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Shiratsuyu: First Thoughts

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TenguBlade #1 Posted 17 May 2017 - 10:56 PM

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So I was originally going to make a video for this, but the obscene amounts of poi wrecked my operating system (not really) so I'll have to settle for this at the moment.


Stock ship.  Captain in retraining that doesn't even have CE yet.  No upgrades of any kind mounted.

Posted Image

For the first three matches I pretty much threw out all the stuff I thought I'd taught myself in the Hatsuharu.  Mistake on my part, but it didn't even matter because I still got 40k damage in matches with no battleships and only 2-3 cruisers per team.  Sub-optimal though the option may be, the torps are useful for trapping DDs due to you having the Torpedo Reload Booster, and in a quad launcher they're easier to aim against maneuverable targets due to the greater coverage.  The additional gun isn't much on its own, but the #3 turret has a better arc than Hatsuharu.  It may just be confirmation bias on my part) the guns don't have insane amounts of vertical dispersion like the Hatsuharus' guns seemed to.  I can actually hit something reliably out to max range, and straddling bow-on DDs at point-blank isn't a thing even if I can only bring one turret to bear.  I can only say that's a good thing.


Pretty much all of what I have left to learn is with regards to that consumable.  For one my aiming habits get a little sloppy when using it, probably because I'm rushing myself to pump out that second volley of torpedoes.  That can be fixed by just paying attention or correcting instincts.  No, the bigger issue is whether I can time the usage right.  In Co-op, you usually get only one shot at using it to any effect, whether running the premium version or not, due to how short the matches are.  The bots' endless aggression also means that you can't bank on your torpedo attack to stall the enemy force long enough to reload for another shot if anyone survives, or for you to get away if you overextended for that salvo.  Only complete destruction of your target will allow you to use the TRB effectively without costing you your life in the process,  and in only one match did I manage to get it right.

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Spoiler: it wasn't because of me being good.  It's because both AI Tirpitzes rushed the smoke camp I had going with the Yugumo and spotted him first.  I only hit 6 out of 16 torpedoes, and at point-blank range to boot.  One Tirpitz was bow-on (and I frankly expected no more than the 1 hit I got on him) but the other one sailed full broadside without course alterations and I only scored 5 hits, most of which were on the stern (and thus negating a lot of the damage due to saturation).  The reason why was because I thought he would turn in when spotting the Yugumo (forgetting that bots always attack with torpedoes first if they're in range regardless of the ship), and he didn't.  If I'd waited longer, I could have spread my hits out a bit more and finished him.  No matter, it's a personal fault, not the ship's.


Bottom line, though, is that I'm having a hilarious amount of fun with the Shiratsuyu so far.  The Hatsuharu-level concealment with so many fish is hilarious.  The Torpedo Reload makes the limitations of a twin-launcher layout much less noticeable.  The guns aren't great, but they're dependable as long as I temper my expectations and reliance on them.  Part of the fun factor was also that I gave in to my inner weeaboo and listened to this on loop while playing the ship:

Now if only my bloody Windows installation didn't corrupt...

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Don't know if you have a dark sense of humor?  If you laugh at this, you do.

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Captain_Dorja #2 Posted 17 May 2017 - 11:25 PM


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I really, really like the Shiratsuyu.

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Jim_Byrnes #3 Posted 17 May 2017 - 11:31 PM

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I love Shiratsuyu its a perfect combo gunboat much like the Blys. Got a good laugh from your torp reload consumables comments having almost destroyed the key for it pounding it. Sadly mine is rusting in port while I polish my German BBs captains. Look forward to seeing you in a match coop or random!

Living proof you can have a blast while learning what not to do!

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ValkyrWarframe #4 Posted 19 May 2017 - 03:55 PM


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View PostTenguBlade, on 17 May 2017 - 05:56 PM, said:


Now if only my bloody Windows installation didn't corrupt...


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TheBossNC #5 Posted 21 May 2017 - 07:04 PM

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Got mine last night and I really like mine.


Pelagic Pirates 

JojoTheMongol #6 Posted 22 May 2017 - 02:24 PM


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Just unlocked her too. My first reaction: Where has this ship been all my life?


The jump from the Hatsuharu to the Shiratsuyu might be the biggest jump in firepower in the game. The Shiratsu actually feels like a deadly ship whereas the Hatsu feels more like a harassing ship. I think the Hatsu is better than people give it credit for and I prefer it over the Fubuki, but it is hard to carry a match in it. Everything can out gun you, and you have to rely on dumb BBs to have an impact on a match. The Shiratsu though can just flood an area in torps leaving very little room to escape. I only have a handful on games in the ship but my favorite moment so far was when I dumped 8 torps at a Amagi, then hit the reload booster and sent another 8 at a Gneisenau. Sunk them both.


Its only drawback is still the lack of gun firepower, speed, and its hitpoints are low. Most tier 7 cruisers can keep up with you, so staying undetected is critical. A speed flag is almost a must and I would run premium speed boost. Luckily your detection range with CE is excellent. Finally a line IJN DD that is actually good at being a torp boat.

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Sabot_100 #7 Posted 22 May 2017 - 03:16 PM

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View PostJojoTheMongol, on 22 May 2017 - 02:24 PM, said:

Its only drawback is still the lack of gun firepower, speed, and its hitpoints are low. Most tier 7 cruisers can keep up with you, so staying undetected is critical.


This and it seems most of my recent games I am bottom tier where most opponents can catch you and most can delete you quickly if spotted.


Stampz #8 Posted 22 May 2017 - 07:17 PM

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Yuudachi Shiratsuyu will always have a special place as it got me to rank 1 for the first time during ranked.

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