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M.Kutuzov: Flank security, anti-DD work, taking on a Minotaur, limitations on RN CLs

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HazeGrayUnderway #1 Posted 18 March 2017 - 02:56 AM

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A cut & paste from the replay description on the page:


High Tier match using Mikhail Kutuzov.  I eventually started moving towards a cap but a brief DD spot by one of our Montanas, then me and another Cruiser get to work against that threat and keep it away from our BB.  The fight snowballed into 2 DDs spotted for us 2 Cruisers to engage.  A Minotaur also shows up.


Not a super-spectacular team carry performance as the whole team did pretty well.  I just did my part out west and our team was able not to worry about that compass direction.  Us Cruisers in the southwest kept the DD threats away from our 2 BBs, prevented Minotaur from harassing them.


The replay also serves as showing the limitations of an RN CL at short range.  RN CL AP is very powerful but go bow on and the damage they do drops.  However, you can see I had to fight the temptation to show my rear turrets to fire more guns at her.  I turn out some more and the RN CL AP does more against me.  RN CLs then have no means to spike your HP down except with torpedoes and if the torpedoes miss, then they're SOL.


In addition you see how poor RN CL armor is.  Granted, all Cruiser armor to the sides are weak but RN CL armor is simply worse and the sub-10km engagement range compounds that problem.  I had IFHS+Demo Expert but due to the short range and the target I had, I eventually stuck with AP.



This could have been far worse for the Minotaur.  I could have been a CA and the fight would have been over much, much sooner.  It's happened to me before, when I was using my own Minotaur.  A Hindenburg came out around an island and pushed bow on against my Minotaur.  This was already under 10km.  Minotaur's AP wasn't doing s--t against Hindy's bow on profile.  I fired my torps and only got 1 hit.  When the rest of the torps missed I was absolutely f--ked, because the performance of RN CL AP is cr@p against bow on threats.  Not even Minotaur's ROF saved me.


In addition here are my traits:


SSE - Useful for the larger smoke screen for my own safety as well as someone else joining but I've been thinking about getting Adrenaline Rush.




Upgrades: MAM1, AAGM2, DCSM1, SGM2, CSM1

crzyhawk #2 Posted 18 March 2017 - 06:34 AM


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Yep, Minos melt if you catch them in the open.  I caught one broadside a few days ago in my Prinz Eugen, he didn't live long enough to get smoke up.

Tzarevitch #3 Posted 20 March 2017 - 10:02 PM

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Blew one up at 5k in a Des Moines on Friday. A salvo from the front 6 guns tore through his belt armor, even at like 55 degrees, before he could even complete his turn and launch torpedoes. I didn't realize they crumpled that easily if you get them in close.

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