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Surtosi #1 Posted 10 May 2017 - 02:19 PM


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I've made it to T8 in the USN DD line by scouting and surprise torping ships around islands. At T8 however I just couldn't play anymore as the ROF, DAM, and mostly planes spotting me(CV and Cat launched) would kill me inside of 5 minutes every match.


As I main CVs, I know that I can loose my whole squad instantly by flying into a smoke-hidden group so I decided to try playing escort DD just ahead my team just for the AA support and WOW IS IT BETTER! I know I'm not scouting as well, but I'm not being nuked and burned to death either. The Team AA cover keeps the planes off me, which are often targeting me anyway so they don't get bombed in the first wave and with fewer planes I don't get hit RNG'd so much. Mostly though I have support less than 2K behind me to shoo away the cruisers and DDs so I can keep pushing the front in the early/midgame


In summery, I've never lived so long and done so well with a just a change in mindset that I always want to be near jump distance to at least 1 other ship on my team. I'm sailing at half speed until I reach a cap point/make first contact then it's circles all match around my teammates shooting the whole time and torping when I get the chance.


Is this strategy viable for you experienced DD capts, am I doing something new or unusual? Is this annoying and ineffective? I've always watched the DDs rush forward then fall back or seek cover, never actually playing escort. What do you think?

MCBURL #2 Posted 10 May 2017 - 02:26 PM


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In my case...  speed is life. I also keep a mental note of my detection range. If planes are coming,  I change course to avoid.. doesn't always work, but do play as the eyes of my team. I'll always go out ahead and spot so the big guns can engage. I also try not to use smoke unless its necessary to cover a friendly, or save myself to get away from a bad situation. The longer I can stay alive, the better for my team.





silverdahc #3 Posted 10 May 2017 - 03:20 PM

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I have a total different gameplay if there's a cv present while playing the Destroyer usually I keep my smoke which is hard on the team but when you're singled out by the CV a lot it's all about self protection


But I also find t7and above radar is a big problem too so you must really be aware of where everything is and that's a hard thing for a lot of players because they like to focus one thing but you must be fully aware of everybody's range to you and airplanes and where that next Target is also that's why the dd is so hard to fly you really got a multi task

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Estimated_Prophet #4 Posted 10 May 2017 - 04:16 PM


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I prefer to stalk targets instead of directly confront them across all destroyer lines.


Like someone has in his siggy; 'War is ugly; never fight fair; sneak up on the enemy and bash his head in," I'd rather the enemy DD never see the torps coming from around some corner until it's much too late to evade.

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