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[] Hakabase Modpack Installer ver.02 [3-30-2017]

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----upd UI Pack x6 ->removed incompatible files (by haka)
----upd Translation-EN + female name(by garfield001)
----upd CommanderIcon-Lady Commander (by garfield001)
----upd CommanderIcon-Touhou v1.3(by Final Spark)
----upd Ship Icon-Kancolle v2 v2.5 (by garfield001)
----upd Ship Icon-ArnakV5 (by Arnak_76RUS)
----upd Translation-JP(by aki0405)
----upd Translation-TW.EN(by MBT-Hibiki)
----upd camo-EX camouflages V4.8(by viki_oo)
----upd Camo-Historical Camouflage (by Mebius_IW)
----upd Extended Tech-Tree (by MBT-Hibiki)


----for wows
----upd UI Pack x6 (by haka)
----upd Translation-Tw + Female name (by haka)

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