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What is the best bb teck tree? To you

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AdmiralThunder #21 Posted 08 May 2017 - 12:25 PM

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I am at T7 for all 3 nations and am 1/2 way - 3/4 of the way to the T8's. Have played against the T8/T9's. Have not played against any of the T10's.  Based on that, for me, and excluding any Premium BB's...






It is actually sort of close between KM and USN for the #1 spot. KM line is faster and has better armor but the USN line has superior guns. The  KM lines wins out though because basically their armor, faster ship AND gun reload speed, will usually give you the edge and help cover any mistakes you might make. USN guns though are WAY better. KM line has better secondary's and USN line has better AA so I call that a wash. IJN line IMO is inferior to both by a long shot( through what I have played and played against - does not include Yamato ). Very weak armor for BB's and super inconsistent AP damage. I don't see the superior accuracy with them their stats and other people commenting about suggest they have either. Example, I have seen people talk about Nagato having laser guns and how it pummels what it hits. That has not been the case for me. Accuracy/dispersion has been almost as bad as Gneiseanu for me and when I do hit the damage is very inconsistent. Colorado is far more accurate and deals far more damage for me.


So for me it is as shown above through playing up to T7 and against up to T9. Individual tiers I would say...


Tier 3:

  • Nassau
  • South Carolina
  • Kawachi


Tier 4:

  • Wyoming
  • Kaiser
  • Myogi ( worst BB in game! )


Tier 5:

  • Konig ( one of best BB's in game )
  • New York
  • Kongo


Tier 6:

  • Bayern
  • New Mexico
  • Fuso


Tier 7:

  • Colorado ( it's slow and squishy but good lord those guns and the AA is awesome too. one of my favorite BB's overall )
  • Gneisenau
  • Nagato


The following is based solely on playing against the ships as I have not played them myself yet...


Tier 8:

Bismarck ( no brainer here )

North Carolina



Tier 9:


Friedrich der Große

Izumo ( have not played against but from what I see in stats and in replays not impressed ).

Major_Reeves #22 Posted 08 May 2017 - 05:36 PM


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Germans to me. I own the T3 through the T10 and Tirpitz. Few other BBs appear superior to me in either the Jap or American lines and i have a few of those as well.

Wowzery #23 Posted 09 May 2017 - 12:35 AM


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One thing I've seen quite often, is a player who starts with the German line learns how not to drive a BB.

vurger #24 Posted 11 May 2017 - 05:10 PM


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The German line IMO is the best and the only one i have stuck with i have the New Mexico and stopped there, i stopped at the second jap BB just can not run them, i do have the ARP ships but i rarely run them,  the German BB's are the ones i have kept from tier IV made it to tier VI but only because i prefer the Jap DD's over everything and i stopped at tier VIII with those and will with the German BB's, tier IX and X are just not worth the grind

I_Am_DreadgeNought #25 Posted 13 May 2017 - 03:55 AM

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To say simply,  All types of BBs,  unlike the issue of balance for CVs,  are good in different ways.


Germans are VERY good in mid-range brawls with their amazing 'turtle' armor and very strong 2nds, 

along with having good agility.   They are soft against Torps though so you need to stay awares.

Have good camo at mid/low tiers til tier 9/10.  Often rather fast, if most fast in class.

The 10 has though absolute God Level armor if kept at all angled.

*For those who's blood is up and want to get into "close" fights with targets in the 10km ranges.

*Weak vs Torps.



USN  BBs are very good  "Brawlers",  mid/low tiers having very high protection vs Torps along with sharp turn-rates and decent camo again like Germans have.   Become Gods of AA at tier 8,  with 8/9 having amazing Bow armor, but weak sides.

The Monty has in many ways the weakest armor of the 3  10s, but is still good if used with great care,

with the Iowa in some ways being much more hard to kill.  Most are very slow though til 8 and up.

*For those that love to brawl and kite in low tiers,  and want to be able to hold a line  'bow on' fighting later on, and hate CVs.

*Gods vs Torps but at 8 and 9,  weak on 2nds compared to Germans so are the most "about the guns."



IJN  BBs have the best Main Guns in terms of Size and Power per Gun if at times fewer of em vs the USN BBs,

but also the best average Top Speeds for a "Hit and Run" play style at mid to longer ranges.

Have good armor being BBs that are more narrowed in their Hulls,  but lack much added armor so be wary.  

Have weaker AA than others,  with ok 2nds for up close but not as good as Germans.

*For those that like to Snipe and Kite,  who have good aim.

*Very good at deciding fights on their terms,  largely built around kiting targets.

*Not for overly aggressive players if they lack combat awareness. 


Hope this helps.

"Glory to 'I Am' that I Am, and Bless'd be to 'I Am' that I Am, so Let it be that I Am All of Me."

Glory to the Truth, amen   >_<)'7

Troa_Barton #26 Posted 14 May 2017 - 01:22 AM


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Ground up all three lines and the answer changes if you're talking specific ships or the line as a whole.

The line as a whole I will have to say the Germans as from tier 5 and up they are all solid and fun ships to play. They are prone to catch fire, they have a nonexistent torpedo protection, not the greatest AA. But they have hydro, they love to brawl, and their secondaries are amazing and extremely fun. An aggressive line that can hard carry while pulling off what would be suicidal in other BBs.

The best line after the grind is of course the IJN line because Yamato, but all of the ships after the kongo just feel average at best. Horrible AA, horrible detection, sluggish in the turns, with mediocre armor, and long shell travel time. The Yamato is worth it but the grind was awful for me but that is my opinion.

I would argue that the most rewarding line has to be the USN line, minus the pre tier 6 ships and excluding the Colorado these ships are solid and extremely rewarding to play correctly. Stealth, accuracy, speed, and fantastic AA make them a very solid choice if you plan to grind them out. But they heavily reward playing correctly and heavily punish you when you make a mistake.


It becomes a matter of choice:

Hate CV's, love chess, and hate inaccurate BB guns? Go USN.

Hate DD's, you're too agressive for your own good, love to brawl, have a beer in each hand while playing, want to hard carry? Go German.

Hate supporting your team, want to snipe, you accept your fate when a CV notices you, you want the yamato? Go IJN.



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GabeTheDespot #27 Posted 17 May 2017 - 09:29 PM

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Personally I noticed that IJN BBs are good at supporting teammates, and at setting stuff on fire. Though I agreee with the German's ability to brawl, but neither shoot all that well, the USN line from what I have seen, has amazing accuracy. Though German BBs probably are the best at supporting teammates, since you take all the damage while cruisers HE spam everyone (God bless the HE spam, at least if you're dealing it).

LadyJess #28 Posted 17 May 2017 - 09:38 PM


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I like all the different BB lines. Depending on what the division partners use determines the BB line i will run.

Would be nice to have the IJN guns on a German Hull with the USN AA. :)

Wowzery #29 Posted 18 May 2017 - 12:47 AM


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Overall, if you rank the three in terms of guns and armor, I put the lines this way.

IJN: best guns, weakest armor.

USN: average guns, average armor.

German: best armor, weakest guns.

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