said:


It looks like two links.  The first one (click the date) goes to the Myoko.  The second goes to the Kongo.  Whoopsie.


In Japanese, it's called Mikakunin de Shinkoukei.  I watched it based on someone's review that described it having some interesting emotional depth.  Instead it was rather shallow and pandering to a younger male audience.  I was so disappointed.  But, being a sucker for a clever animation sequence, I nicked Kobeni's bouncy-dance from the intro sequence for my avatar.

xD Thanks


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saru_richard #16 Posted 11 August 2016 - 08:37 PM

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guess i know where to go now if i want to get a prem...

still waiting for WG to give USN STS armor....

Imperium_Titan_Roma #17 Posted 11 August 2016 - 08:52 PM

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Thank you for the complied list~! This will be very useful to have in the future once more are added in as LWM continues to make new threads, and reviews. 

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Panbun #18 Posted 11 August 2016 - 09:59 PM


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Thanks for the list, Niko. And thank you for the guides, LittleWhiteMouse.


Followed for future reference.

Lord_Zath #19 Posted 11 August 2016 - 11:15 PM


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Thanks, Niko!  At some point, I plan to update the wiki of the respective pages with these reviews as well :)

taut #20 Posted 12 August 2016 - 12:19 AM

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looks so very nice.


and its stickied on the top:D



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