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WG should't have removed strafe for tier 4 & 5 CVs last patch.

CV Strafe tier 4 tier 5 balance Bladed

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Palladia #21 Posted 30 April 2017 - 05:14 PM

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View Postkenji_kenji, on 28 April 2017 - 08:41 PM, said:

I recently started playing IJN carriers having mostly played all the other non-cv ships for about a year or so. I have seen the light and realise what everyone is complaining about. 

First of all, since manual aim for t4/5 cv's was removed that's ok. However I realised that, as an IJN cv player and you are faced against a US cv and they are AS spec, you are basically screwed. Sure you can try to snipe their cv, but your first strike will never kill them... that is if you make it past their TWO fighters compared to your ONE, and you will HAVE to sacrifice one squad of your fighters and maybe one squad of strike planes.

Also, there is no point in kiting US planes over friendly AA because t4/5 AA is atrocious, I've done this many times with my fighters engaged with US ones over friendly ships and I always lose the squad.

Having only strafe introduced to t4/5 would make it slightly more balanced in the sense that it will allow the IJN cv player to kill US fighters without having to directly engage and lose their squad.


That or buff IJN fighters, because right now it is ridiculously frustrating when you have t6 fighters (with fighter health increase upgrade on ship) in the zuiho, but they are basically worthless against t5 bogue fighters.

I can only imagine this disparity between fighter capabilities are exasperated at higher tiers.

or you could just give IJN cv's more backup planes, and slightly faster service time, or more fighter squads.

otherwise IJN fighters will never be able to 1v1 US fighters


They aren't SUPPOSED to 1v1 them.  If you want to go AS then they are supposed to 3v2 them.  Or 4v3 them later. Or balanced to balanced,  2v1 them.  At T5 the Zuiho has a massive advantage in seaward attack while the Bogue rules the skies.  Past T5 it all changes and the USN are never going to be as good as the IJN again.  IJN can do everything at once while the USN has to pick between either being okay at killing planes or being okay at killing ships.

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