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I need help picking T6+ ship(s) please.

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SkipJack67 #21 Posted 02 March 2017 - 11:49 AM

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I played Aoba yesterday,  have not had a chance to try Kutuzov in PvP yet.  Maybe during the weekend.

Not sure if my permanent camo on Aoba influent my XP results on Warships Today.  Often I do put on some flags, perhaps it was not my actual base XP. Don’t really know much about it.

At any rate, didn’t do too bad with Aoba actually.  I starting to learn when to shoot and when to disappear.  I didn’t do too good on damage output as I was spending too much time watching mini map and learning how to look at my detection range.  Didn’t have any ship kills either but took theirs HP down for the team.   But it was all good thanks to all of the suggestions here.

Also took out Atago,  Prinz and Kutuzov to Co-Op even with 9-11K players were on,  my team were consistent of only 2-3 human players and more than 90% I got dragged in to T10.   So that didn’t end well LoL

With that said, I am on my way 85% of Tides of March II mission.

desmo_2 #22 Posted 02 March 2017 - 12:57 PM

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Man, you have to take that Arizona out!  She is painfully slow and her accuracy isn't great at long range...but if you can get in closer those guns become crazy tight and just destroy things.  I have been having great fun in mine since getting it in a Santa crate, and she is quickly becoming a fun favorite.  I have even been doing very well in T8 games.  It is always comical when people pity my poor, slow T6 tub in a T8 game...and then I finish #1 on the team! 

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