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CV control lag and low fps

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Hibiki_The_Phoenix #1 Posted 06 May 2017 - 04:59 PM

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I don't know if it is just my computer getting aged, but I have horrible CV play since recent update (maybe 0.6.3 when the new control mode comes out?)

It is fine when I play other ships like DDs and CAs. My fps rate is usually over 45 expect to be in a really hot fight.

However, when I play CVs, Hakuryu, in particular, my fps rate drops to twentyish and tenish ( which is still playable). 

The problem is that when I assign commands to my squadrons, I experience a serious delay. It would take like a quarter of a second for it to respond, and at that instance, fps rate drops to 2 or 1.

When I control the three torp bomber squadrons, (I like the new control, and I usually do the sequence "4, right click, 5, click, 6, click" to move all three bombers), the game just stops for like a second and then suddenly resume with planes and ships accelerating and teleporting. Even worse, one of those commands may not register, so only two squadrons fly to the destination.

At the same time, as I notice, sometimes selecting the squadron processes slower than assigning command. As a result, if I do "3, go left (click), 4, go right" really fast ( but in order), it may end up 3 going right and 4 not moving. This indeed lowers my attack efficiency a lot, but the most horrible thing is that if I direct the ship to an island and then command a squadron to the front line, I will, after I while, find out the carrier getting concentrated fire on the front line. 


I love playing CV, and I am proud of my skills. I used Hiryu to get to Rank 1 this season. But now, I am really afraid of playing CV anymore. Not only the horrible experience but the worry about failing my teammates stop me. I tried to reinstall the game but it did not help. 


Please tell me if you guys have the same issue? And is there any possible solution?

sartt #2 Posted 07 May 2017 - 01:43 PM

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The .I bug is something W.G did a patch ago or 2, sometimes planes dont respond to attacks at all.

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