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So Mister Fighting Pigeon..some thoughts and questions..

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TL_Warlord_Roff #1 Posted 18 March 2017 - 02:03 AM

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So yea, PW, Dude!  You do Rock!.  So anyway, I know you guys follow the community contributors and ichase put one up yesterday talking about the game gunnery values,  and concluded that the dev team had used original data on gun ranges, penetration values etc and proposed that the dev team had not scaled the AP penetration values to the shortened game ranges..   I'm a fairly old school naval wargamer  (got mini's..Love my Brooklyn's!.. we don't have Brooklyn's... we should have Brooklyn's!...Ya know, The gun ship Cleveland instead of the AA Cleveland!)..  and I think he did a fairly decent breakdown on the historical and how that compares to what we have in game..  What he may have missed in technical detail he got right in feel.  It does feel like the pen values are for the original hitooric range scale and not adjusted for the shorter guns ranges in game.    Could you check with the dev team and see if maybe ichase has it righ?  Maybe scaling the pen values down to the ranges we use in game might be THE way to adjust the balance especially for the BB's.  No issues.. they made the calls they could think about.   But just as every single last set of naval mini rules I've ever known of have evolved.. and evolved.... and yet more evolved and changed over the years..Thumbs up to the folks in St. Pete but some of us very much understand that game development and balance is a forever ongoing thing. No Worries!


Again I toss my old wish in the suggestion box for a way to upgrade ships and uprate thier tier, so they can play against higher tier ships with an more offset against the typical superiority of those higher tier ships.  I personally like seeing lots of differing ship classes available in any particular tier,  This would allow players to up rate thier ships and allow more ship play in any particular tier.  And this also ties right in with eventually no more then a 2 tier spread in matches.  the three tier spread can be really rough on some ships.  More so then others and this in in all tiers pretty much.   As we get more and more ships in the game, along with upgraded ships from lower tiers, I do hope this is strongly considered.


That's it for me today.. Thanks dude.. love the game.. Typed this out while my supremacy league team did strat briefings.discussion for this weekends matches.   Going to be a great weekend in warships..


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Pigeon_of_War #2 Posted 20 March 2017 - 11:21 PM

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Suggestion heard. 

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