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0.6.4 Bug Reporting

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TRShrum #81 Posted Yesterday, 02:04 PM

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0.6.4 went live and it is taking me 3-5 minutes to load a match.  It's now fun getting sunk before you even enter a match...


PolkaCola #82 Posted Yesterday, 06:08 PM


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It's been 4 days since this crashing for no reason started happening.

I'm ready to report that IT IS STILL HAPPENING!

I have tried uninstalling Wine completely - uninstalling the game completely - reinstalling Wine - reinstalling the game - turning down the graphics to put less strain on the CPU - gone into battle with out camo and flags and still...


STILL ..... STILL ..... STILL .....


have to reboot after a few minutes (right in the middle of a fight usually) because it STILL F {edited} ING FREEZES! 
Please tell me what I have to do to resolve this issue that was NEVER an issue before?  And, by the looks of things, many others are having it as well.  I am in no way a computer genius, but if multiple people are suffering the same issues, I would THINK - and this is just me - it has to be a problem with the software. 

So, WoWS software people --- what the {edited} do we do? 


Thank you.

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