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Clash of the Elements Coin Extravaganza - Writing Activity

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NikoPower #1 Posted 26 April 2017 - 08:27 PM

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We want to know your best World of Warships story. Did you have an awesome battle that no one should have won? Did you make a new friend or two during a game? Share your story with us and you will get 50 coins towards the Clash of the Elements event. Yes, that means EVERYONE who participates will get 50 coins towards their total in the event. On top of that, the top 20 entries will receive another 50 coins on top of it to total 100. Read the rules below and get to it. 



Everyone entering will receive 50 coins. 

The top 20 entries will receive another 50 coins, bringing them to a total of 100. 



1: Your entry must be between 225-250 words. No more no less.  

2: Negative posts will not qualify for this activity. We want fun and cool stories.

3: This is not a place to bring up your grievances about the game. This is only to write up about the topic at hand.

4: Your entries must be family friendly. No profanity, drug or alcohol promotion, no sexual references, and anything based on religion. 

5: Your entry must be written for this activity. If you steal your entry from anywhere, you will be banned from this and any other WG contest across all products. 



Starts: Wednesday April 26th 

Ends: Monday May 1st at 9:00 AM Pacific time. Entries will not be accepted after this time. 

- Created by Jorge_555


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Jakob_Knight #2 Posted 26 April 2017 - 08:37 PM


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Hey Niko,

Did you want entries submitted to a specific place/emailed, or posted directly here in the thread?

Elo_J_Fudpucker #3 Posted 26 April 2017 - 08:45 PM

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Best story? The whole game, I would have to answer. I joined this melee back in August of '16, so I am a relative newcomer to not only Warships but to MMP in general. I played Tribes back around '99/'00, but that was a long time ago in computer years. My story probably mirrors that of many others, that are here because this game is different than most. As I advised a beginning player in the forums last week, it is easy to play and very challenging to master. Once I played up to November, and finally bulled my way up to the Bismark, I started to get frustrated with the quality of play and went looking for solution (ok, I might have whined a bit in the forums) What I found, was a clan that seems just right for me and my play style, which is serious, but not too serious. I now play in the NA Supremacy League with my clan and we have a good time competing, even if we don't win much. There is space in this game to be in a clan, or not. We have so many different types of people that play here. The support and guidance we get from other members, inside and outside the game, makes this clan special to myself and the other members. Teamwork has its rewards beyond the gold medal, and this game offers those rewards if you seek them out.

Warships today
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Blyskawica Warspite Atlanta Sims Texas(x3) LoYang Nikolai Atago Tirpitz(x2) Gremaschchy Scharnhorst(x2)
+ + + Gold Camo FXP Flags PTime !!


Sharkbait_416 #4 Posted 26 April 2017 - 08:52 PM

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“You are our last hope,” sounded over my headset. Immediately, my adrenaline kicked in as I frantically tried to figure out what to do. I was a new captain, just having unlocked my first tier 5 ship, the Königsberg.  Ahead of me was an island, with two enemy cruisers preparing to come around it on either side. Behind me, an enemy Nurnberg with a destroyer escort began firing guns and torpedoes at me. Multiple waves of torpedoes approached as my deceased teammates abandoned their last hope in chat. Due to the agility of my ship, I just barely avoided the torpedoes. However, my collision warning system alarm sounded; I beached myself! Suddenly, the two cruisers appeared on either side of me. Without thinking, I launched my port and starboard torpedoes. They hit both ships, destroying them instantly! I began reversing. With 30 seconds and 4000hp left, I aimed my guns at the Nurnberg. In his haste, he was broadside to me. I fired my main armament, destroying Nurnberg with citadel hits! My team was ecstatic and unbelieving of what was happening. I had mere seconds to fire a salvo at the destroyer that was lining up to fire torpedoes at me from three kilometers away. He launched his torpedoes and I quickly aimed as I waited for my guns to reload. Just before his torpedoes hit me, I fired my guns, killing the destroyer with a lucky penetrating hit. This is the story of my first and only Solo-Warrior achievement.

Follow the link for a WoWS Invite Code: http://playtogether..../invite/7gbYqmz

OgreMkV #5 Posted 26 April 2017 - 09:09 PM

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Two New Years' ago, I resolved to play for fun and not to stress out. I've managed to take a few breaks from the game and some non-stress time. But the other thing I resolved to do was to play more with my son. So, a couple of months later, I fired up my Minekaze and let x-boy drive. He's not quite coordinated enough to drive, aim, and all that stuff. So, he drove and I torped.


It's really fun and more like being a Captain. "Hard left," I say (trying not to scream) and he brings the rudder hard over to avoid the torps. He says, "What's that?" and I see the tail end of a cruiser sticking out past and island and start peppering it with cannon fire.


We make a pretty good team, although he's a little hard on my keyboard and it's hard for me to hit the boost, change weapons and the like. The point isn't to utterly crush the competition, but to have some fun.

Until this very moment, as I write this, I never even considered the idea of changing the key-bindings so it would easier for the two of us to play together. Big Derp for me.

In a few years, he'll be old enough for his own computer and hopefully one of my old laptops will still be able to play this game and then we can division up and have some real combative fun. My goal is make sure my boy understands games are for fun, not being a jerk and to spend some enjoyable time together.

Chien_Lu_Anderman #6 Posted 26 April 2017 - 09:17 PM


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Arhgggg !   Writing homework !     :teethhappy:    




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pewpewpew42 #7 Posted 26 April 2017 - 09:24 PM


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Kuma, Solomon Islands T4-5, Lower spawn.


As the game started, I went up the northeast corner with only an Isokaze and Wyoming to back me up. Our CV (Langley), bless him, sent his bombers our way. We crept up around the side of the big island and waited, debating in chat who would dash in first. We were cut short as a Konigsberg popped hydro on us.


That was my first time ever being spotted by hydro.


Needless to say, I panicked, and we all scattered to the winds. I ate a Myogi shell in the citadel which put me down below half (I had taken a peppering from some poor, uptiered Wickes), so I hung hack for a bit while the DDs ran up and did some damage. I killed the Wickes and a Phoenix and burned out a New York for most of his health as we rampaged up the opposite side of the island.


And then we saw the battleships. Oh boy, noticing a pair of ARP's I was perfectly broadside to is never fun. I freaked out and popped my fighter and hydro. After the adrenaline subsided, I realized that they were AFK and I was closest to them by far. Torped them, found the CV and lit him up. My first ever Kraken, a Confederate, a High Caliber, and 160k damage at T4. I still remember the game fondly and it's the only game to date where I got 6 kills.


Morpheous #8 Posted 26 April 2017 - 09:26 PM

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Had one of my funnest and most enjoyable games last night, and that with playing since the early days.  Took the Shima out for a spin to try out the new torp detection.  I am using the middle set up, 9.6 range with acceleration.  Fully tricked out DD.  Launched 3 different spreads early in the game, not a single hit, figured I would get at least one...figuring its going to be another sad Shima day.  I had then went back into the fray, and finally hit a DD with a torp and got a kill, but was noticing the guns were much more effective, actually hurt two others DDs and my previous victim with guns.  Was feeling more satisfied with the game.  Our team capped A and their team B/C (can't remember map, so headed to B after finally capping A, needed to clear out 3 DDs.  Their last DD was heading B figuring I was also, so I knew it would be a showdown.  It was a half strength Udaloi vs my half strength Shima, we got into it in B and I gunned him... not sure about his aiming, maybe he was eating a sammich, but it wasn't too good.  Spotted enemy Montana, full health moving from C to B, we were tied at 4 ship each left, but this Montana had more HP than all 4 of out other ships.  He should have known I was around, but I caught him with almost a full 5 torps, but he sailed right along and hit him with some more, he lived and got some shots in, and was down to 235HP and happy to be alive.  He was about 20% or so...I cap C and now we can catch up, we have about 350 points they have 750...but we stopped the bleeding.  Long story short, Montana left on their team, moving around island, but which way?  I was smoked and had to guess.  The rest of the their team gone, we have a Tashkent, but he's kinda out of it, and can't spot for me.  I pull out of smoke in B, trying for cap...ohoh I guess wrong, he's right there!  I can only quickly launch, no time, his secondaries and mains are right on me...torps are out!  I am DEAD!  I frantically type to Tash not to fire, this Montana player is good... waiting for the torps...and the spread hits, we win...unreal!

DarthDoge #9 Posted 26 April 2017 - 09:45 PM


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I had a laugh while making this, hope you enjoy. Word says 247 words.




BaronVonTom #10 Posted 26 April 2017 - 09:46 PM

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Sigh, I couldn't hit a damn thing in my Gne during this battle.  Even adjustments didn't seem to work.  Every time I would push forward to get closer, the little cockroaches would spit their goo every where forcing me to retreat. With half my life gone and only 20k in damage and 1 kill, it wasn't looking good.  Our team was starting to kill opponents and by the 15 minute mark we only needed to kill a cruiser and 2 cockroaches to win.  The 2 cruisers left on my team took care of the cruiser in C.  I was alone near B and we were behind in points with about 3 minutes left.  We needed to stomp on both cockroaches to win.  To my surprise and delight, they both appeared together in B.  Damn the torpedo's, full speed ahead.  The first cockroach spit his goo at me in a wide spread from 5.5 miles away and I easily avoided them...firing my salvo reducing his life to almost nothing.  My secondaries took care of the rest.  One cockroach stomped, one to go.  The 2nd cockroach was in disappearing smoke 3.5 miles from me and he spit his goo in a wide spread and I maneuvered between them, no hits.  I fired a salvo immediately upon seeing him and cockroach number 2 was stomped.  A double strike and a close quarters expert to win the battle.  Sometimes it isn't about the entire battle, but how you finish the battle that matters.  

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tutty29 #11 Posted 26 April 2017 - 09:47 PM


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Very recent, in fact. Settling in for a nice battle in Ognevoi, though I cannot remember the map. Anyhow, to start off, I cautiously approach B cap, along with another DD, when suddenly a few of the enemy are spotted. I turn away to start kiting and spamming HE at the enemy BB’s. I get a couple decent shots off, but nothing great. As I come around an island, I spot an enemy smoke screen off to starboard. I launch my ten torps toward it and start looking for a new target. All of a sudden everything stops. Well, my ship does anyway. And then I’m looking at the “Connect” screen. I frantically hit “Connect”, hoping to get back into the battle on time. Battle finally reloads, I’m on fire and down to half health, but two of those torpedoes had hit something! Fast as I can, I get the steam laid back on and try to get out of dodge. An enemy Hipper and a Fletcher are bearing down on me. I hightail it out of there, sending shells back at them as best I can while I bob and weave. Luckily, there are other targets nearby, and the Fletcher loses interest in me. By the time I’m able to get out of spotting range, I’m down to 163 hp. I almost survived the battle, ending up with 7 torp hits, 104k damage, yet no frags. It got pretty dicey there for a while, but what a fun battle! 

Zim_Xero #12 Posted 26 April 2017 - 09:47 PM

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     Here is the weirdest battle I've been in.  From the start, I could not load in to the match.  Something was very wrong with the load process.  The map loading bar would not even budge.  I took a gamble and exited the game using Task Manager and reloaded WoWs.  By the time my Marblehead loaded into the match ten minutes were on the clock.  Oh no,  I forgot to reset my custom key binds to the number pad.   The enemy team was rolling across the map everywhere with only one ship lost, while my team was down three.  An enemy DD was coming in to get a free torpedo kill on me.  Custom key binds... now.... set.   I hit the forward engines as my torpedo alert is going off.  I turn into them full speed ahead while launching my own at the DD and spamming IFHE at it.  Barely missing my torpedoes, the enemy destroyer goes full broadside and I finish him off.  My team loses another ship as well.   The enemy now has 7 ships coming toward me and two allies near our base.  Every other ship is on the other side of the map.  Because the 7 enemies were beat up, and through successive strokes of luck and evasion... I kill 5 of the 7 enemy ships before I sink.  Game ends with 2 ships in each other's bases.. and we pull out a win by 17 points.

Tier V -   Konig   Kongo   Furutaka   Zuiho   Texas   Marbelhead   Okhotnik   Kamikaze   

Tier VI -  Budyonny   Aoba   Leander   Arizona   Anshan   Dunkerque   Graf Spee   Warspite

Tier VII - Algerie   Shiratsuyu   Fiji   Saipan   Leningrad   Scharnhorst   Atlanta   Hood   Belfast   Blyskawica

Tier VIII+  Z-46   Grozovoi   Khabarovsk   Shokaku   Bismarck   Missouri   Atago   Alabama   Tirpitz   Lo Yang   Mikhail Kutuzov

SmirkingGerbil #13 Posted 26 April 2017 - 10:06 PM

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Straits, tier IV in my Clemson, spawned at H2 location adjacent to C cap. Made a beeline for the tiny atoll that juts up just in front of the small island with some houses on it. Dumped oil and ran full throttle to the atoll. As soon as I came into the shadow of the island went full reverse, and used an "island tactical braking maneuver" by slamming into the island and popping smoke, spotting the enemy team in the process and calling in fire. Of course, an enemy DD pulled the same tactic but plowed in behind the small island with houses. Imagine my surprise when I saw the moniker "Pigeon_of_War" with the NGA tags. We both smoked up, and started loosing fish to try and push each other out, while firing on each other because we were alternately visible due to proximity. We fired on each other relentlessly. Finally, POW moved up, rounded the atoll and loosed a full torp broadside, just as I started reversing, and somehow missed all of them, but at the same time we began emptying AP into each other. We both hit with each salvo and each of us was losing health rapidly. I think I hit Pigeon with one torp, and was ready to finish him off with an AP salvo (as he was down to a very few hit points) when a friendly St. Louis (maybe Cleveland) finished him off. Pigeon_of_War was very gracious and a good sport. Have screen shots!

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Pointy end hurt! Fire burn!!!!!



Kazuki_Jon #14 Posted 26 April 2017 - 10:12 PM

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Algo extraño le paso a uno de mis amigos mientras entrabamos a la partida (un bug). El podía mover su barco, el Myogi, pero no se movía su cámara, no avanzaba, se quedó donde empezó. Al principio fue gracioso, pero después que las cosas se habían complicado lo necesitábamos a él que no ayudara a determinar el juego. Y cuando yo no pude soportar el ataque de dos acorazados (yo también tenía al Myogi) y fui hundido, lo que hicimos fue que puse la cámara pasmarte y empecé a guiarlo para capturar, por lo menos. Teníamos el marcador en contra, pero con el contador de puntaje a favor, porque lo que lo empecé a dirigir con mi cámara, y mi otro camarada tenía un crucero, le dije que retrocediera para que mi amigo que solo podía mover el barco sin ver la cámara, recibiera los cañones y mi amigo del crucero no recibiera tanto daño, no recuerdo el crucero. El caso es que así logramos capturar la tercera base, pero el enemigo ya había sobrepasado a los demás compañeros en el equipo y lentamente avanzaban. Mi amigo no podía disparar y había aparecido un Destructor a hacerle la fiesta, y con el nervio encima y la adrenalina y como tres disparos fallidos hicimos el cálculo a través de mi pantalla para destrozar ese Destroyer y así aumento el marcador para notros. Fue muy emocionante, los Bb enemigos, volvieron a capturar una de las bases, pero fue demasiado tarde y ganamos.

Razor_Antilles #15 Posted 26 April 2017 - 10:15 PM

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Not long after the Clash contest began, I was running my Bismarck in a T7-9 domination match. The game started off slowly, which was fine. Both teams slowly and steadily advanced. There was some long-range fire exchanged with no real effect. I moved forward; my plan was not to engage until I was within 14 kilometers to reduce dispersion. A couple of ships on both sides ended up sunk early on, but the real fun didn't start until a bunch of ships from both sides began to engage at one of the capture points. I ended up in a huge close-range brawl at that capture point. I'm racking up secondary hits on the enemy while I'm waiting for a destroyer lurking close by to appear out of the smoke. I was able to finish off one ship, but now torpedoes are everywhere, everything is on fire, and for about three minutes that one capture point was gunfire and torpedo warnings. I'm stacking huge numbers for damage and secondaries. That destroyer I'd been waiting for appeared at the worst time, just after I'd repaired and used a damage control party, a volley of torpedoes is coming right for me and there's nothing I can do; too many ships are dead, and he finishes me off. I opened the chat window to congratulate friend and foe alike on a glorious brawl. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, a few positive messages came back. We lost, but it was a great fight.

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Azarath_Deathwing #16 Posted 26 April 2017 - 10:17 PM

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The very first time I ever took the Minotaur out. Personally, I was disappointed in the Neptune (loved the p**s out of the Edinburgh, but Neptune just didn't feel right to me). Built my Mino for straight conceal and AA. 


Match starts. Loop, Domination. I spawn south of B with a Benson. Rest of team is spawned A/C. Benson and I charge to B; he smokes for me and I settle in. We trade smokes while just sitting and firing off. I feel the sheer joy of being in the tier ten Atlanta... 3.2s reload, 4.7 180 degree traverse, REAL TORPS... and the fear of virtually every t8-10 destroyer (except the Khab... dudes are trollish). I annihilate every comer to B with the Benson.


Next thing I know... High Caliber, Confederate, and Kraken Unleashed have rolled up in chat. I actually look at my ribbons, and notice I have cleared 150k damage, 5 kills... and suddenly it's me and the Benson vs 2 BBs and a Khab. We have small lead, but A is being capped. Benson stays, i charge... both enemy BBs, both below 10k. Dodge salvos, torp one, gun the other. Then... the clarion call of torps. Double spread from the Khab... dead. Benson kills the Khab with torps. We win.


Final total: 188,970 damage. 464 shell hits, 1 torp. 7 kills. Confederate, High Cal, Kraken. And I felt like a titan.

TenguBlade #17 Posted 26 April 2017 - 10:18 PM

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The map was Okinawa.  I was on a ball in a ship I have a checkered history with: the Montana.  I love her, but a lot of times, I get too far ahead for high-tier.  But this time, it wasn’t to be that way.  The capital ships of both battle groups met at the B point, with some from C scrambling up to join the confrontation, while the smaller ships scurried into the zone directly and the ones to either side, clawing for whatever ground they could get. The battle bogged down quickly after the initial confrontation, with both sides firing on each other from a distance.  The lighter ships’ torpedoes and HE had soon exhausted the DCPs on both sides, but among the 9 BBs, only two used HE despite the entrenched defensive positions.  With enemy damage controls down, I kept setting fires with each salvo, yielding a Witherer within eight minutes.  By this time, the enemy battleships were down a substantial amount of health, and with the C flank secured, it was time to push forward and finish them.  Enemy torpedoes felled one battleship, then another, but I managed to evade them.  One BB panicked, broadsided, and lost almost all of his health instantly, netting a High Caliber.  Then one last wave of torpedoes came.  I wasn’t in a position to dodge them, but I knew I could survive three hits.  Then the last one detonated my magazine in a very humbling display of pyrotechnics.

Don't know if you have a dark sense of humor?  If you laugh at this, you do.

IJN: Yamato, Amagi, Ibuki, Mogami, Shokaku, Hiryu, Akatsuki, Shiratsuyu, Kamikaze R, Katori, MikasaKongō, Myōkō, Kirishima, Haruna, Hiei, Ashigara, Nachi, Haguro, TakaoSouthern Dragon

USN: Montana, Iowa, New Mexico, New Orleans, Pensacola, Cleveland, Langley/Bogue, Farragut

European Navies: Gnevny, Shchors, Nürnberg/Yorck, Bayern, Fiji, Blyskawica (Gift from Compassghost), Scharnhorst (First and only bought), Admiral Graf Spee

KermitDaFrag #18 Posted 26 April 2017 - 10:24 PM

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I would like to say that my years of military training prepared me for the battles to come; prepared me to think strategically and to succeed tactically. That rigid flexibility was key to naval power...or is that air power.....suction power? What I failed to realize was the utter disregard common battlefield management I would witness. 

There i sat, fighting a losing battle; my Benson quickly being surrounded at our lone "B" holdout. As I watched my allies go down one after another I steeled myself for what my future surely would hold. I moved to the protection of a small island and laid my smoke, hoping that in a last ditch effort I could get at least one of these ships that would shortly be circling me. I watch my radar...nothing....nothing.....NOTHING. Curiosity got the better of me, I started to move; just in time! A full grouping of torps comes cruising through where I just sat; missing the intended target...instead landing on the full broadside of a 1/4 health cruiser. "THAT COUNTS AS MINE" I yell much to the surprise of my dog. Next I see the DD, who must have been feverishly typing out an apology...as he ate nearly every torp i fired. I cheer, patting myself on the back....and forgetting that I was still outnumbered. Too late......3 ships fire at the same time. Chance of survival = 0. No matter, in my heart I know who won that match........now give me my participation ribbon!!

Yoshiblue #19 Posted 26 April 2017 - 10:31 PM


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Good luck and have fun, everyone. 

tsarnicholas2 #20 Posted 26 April 2017 - 10:32 PM


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My best World of Warships story
I was in a Langley CV on Solomen islands map, and the game started off not going well for our team. I was able to destroy one ship, but it seemed as though our team kept
losing ships as fast as our team could sink them. I spawned on the southern side and ended moving into the southern cap area. My team was down on ships compared to the 
other team, and things didn't look good. I ended up getting sunk towards the end, but not before sinking 6 ships! But we only had one Clemson destroyer left, the enemy 
had a Wyoming battleship and a St Louis cruiser. I was able to chat with the our Clemson and tell him to go and hide, We had a points advantage and a cap advantage.
He did a great job, and we ended up winning the game on points when the time ran out. I got Kraken Unleashed, Confederate, double strike, High caliber, liquidator, 
first blood, its just a flesh wound and three devastating strikes! I really felt like I carried the team on that battle, and it is one I remember for a long time.
Since then I have had good games, but this low level game I had still gives me good feelings, and I hope everyone has some success like that at some point during their 
time playing World of Warships.

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