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Clan and non-clan members - time to separate them

clan privateers

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aethervox #21 Posted 15 March 2017 - 02:39 PM

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Throw an anchor thru this wooden boats' bottom.


Herr_Reitz #22 Posted 16 March 2017 - 01:52 PM


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The other thing about it I suppose is somewhere down the line, clan members will start caring a great deal about stats - at least logically it would make sense. If/when they implement clan wars then those stats need tracked separately. Otherwise, how many clan members will want to chance getting their stats hammered by "lolplayers" in random, average joe's like me-self? 


Well.. thanks for the feedback. I'll strive to keep right-side up on the subject. 

Vaporisor #23 Posted 17 March 2017 - 06:02 PM


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Time for my two bits from a clan member perspective.


So myself and others in clan.  Hard rule about maintaining proper decorum in game.  But we get frustrated, excited and angered just like any person.  We existed before clans did in game and divved up, etc.


Okay, so toxicity and elitism.  True.  Groups and clan gives it more potency.  Having that tag can up the level of skill by giving good players a way to find eachother.  That alone isnt a bad thing.  It can create more situations of one sided battles, but it also allows solo to see ways to play and to maybe find a clan for themself.  As others said, you can still be part of a clan without the tag.


The toxicity?  That is a result of the community.  A smart clan avoids toxic talk.  Smacktalk is one thing between sides.  Solo peeps do it just as much.  Toxic though is reports and tickets.  That then causes problems for the clan in rep and in members being temp or permabanned.  Not something you want happen when clan wars going on.  Good dynamic or plan on hold because a big mouth.


How are clans good?  Well, one is I have had more positive experiences interclan chats.  ggs all around.  The use of voice allows us few to coordinate to support team better too.  With good numbet of clans, it balances out.  Where before, a good player could win a match, and another even it up, same is true with clan play.


Our div is now better able to cover the team.  Example is a match yesterday.  Our div loads, the three of us can fast analyse enemy team on load our team composition and map deployment.  We get in, we know who was strong AA and they have fast ranged.  Our NM who was low tier was isolated.  We were able to let team know our observations, plans and recommendation.  It led to a good fight.  I like to think that our NM enjoyed the match despite being a tier 6 in a tier 8 match.  He knew we had his back and was able to make significant contribution where otherwize would have been deleted if we had not taken the extra moment to ensure he had support.


Edit:  Summary?  The good clans will be a force multiplier, and at times elitist, but the best ones will know they will not reach the top relying solely on carry.  They will engage and get their team mates involved in it to be able to push harder.  Win win situation :-)

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_73RD_Easting2NDACAV #24 Posted 18 March 2017 - 09:29 PM


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I belong to a clan, but play mostly by myself, I think clans are a joke in many ways, they all come down to the we have friends that play and that is why we are in a clan ( herd mentality ), But a few things do need to be changed. #1 when in fights with a clan members that can not keep their opinion to themselves their should be a kick button to remove them from play and replace with a AI, that will also teach them that they cant walk on water. #2 when a clan member or members get to the greedy stage in a game they need to start to lose points, ( seen clans get dumb and greedy in games at the same time running their mouths ) refer to #1. Now for the kicker clans should only be put with clans, clan wars will just become a breeding ground for the same crap clan as in WOT, So if you want to be in a clan that's cool, if you want to be a [edited]in a clan that's cool to, but then you just get to play other clans and not lone players that are here to play for fun, stats are like facts they can be made to look in any form you want them too. PS all clans have a bad name, even new ones thanks to the same clans that played WOT are now coming over here to play, Its kinda like getting out of jail for clans, you might think you are the badass on the cell block but not really, Your rep follows you where you go, and once a bad rep is received here or from WOT it stays with you. I see clans here already pointing out how bad it would be to separate them from none clan players, I think it would be great to not have to play bad clan members, but then who am I to say what clans are bad, I know the clans I think are trash and what clans I think are good and what clans need to go back to candy crush, I personally don't help clans out in a fight that I don't like, But that's me, I also block them in chat so I don't ever have to read what they may have to say.


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CLUCH_CARGO #25 Posted 22 March 2017 - 06:10 AM

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Toxic Player's are everywhere. So Is Bad language. Until WG makes it possible to do One button Replays on the Keyboard that auto sends the offence to Support . the Toxicity and Bad Language will persist. I for one will not be Holding my Breath till it happens. PS I don't want the Job of viewing all those Replays. PSS Clan CEO's Might have Good People but some have Bad people  Maybe in a Clan By-laws should be a way to monitor their players conduct. Complaints sent to the CEO of said Clan about a members conduct  3 strikes and you OUT. if you can't Control your members then the entire Clan is Removed from WOW's. Police your ranks or lose your Clan. To the People who Condone Bad Behavior and encourage it will soon perish. If I want respect I give respect. My Tag Is my Clans Badge of Honor. If you are disrespectful while wearing my Tag you are Disrespecting My Tag. That should be the #1 Rule of any Clan.



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