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How to Pensacola (Tier VII, United States Heavy Cruiser)


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KongoPride #1 Posted 11 March 2017 - 12:10 AM


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Just a few months ago, I cringed at the notion that I might have to captain the Pensacola in a match.  It had several limiting and greatly debilitating factors that greatly impaired its effectiveness. It notoriously, and rightfully held a reputation as a bad ship.

Remember starting a match, and sailing away, or many cases creeping along because you never wanted to be the lead cruiser?  Still, you would get your engines going and at some point, more than ever desperate to enjoy the game, you throttled the engines to full speed ahead.  At about 18:30 into the match and 4 to 5 kilometers short of that island you wanted to reach that would provide you both cover and concealment, the “detected” in yellow would flash before your screen.  A nervousness slowly swelled in your belly.  You would start to maneuver (or at least I hope you would), but needless to say, somewhere from halfway across the map, 14 inch and greater armor piercing shells would start raining down on your ship, and suddenly your citadel would take several hits.  If you were lucky, you made it to the island with more than half of your health left…and then you could start to play the game.  Many times, you were a footnote to the devastating strike the guy on the red team just earned.  The reasons for this were many, but concealment seemed to be the biggest factor in the ship’s inability to weather the opening minutes of a match.  Worse still, Concealment Expert was at minimum at 15 point captain skill, and that meant over 100 games in the Pensacola before your captain would ever enjoy that perk, bringing your detection from 15km plus to around 13km.  Recently, I have found playing the Pensacola much more enjoyable, and most importantly, I feel it is a competitive vessel.

There was a recent tweak to both the Captain skills and the U.S.S. Pensacola (CA).  Both of these changes greatly benefited this cruiser and I wanted to take some time to discuss this ship, what, if anything makes it effective, and is it relevant in PvP.  It is my contention that the Pensacola’s new and improved concealment along with the correct choices in Captain skills make her ideal for play in PvP, although she still lags behind other cruisers of the same tier.

Rudder Shift – Yes, I put this down as the number one strength on the ship.  With my Pensacola, I had a 5.6 second rudder shift.  I challenge you to find a Tier 7 cruiser with a faster rudder shift.  This actually makes the Pensacola an ideal “brawler,” which is contrary to many of the beliefs about the ship being made of paper.  Where am I going with this?  Many T6 to T8 cruisers have torpedoes, the Pensacola’s rudder shift gives you a chance to dodge those torpedoes even when inside of five kilometers.  That is very important.  If you can dodge their torps, that usually means your next salvo of AP is going to decide the contest, and I found that inside of five kilometers against a broadside cruiser, my AP were not to be underestimated.
Armor Piercing – Ok, this is really what makes this ship special.  The armor piercing shells on this ship hit hard and there are ten guns to play with.  With almost 4.3 salvos a minute you can really lay down a heavy barrage of armor piercing shells.  This really plays into the Pensacola’s best tactic; finding and destroying cruisers.  The AP can do 4,500 a hit and two or three of those in one salvo can really punish a cruiser.  Tier V-VIII battleship captains, beware, you show your broadside to this ship and you will be punished.  Inside of 12km, on a broadside battleship, I would average 4-8k salvos.  Think about the number of salvos…and after a minute your health is at less than half.  For cruisers that were broadside, one or three salvoes usually sent them to the bottom.  I know in many games I had over 10 citadels.
Concealment – Wargaming has done the Pensacola a huge favor in reducing the visibility.  Although, I have to wonder if it is even remotely realistic.  Thoughts on this lead me now back to the Indianapolis, which now has a worse concealment rating, despite having a much smaller conning tower.  The Pensacola, can get all the way down to a 10.9km concealment from 15.3km as most captains had to sail with before.  This 4.4km addition effectively allows you to reach that island mentioned in my story above, without being victim to every 8 inch and larger shell on the map heading your way.  Now you can get close, and let your AP just punish enemy ships.

Tiered Matchmaking -- Several patches ago, matchmaking was changed so that Tier VII ships started to enjoy being the top tier in their match category more regularly.  Of the ships at Tier VII, cruisers seemed to benefit greatly from this change.  First, they see a lot less Tier VIII and Tier IX matches and for cruisers who are often the early favorite targets for battleships and other cruisers, this is a godsend.  This allows the Pensacola to be a bit of a bully with its guns.  Against Tier V and VI cruisers, other Tier VIIs such as the royal navy light cruisers all become quick victims of the Pensacola’s armor piercing guns.  Additionally, as a Tier VII in those Tier VII matches, the armor of the Pensacola is a bit more forgiving against an Omaha or Emerald than it is against a Roon or Donskoi.

Anti-Aircraft – I will explain more about this below, but planes coming within 6km of your ship are in for a bad day.  More will be covered in the ships consumables, but the bofors 40mm can chew up a lot of planes rather quickly.  I found them to still be adequate even with the aa defensive fire consumable used as they could knock down one to two planes inbound on a BB before they got to him, and every torpedo plane down increases the chances for a battleship to dodge disaster.  When CVs were in play, I would try to angle my ship to a location where planes would tend to come from.  For example, on Two Brothers, I would head for the center of the map near one of the big islands, and when the planes showed up (even if it was two squadrons of fighters), I would light them up.  Now, you may be wondering why I would “waste” defensive fire on fighter planes.  Well, against an air superiority CV build, taking out two of his initial fighter squadrons often opened the door for the CV to do his thing, especially if it was a strike build Lexington or Ranger.


No Torpedoes – Well, the American cruiser past Tier V suffers without Torpedoes.  There are a few reward/premiums sprinkled in, but really, the main line is short in this regard.  What is your recourse when the German/Japanese/British/or any other ships decides to charge you?  It essentially comes to blows…and whoever has a big health pool and big guns often leaves the winner.  In this case the Pensacola and other American cruisers simply cannot get pulled into a brawl with a battleship or battlecruiser of any tier.  The best you can hope for in this scenario is that RNG or the other captain is a terrible shot and you do enough damage, that when you ram them, you get a one for one trade in the exchange.

Mediocre High Explosive – Ok, so a decent hit with a HE shell causes about 924 damage.  There is also a 14 percent chance for fire.  However, these are not Japanese Heavy Cruiser guns, and the HE simply does not have the same effect.  The Myoko for example has a base chance of 17 percent.  Three percent may seem small, but when taking into account the skills that battleship drivers take, those three percent often mean the difference between starting a fire in one or two salvos, and wasting three or four to get the same result.  Still, your HE is better than what the Germans bring to the fight, and that is something to consider if facing off against some of their more armored cruisers such as Roon or Hipper, where both of you are angled and have relatively similar reload rates.  I would gladly switch to HE, because I know my alpha HE and fire chance is greater.

Slow Reload – 15 seconds can be an eternity in the World of Warships, especially for a cruiser captain.  Battleship drivers will tell you that your primary job as a cruiser is to hunt destroyers.  Well, I would argue that the Pensacola can deliver a strong first shot, but more than likely, the destroyer (if at full health) is going to slip away.  I dealt with this issue many times in play.  I would unload, a full volley of HE into a destroyer between 4.5 and 6.0km and do massive damage 4k-7k.  However, the destroyer would turn, hit the gas or the smoke, and I would simply not have the reload up fast enough to finish the job.  Now, did I do my job, kind of?  I drove, the destroyer away, but I failed to take the destroyer out of the fight.  And that meant, the battleship captains would still have to worry.  Against fast firing light cruisers, at close range, this also became problematic.  With angling, you could effectively place 5 guns on a ship, without exposing your own citadel to two to three volleys for every one of yours.  To offset this drawback, I invested in Adrenaline Rush.  As your ship’s health declined (and it will), having closer to a 13 second reload was a considerable difference and very helpful/needed.  I cannot stress enough how every second in this game counts.

Armor – Ok, so there is no myth about the wet paper installed around the citadel of the Pensacola, and its inability to deflect incoming fire from just about any angle.  This is an issue with many cruisers, but the Pensacola seems to take shots to the citadel like the HMS Warspite can catch on fire from one stray high explosive shell that lands 100 meters in front of the vessel…somehow it will still cause a fire…and in the case of the Pensacola, it will deliver a punch to the citadel.  Ok, maybe it’s not so bad, when I angle well against other cruisers, I can bounce a lot of shells, bow on…however….broadside and the health pool is gone in seconds.  Battleships simply overmatch you.  Be wary anywhere near them, as you have no torpedoes and no recourse and the closer you are to them, the more vulnerable you will be to heavy damage.

Consumables – Some would consider the ship consumables as kind of “meh”.  Unlike other cruisers at Tier VII these days, there is no radar, no smoke, and your hydro is not nearly as strong as the Russians.  This lends more credibility as to why this ship is not a DD hunter.  Instead, the consumables are the usual cruiser picks, and for me, that meant anti-CV.  I took defensive AA fire and fighter plane.  It is my opinion that the other consumables just don’t give the Pensacola anything else.  Besides, although not top tier for AA, (looks over at Cleveland at T6), the Pensacola can inflict some serious damage on incoming aircraft.  I had numerous games battling CVs all the way up to Tier IX, and my defensive AA was effective.  If you use your AA fire on a CV once and you are near or in front of your team’s battleships, that CV captain usually, will not send planes to that flank again.  If he does, repeat.  So, consumables are weak in that they lack strong variety, but against CVs you can provide a very effective AA bubble for your team.

Ship Modules:  For my Pensacola, I ran the following ship modules; Main Armaments Modification 1, AA Guns Modification 2, Damage Control System Modification 1, and Steering Gears Modification 2.  My line of thought with these modules was to protect my main guns, increase my AA bubble, limit the chance for fire, and improve my rudder shift, enabling me to dodge those torpedoes from incoming destroyers and cruisers.

Captain Skills:  Commander Skills are important in the process of making your ship unique.  The Pensacola is really one of those ships that can go in a lot of directions.  For me however, I chose survival over expertise in a single area, such as aa fire or demolition.  I felt that if my ship had more endurance, it would be a continuing factor for the whole match.  Here is the captain skills I took and in order along with commentary on each of them.  Please note that over the course of 101 games, I only reached 16 points with my commander, and that limited my ability to fully flesh out my cruiser captain with Vigilance at the end.

1.  Priority Target (Cost: 1 point) – Knowing how many guns are pointed at you is always a good thing.  And if none are pointed at you, everything you are doing is free damage.  This information is critical and necessary for this ship.

2.  Expert Marksman (Cost: 2 points) – With the excellent rudder shift, you should be constantly pressing A and D keys.  With this, keeping your turrets rotated towards the enemy is always helpful.

3.  Basic Firing Training (Cost: 3 points) – I took this skill because it made my aa fire more effective.  And secondary’s.  Again, with the main battery being a bit slow, in a knife fight with a DD, this led to more than one close-quarters expert award.

4.  Concealment Expert (Cost: 4 points) – I like living, and remaining undetected is an important part to remaining that way.  The closer I am to cover before detection the better.  Once you are in the islands, you are much safer.  This ship should not see the Ocean map, (unless they fail platoon) and therefore I couldn’t get behind an island can never be used as an excuse.  With this skill you reach a 10.9km detection range, which is ideal for surprising other cruisers and unleashing a broadside of AP into them.  I did this numerous times with success.  For me success was landing one to five citadels and doing at least 6k damage in the surprise attack.  On average, these kind of ambushes usually netted 2-3 citadel penetrations and often knocked out the ships engines…meaning they would still be vulnerable to the next salvo and further punishment…even if they repaired…HE from other vessels became worrisome.  With that said, Pensacola plays well with other cruisers on the same team, especially ones that use HE effectively such as the Belfast or Myoko.

5.  Incoming Fire Alert (Cost: 1 point) – Someone out there is going to say, “you should have an in-game awareness and see the shells incoming from all those ships.”  Yeah, because we’ve never been surprised before?  Ok, I guess I am just not as fast as everyone else out there.  This skill is incredible for this ship.  And since you have paper armor, being able to know the moment multiple ships are shooting at you (not just pointing their guns at you) is great.  It synergizes well with the excellent rudder shift.  I find that when using this skill in conjunction with rudder shift modification and kiting away, you can effectively keep the attention of several enemy ships…and take very little damage in the process. 

6.  Adrenaline Rush (Cost: 2 points) – At some point, your paper citadel will be hit, don’t make the loss of health pointless.  Adrenaline Rush lets you take some of the sting out of the hit and return punishment a bit faster.  13 second reload is nice in the end-game as opposed to 15 second, gives you more chances to do damage, finish ships, and exact revenge.  Theoretically, you could have an 12.2 second reload and still be afloat.  That’s not bad for 8 inchers at Tier VII.

7.  Survival Expert (Cost: 3 points) – Again, I am going to hear, “there are so many more useful skills.”  Let me tell you, I survived several games with under 2450 health remaining, which is important to remember because that is the health your ship will gain with this skill.  This health bonus is huge for a ship without repair and having a smaller health pool (like Pensa), that is over-pens or HE nicks, etc. It is a boon to this vessel, and so I use it.  Some may disagree with this one, but I found it invaluable.

8.  Vigilance (Cost: 3 points) – My last skill points would be invested into Vigilance.  As with most cruisers, you take one or more torpedoes and you have taken one too many.  The health pool is just not sufficient enough to overcome this kind of damage, especially early in a match.  Worse you have no smoke to invisifire from.  You will likely always be seen once you open up with the big guns.  Vigilance gives you the extra 25 percent recognition and just may save your life or increase your chances of longevity.  With destroyers like the U.S.S. Black coming down the line (and you will see it in this ship), I will be grateful to have that extra warning, especially if I do not normally detect the torpedoes until less than a kilometer out.  Every second counts.

Signals and Flags:  Look, signal flags are important for this ship.  Anything that increases the HE fire chance, speed, AA, length a fire can burn, etc.  is important.  If you have them available and want to give your ship just a bit more of an edge over those around you.  Run them. 
Map Play:   Islands, Islands, Islands.  Get to them and use them wisely.  Also, don’t be the first cruiser into the battle!  You are best out in front of your battleships, giving them an AA bubble, but not the lead vessel, where you can be quickly punished and sent back to port.  I found slow movement near islands is helpful, and often leads to early detection of destroyers lurking nearby as your spotting fighter plane will detect them and force out smoke, using a consumable and triggering their location to you. 

Where do I rate her to other cruisers at Tier VII?  The Belfast remains the most powerful Tier VII cruisers, followed closely by the Flint.  The Fiji is superior because of smoke, Pensacola cannot see into the smoke, and she is large enough that the Fiji will see her well before she will see the Fiji.  Next on that list for me is the Myoko, due to its larger health pool, ability to deflect/tank incoming fire, and most importantly, her torpedoes, which give wise captains pause when chasing her down.  To me, the Myoko is just marginally better and on any given day these two ships are a toss-up when facing each other.  Of the U.S. Cruisers, I give Pensacola the edge over the Indianapolis and Atlanta.  Reasons?   Concealment/Rudder shift versus the Indianapolis and a larger health pool and better armor than Atlanta.  What good is a cruiser and its consumable gimmicks if its citadel gets rocked two or three times?  Anything more than 10,000 damage in the first four to five minutes will discourage a cruiser captain and most will become rather passive.  In the case of the Indianapolis and Atlanta, it negates the powerful radar consumable because the captain will never be near radar range and will almost always be firing from long range…after getting the health pool cut in half.  As for how she stacks up against the German Yorck and Russian Shchors, I have to go with the improved detection of the Pensacola as the first key in this analysis.  Her firing arc is better than Yorck and I rarely say this, her health pool and armor make her more desirable than Shchors.  In some ways though, Shchors is an equal with her faster rate of fire and laser guns.  In my opinion, that makes the Pensacola better than the Yorck, the Atlanta, and the Indianapolis; on par with Shchors, but inferior to Belfast, Flint, Fiji, and Myoko.  She is more middle of the pack, and that is, ok, because a decent captain can find ways to win with a ship that is “middle of the pack.” 

Now statistically, the NA server has the Pensacola as the bottom tier for the Tier VII cruiser line with a lackluster 48 percent win rate.  I am telling you right now, that number is going to gradually change over time as players realize her newfound potential.  My first fifty games in the Pensacola were under the “old” play of the ship, with its awful detection range.  My last fifty games were with the new Captain Skills and Concealment.  Needless to say, I went from a 1300 WTR to over 2000 and am presently sitting sixth with the ship on the NA server.  Did my play improve?  Perhaps a little, but not enough to compensate for a full 700 point jump in WTR (or the average 15k extra damage a battle).  The ship has changed and for the better.  The extra damage is obvious, for the longer you can stay alive, the more chances you will have to put effective fire on targets.  In conclusion, this is why I am making this post, to empower other captains to give the ship a second chance and go and enjoy what she can truly do.

Final Thoughts:​  See information below on a loss I had with the Pensacola; yes, we lost…but note the experience earned and the tier of the battle.  This ship is just fine now, and will do well if you captain her right.  Base xp in this loss was over 1900.

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Captain_Dorja #2 Posted 11 March 2017 - 01:07 AM


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Good post. I haven't actually finished reading it yet. I'm going to toss a tidbit in here though.

You have the HE listed as a weakness, and I don't really think that's true anymore. The HE on USN cruisers used to be functionally the worst in the game IMO (people are going to point to Germans, but stand by). This was before they changed captain skills. Before the changes, even with rare CVs, it was still a good practice to take AFT on USN cruisers. All the other cruisers in the game were taking Demo Expert as their 4 point skill. This made the USN 8" gun cruisers the worst fire starting cruisers in the game - even worse than the Germans who got a fire chance buff a while back. German HE did a bit less damage per hit, but was easier to score hits and their damage got increased too. 

Now, with the captain's skill changes, a player can take AFT and Demo Expert concurrently. That bumps the base fire chance to 16%, and if someone wants to go HAM they can put the 2 flags on to boost that to 18%. This takes USN 8" HE shells and takes them from functionally the worst in the game and makes them functionally 2nd strongest if running flags, and in a tight race for 2nd without the flags. While I wouldn't advocate for HE spamming, since the AP is very strong, it gives the option. Back in the day, if you had to fire on an angled BB, you had to settle for crap damage with low likelihood of a burn to augment it, and no torpedoes. Now, if you build for it, USN cruisers really can be the King of the Hill as pure gunships, and they can do it without completely gimping their AA (which is the other trait they are supposed to exhibit), and also still have concealment expert. I doubt many people are going to keep Pensa for a 19 point captain, but I'm going to toss this in here anyway. Below is my 19 point Des Moines captain. He only has up to 17 points right now, but running that captain on the Indianapolis with the 2x flags to increase fire chance... OMG it was good.

In the end though, what matters most is that a build fits personal play style and the mission someone wants to achieve with their ships in combat. My build works for me and helps me accomplish my missions in battle. It seems like yours really does too.

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Britain and Allies: Leander, Campbeltown, Perth, Warspite, Dunkerque, Blyskawica, Belfast

Captain_Dorja #3 Posted 11 March 2017 - 01:38 AM


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Oh man I just got to that bit you put down about secondaries. It made me think of 2 funny events back in the day in USN cruisers.

#1 - I got my first ever CCE in a Cleveland. This was back when you had to deal a really high percentage of the total HP of the target in just secondary damage, and people only ran secondary builds on like 3 ships in the game, and they were all Japanese BBs. I drove point blank between a New York and a Bogue. I killed the New York with my main battery and killed the Bogue at the same time with my secondaries.

#2 - On Fault Line in the Pensacola, I got a really close range SURPRISE ATLANTA!!!! moment. Neither of us knew the other were there. He panicked and reached for torpedoes. I panicked tiny bit less, and noticed his torpedo tubes training on me and I fired directly into them with 10 8" HE shells and knocked them out. My next salvo was AP. We were at a range of like 4/10 of a kilometer. My secodaries savaged that guy while he tried to repair and fire his torpedoes, but I had perma-incapped his starboard side tubes. I finished him off with main battery guns. It was a brief, brisk encounter at ranges so close it was almost literally spitting distance. Without the secondary damage, it would have taken my 3 salvos to kill that guy and I'd have lost a lot of HP.

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Germany: Bayern, Hipper, Emden, Nurnberg, Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, Tirpitz

Russia: Shchors, Kiev, Imperator Nikolai, Gremyashchy, Anshan, Molotov, Leningrad, Mikhail Kutuzov

Britain and Allies: Leander, Campbeltown, Perth, Warspite, Dunkerque, Blyskawica, Belfast

BB3_Oregon_Steel #4 Posted 11 March 2017 - 02:04 AM


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I really liked this post and want to thank you for taking the time to post it here.  


My experience with tier VII cruisers is probably more limited than a number of others here.  I've only had access to the Pensacola, Indianapolis and the Myoko so far and I earned the Pensacola just before ranked battles began .  I've played all three consistently in Ranked (about 120 battles so far) when all is said and done, the Pensacola owns my best win percentage, highest average experience, highest average damage, highest average warships destroyed, main battery hit ratio etc ... ... ... . 


I'm not one of the great authorities on tier VII cruisers but having that being said, I'm pretty happy with how my Pensacola has done against pretty competent players.  She certainly has weaknesses but, at least to may experience, she is a solid ship you can win battles with.   


I have found one commander skill that I consider essential to the success of this ship that you didn't mention and that is Last Stand.  I normally only use this skill on destroyers but I found out in my first few battles with the Pennsy that I would frequently lose my steering or engines when I could least afford it to.  Having this skill keeps the Pennsy moving and turning when otherwise it would be a stationary target or running on a predictable course, both of which are instant death in this ship.   


Another skill I've found useful is fire starter which can help compensate for the Pennsy's lesser fire starting ability.  


In Ranked battles, one of my jobs is dealing with destroyers when possible and since they show up more than carriers in those fights, I tend to load hydroacoustic search to help me hunt then down if required.  It also, I believe, helps me find that Belfast in that cloud of smoke and, as you've pointed out, a nice salvo of AP to that ship can really ruin it's day.  It might not be the best hydro out there, but it is a valuable tool when engaging smoke shrouded targets. 


On the offensive side, I will also tend to load the Inda X-Ray and Victor Lima flags to further boost her fire starting capabilities which further helps improve the performance of her HE shells.  


Since I'm forgoing the Defensive Anti-Aircraft consumable, I partially compensate for this with flying the November Echo Setteseven flag to increase the damage done by my AA guns. It doesn't make up for not having the Defensive Fire consumable but it helps make the Pennsy better able to accomplish that AA role while still equipping her to deal more effectively with destroyers.  


That all being said, there is always a lot of discussion about which ship is the "Best" and which is the "Worst", but I think which ship that might be for an individual depends a lot of what that individual is good at and how well the ship is able to enhance those abilities.  The Pensacola is one of those ships that just simply works well for me.   




Slimeball91 #5 Posted 12 March 2017 - 04:11 AM

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I managed to finish grinding through the Pensi a couple of days before they announced the concealment buff. :facepalm: Good write up BTW.

KalishniKat #6 Posted Yesterday, 07:46 PM

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My best kill to date has been against a Pensi...19km, 1 salvo from my Gneezynaw at a full health Pensi and BOOM, First Blood, Devastating Strike I was surprised it sank so easily.

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