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What's the plan? Don't always believe the loudest voice


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_kumicho_ #21 Posted 13 May 2017 - 04:46 PM

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The lack of a plan is worse then what may appear to be a bad plan, if you can get everyone on board. but.. sadly, boats, like tanks, is a cat herding fiasco.


My issue is more about the fact that this game has too many options, none of them are clear enough and the masses are paralyzed by choice. This may be due to lack of tactical understanding or no 'give a sh!t', results are the same. I see match after match where most ships just sit or roam behind spawn and snipe. Head to edges. Hide. This effect has drastic down sides for anyone who actually tries to get objectives or secure that ever so important first kill, hold points.. etc. 


Generally the random battles button is really depressing. I want the game to be something its not, the good players are adapting and maximizing based on whats put in front of them... but i all too often I try to do what seems most tactically relevant and sink, mostly unsupported. That ever present acronym 'meta' can be really annoying ( Most Effective Tactic Available. ), since it very commonly has nothing to do with genuine tactics; relevant in game tactics just dont really ever match up to logical strategic concepts, battle or otherwise. Its frustrating.


So, guess ill just follow the masses and start hiding and sniping like everyone else behind the spawn area... sigh.

Herr_Reitz #22 Posted 17 May 2017 - 03:49 AM


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There are a lot of lurkers around the forums... they read, read, read and read some more... hopefully they absorb as well. Lots of good stuff in the thread folks, thanks. 


I too like the more direct action related to Ranked but not so much the randomness tied to it. Clans have been proposed as a solution and no doubt clan wars can gain traction. It could have been totally clan based to begin with... and your personal efforts at improving would "promote" you up through the ranks per each ship type. Clans would see you, reach out to recruit you... and you would have a default No Clan Clan. Thing is though... clans could take a lot of time. More than most of us average folks have to spare.


Just this week, had a guy slamming some of us on a 3 cap map for going BC. He wanted A... so he kept telling the team those going to C were morons, idiots, so on and so forth. We went to C and had one heckuva battle. He and those who went with him to A died. Team ended up winning the game. One of the best I've had in a good while. 


I think the team's reaction was to be inspired by his insults. It's rare but when it happens it's nice. 


As to plans... it seems the "meta" has changed.... DDs used to rush to cap, duke it out and cap. Not so much these days... in fact I see more DDs laying back and laying low. I've also seen a lot more AFK dds than say six months ago. I think it's changing.


I also think people are forgetting how important it is to kill red dds. 

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