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Comprehensive List of Boo-Boos in World of Warships


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KDEstroy #1 Posted 09 March 2017 - 01:54 AM


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Please note, this is not a detailed guide on damage mechanics, this is merely a quick overview on the different types of damage there are in WoWs for players who may not be aware of why torpedoes suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The damage is ranked from the painless to the "fun and engaging"




  1. AP bounce- zero damage
  2. HE non-penetration- zero damage but slight chance to incapacitate modules or set fire
  3. AA/ Secondary incapacitation- If they're dead, they're dead.
  4. Secondary shells- tiny, almost unnoticeable damage
  5. Torpedo/Gun incapacitation- kind of annoying but not that bad
  6. AP overpen- time to switch to HE
  7. HE shells- relatively low damage, easy to heal but could set fires and incapacitate . Also, they never bounce or overpen. Dangerous (and cancerous) in large amounts.
  8. AP shells- Deals high damage when it punches through, otherwise you will have to settle for low damage over-pens, or worse, bounces.
  9. HE citadels- quite rare, but doesn’t hurt much.
  10. Dive bombers- Pesky little mosquitoes. They won’t kill you, but they will make your life miserable by setting fires and resetting capture points.
  11. Propeller incapacitation- literal definition of “sitting duck”. Your ship's momentum will keep you going for a while though.
  12. Rudder incapacitation- you thought it was annoying, chasing your own tail like a dog. And that was before you ran into an island.
  13. Fires- Dangerous, until you extinguish them with the press of a button. Of course, you’ll be immediately set on fire again. Next time, wait for two fires.
  14. Floods- extremely deadly, will take away a large chunk out of your ship’s health pool because you just used damage control on that fire.
  15. Torpedo hits- Deals very high damage per hit, also has a chance to cause flooding. Next time, don’t sail in a straight line.
  16. Torpedo bombers- Aircraft carrier’s deadliest weapon. Airmails a whole salvo of torpedoes to any location on the map. They are also known as “free kills” to US cruisers. Does less damage than ship torpedoes but they do appear much closer, as in <1 km.
  17. AP citadels- Battleship’s way of deleting broadside cruisers.
  18. Ramming- Arguably one of the oldest ways a warship deals damage. Used by Greek triremes in ancient times. This is shown on the badge of the “die-hard” achievement you earn when you survive a ramming. If you don’t… well, think of it as a suicide charge.
  19. Detonation- One shot kill. Nobody likes being detonated, but everyone likes detonating another ship. You can’t have one without the other.


Edit: The items are ranked based on how much damage they deal on average, not on their highest potential damage. For example, flooding is ranked below a torpedo hit, even though a flood can take away as much as 60% of a ship's health, because the average player is far more likely to lose 10,000 hp to a torpedo hit than a single flood. Under the same rule, aerial torpedoes are more dangerous than ship torpedoes, even though they do less damage, because aerial torpedoes have a higher hit ratio than ship torps. Hopefully that clears it up for some people.

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X15 #2 Posted 09 March 2017 - 01:59 AM

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HE cits hurt exactly three times as much.

And there is a reason I have the engine module upgrade on most my ships...

ckupf #3 Posted 09 March 2017 - 02:27 AM


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View PostX15, on 09 March 2017 - 01:59 AM, said:

HE cits hurt exactly three times as much.

And there is a reason I have the engine module upgrade on most my ships...


this was the first thing i noticed.


@ #3 You cant use DCP on secondary/AA module incaps, when they're dead they're dead

@ #11/#12 I would much rather lose my rudder than my engine. If you can't move you can't maneuver.

@ #15/#16 Ship launched torpedoes are capable of doing twice as much as plane dropped AND more likely to cause flooding.


Flooding is the second most dangerous thing that can happen after detonations, it can equal 60% of your hp. More than a citadel too any ship that can take a citadel.

Fire does 30% as much, or 18% of your hp to non-CVs.


This list is soo sooo wrong.


Pulicat #4 Posted 09 March 2017 - 03:42 AM


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No, not even many people like detonating other players.


ckupf #5 Posted 09 March 2017 - 07:55 AM


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View PostPulicat, on 09 March 2017 - 03:42 AM, said:

No, not even many people like detonating other players.


I do. :P

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