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Quick question about my mid tier BBs

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MCCIV #1 Posted 16 May 2017 - 12:01 AM

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So heres the dilema. I find myself in a mid/low tier battleship because bbs rock, (Ill use myogi for example) and as I shoot at a cruiser or battleship with AP. If I hit sometimes I get a roll of exactly 1000 damage. Now dont jump to conclusions and say im a noob... I know that it is based off of shell caliber (Wyoming rolls 860and it means I am either over penning or under penning, but how would I fix it? Do I have to settle for lower rolls or should I be switching to He? Would closing distance help?


Just checking to see if anyone can explain and help me fix this. Would rather roll 2-3k rolls than a 860 derp... Im mcciv by the way. Ex-blitz player who playes boats on a computer that is weaker than a potato. Super stoked that a wows blitz is in development. Anyhow, any tips on Battleship gunnery is most welcome! (other than 'hit the citadel' and stuff:child:)







Kapitanleutnant_Ford #2 Posted 16 May 2017 - 12:11 AM


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Ammo usage is so situational, so its hard to give hard and fast rules on what to use. But for starters, I would recomend (if you haven't already) turning on the advanced ribbons in options. That makes it easier to see if your penning, overpenning, bouncing, etc. After that, just kinda gotta learn from experience what shells, fired from what boat, at what target, at what angle...



ImperialArmament #3 Posted 16 May 2017 - 12:26 AM

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Hit the citadel. :trollface:


Usually, getting 1k or 860 rolls like that means you're getting overpens, which are only 10% of your potential damage per shell (PDS). Check where your shells are falling in relation to the ship. If it hits the bow, stern, or superstructure, your aim is off. If it hits the bow, move the reticule a bit closer to the ship, if it hits the stern, move it farther away, if it hits the superstructure, move it down a bit, etc.


If you can reliably hit the main hull or deck, you'll be scoring penetrations, which do 33% of your PDS. If you find that you cannot reliably hit the hull and often have to pray to RNGesus, you need to move closer. Generally, the idea is under 10km for German battleships, between 11 and 16km for American battleships, and between 14 and 18 km for Japanese battleships. If you're playing lower tiers, subtract 2-4 from those numbers, as the maps are smaller. Beware the torpedo!


The citadel is located under the smokestacks and gun turrets, and hitting it will deal 100% of your PDS. Aim at the waterline, and be aware of how your shells will travel. If your crosshair is moving up the ship as your ship moves, aim slightly under the waterline, and vice versa. You should almost always have AP loaded, unless you are facing a sudden destroyer and have time to switch. If you don't, just shoot AP anyways. Also, if you are facing a heavily angled enemy BB that you can't penetrate from the front, you can either move your aim up and try to take out his guns/penetrate his deck, or you can switch to HE. If he is moving to show you his side, don't bother switching or shooting at that moment, as the AP will get you good damage if you wait until his side is shown.


There are several guides on the forums about aiming and How2BattleBoat, and I recommend that you check them out.



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