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My game is refusing to load

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Battleship_MaineMk1 #1 Posted 18 February 2017 - 02:42 AM


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I can't get past the loading screen into a game on a stock Dell Vostro 3550 w/ win 7, and game is on minimum settings. I am trying an install-over-original move now. My computer isn't loading enough of the game into my CPU than usual. Usually it takes up 80% of my CPU but it's only using a mere 45%. Anyone know what else could be causing this? (I am not running mods btw)
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Snargfargle #2 Posted 18 February 2017 - 03:07 AM

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Your system may not meet the minimum requirements for the game. Use the scan here to see if it does:



If you have successfully run the game before, try cleaning out your disk caches and running a disk check before reinstalling it. If you are unfamiliar with computers, the safest way to do this is to use the Windows utilities. Or, you can use an application like CCleaner, which will probably work better if you understand what you are doing.




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Capt_maru123 #3 Posted 18 February 2017 - 02:23 PM

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Don't know if this is related, but none of my games are loading. WoWs doesn't get past the log in screen, My laptop is a brand new Dell Alienware, about 2 months old. Once I log in I get the message that wows has stopped working and the whole screen goes away. any ideas, thx




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