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Hood Bundles Feedback Mega Thread

Hood Release Bundle

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Dr_Venture #241 Posted 24 May 2017 - 04:19 PM

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Staggered bundles lose you guys money out right off the bat, the sizzle of the release turns into...eh...displeasure is the word I could use. You're losing out on the impulse buys...now people have time to mull over the choice...see the "reviews"...move onto other things.


100 bucks out right just locks out so many people...

stickdeath1980 #242 Posted 24 May 2017 - 05:21 PM

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$144 NZD ahhhh no!!!

this was discounted from $204 NZD so what ur asking is a FING joke lol

Seadog_Supreme #243 Posted 24 May 2017 - 05:53 PM

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So much anger! But my T7 battles look like a Hood-fest, so obviously there are a lot of players who are perfectly fine with the bundle. No, I think it's ok to do this, it gives WoWS a way to clean up from players who don't care about the price, while allowing more budget-minded players a chance to get the ship only a little later. They've made it an OK premium, but still, it's not the answer to everything. I know how people are though, if they want something, they want it NOW. Personally, I'm more likely to buy a ship on a later offering when it's qualities are better known. I like to play AGAINST the ship and see how it does before I buy.

Battleship_Constitution #244 Posted 25 May 2017 - 10:12 PM

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View PostTrevzor, on 18 May 2017 - 05:17 PM, said:

What up everybody?


We have noticed that there is a very large amount of people with very passionate feelings regarding the release style of the bundle for Hood.


What we would like is for the community to place their feedback here in this mega thread. We are going to ask that you keep your comments, feedback, and interactions civil. 


Both myself and Niko will be watching this thread and moderating it very heavily... post that do not follow forum rules will be removed and sanctions given. We are asking for your clear, concise, and civil feedback. Not for vitriol.


Thank you for understanding and for being an awesome community. We look forward to hearing what you folk have to say!


For the price, the hood would come out to be a bout .99 cent ship. This of course is the mega bundle.


My issues are simple.

1. MUST buy the HOOD early in time to complete all the mission rewards

2. Staggered bundles was a stupid... and I mean stupid Idea. I got the Graf Spee stagger...I mean buy it now, this week or wait till the cheapest one becomes available or get it free and have a long grind to get the tirpiz 100% free exp cammo in just 8-9 days. Since the HOOD is not the grand prize in this campaign staggering the bundles is a bad thing. I get the whole "Make a quick buck thing" with a release of the bundles staggered but homestly other than the quick buck this was pointless.


I was lucky to have a Hood gifted to me by a friend, I would not have paid the 100 bucks for it. It was worth the price but not so much to put a huge dent into my wallet.

BTW the "Just the Hood" package is over priced. The Hood is no Scharnhorst and should not be placed in the same price range as the Scharnhorst considering the Scharn is a little OP for T7 where the Hood is just Meh.

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BB3_Oregon_Steel #245 Posted Yesterday, 02:09 AM

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Well, I don't mean to be the bright happy sunshine "everythings ok" one to the party, but I have a feeling that, based on the flood of Hoods I've been seeing, that WG isn't really hurting that much because of the whole staggered release thing.  The games at those tiers have often have multiple Hoods flying around and it's kind of odd to get one without at least one Hood on each side. 


This is probably a strong indication that this release is turning into a monster success for WG, that they are making far far more profit off of this staggered release than they could have dreamed of doing by releasing all the bundles at once.  As long as that is happening that's signaling WG that people are generally enthusiastic about their game, their product and how they are selling it all.  


So reality check everyone, the market is speaking and it sounds like tons of cash voting for the "this is cool" party. 



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Kanzler_Bismarck #246 Posted Yesterday, 04:40 AM


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I found the bundle to offer quite a bit of value.

5000 Gold

12 point Skipper

30 Days of Premium (That is used across 3 games)

250 sweet flags that give crazy bonuses

4 Modifications 

Multiple Paint jobs

A special flag

Access to special Missions

Port Slot

The Mighty Hood itself (Which is excellent in execution). 


People run around like it's 100 bucks for just a digital boat, but in fact the package includes a lot of value for the Warships gamer.

Biocide #247 Posted Yesterday, 04:06 PM

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I strongly dislike the staggered release model coupled with the missions specifically designed for the Hood.

I was going to purchase the Hood on day one, so I could have a nice ship AND participate in the Bismarck event, but because you put it out of my price range, I am unable to justify purchasing it early just so I can have the honor of grinding out some missions for skins.

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